Is my sorcerer character good?

  1. Hi guys! I need help here. This is my sorcerer character. I'm doing quiet well with him. I have accumulated 27 of humanity and it's a long time I didn't die twice and loose all. But I have a problem with Alvina Forest Hunter covenant. You see, all my character fall apart there! Anytime I invade someone world its only to die and for good in just seconds! I only win If I have another invader with me, so I can cast magic souls from behind (that's the way of the sorcerer I think). But generally, it's me against two enemies (well armed and quiet powerful) and its quiet annoying when I cast my magic of souls, because they roll and evade it quiet easily! I notice that If you level up dexterity the cast time is reduced, that may help? I hope anyone can help me given me tactics or strategies to use. Also if I'm doing alright with my character stats.

    Character Stats:

    -Covenant: Forest Hunter
    -Soul Level 59
    -Souls 27026
    -Vitality 20 (maybe I raise it to 25 or 30 but no more)
    -Attunement 16 (When I get more spells I will raise it more)
    -Endurance 8 (I'm quiet low In stamina, maybe I should raise it to 10 or 15?)
    -Strength 13 (Just all I need to use the Winged Spear with one hand)
    -Dexterity 15 (For the Moonlight Butterfly Horn weapon and maybe I raise it more for speed my cast time)
    -Resistance 8
    -Inteligence 50 (I would like to level it to 99 for a 100% pure Sorcerer)
    -Faith 8
    -Humanity 27
    -Sorcerer Catalyst (I'm waiting the Tin Crystallization Catalyst)
    -Oolacile Catalyst (I'm not quite sure is its good cause it don't use intelligent)
    -Spider Shield (waiting for the Effigy Shield)
    -Black leather armor set with thief mask or Sorcerer set (Im waiting better light armor set, specially for sorcerers)
    -Winged Spear +9 (I'm thinking to ascend it to get the Moonlight Horn, I hope it worth it)
    -Rings: For PVE I use Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring and Ring of the Evil Eye and maybe the Fog Ring)
    For PVP I use Alvina Ring and Dragoncrest Ring.
    Soul Magic:
    Just for now, I use:
    -Soul Arrow
    -Great Soul Arrow
    -Heavy Soul Arrow
    -Great Heavy Soul Arrow
    Well, that's all! I hope anyone can help me! This game is awesome! I know my character is not a PVP but, come on! I think I'm doing something wrong cause I can't loose too much invasions battle!
    Thank a lot for everyone and good gaming!

    PS: I would like to have Dark Souls friend so, add me! PSN: MartinWan

    User Info: MartinWan1979

    MartinWan1979 - 6 years ago


  1. Don't forget to switch out your alvina ring when you get your summons, once you're summoned you can put a useful ring on. The problem with the forest hunter pvp is that you can invade anyone higher in level than you, which typically means you get stomped. Try using homing soul mass, that might help a bit. Rasing your enduranc to 40 for pvp is pretty standard. 50 int is good, you wont see much of an increase in damage after that.

    Raise your vitality to at least 27, that will give you 1001 hp, which still isnt a whole lot. Logans catalyst is better if you want more damage and still retain all of your casts.

    As for your comment on the Oolacile catalyst, for a character that doesnt use intellignce you sure pumped it pretty high. That being said though, the Oolacile catalyst reaches its potential at 12 intelligence. Its meant for people who dabble in sorcery.

    Other than that, practice practice practice.

    User Info: 3DJutsu

    3DJutsu - 6 years ago 0 0

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