Bond of a Pyromancer Trophy?

  1. I've double and triple checked my owned pyromancy's with the wiki for the pyromancy trophy and I still don't have it, I was wondering if I was missing anything and if I need the pyromancy spells on one character in order to get it or is it ok to have everything distributed between a couple of characters?

    Here's a list of what I have:
    Great Fireball
    Great Chaos Fireball
    Fire Tempest
    Chaos Firestorm
    Great Combustion
    Fire Whip
    Chaos Firewhip
    Acid Surge
    Flash sweat
    Power Within
    Iron Flesh
    Poison Mist
    Toxic Mist
    Fire Surge
    Fire Orb
    Undead Rapport

    User Info: cyriaa

    cyriaa - 5 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. You need to get them all on 1 character

    User Info: GameOverlord345

    GameOverlord345 - 5 years ago 1 0

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