What is the best build that includes int. end. str. and dex?

  1. I want my guy to be like a really strong guy with a demon great axe+15 but i want him to be able to take a hit and use a bow well what should i put for that and what armor weapon and shield would you recommend ?

    User Info: aukan

    aukan - 4 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Sorry i didnt mean int. i meant vit.

    User Info: aukan

    aukan - 4 years ago


  1. It sounds like you should start off with a knight. I'm not sure about the other part though.

    User Info: La_Cosa_Natra

    La_Cosa_Natra - 4 years ago 0 0
  2. I personally would switch out that bow for a crossbow which doesnt scale with Dex, trying to level dex, strength, endurance AND vitality isnt going to give you the absurdly strong character you want. That Greataxe you want to use is 48 strength one-handed, if you two-hand it they you can get by with less but it's still a TON. That means by end-game at around level 70 you will only have about 24 level up points (minus what level your character starts at which is different in each class). I suggest you put 20 into dex and 40 (or 46 if you want to one-hand it) into strength. That way you have access to the Dragonslayer bow which will give you the most bang for your buck as it has high base damage and since you won't really benefit from the dex bonus it will wind up doing far more then all other options. Get a maneater sword from the snakemen first since you cant get the greataxe for a while. Basically its a silly gimic build I don't suggest running until you really understand the game which you clearly didn't at the time or you wouldn't need to ask how to do this right? I would shy away from a strength gimic run until you have beaten the game once or twice but hey, play however you want. Just remember that endurance controls your equip weight NOT strength so if you don't want the fat roll with all that mass from the greataxe (it clocks in at 22 pounds which is about a quarter of a standard, non-gimic characters usual endgame equip weight) you need to put points in there. It's a fine balance with this kind and you just need to get the feel for it.

    User Info: neohampster

    neohampster - 4 years ago 0 0

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