Where can I find an ember?

  1. An Ember for fire attributes, I have found so far a divine ember after killing the butterfly and I can't remember where I got the large ember from.

    but what I'm looking for is an ember that can put a fire attribute to my weapons? Or if there is an ember for poison or toxic?

    If so could you point me out in the general direction of where to find it, I like burning or poisoning things ^^

    User Info: Ravenblitzfang

    Ravenblitzfang - 5 years ago


  1. The 2 fire embers you are looking for are the Large flame ember and the Chaos Flame ember.
    To my knowledge there is no ember for poison/toxic attributes, and the only weapon that comes to mind that can poison is the Gravelord's greatsword

    The Chaos ember is found right after the boss Quelaag, you must first defeat the Ceaseless Discharge to drain the Lava lake, You may get the ember right then but you will not make it out alive if you don't have the orange charred ring.

    The Large fire ember is located further in the demon ruins, you must take the path that leads to the left before you fight the Demon Firesage boss. its at the end of the path in a chest guarded by lot of Rockworms

    Both of these embers are given to the undead blacksmith Vamos, in the lower levels of the Catacombs.

    User Info: siege029

    siege029 - 5 years ago 0 0
  2. You don't actually need an ember to upgrade to +5 in the fire line (to go beyond that, you'll need the one of the two embers that siege029 mentioned); you just need to find Vamos in the Catacombs. Since he's rather well-hidden, here's how to find him. While normally progressing through the Catacombs, you'll eventually come across an area where you're on a spiral staircase that breaks off into a ledge at the bottom. Typically you'd go down this way to get to a room just beside the drop-off that has a switch in it, but to get to Vamos you should actually walk off the ledge. Make sure to only walk off and not roll, as you'll probably go too far if you do. Just walk at regular speed, and you'll fall onto a platform. There should be another platform nearby that you can see to fall down towards (I believe it has a corpse with an item on it), and then you'll finally fall one more time through a hole that leads to the blacksmith. He'll make a way for you to get out from there.

    Be wary of Bonewheel enemies when you leave from his area, though, as there are quite a few just outside. They can also kill the blacksmith if you mistakenly lead them into his area, so it may just be better to Homeward Bone out if you aren't ready to deal with them.

    Also, no, there's no embers for adding poison/toxic effect.

    User Info: MdC08

    MdC08 - 5 years ago 0 0

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