Review by jeck7788

"Overrated, But a Decent Game"

Yes everyone says this game is extremely hard, but it's not based on anything more than artificial difficulty. I find the camera problems, the targeting problems, and the horrible framerate are more to blame for the difficulty than anything else. I've had my share of cheap deaths, where the targeting system decided not to work, where enemies attack me through solid walls (not talking about the ghosts), where the camera spins while your targeting some enemy you didn't intend to target, causing you to fall to your death. There are a lot more of those kinds of deaths that reviewers and gamers talk about. Sure I've died many many times over my own stupidity, but all the enemies are just stronger than you, and thus can kill you in 2-3 hits, or less, no matter what cool armor you have on.

I've spent a good 30 or so hours on this game, and tend to finish the whole thing just because I really like RPG games and it is a challenge to see if I can beat this artificially difficult game, but after that, I really doubt I'll play NG+. The game is very repetitive, memorizing where the enemies are, watching for boss patterns, etc. etc. This reminds me of the Splinter Cell games and similar games like that where you have to memorize all the enemies patterns and where they were in order to get past them. All trial and error, boring. But I do enjoy finding new weapons and new armor, although they don't make much of a difference in this game.

Now, of course many will say that I'm harsh because I suck, and really I don't care. Blind fanboyism is blind fanboyism, and there is nothing I can say or ever will be able to do to change that. I'm pointing out facts that everyone who plays the game knows, but doesn't want to admit to.

Cool game, great atmosphere, marred terribly by technical problems, boring story, repetitive gameplay, and a weird sense of pride in trying to be difficult just for the sake of being difficult. I'll die a hundred more times, mostly because of the technical issues and many times because of my own stupidity, and I will enjoy it for the most part, but Game of the Year? No sorry, not this game, let's move on and see what else is available. Let's hope Skyrim doesn't disappoint. Whoops, did I say that? Now I'm going to be labeled as just another Skyrim fanboy!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 10/21/11

Game Release: Dark Souls (US, 10/04/11)

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