What black knight weapons are actually worth using in PvP? Both strong attacks and regular attacks.

  1. Title says most of it, I've never really used black knight weapons and am wanting to start soon, I just want to know, which weapons are worth using?

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    AwesomeFace2012 - 4 years ago
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    Also, please only answer if you've used all the BK weapons and not just one, because I want to know out of all of them.

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    AwesomeFace2012 - 4 years ago

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  1. The Black Knight Greataxe is decent, but really, the other weapons in the classes of the BK weapons. Black Knight Sword is outclassed by Claymore and Man Serpent, BK Greatsword is outclassed by the Greatsword and Zwei, and the Halberd is beaten by the Gargoyle's Halberd and regular halberd.

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  1. The only black knight weapon I would use is the black knight sword due to range. Out of the other three the axe is best as it does the most damage. The regular attacks with the axe are horizontal swings which stun your opponent and also does decent damage per swing (one handed and two handed). The strong attacks with the axe are one handed is a jumping overhead hit and two handed is theuppercut. The bk greatsword has the same actions as the axe apart from the 1 handed strong attack which is a thrust.
    The halberd attacks are decent I can't remember what the one handed reg attack is but the two handed reg is a downward slash followed with an horizontal slash (with additional input). The strong attacks are one handed is a multiple rotational swing and the two handed is a powerful downwrd slash.

    Hope this helps.

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