Killed Undead merchant (oops) where to get bow?

  1. Accidentally bumped my controller while talking to him and killed him, and i want to get that freaking wyvern that is hanging out on the bridge, the one you can shoot his tail with a bow under the bridge and he'll fly away, however, i dont have a bow or arrows, and with the merchant dead, where can i get a bow and arrow to shoot him?

    User Info: DancingBurritos

    DancingBurritos - 5 years ago

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  1. You can pillage the Long Bow in Darkroot Garden from a body just before the BK. And you can buy arrows from the merchant in the sewers or at Sens. Those will be the next you come across depending if you use the Master Key to play.

    User Info: MonteCrispo

    MonteCrispo (Expert) - 5 years ago 1 0


  1. If I am not mistaken, Andre the Blacksmith has bows and arrows for sale, after the latest patch. The merchant in the hallway that connects firelink shrine with the entrance to the depths and the Undead burg has a female merchant. I cannot remember if she carries bows and arrows though... All that was such a long time ago, I haven't been to those areas in ages!

    User Info: Cheshirecat9

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  2. There is a composite bow in New Londo Ruins, Go through the first fog continue along the path then you can either jump the gap in the stairs or the safer option is to stand in front of the door then back track up the stairs and wait for two ghosts to follow you vanquish them then clear out the building of ghosts. Once you have done that there is a stair case in the building with a door at the bottom to your left then follow the path till you get to a tower. Once at the tower take the spiral stair case to the top and there should be a composite bow (that can fire both short and long arrows). P.s. You will need to be cursed or have two or three transient curses to clear the ruins). failing that do as 'Montecrispo' suggests get the long bow from darkroot garden and upgrade it too +10 and ascend it using the soul of gwyndolin once you reach anor londo via the giant black smith to receive the darkmoon bow (second best bow on the game). The best bow is the dragonslayer bow which is also in anor londo but you will need good strenght and endurance stats to use it. The DS bow does not use standard arrows so you will also need to talk to the giant blacksmith and purchase dragonslayer arrows at 500 souls each.

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  3. You killed him or just hit him? if you hit him you can still go to the oswald of carim

    User Info: Xajmer

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