Where do i go with my dex build (SL 51)?

  1. I'm learning a lot bout dark souls, and I already know a lot about my playstyle with games in general. I know I like to PVP more than PVE, but I want a character that can hold his own in a variety of circumstances.

    Originally when I made this character, I planned on a ricard's rapier/parrying dagger build, and then i realized I'm not as good with them as I thought (Still learning to riposte and all) but more to the point I get my ass handed to me in PVE (ie, Four Kings fight).

    My Stats are:

    SL 51 (Wanderer)

    VIT 15
    ATT 16
    END 16
    STR 10
    DEX 41
    INT 16
    FAI 8

    The attunement was for some pvp spells (chameleon, great magic weapon, hidden weapon, hidden body) with oolacile catalyst, as well as pyromancy when I felt like it (with a full flame of course)

    I'm wearing the thief set, pretty much unupgraded, for aesthetics, but the punishment I take from certain bosses is making me rethink that.

    I'm looking into getting a scythe (great scythe or life hunter, though I like the sound of lifehunter for PVP, maybe use hidden weapon), or maybe a curved sword of some kind. Basically, i understand my character is quite spread out and deficient, but I also know I like to come to the table with a full deck up my sleeve.

    My character is currently squishy and can't deal damage. (But for some reason, with the current stuff equipped, I take virtually no damage form lightning based weapons [particularly PVP]. Ring of fog and something else on, but no lighting reisist. WTF could be the cause?)

    I'm willing to change my armor set, but it's gotta have aesthetic. ATM, i'm thinking of bloodbite/bloodshield/lifehunter w/ gold-hemmed, but i'm looking into other armor and i'm open to other weapons as well. I want it workable with high lvl PVP, but with some style.

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    thatsnotsoap - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Take it to 45 dex leave intelligence at 15. Grab 40 endurance. Leave attunement where it is. Ant remaining points invest in vitality.

    Go with a great scythe like you originally planned, it has great damage. Get great magic weapon for a buff too. As for armor, black sorcerer along with iron bracelets and a wolf ring will give you adequate defense and light weight and it looks good.

    Upgrade the black sorcerer armor to max. Invest in a heater shield. Good for parries and has high stability and 100% portugal damage resist.

    This will take you to 120 pvp and higher and it is feared dur to the insane damage that it puts out on counters.

    Also this builds will give you 47 poise which is good and fast roll.


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    Snipa_Wulf12 - 4 years ago 1 0

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