Drakesword, Dragon-crest shield, Elite knight set, Havel's ring & Ring of Favor and Protection, what next?

  1. So yeah, I have the gear listed above, tomorrow morning I'll probably have the gravelord sword too, I think I am SL 20 or 22 (Can't remember, too sleepy/tired to check). So I'll probably finish the gargoyle tomorrow morning too [I killed the (mini) tower knight and the mobs all around him for now), the question is, after I do that what gear should I get next in terms of weapon, armor, shield, rings etc etc and until which part of the game can I use this gear? Some help would be nice! :D

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    SpiritSlayer245 - 4 years ago


  1. Well, the sword will become less then useless after you ring the second bell (trying to avoid spoilers here), the rest of the gear is good enough to see you through the game if you want to keep it, as for a weapon, it very much depends on the build you're going for.

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    haarlem1982 (Expert / FAQ Author) - 4 years ago 0 0
  2. You will notice the Drake Sword damage drop off big time by Sens Fortress as it does not have damage scaling (same with Gravelord Sword). This means the damage out is fixed, that sword will never get better. I would get a normal weapon that does have scaling and stick with that. A weapon with scaling will increase it's damage as your stats increase. Longsword, Zweihander or Uchigatana are a better choice. You just need to upgrade them as near to +10 as you can at a blacksmith. Your armour and rings are great though, enough to finish the game with. Stuff you get later in the game is not necessarily better, you will just have more options. First time through the game I used the simple Longsword and Heater Shield, when fully upgraded they can hold their own against much fancier equipment. Just try and enjoy the game with weapons you are comfortable with, don't worry about trying to chase down some obscure weapon you wouldn't know about without reading on wikis etc. I doubt that is the way the developers intended first time players to approach the game.

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