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    Multiplayer Guide by forcesofodin

    Version: 1.1.2 | Updated: 02/10/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    DARK SOULS MULTIPLAYER FAQ   /   Copyright   2012   Steven A. Sarasin
    Version: 1.1.2 :  2/10/2012 
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    I've been an active member of the Dark Souls community. So many of the 
    questions I encounter are repeated again and again. The problem is that there 
    is no one-stop source for information regarding the multiplayer. You can find 
    bits and pieces across forums and wikis, but there is no one-stop source.
    I have always wanted to write a guide, and here I find the one vacuum of 
    knowledge that is begging for such an unwritten FAQ. It is time I finally write 
    my own.
    This FAQ will answer questions about where and how one engages in multiplayer, 
    from pvp with strangers, to summoning someone specific. It also covers what 
    gear and items are worth upgrading, and the most efficient way to upgrade said
    items. This guide has some example builds for various soul level ranges, and 
    attempts to provide counter strategies for the most common "cheese" tactics, 
    like the pivot-backstab (misleadingly called the lagstab by many), and chain 
    I am not going to cover how to beat the single player campaign, nor am I going 
    to divulge into boss strategies. There are many , many videos and wikis with 
    already excellent advice on these things.  This also means I will not be 
    discussing the story/plot.
    This FAQ is the soul property of me , Steven A. Sarasin, and is not to be 
    reproduced published, or posted on any website, magazine, or other medium , 
    neither in part nor in whole , without written consent from me. If you wish 
    to use part, or all of my guide please write a request and outline of purpose 
    to tutoringsteve@gmail.com
    This guide is incomplete, missing sections, and parts of sections. Also the
    formatting is continually being worked on to make the material more readable 
    and easier for quick info. I thank you for your patience as I continue to work 
    on this guide, and will update it as regularly as I can find time to work on 
    it. As this guide is for the dark souls community (i.e. the coolest game 
    community) I welcome any feedback that you have for me. If you think it would 
    be better if I did X, or added Y, let me know by emailing 
    Sites allowed to place this guide:
    forum users on these sites are excluded from the right to post this guide 
    without written consent. 
    (HUM1) | Humanity
    (FAR2) | Farming
    (MOV3) | Weight & Movement
    (ARM4) | Armor Choices
    (WEA5) | Common PVP Weapons 
    (COV6) | Covenants
    (PLA7) | Places/Soul Level
    (CHR8) | Character builds/stats
    (PVP9) | PVP strategies
    Some Common Lingo/Abbreviations:
    SL = Soul Level
    Pulling / Aggroing   = Causing a monster to notice and come at you
    SSD = Soul Sign Down (used to communicate to someone you intend to 
                          co-op/duel with).
    NG+ / NG++ / e.t.c. = New Game +, New Game ++, e.t.c. 
    PVP = Player versus player , combat between two human opponents.
    Twink = Low level player who has acquired/upgraded end-game gear. 
    	These are the guys who invaded you in the beginning and did
    	500 lightning weapon damage to you in one hit. 
    :: (HUM1) | Humanity ::
    Humanity is essential to the multiplayer aspect of the game: Humanity can be 
    found obtained in several ways, and appears in your inventory under the items 
    tab. It may be equipped to your item slots, like Estus flasks. Its use will 
    add a point to the upper left corner of your screen, above your health bar, 
    and the total points (0 - 99) are your "Active Humanity". 
    At a bonfire you may consume an Active Point of humanity to "Reverse 
    Hollowing".The number in the corner dons a white border, and your character's 
    skin looks less zombie-like. This state is called "being human".
    While human you may invade other people's world, summon others to help you, 
    and be invaded by enemy players. With a few exceptions (invading with a blue 
    orb or placing a white soapstone sign down to be summoned) you need to be 
    human to engage in the multiplayer aspect of this game.
    Obtaining humanity:
    You can find humanity as items scattered throughout the game world. You may
    also gain a humanity if you kill a certain number of monsters in some areas.
    Dying does not reset this kill-count, and the requirement requires you to kill
    more than all the enemies once (you must reset them with the bonfire). It's 
    not a reliable way to gain humanity. 
    In essence there are three ways to effectively farm humanity:
    Killing rats: 
    	underneath the bridge where the red dragon roosts, in the basement 
    	floors of some of the buildings in The Painted World, in the Depths. 
    	Farming rats in the depths gives the benefit of being close to a 
    	bonfire and in an area with a lot of potential to invade players if
    	you're between level 20-50.
    The squid-headed enemies in the Dukes Archives:
     	They are found in the area where you get taken to after first 
    	encountering (and dying to) Seath the Scaleless. The benefit here
    	is that they have a really high drop rate (about 2-3 humanity drop
    	from the 9 squid enemies that spawn). Also they enemies give a lot of 
    	souls, but it's annoying to get down from the bonfire to the squid 
    	enemies every time you kill them.
    (*BEST*)The skeleton babies in The Tomb Of The Giants : 
    	They spawn in the last room before the Gravelord Nito boss. Running 
    	around the water they will spawn up to a maximum number, but when 
    	killed they will respawn indefinitely. Sometimes the humanity will 
    	disappear before you can collect it. I find that by the shores but 
    	not on the shores, the humanity stays a bit longer. Try fighting them 
    	with no-lock on and stay near the recently killed ones to scoop up any
    	humanity drop as soon as you can. The skeleton babies also give you
    	a fair amount of souls (about 1000 per, about 3000 per on NG +), and 
    	since the respawn indefinitely, this is also a decent way to farm 
    I loaded up The Book Of The Guilty, which ranks players by how much 
    Sin they have accumulated through Covenant betrayals, npc killing, and player
    indictments. The top players (who have 1000s of player kills and indictments)
    all had 99 humanity points in their stat screen. The question is why?
    The reason to have as many active humanity points as you can:
    At 99 active humanity points you will gain 
    	74 Physical Def. (same to VS strike , VS slash & VS thrust)
    	77 Magic DEF
    	72 Flame DEF
    	77 Lightning DEF
    Giving you a total of 300 additional defense points (not counting the 120 
    extra Curse Resist & 110 Item Find)
    Compare with the +5 Giant's Armor which gives you a total of 285 defense 
    points (not counting its Weight, Poise, and Resists)
    Basically , 99 humanity points is like having an extra chest piece equipped 
    that weighs nothing, and gives more total defense points than any other piece 
    fully upgraded.
    As if humanity wasn't important enough, it also has the ability to heal you 
    completely. If you're invading , or you have been summoned, then this allows 
    you to heal yourself despite being unable to use your estus flasks. Even if 
    you are the host, the humanity fully heals you, and although it's slower to 
    use, this property might make it better to use than an estus flask. For 
    example, if you are very near death and have lots of health compared to what 
    a single flask can heal, or you are injured but your phantoms are not, so 
    you want to save the flasks for healing your phantom.
    WARNING: Any active humanity point will be dropped upon death just like your 
    souls. You can retrieve these by going to your bloodstain without dying, but 
    it's important to remind yourself how bad loosing 99 humanity would be. One 
    tip is that a ring of sacrifice will make it so that your bloodstain is not 
    moved/destroyed if you die on the way to retrieve it. So if you die, always 
    immediately equip a ring of sacrifice just in case you die again, so that you
    don't loose your 99 humanity.
    Rings of sacrifice can be bought from Pardoner of Sin , Velkas, atop the 
    Undead Church, in the tower past the gargoyle boss fight. Eventually he stops
    selling them, but the number you can buy is something like 10, which should 
    last you a while. 
    :: (FAR2) | Farming for upgrades ::
    The only materials that are worth farming for are Souls, and chunks. With the 
    most recent patch, you can purchase large titanite, green titanite, and 
    (thankfully!) twinkling titanite.
    You may have been told to farm slimes (and if you asked me before, the slugs 
    in Blighttown) for large/green titanite shards. It's workable for low leveled
    players, but it's simply not as efficient (not even close) as farming the 
    souls and buying the material from the giant blacksmith in Anor Londo.
    I usually wait to farm from NPCs until NG+ where you gain an incredible amount
    of souls compared to regular game. 
    The most important chunk type to farm is the regular Titanite Chunk. For these
    the best method (by far) is killing the Darkwraith NPC enemies in Lower New 
    Londo Ruins. 
    Farming (recommended) prerequisites:
    	At least 10 active points of humanity.
    	A golden covetous ring.
    	A silver covetous ring.
    	A helm of avarice.
    The 10 active points brings your item find up to 210 from 100. The effect 
    humanity has on item find is capped at 210, any more active humanity points
    will not add to the item find (but still worth it because of the defense 
    bonuses, see above). 
    The golden ring of covetous, found in Sen's fortress, adds 200 item find, so 
    with your 10 active humanity points and the golden covetous ring you have the 
    maximum item find rate, 410. 
    The helm of avarice has the combined effect of wearing both covetous rings, 
    that is gives you 20% more souls per kill, and increases item find rate by 200 
    (to a maximum of 410). 
    The helm of avarice does not stack with the golden covetous ring, wearing both 
    produces no benefits. However, the silver covetous ring does stack with the 
    helm of avarice giving you a total of 44% more souls per kill!
    souls * 1.20 (20% silver covetous) * 1.20 (20% helm of avarice)
    = souls * 1.44 (combined effect is 44% increase).
    I said I usually wait until NG+ to do any serious soul farming, and here's 
    why. New game + you get 3 times as many souls per kill, after that and 
    applying the 44% helm and ring boost to souls I'm getting
    NG+ souls = normal_souls * 3 * 1.44 = normal_souls * 4.32. 
    That's more than 4 times as many souls per kill, so each soul farming run you 
    do nets you more than 4 runs worth on normal game. 
    Overkill bonus to souls :
    If you kill the enemy in one hit (e.g.: with a backstab) you will get 20% more 
    souls for the kill, and if you kill the same enemy with the same weapon, this 
    time with a parry/riposte (which will do yet more damage), you get a total of 
    44% more souls (remember 1.2*1.2 = 1.44 not 1.40).  
    The parry/riposte doesn't necessarily trigger the double-overkill bonus, but 
    if you do enough damage in one backstab to get the single overkill bonus, the 
    parry/riposte will likely be enough damage to trigger the double-overkill 
    bonus. Notably, against the darkwraiths on NG+ , an 1100 damage parry does
    not trigger double-overkill bonus, despite them  having less than 750 hp.
    Combine the double-overkill bonus with the helm and silver covetous ring 
    bonus you get :
    1.44 * 1.44 = 2.0736 times (207.36 % ) more souls
    My favorite places to farm souls are
    (1) The forest NPCs: there are 4 that respawn 
    	(a) the magician : 2000 souls , 6000 souls NG+
    	(b) the thief : 2000 souls , 6000 souls NG+
    	(c) the priest : 2000 souls , 6000 souls NG+
    	(d) the axeman : 1000 souls , 3000 souls NG+
    	Total = 7000 souls , or 21000 NG+
    (2) New Londo Darkwraiths: 
    	There are 11 total, giving you 13200 souls , or 39600 souls NG+. If 
    	you wear the helm of avarice and silver covetous ring, a run will give 
    	you a total of 57,024 on NG+ (more with overkill bonuses) as well as 
    	2-5 Titanite Chunks.
    (3) Being invaded: 
    	When you are invaded you get 50% of the cost of the invaders next soul
    	level if you win. Assuming that on average the invading soul level is 
    	equal to your soul level, you are getting 50% of a soul level per kill.
    	At higher soul levels, this method trumps ALL other forms of soul 
    	My soul level 214 for example, can get 300,000 souls per kill, and on
    	a good day I'll get millions of souls per hour. On my level 45 , the
    	souls are between 7000-13000 for the most part, and I don't find that
    	being invaded is the BEST way to get souls consistently (although 
    	it's surely the most fun). 
    Every 80,000 souls you get allows you to buy 10 twinkling titanite from the 
    giant merchant at Anor Londo. This is enough to bring a non-upgraded piece of
    armor to +5, the max upgrade level for twinkling items.
    There is an incredible amount of armors and combinations for wearing such 
    armor. Which armors to wear and which to upgrade is never simple, as it 
    depends on the weight limit you have. 
    :: (MOV3) | Weight and Movement :: 
    Your_Weight is the total weight from your EQUIPPED ITEMs. Dark Souls removes
    the weight limit to carried items, so only the equipped items matter. The 
    Equip_Load is the value of your "Equip Load" stat, which is determined by 
    your endurance and possibly modified by your items. 
    The ratio of Your_Weight to the Equip_Load determines how fast you move, roll,
    sprint, and how long your recovery times are. 
    There are 5 classes of movement :
    (Ia) 0 <= Your_Weight <= 0.25*Equip_Load :
    	Your roll is the fastest it can be, as well as your movement speed and
    	sprinting speed. You have almost no recovery time during rolls, which
    	means that almost the entirety of the animation is the invincibility 
    	frames: The frames of the rolling animation that if attacked during, 
    	you receive no damage. 
    (Ib) 0 <= Your_Weight <= 0.50*Equip_Load + Darkwood Grain Ring :
    	Your roll is replaced by a flip, as is your back-step (roll button with
    	no direction). Your movement speed is the same as when you are less 
    	than 25% of your Equip_Load, even if you are between 25% and 50% of 
    	your Equip_Load. The flip animation is maybe faster, but it's length 
    	is longer, so this maneuver is harder to use to backstab people than 
    	with a <25% regular roll.
    (II) .25*Equip_Load <= Your_Weight <= 0.50*Equip_Load :
    	Your roll is about 50% longer in time, with the added frames leaving 
    	you vulnerable to attack. The sprinting speed and movement speed are 
    	also less, but in most situations this difference in speed is less 
    	important than the roll speed duration. Counter to popular belief, this 
    	move-speed/roll-time is completely viable, as most fights don't involve 
    	long sprints, and rolling is only marginally more dangerous.
    (III) .50*Equip_Load <= Your_Weight <= 1.00*Equip_Load 
    	Your roll shakes the controller, and is now about 75% longer in duration
    	than that of (I). Your movement speed and sprint speed are more 
    	noticeably reduced, leaving you vulnerable to someone with <25% equip 
    	burden. The reduced movement speed is an obvious give away to PVP 
    	opponents who will know immediately that you will be susceptible to 
    	spell spamming and backstabs. Never have over 50% burden when PVPing.
    (IV) Your_Weight > 1.00*Equip_Load :
    	This is unacceptable. You move like molasses, and trying to roll 
    	staggers you. This lack of mobility would make even the best of players
    	a free meal for enemy players and NPCs alike. 
    You always want to be below 50% of your Equip_Load, so that you can roll 
    effectively. The Darkwood Grain Ring allows you to maintain the fastest 
    move-speed with up to double the limits that having <25% Equip_Load would 
    impose, making this ring extremely popular.
    :: (ARM4) | Armor choices ::
    As a general rule of thumb , I tend to equip my weapon/shield of choice first,
    then use the remaining weight for my armor. This way requires a great deal of 
    flexibility in armors, which means I need to have most of the armor sets 
    Twinkling Titanite sets that should be upgraded:
    	Giants set				Paladin set
    	Black Iron set				Catarina set
    	Big Hat Logan's Chest & Helm    	Gargoyle Helm
    	Darkwraith set	               		Kirk's Armor set
    Total souls needed : 2,160,000
    Optional Twinkling Titanite sets:
    	Silver Knight set	 		Black Knight set
    	Brass set				Witch set
    	Oolacile set				Painting Guardian set
    	Crimson set				Xanthous set
    	Embraced Armor set			Black Cleric set
    Total souls needed: 3,200,000
    Mostly you want to upgrade the chest piece, then the legs and hands, and 
    finally the helm piece. The reason is that for the same upgrade cost the chest
    piece is simply more powerful. Also, the helm can be replaced by one of the 
    specialty helms (which can't be upgraded).
    	Poise is new to Dark Souls, and its an important feature of melee 
    	combat. Each time a weapon hits you, your poise meter (which is 
    	invisible) fills up a little bit. If that meter is filled completely 
    	you become stunned, your character staggers, and is unable to act. If 
    	the opponent continues to swing at you while in this state, you are 
    	helpless, and this is known as "stun-locking". To avoid being 
    	stun-locked you need to have enough poise to be able to take a hit.
    While the debate rages on about how much poise you need, make sure to have more
    than zero, or else any attack will stun you. A good amount to shoot for is 40+,
    and if you plan to get hit more, then aiming towards 70 poise is not a bad 
    Even with a lot of poise, successive hits will eventually stun you. The idea is
    really to be able to take 1, at most 2, hits without being stunned. Just enough
    so that your mistake won't guarantee a loss. 
    	If you are being stun-locked and you repeatedly try to switch your 
    	weapon or shield(right on the d-pad) you can break the stun-lock just 
    	long enough to roll out of the way. This is extremely helpful, 
    	especially for those who wear no-poise gear. You have to time the 
    	switch with the onset of the  attack though, so it's not a perfect 
    The highest poise is found on the Havel set, with the Stone set a close second.
    Other high poise sets include Giant's set, Black Iron set, Paladin's set, Golem
    set, and Smough's set.  
    Notable Non-Twinkling Armor:
    By non-twinkling armor, I mean the armor sets that must be upgraded with regular
    titanite instead of with twinkling titanite. It's a lot more hassle to upgrade 
    these pieces because eventually you must use Titanite Chunks, which must be 
    farmed 2-5 chunks per run from the Darkwraiths at New Londo Ruins. You can't 
    buy them. 
    It gets worse, because to finish upgrading the armor you need to use a Titanite 
    Slab, which is so rare that you may as well consider there to be a finite amount
    of them per game cycle. One guaranteed, and three if you know where to look. 
    But 3 slabs isn't even a full set (which is 4 pieces of gear).
    Luckily in these cases, it's not whole sets that stand out, but individual 
    pieces. For example, Big Hat Logan's leggings (his little shoes) and his gloves
    (Traveler’s gloves) are awful. You can save your Titanite for another piece. 
    The hat he wears and especially the robe he wears are actually really good for
    light-armor (no poise). I'll list a couple of the better non-twinkling armors,
    and their stats at +14 (the last upgrade possible before you must use a Titanite
    <to be added later>
    Specialty Helms:
    Mask of the father, mask of the Mother, Mask of the Child, Dusk Crown.
    <detail to be added later>
    :: (WEA5) | Common PVP Weapons ::
    I will attempt to give a brief Synopsis of what I consider to be the major pvp 
    weapons. These are the weapons I see the most in pvp settings. I make no
    recommendation for a "best" weapon nor even a best weapon for a particular 
    build. I strongly believe that almost any weapon is viable in the right setting 
    with the right amount of skill. It's really down to personal preference and 
    You can learn a lot about an opponent simply from their choice of weapon. The
    Great Black Knight weapons require over 30 strength to use one-handed, which 
    implies something about their build and stat point distribution. A moonblade 
    sword on the other hand requires intelligence and probably implies a magic user.
    These tell tales are especially important at lower levels where 30 strength 
    would imply a very low amount of health for example, while at SL 120 it still 
    leaves room for the opponent to have high vitality , or some faith/int magic.
    Other weapons imply a strategy. For example, a rapier implies they will try to
    backstab, or a parry/riposte. You can also assume that they are using a hornet
    ring (which means they only have 1 other ring slot). 
    Knowing your opponent is the only way to know how to counter your opponent. 
    In no particular order:
    	  6lbs, 16str, 10 dex, good at stunlocking, fairly slow, 
    	  2handed roll + R1 thrusts the sword very far, 2hand R2 
    	  can hit targets roughly 180 degrees around the user, 
    	  1hand R2 is a fairly long thrust attack.
    	I love and hate this sword. It's powerful and versatile, yet it often
    	feels like the sword is too short. Useful attack opportunities are 
    	negated by a tiny distance too far.
    	Watch out when someone 2hands the sword, as the weak attack (an up then
    	down chopping combo) can stunlock you very quickly. It's quick for the
    	class of swords, and the stunlock is near inescapable. Not as bad as the 
    	moonlight blade though. Also, when someone rolls towards you with this
    	weapon it's an immediate threat, be ready for that thrust attack.
    	10lbs 24str, 10 dex., great at stunlocking, very slow    
    	Similar to claymore except longer, slower, and a lot 
    	more damaging. This bad boy can stunlock in 1 hit, and 
    	can kill easily with regular attacks. Has the same 
    	rolling 2handed R1 attack as the Claymore. 
    	This sword is a BEAST. It's slow and powerful , and I think the longest
    	weapon in the game. Even at the maximum possible stamina this sword can
    	only last for a couple 2handed swings. However, one direct 2handed swing 
    	is sure to stun all but the most heavily armored warriors. 
    	When using this sword don't treat it like other weapons. Each attack
    	costs a lot of stamina, and they must be judged carefully for their
    	effectiveness. Also keep in mind that the long reach requires long 
    	recovery times, and you're vulnerable to those dreaded backstabs 
    	for quite some time after any missed attack.
    Uchigatana: 33 bleed build per strike
    	6lbs, 16str, 14 dex, fast attack, causes bleed, lacks range, low 
    	durability. This weapon is fantastic overall, medium base damage is
    	made up for by an awesome 1handed R2 thrust, a backstep (roll with 
    	no direction) followed by an attack lunges forward and thrusts for 
    	huge range. 
    	The bleed build up is quite effective as a physchological weapon. 
    	Opponents tend to panick as that bleed bar builds up, and bleeding can 
    	be applied right through their shield. 
    	Learn to love that 1hand strong attack (thrust). It's far reaching and is 
    	really great at knicking people when they've briefly left themselves open.
    	It's a bit longer than say Balder Side Swords thrust , but it does more 
    	damage and applies that dreaded bleed.
    	The weak attack will be a great source of punishment against people who 
    	attempt to get behind you for the backstab. Unlock, point your character
    	opposite the way he was facing and go for a couple quick slashes. Be 
    	warned that spamming this attack will demolish your stamina, leaving you
    	useless for a moment. Also, it's not very hard to parry for people who 
    	are good at that. If you see someone attempt to parry you, be very 
    	careful and NEVER swing twice in quick succession.
    Washing Pole: 30 bleed per strike
    	:: Weight: 8lbs || Requirements : 20 STR / 16 DEX  ::
    	:: Bleed rate per strike 30 || Bleed value 300     ::
    	:: PROS: Incredible range |X| Cons: Slowest katana,::
    	::causes blood loss,      |X|Very low durability,  ::
    	::one-hand move set great,|X|low bleed rate	   ::	
    	What can I say? I'm in love. It's got the uchigatana's move set and 
    	bleed, well a little less bleed per strike, and it's freakishly long. I 
    	mean this weapon is on par with the longest spears! The 1handed weak 
    	attack feels like it has a little bit less range than I expect looking 
    	at it, but the 2handed weak attack has just the right range. The thrusts 
    	on this thing could hit Russia from Sarah Palin's house. It's awesome.
    	However, like the Uchigatana (and all Katanas/Curved Swords) this weapon 
    	is weak to people who are good at parrying in pvp. As well, it's easy to 
    	get carried away and burn up your stamina trying to get the bleed to set 
    	in, or to finish off a stunned/weakened opponent. This will be the death 
    	of you if you're not careful!
    	So remember that it's always better to take it slow and steady, so that
    	when the enemy is actually ready to be finished you have the stamina to 
    	seal the deal before they attempt to heal.
    Chaos Blade: 36 bleed per strike 
    Iaito: 33 bleed per strike
    Gravelord Sword:
    Quelaag's Sword:
    	This weapon is great for single player, and looks really cool. It's the
    	most common demon ascension weapon, but it's also a telltale noob sign. 
    	That's because the weapon is not very good for PVP. Its damage doesn't 
    	match up with the more common lightning or buffed weapons, it's reach 
    	is surprisingly low for the size of the weapon, and its regular attack
    	pattern begs to be parried. The kick move (forward + R1) is replaced 
    	with a slash followed by a fanciful backflip. However the stamina 
    	costs only as much as a normal R1 attack, so it's conceivable to use 
    	this as a "free" roll.
    	R2 attack strikes (almost) as if you have no shield up, so don't bother 
    	blocking this weapon. It's fast acting , but has low reach, and spamming
    	this weapon leaves one very open to a parry. The damage is surprisingly 
    	good for the size of the weapon, but nothing special. Great side-arm, 
    	but a poor choice as one's only weapon.
    Moonblade Sword:
    	Used to be my favorite weapon in Dark Souls, and it's definitely still 
    	near the top. The 2hand up/down chopping weak attack will stunlock 
    	anyone and almost immediately. I've stunlocked people in full Havel's 
    	before. I'm still trying to figure out what makes this weapon so much 
    	better at it then even the Serpent Sword or Claymore. 
    	But that's not all that defines this sword, as it has an incredibly 
    	useful special attack. If you hit R2 , either 1handed or 2handed, it 
    	launches a powerful magic attack from the weapon. A successful hit will
    	knock the enemy flat on their face. 
    	If you see someone sprinting towards you, probably for a backstab, 
    	untarget them, hit R2, and aim in front of your feet or the ground 
    	directly behind you depending on how close they've gotten. The magic 
    	explosion will get the enemy so often, it's saved me dozens of times. 
    	For this reason I carry a full stack (99) of repair powder from the 
    	Undead Berg's merchant. Thespecial attack has the one downside of 
    	reducing the durability of the blade by 40 each time you use it's 
    	2handed R2. The 1handed R2 is not nearly as good because it launches a 
    	vertical crescent as opposed to the 2handed R2 which launches a 
    	horizontal crescent. The horizontal one is MUCH harder to dodge, and 
    	therefore much more effective despite it costing twice as much 
    	It's usually not worth while to spam the R2, even with a full stack of
    	repair powder. If you're locked onto the enemy then your magic attack 
    	will go to where they were when you initiated the attack, so it's
    	likely to miss a mobile opponent. However an unlocked attack can be
    	made to lead the enemy, to have the magic attack land where the enemy
    	will be when the attack hits the ground.
    Bandit's Knife:
    Black Knight Great Axe (BKGA):
    Greatsword of Artorias :
    Great Scythe:
    Lifehunt Scythe:
    Painted World Guardian
    :: (COV6) | Covenants ::
    The Darkmoon Blade:
    	::  Darkmoon   | Can invade while hollow    | Phantom color = Blue ::
    	::	       | Doesn't leave a bloodstain |                      ::
    	::	       | if you die while invading  |                      ::
    	::Blue Eye orb | Invade 10% below level, no upper limit            ::
    	::Covenant ring| Will invade Dark Anor Londo, no lower/upper limit ::
    	::Reward       | 10% of cost of host's next soul level in souls    ::
    	::	       | and 1 stone of reprisal                           ::
    	As a darkmoon blade you are given a Blue orb and a Covenant ring, both 
    	of which allow you to invade even while hollow. 
    	You activate the orb as you would any other item, and it will search 
    	for a target to invade. The target must have "sin", that is they must 
    	have either betrayed a covenant, killed a non-hostile NPC, or been 
    	indicted by another player. Upon invasion you enter the hosts world as 
    	a blue phantom, a spirit of vengeance has invaded announcement tells 
    	the host of your presence.
    	The Darkmoon covenant ring works a bit differently. You equip it, and 
    	it constantly searches for someone in Dark Anor Londo. A person who 
    	kills Gwynavere is in Dark Anor Londo. Once an invasion is initiated 
    	you are summoned to Dark Anor Londo and the invasion proceeds normally.
    	Successfully killing the host gives you a souvenir of reprisal , which 
    	are used to level up your stance with the covenant, as well as 10% of 
    	host's next soul level cost, and an active humanity point.
    	Defeat has no repercussions, and you return your world as you were 
    	before, hollow or alive, and with all your active humanity and souls.
    The Darkwraiths:
    	::   Darkwraith   | Must be human to invade   | Phantom color = Red ::
    	::		  | Will leave a bloodstain   |                     ::
    	::		  | if you die while invading |                     ::
    	::Red Eye orb     | Invade 10% below level, no upper limit          ::
    	::Cracked Red Eye*| Same as above but is consumed after invasion    ::
    	::Reward          | 10% of cost of host's next soul level in souls  ::
    	::		  | and 1 active humanity point                     ::
    	As a darkwraith you must give Kaathe the serpent enough humanity to 
    	become a Darkwraith+1 which rewards you the red eye orb. This orb 
    	works identically to the cracked red eye orb, except unlike the 
    	cracked variant, the red eye orb is non-perishable. 
    	In order to invade as a Darkwraith you must actually be human and an 
    	invading darkwraith will appear red to you and the host. A successful 
    	invasion gains you an active humanity point, and 10% of the hosts 
    	next soul level cost. 
    	If you die while invading you leave all your active humanity and 
    	your souls in a bloodstain right where you were when you left your 
    	world to invade. You do however remain human, but be careful not to 
    	loose your bloodstain as it will disappear if you die on the way.
    *- Cracked Red Eye Orbs can be used whether or not you are a darkwraith, but 
       it's just like using the Red Eye Orb which is exclusive to Darkwraiths. 
    The forest Covenant:
    	::  Forest     | Can invade while hollow    | Phantom color = Blue ::
    	::  Covenant   | Doesn't leave a bloodstain |                      ::
    	::	       | if you die while invading  |                      ::
    	::Covenant ring| Will invade Darkroot Garden, any soul level 1-300 ::
    	::Reward       | 10% of cost of host's next soul level in souls    ::
    	::	       | and 1 active humanity point as well as a random   ::
    	::	       | upgrade item (possibly a pendant)                 ::
    	The forest Covenant gives you a ring, Alvina's Ring, which is identical 
    	in nature to the Darkmoon Covenant Ring. While wearing it, even while 
    	hollow, you may invade an intruder in the Darkroot Garden. A forest 
    	covenant invader also appears as a blue phantom, and is announced as a 
    	spirit of vengeance.
    	As a member of the forest Covenant You can invade anyone level 1-300
    	who is human, has not defeated Sif, and is in the Darkroot garden past
    	the door you unlock with the Seal of Artorias. It preferences people 
    	near your soul level if possible, but you can end up invading someone 
    	way over your level. 
    	A successful invasion nets you the standard 10% of the cost of the 
    	host's next soul level and one active humanity point. Unique to the 
    	forest covenant, is that when you successfully defeat the host you are 
    	given a random upgrade item, such as a green titanite shard. The worth 
    	of this upgrade item seems to be in part determined by the soul level 
    	of the host you killed. A higher level opponent seems to yield stronger 
    	upgrade materials. I have seen everything from small titanite shards, 
    	to titanite chunks, but never a slab (yet). 
    	It's also been said that there is a rare chance to get a pendant, which
    	is purely story related, as a victory consolation instead of the random
    	upgrade item.
    The Sunlight Covenant:
    The Dragon Covenant:
    :: (PLA7) | Places ::
    The forest: SL range 1 - 300
    	The forest is my personal favorite pvp area in the game. At least for 
    	being the host. If you're not in the forest covenant then you are 
    	going to be invaded by 3 different groups of people: Darkmoon covenant 
    	(if you have sin), forest Covenant (you're on their turf!), Darkwraith. 
    	I like to buy the Crest of Artorias from Andres of Astoria (the
    	jacked blacksmith between the forest, sen's, and the undead parish) as
    	soon as possible. With it you can open the sealed door near the 
    	Darkroot Garden bonfire. This door immediately leads out to a small set 
    	of stairs.
    	At the bottom of these stairs is where you will find most of the soul
    	signs. If you're not in the forest covenant you can summon one ally
    	here. It helps to have an ally as you will be invaded very frequently,
    	so that you will often have 2 invaders at once. Having your own backup
    	can mean the difference, but be warned that many consider this 
    	dishonest or cheesy (only if you kill them of course).
    	There are a ton of (lethal) npcs. The first to watch out for
    	are the humanoid NPCs, the wizard, the rogue, the priest, and the 
    	axeman. The wizard can be goaded into melee for a quick parry/riposte,
    	but be warned, on NG+ his magic does quite a bit of damage. The rogue
    	is semi-invisible but still target-able. He's glitchy in that he will
    	sometimes run up to you and stand still, until you attack him. I 
    	usually try to goad him into attacking and then parry him. The priest
    	has a harder parry timing as he holds his weapon above for a moment,
    	but it's still easy. The one to watch out for is the axe guy, who on
    	New Game+ can do over 500 damage a hit. I've had many phantoms die 
    	after accidentally aggroing the axeman. He's even more of a nuisance 
    	if you're fighting him while fighting a human invader. I almost always 
    	parry him, unless I'm being invaded and there is noticeable lag. 
    	On the right, from the stairs, starts the treevine enemies. There are 
    	a bunch of them that come from fairly far, so watch your back 
    	constantly to make sure none of them have snuck up on you. They have 
    	more health than the tree enemies in the rest of the garden. They also 
    	do a lot of damage on NG+, so watch out for their whips, as they can 
    	damage you while rolling! The silliest but most deadly attack is a 
    	close range grab where they pull you up to their mouth and start 
    	munching. It can do a lot of damage, and I've had it kill quite a few 
    	phantoms. They're fairly quiet so make sure you don't let one sneak up 
    	on you while you fight a human or another tree guy. 
    	Across the bridge where Alvina is, and towards the door to the Sif
    	battle are many little mushroom dudes. When hit they will run toward 
    	a small pond where there are 2 large mushroom dudes. The large ones 
    	telegraph their punches with plenty of time to move, but the reach
    	of their attacks can be surprising, and the punch does serious damage.
    	Many annoying invaders will lure you here to make auto-locking harder
    	(because of the little mushroom guys everywhere stealing the lock-on)
    	and to have you fight them in between the big mushrooms. 
    	The rolling cats are up the ladder from the Hydra boss in Darkroot 
    	Basin but they can also be reached from the Crest of Artorias door. If 
    	you get lured to this area be very careful of following. It's extremely 
    	hectic (and fun!) to be fighting an invader while you have these cats 
    	rolling around crushing you. If you beat the invader while the cats are 
    	rolling you've permanently scarred the ego of the invader (who will 
    	doubtlessly have their own excuses as to why they lost).
    	Course of action:
    	Whenever I decide to partake in some forest action I always follow a
    	routine. Become human at bonfire, run down stairs, initiate the 
    	summoning of a phantom, while that's happening I engage the wizard. 
    	Usually by the time I'm fighting the priest/rogue the summon finishes
    	or fails. If it fails I run back and re-initiate a summon, otherwise bow
    	to phantom ally, and continue killing the remaining NPCs. Then you two 
    	will probably be invaded, try to fight the invader on the clearing, as 
    	it's annoying to have the fight drag into the treemen area. If you have 
    	time , quickly clear out the treemen. Honestly, I never bother with the
    	mushroom men, but if invasions are coming on slowly I might run over to
    	that side and kill them while I wait.
    	If you want to be particularly scary to the next invader, leave a prism
    	stone wherever you kill someone. If you're on a killing streak the
    	forest floor will be littered with multicolored prisms, and any
    	invader will immediately recognize the signs. Psychological warfare can
    	cause panicky moves and hopefully misplays, but dropping prism stones
    	during someones death cam is as bad or worse than a taunt. So it's 
    	best to wait a little after the kill to drop the prism.
    The Undeadberg: SL 1-15 but semi-active at all levels
    	This is the first area most people go to after leaving the Undead Asylum
    	tutorial level. There is a single bonfire, right outside the room with 
    	that bonfire is where most people leave summon signs / red soapstone 
    	The area is active mostly due to low level darkwraiths who beat
    	the four kings at low level (often SL 1) so that they can invade anyone.
    	Remember that invaders have no upper limit on what soul level they can
    	invade but there is a lower limit. Being SL 1 allows them to invade
    	anyone, presumably with the intention of invading new characters with
    	their twinked out SL1 darkwraith. 
    	On the other side of the spectrum you have high level players that camp
    	out this area, waiting for low level darkwraiths to invade them. They 
    	do this for vengeance, justice, and possibly because they have a wraith 
    	like sense of cruelty and humor. As a low level darkwraith be warned that
    	your noob bashing will be interspersed with people dual wielding Smough
    	Hammer's rocking 1800+ hit points. Good luck :)
    	The area's enemies are really not dangerous so it's your call whether or
    	not to clear out the npcs as quickly as possible like in the forrest.
    	The exception would be on higher NG+, where any enemy is a threat due to
    	damage scaling. Also watch out for the opponent running to heal and
    	having a left-over hollow knight get in your way long enough to allow the
    	heal to go unpunished. 
    The Undead Parish: SL 5-30 , but invaders will encounter people up to max level
    	The Gargoyle boss is unescapable, you need to do it in order to get to 
    	Anor Londo. Because of this the area remains very active. It's also a 
    	beginner area, often times the second boss people kill. This means a lot
    	of lower level players for the lower level darkwraiths to harass. 
    	To take advantage of the youthful population one often encounters here, 
    	the low level darkwraiths often invade fully equipped with lightning 
    	weapons, upgraded armors, and no hint of shame, honor , or remorse.
    	That being said it's fairly easy to find a phantom or two to help you.
    	Most summon signs are left across the church from the elevators right
    	outside the church steps. Comming from the forrest, this is the first
    	entrance you encounter. 
    	The annoying part of this area is that most battles will take place in
    	the second level of the church. This is because invaders always start
    	at the fog gate, atop the two ladders. Otherwise you may have fairly
    	interesting battles on the church's first floor. The pillars provide
    	much needed cover from magic and make large swinging weapons like the
    	zweihander less useful. 
    	Otherwise fights will take place outside the church, in the open region
    	right next to where I said the soul signs are left. That's because when
    	invaded a host will typically retreat back to summon a phantom or too. 
    	As the invader you will likely want to force an encounter before the 
    	host successfully summons. 
    Anor Londo Bridge:
    Anor Londo Inner:
    Dark Anor Londo:
    Painted World:
    Demon Ruins:
    The Kiln:
    The Depths:
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