Is the Uchigatana worth it?

  1. Is the Katana that the Undead Merchant in the Undead Burg drops worth killing him over? It sounds like a good sword and I have already come across the female Undead Merchant and Andrei of Astora so I'm ok for Merchants,but does this guy have anything worth keeping him alive for or should I stab him next time I see him?

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    crab_boy321 - 5 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    I already bought the repair box off of him so repairs are no problem and I already am a Forest Hunter but I can think of other uses for 10000 souls

    User Info: crab_boy321

    crab_boy321 - 5 years ago

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  1. You can kill him if you have everything he has to offer, or you can join the Forest Hunter Covenant and buy the same thing from Shiva of the East for 5000 souls. He's not really important.

    As for if the Uchigatana is worth it, the Iaito only does about 2 less damage when both are upgraded to standard +15. The Uchigatana may require less points in Dexterity, but since that is where most of the damage bonus for katanas come from, it's kind of pointless unless you're going for a Lightning/ Fire weapon.

    User Info: Giygas_Slayer

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  1. the crestallen/undead merchant is the only guy you can buy repair powder from. If your gonna use a weapon that has a special r2 move that decreases its wear than repair powder is a must.

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  2. The best katana you can get is the washing pole from Shiva of the East, have to be in the clan of forest protectors, then speak to shiva in darkroot garden to the right of Alvina he should then appear in the blighttown swamps by the water wheel and he sells the washing pole for 10000 souls.

    User Info: Cezovic

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  3. It's worth it. I have mine fully upgraded and lightning enchanted which leaves it at doing a total of 499 damage. That's devastating and can kill the black knight in Undead Parish in one power hit. Plus, it's fast as hell and has good reach if you do a running attack. It as well as the Murakumo have been my two weapons of choice for ages and I can destroy enemies and invaders alike even in NG++.

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  4. Honestly unless you are going to turn it into a fire weapon don't waste your time.

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  5. Uchi is excellent, although I prefer Iaito for its R2 in pvp. I wouldn't recommend washing pole unless you are going elemental. If you don't care about buffs chaos blade + 10 humanities is great. Katanas are awesome for pvp, make sure you buy the armor and weapons from the merchant before you kill him if you do.

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  6. I always kill him at the beginning of a game after I buy the repair box and all that. Then I can use it early. It is definitely worth it. I prefer the r2 of the uchi. Works wonders in tight spots. Upgrade it to +15 and take your dex to 40. I also always buy a spare from shiva and upgrade it on a different path for when it will come in handy. You could also have an uchi in each hand. You can parry with am uchi and it has a longer parrying window than a standard shield. You will be unstoppable I'm pvp.

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  7. I would say so. I used a divine uchigatana +10 for ng+ and ng++ and it served me well in the catacombs and the bleed it inflicts is very helpful for certain enemies, especially the asylum demon and the stray demon who just get obliterated by bleed. The Iaito is just a pain in the ass to get, in my opinion. Personally, I am a fan of the washing pole because it is absolutely absurd it's like a 7 foot katana. But to answer your question, yes I would get the uchigatana and then either go lightning or +15, depending on what you have access to

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  8. Yes it us worth it if you have the stats for it. Praise the sun!

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  9. This is my first post so if I'm in the wrong place I apologize in advance
    I'm past midway and am tired of using Quelaag's Furysword, it's + 4 and still kicking butt but want to use something diff. Any suggestions would
    be appreciated. Stats are Vit 45, Att 11, End 44, Str 43, Dex 40, Res
    12, Int 9, Fa 15 . Thanks in advance

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  10. With that build try the claymore. It's slower but it's very versatile and has pretty good range. If you want something faster try the sunlight straight sword, or the Balder Side Sword. Both are good choices.

    User Info: Karshe_Oberon

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