What is the best character build?

  1. I'm looking for a build that's strong, can take a hit, but is still agile..... Meaning I want to dodge... A lot.... without crashing on the floor leaving myself open.

    Does this exist?

    Oh, and what is the best light armour in your opinion, and where can I find it? I guess this will answer the dodge question, but whatever.

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    Shorty24o - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Well, most people says "Just build the character that fits your gameplay style" and for a good reason, I also rely a LOT on dodging more than blocking because I'm a light character and getting hit by heavies means guard-break and damage taken.

    For most of the game a strong Intelligence or Dexterity character will be a good choice, these are the ones that specialize in wasp-style attacks, hitting and dodging/running. So use weapons that are supported by Dex and rely on Pyros, and having a high Int will buff you up once you get the Crystal soulmass, for me it was the best weapon during NG+.

    For the "best" light armor, most people, me included, like using the Gold-hemed clothes found infront of "Ceaseless discharge" after Quelaag. Also find and always have with you the Shadow and Crimson sets because one boosts your poison resist which is a must in Blightown and the other boosts your Curse resist, extremely useful if you want to reach the Dragon covenant.

    But it will be a life saver if you also find and always carry Havel's set and RING, the ring boosts your equip capacity allowing you tu use heavier armor without sacrificing movility, this is extremely useful versus the Four kings in NG+, a light armored mage/swordsman won't survive if you don't use a really heavy armor set. But you'll also need to dodge fast so Havel's ring is important to avoid turtle motion dodges.

    And of course always invest in Vitality and Endurance, no matter how hard you hit enemies will always hit hard and if you don't power up those two you'll be damn. Vitality allows you to survive longer and Endurance allows you to sustain heavier hits with your shield or run away faster.

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