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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Tarrun

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    Red Dead Redemption: Liars & Cheats   
    Table of Contents
    I – Introduction
    001.0 – Contact Info 
    002.0 - Legal Info
    003.0 - Version History
    II – Online Content 
    001.0 - Gambling 
    002.0 - Horse Racing 
    003.0 - Free Roam 
    004.0 - Multiplayer Characters
    005.0 - Stronghold 
    III – Single Player & Miscellaneous Content 
    001.0 - Explosive Rifle 
    002.0 - Trophies 
    Welcome to my Red Dead Redemption: Liars & Cheats FAQ. 
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    Version History: 
    First Submission: Version 1.0   
    II – Online Content 
    001.0 - Gambling 
    Gambling is definitely one of the most popular and fun mini-games in Red 
    Dead Redemption, and with the Liars & Cheats DLC you aren’t limited to 
    playing against the AI anymore. Between two to six players can enter a game 
    of liar’s dice or poker, either by going to their respective icons in a Free 
    Roam session or by selecting the game mode from your online game mode menu. 
    You are allotted $200 per day to play with in addition to any winnings you 
    accumulate through playing, so even if you bust out you only have to wait a 
    day to jump back in. 
    Additionally, each location where a game can be played will have a different 
    buy-in, so newer players may want to consider playing for less cash until 
    they get a hang of the games. Of course, the higher stakes games will 
    usually be more popular. 
    001.1 – Poker 
    Just like in the single player mode, Red Dead Redemption’s online poker is 
    your standard Texas Hold ‘Em style of poker. Unlike the single player, 
    however, you cannot cheat, so how well you do is entirely dependent on your 
    own luck and skill. 
    001.11 – How To Play 
    At the beginning of the game, one player will be chosen to deal this round. 
    Each round, the dealer will rotate clockwise, giving everyone a chance to 
    deal over the course of the game. The first player to the dealer’s left will 
    immediately have to post the “small blind” while the player to his left will 
    then post the “big blind”, which is double the small blind. This is done to 
    ensure that some amount of chips are being exchanged each round to prevent 
    the game from endlessly dragging out. As the game progresses, the blinds 
    will occasionally be raised to increase the risk of playing each hand. 
    Once the blinds have been posted, the dealer will deal out two cards to each 
    player. From here, the remaining players are allowed to look at their cards 
    to determine if they wish to make an initial bet (equal to the big blind) 
    and play their hand or fold. The final player, who posted the initial small 
    blind, will have to either bet the remaining half of the big blind or fold. 
    At this point, the first three cards, known as “the flop”, will be drawn and 
    placed in the middle of the table. All players in the game are attempting to 
    make the best hand with those three community cards, plus their own two 
    private cards. For example, if you have one Ace in your hand, and one of the 
    cards in the flop was also an Ace, you would have a pair of Aces. However, 
    if another player had a pair of Aces in his hand, he would have three of a 
    kind because between the community cards and his own hand he can play three 
    Aces total. 
    After the flop is revealed, players go around the table clockwise and either 
    place additional bets or “check”, not bet but continue to remain in the game. 
    Once another player has bet, however, the other remaining players must match, 
    or “call”, that bet, place a higher bet, or fold. Obviously, if you are 
    unsure about your hand, it is wise to check and remain in the game if the 
    other players are not increasing the bet since you are not risking any 
    additional chips. 
    Once all of the remaining players have settled on a bet, a fourth card, 
    known as “the turn”, is added to the community cards and the betting process 
    begins all over again. Note that even though you have six cards available to 
    you, you can only create a hand out of five cards. The game will 
    automatically play the best hand for you, but this is something to keep in 
    mind when deciding to bet or fold. 
    After the turn, one final card, “the river”, is revealed. Any remaining 
    players make their final bets before revealing their cards. The player with 
    the best hand wins the entire pot, or all of the chips that have been bet by 
    all players this round. 
    001.12 – Poker Hands 
    Great, so we know how to play poker. Now it’s time to learn the different 
    hands you can achieve in a game. 
    The following hands are listed from worst to best. 
    - High Card – When you have no combination of cards, you simply take the 
    highest card in your hand and play that. From lowest to highest, the cards 
    are ranked 2-10, Jack, Queen, King, and finally the Ace. 
    - Pair – Any two matching cards, such as two 10’s. 
    - Two Pair – Any two unique pairs, such as two 10’s and two Aces. 
    - Three of a Kind – Any three matching cards, such as three 10’s. 
    - Straight – Any five cards in successive order, such as having a hand that 
    consists of a 7, 8, 9, 10, and Jack. 
    - Flush – Five cards that are all the same suit, such as five cards that are 
    all spades. The cards do not have to be in any order. 
    - Full House – Having one three of a kind and one pair, such as having three 
    10’s and two Aces. When more than one player has a full house, the winner is 
    determined by which three of a kind is higher. So, for example, if one 
    player has three 2’s and two Aces, while another player has three 3’s and 
    two 2’s, the second player would win. 
    - Four of a Kind – Any four matching cards, such as four 10’s. 
    - Straight Flush – A straight where all of the cards are the same suit, such 
    as having the 8, 9, 10, Jack, and Queen of hearts. 
    - Royal Flush – A straight flush with the five highest cards, meaning the 10, 
    Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. This is by far the least likely hand to achieve, 
    with the odds of doing so being a staggering 1 in 649,739. 
    Note that along with the different hands, the card suits are also ranked. 
    From best to worst, the suits are ranked in the order of Spades, Hearts, 
    Clubs, and finally Diamonds. So, for example, if two players have otherwise 
    identical straight flushes, the player with all Spades will beat the hand 
    that is all Clubs. 
    001.13 – Strategies 
    First of all, if you have played poker in real life or in Red Dead 
    Redemption’s single player campaign, then you probably understand that there 
    is no single method to guarantee that you will win every time. Every round 
    you play will be unique, because the individual players’ reactions and the 
    cards dealt will be different every time. However, although there certainly 
    is a fair amount of luck involved, there are definitely a few strategies 
    that will help you stay alive long enough to land that one big hand. 
    - Fold, Fold, Fold! – 
    This is one of the most simple yet most frequently overlooked concepts to 
    follow while playing poker. You are much more likely to be dealt a hand that 
    is complete garbage than a perfect one, so don’t be afraid to play it safe 
    and wait until the next round. Besides the players who post the big and 
    small blinds, you lose nothing by deciding to fold after getting a look at 
    the first two cards dealt to you. Similarly, it is usually a much better 
    idea to fold instead of getting into a betting match when you don’t have a 
    great hand. You’re better off cutting your losses rather than betting three 
    times the original amount and losing it all. Players who play smart are much 
    more likely to reach the later rounds than those who hope to get lucky on 
    the river. 
    - Learn How Other Players Play – 
    Whether you’re playing or watching others finish a round, take mental notes 
    about how the other players play the game. Players will often stick to one 
    playing style, so if you recognize what that is it will give you an 
    advantage when you’re betting against them later on. 
    For example, some players frequently bluff and will wager high bets in an 
    attempt to scare the other players into folding. If you see one player often 
    losing rounds with high cards or low pairs, don’t be afraid to match their 
    bets if you have a decent hand. 
    Alternatively, some players take the opposite approach and play extremely 
    conservatively, only betting when they believe they have the winning hand. 
    In these cases, be wary when a player who constantly checks or folds 
    suddenly wagers a very high bet. Look at the cards on the table and try to 
    figure out what hand they could possibly have. Although it’s difficult to 
    guess that a player has a pair in their private hand, if the community cards 
    are a 5, 7, 8, and 9 or are all one suit and one player is betting 
    aggressively it is reasonable to assume that they have a straight or flush, 
    - Don’t Play With One Static Playing Style – 
    Just like you’re trying to figure out other players, you have to assume that 
    the other players are trying to learn how you play. So, particularly early 
    on, try to vary your playing style. Don’t be afraid to lose relatively small 
    pots on a bluff just to keep the other players at the table on their toes. 
    If the others think you’re reckless they will be more inclined to take a 
    chance and call your bet when you actually do have a good hand, for example. 
    - Bluffing – 
    Again, bluffing is a powerful strategy to keep the other players guessing, 
    and because you aren’t able to see the players’ reactions it is one of the 
    only tools you have to get into their heads. If you are dealt a decent hand 
    that doesn’t pan out, it might be worth it to raise the bet to see if you 
    can get other players to fold. 
    Additionally, bluffing can occasionally get you out of a jam when you have 
    nothing in your hand. Sometimes when no one at the table has a good hand, 
    everyone will just go around checking. Use this to your advantage. If there 
    are community cards that could potentially make a good hand (like a 4, 6, 
    and 8 even if you don’t have a 5 and 7 to complete the straight) you can 
    quickly place a high bet to make everyone think you suddenly completed a 
    great hand. If the other players weren’t confident enough to place bets up 
    until this point, they will likely fold and leave you to reap the winnings. 
    - Milking A Winning Hand – 
    Let’s say you have a pair of aces in your hand, and the community cards are 
    two 10’s and another Ace. That gives you an Ace-high full house, an 
    extremely good hand that you can be pretty confident about winning. What do 
    you do? 
    You want to score the largest pot possible, but you have to keep as many 
    players in the game for as long as you can to do so. Placing one massive bet 
    will likely scare them off, but if you don’t bet enough you’ll waste a great 
    hand on a small pot. The key is to lure players in with gradually increasing 
    bets to keep them committed to the game. 
    This means, of course, that you’ll want to recognize your potentially-great 
    hand early on. If you think you have the makings of a good hand, throw out a 
    few relatively small bets to start off. Several players will usually call 
    you on it early on as they like their own hands. As the round progresses, 
    begin placing larger and larger bets. Some players will likely fold as they 
    realize they have nothing, but the ones that do stay will be too invested to 
    simply quit. Once someone has bet several hundred or thousand chips, they 
    won’t want to fold and risk losing all of their chips on a bluff. Keep 
    raising the bet until you’re satisfied, and then reveal your awesome hand 
    and laugh at the fools who fell for your trap. 
    001.2 – Liar’s Dice  
    Liar’s dice is the other gambling game you can now play online. For all 
    intended purposes it is the same as playing in the single player campaign, 
    but the primary difference is the inclusion of other human beings 
    strategizing to beat you instead of an AI. Like poker, you can enter a 
    liar’s dice lobby by finding the icons on your map or selecting the game 
    mode from your multiplayer menu. Different locations have different buy-in 
    amounts that range from $10 to $100. 
    001.21 – How To Play 
    Like poker, liar’s dice is all about reading your opponents and bluffing. 
    Each player begins with five dice, which are randomly shuffled before each 
    round. At this point, players take turns making guesses about how many dice 
    are showing a certain number. So, for example, a safe opening guess would be 
    to say that there is one 5, or at least one die on the table that is showing 
    the number five. While you know what dice you have, the other players’ dice 
    are hidden to you, forcing you to make guess on what the other players have. 
    After one player makes a guess, the next player must make a higher guess. 
    Either they can say there are more dice showing any number, or there are the 
    same number of dice showing a higher number. 
    To illustrate this idea, let’s say Player 1 guesses that there are at least 
    two 3’s. Player 2 has two options regarding what his guess can be: 
    - Three or more or any number (three 1’s, three 6’s, five 2’s, etc...). 
    - Two of a number higher than 3 (two 4’s, two 5’s, or two 6’s). 
    Obviously, since the game requires the players to continue making higher 
    guesses, it becomes less and less likely that the guesses are actually true. 
    After one player makes a guess, if the next player believes that guess to be 
    too high, they can call the original player’s bluff. When this happens, all 
    players reveal their dice and the guess is either proven to be true or false. 
    If the guess is true, the accusing player loses a die. If the guess turned 
    out to be false, the player who made the guess loses one of their die. 
    Alternatively, a player may also make a spot-on guess. A spot-on call claims 
    that there is exactly the number of dice showing whatever number that the 
    previous player guessed. So if Player 1 guesses two 3’s and Player 2 makes a 
    spot-on call, there would have to be exactly two 3’s for the spot-on call to 
    be true. If it is, all players in the game minus the player who made the 
    call lose a die, otherwise if it’s false the accusing player does. 
    Players are eliminated from the game when they lose all of their dice. The 
    game ends when all but one player is eliminated. 
    001.22 – Strategies 
    Unlike poker, no player’s dice are inherently “better” than someone else’s, 
    as is the case with a poker hand. This means that, with the exception of how 
    many dice each player has at a given point in the game, every player has an 
    equal chance of winning a round. The difference, then, is in each player’s 
    skills when it comes to making assumptions about the table and forcing other 
    players to make bad guesses.  
    Below are several general strategies to help you be successful in a game of 
    liar’s dice. 
    - Lie - 
    It’s the name of the game. Information is valuable, and it’s more valuable 
    when you’re the only one who knows it. Likewise, if the other players 
    believe something to be true that isn’t, and you know it isn’t, that 
    knowledge will give you a considerable advantage. 
    In liar’s dice, this means never making guesses based on your own dice, at 
    least at the beginning of a round. A common strategy is to make safe guesses 
    based on the dice that you yourself have, but doing so will give the others 
    players an idea of what kind of dice you have. Instead, if you make a random 
    guess, the other players will continue the round based off that guess and 
    severely overestimate how many of a certain dice are on the table. 
    To illustrate the idea, if you make a guess of three 6’s, the next player 
    may make a guess of four 6’s under the assumption that you have at least 
    some of those 6’s. If you don’t, however, then the people trying to figure 
    out how high to make their guess will be doing so under false pretense. 
    Therefore, when it’s your turn you will better be able to gauge if the 
    current guess is reasonable or not without your imaginary dice. 
    - Guess High – 
    The toughest part of liar’s dice is when it gets to your turn and the 
    current guess is fairly high. You know that the guess is either spot-on or 
    only off by one or two either way, making it extremely difficult to increase 
    the guess, call the bluff, or call spot-on. 
    The idea, then, is to make sure someone before you is put in that situation 
    instead. If you’re one of the first players to begin a round, don’t make a 
    guess of one more than the previous one. If you start out with a high number, 
    it will force other players to make unreasonable guesses before getting to 
    your turn, allowing you to sit back and watch other people call someone 
    else’s bluff. Depending on how many dice you have and how many other players 
    are in the game, you can usually make a wild guess between three and five of 
    a number without anyone calling your bluff early on. 
    - End Game – 
    The end of the game is perhaps the most difficult part of a liar’s dice 
    match, particularly when both you and the last player only have one dice 
    remaining. In the end, it will come down to whether or not the player who 
    goes first lies on their initial guess. If they do, you can call the bluff 
    and win; if they guess what their last die actually is, calling spot-on will 
    win you the game. Guess incorrectly, and you risk losing the advantage or 
    even the game. 
    There is no guaranteed strategy to figure out what another player is going 
    to do, so it’s up to you to gauge how the other player plays the game up to 
    this point. 
    002.0 - Horse Racing 
    Along with gambling, the other main multiplayer addition in the Liars & 
    Cheats DLC is horse racing. Similar to poker and liar’s dice, the online 
    horse racing mode is almost identical to its single player counterpart, but 
    makes the game more competitive by allowing you to play against human 
    Between two and eight players can join a single Grand Prix. All of the races 
    provide the player with a limited amount of ammunition and use Expert 
    targeting, so you’ll want to make your shots count. Weapons will not become 
    live until several seconds after the race begins, giving the racers a little 
    time to spread out rather than just blasting each other at the starting line. 
    If either you or your horse are killed, you will respawn nearby almost 
    immediately, but even a few seconds will leave you far behind the pack, so 
    be careful. 
    After each race, points will be awarded to qualifying players and their race 
    time will be recorded. After the first player finishes the race, the 
    remaining racers will have thirty seconds to reach the finish line or be 
    disqualified. Disqualified racers place in their current position, and an 
    additional thirty seconds are added to their race time. At the end of the 
    final race, the player with the highest score is declared the winner. In the 
    event of a tie, the player with the fastest overall race time will serve as 
    the tiebreaker. 
    002.1 – Locations 
    There are three different Grand Prix tournaments, each with a different 
    number of races. 
    - Rathskeller Series – 
         1. Rathskeller Run 
         2. Saint's Sprint 
         3. Boulder Dash
    - Carreras Perdido Cup – 
         1. Carrera del Diablo 
         2. Ridge Racin' 
         3. L. Johnson's Run 
         4. Caronas Paradise 
    - N. Johns Invitational – 
         1. Tall Trees Trail 
         2. Boulder Dash
         3. Manzanita Mile
         4. Sidewinder Breeze 
         5. Rio Run 
    002.2 – Strategies 
    Although the main idea of racing is pretty straightforward, there are a few 
    tricks to tip the odds in your favor. 
    - Use Bombs Wisely! - 
    You only have a finite amount of ammunition and Expert targeting makes 
    hitting other racers a real challenge, so conserve your bullets for when you 
    know you can take the player ahead of you down. The shotgun is one of the 
    easier weapons to use, as you can get a one-hit kill if you shoot them at 
    pointblank range. This can be useful when you’re catching up to the lead 
    racer and the two of you are fighting for the lead, you can quickly blast 
    them with your shotgun and run away with the lead. Furthermore, don’t waste 
    your ammo on players in the middle of the pack. They don’t matter in the 
    long run, your goal is to overtake the racer in first, not third. 
    - Only Take A Lead When You Can Keep It - 
    The last thing you want to do is fight all the way up to first place only 
    for the guy in second to pop a cap in your skull and leave you in dead last 
    when you respawn. When you’re fighting for first, use your weapons to kill 
    the other racer or their horse to escape from the pack and build a 
    substantial lead. 
    - Don’t Look Back - 
    Once you overtake first, focus on riding instead of shooting. Unless you’re 
    really good, if you attempt to turn around and shoot back at other racers 
    you’ll probably end up riding off the track and into a wall, allowing the 
    other players to overtake your spot and leave you in the dust. Don’t let 
    that happen! Focus on completing the laps as quick as you can, the only 
    thing you should do in first place that involves other players is avoid them. 
    When another player is shooting at you, swerve around a bit to make yourself 
    a tougher target to hit. 
    003.0 - Free Roam 
    Along with the new game modes, the Liars & Cheats DLC includes several new 
    additions and modifications to the Free Roam modes. These perks are 
    available only to players with the DLC installed, but you can still be 
    matched up in Free Roam sessions with players who do not have the DLC. 
    003.1 – Posse Points 
    With the Liars & Cheats DLC, the XP earned by players in a Free Roam session 
    is recorded and listed in a leader board the way they are in competitive 
    modes. In addition, the posse points for players in a posse are added 
    together and ranked accordingly. Players can leave a posse and retain their 
    individual posse points as long as they remain in the same Free Roam session. 
    003.2 – Gang Hideouts 
    The Liars & Cheats DLC includes seven new gang hideouts – five in the United 
    States and two more in Mexico. All seven will appear on your map, and 
    completing any the hideout will reward you with an Explosive Rifle. However, 
    unlike other weapons in online Free Roam, the Explosive Rifle will disappear 
    from your inventory if you die, and regular ammunition crates do not contain 
    Explosive Rifle rounds. 
    - United States Hideouts - 
    1. Cueva Seca
       Gang: Treasure Hunters 
    2. The Scratching Post
       Gang: Treasure Hunters 
    3. Venter's Place
       Gang: Walton's Gang 
    4. Critchley's Ranch
       Gang: Walton's Gang 
    5. Warthington Ranch
       Gang: Bollard Twins Gang
    - Mexico Hideouts – 
    1. Crooked Toes 
       Gang: Reyes’ Rebels 
    2. Rancho Polvo 
       Gang: Banditos 
    004.0 - Multiplayer Characters
    Included in the Liars & Cheats DLC is the introduction of the Red Dead 
    Redemption cast as selectable multiplayer avatars. The characters are 
    divided into two characters in your Outfitters menu, Redemption and 
    004.1 – Redemption 
    - Abigail Marston – John’s wife, held hostage by the government to force 
    John to hunt down his former partners in crime. Abigail is a woman with a 
    strong will who isn’t afraid to speak her mind and stand up to John. 
    - Bonnie MacFarlane – A ranch owner who rescues John early in the game and 
    becomes own of his most trusted allies. 
    - Jack Marston – John’s only son, now an adult. He possesses the same heart 
    and desire to see justice served that his father had. 
    - John Marston – The lead protagonist in Red Dead Redemption. Despite his 
    attempts to reform and lead the simple life of a rancher, John is forced 
    back into the role of the gunslinging cowboy to find his former gang 
    partners by the government. 
    - Leigh Johnson – The good marshal of Armadillo. Marshal Johnson’s moral 
    regarding the law are unwavering, but lacks the will to do more than keep 
    his town safe. 
    - Luisa Fortuna – A young school teacher in Mexico, Luisa is a member of 
    Abraham Reyes’ rebels who seek to overthrow the tyrant, Agustin Allende. She 
    convinces John to support their cause several times. 
    - Nigel West Dickens – The snake oil salesman may look old, but Nigel West 
    Dickens is still as sharp as ever. With a silver tongue and a wagon full of 
    “miracle tonic”, West Dickens travels the country selling his phony tonic to 
    unsuspecting citizens. He enlists John Marston to help him peddle his 
    product several times, but also returns the favor and lends his expertise 
    when he is unable to squirm out of his commitments otherwise. 
    - Seth Briars – Seth is a former prospector who has resorted to grave 
    robbing in his pursuit of a treasure he has been seeking for several years. 
    He is quite clearly insane, but John is forced to work with him in his own 
    quest to find Bill Williamson. 
    004.2 – Damnation 
    - Abraham Reyes – Reyes is the leader of the Mexican rebels seeking to 
    overthrow Agustin Allende. To the Mexican people, he is a ray of hope for a 
    brighter future. In reality, Reyes is power-hungry and incapable of running 
    a country. 
    - Agustin Allende – The former military tyrant of Mexico whose days of 
    corruption and abuse have led to a rebellion. He is the face of evil to the 
    Mexican people, and John frequently finds himself working for and against 
    Allende in his pursuit of Bill Williamson. 
    - Bill Williamson – John Marston’s former gang partner and one of the 
    primary antagonists in the game, Bill is the target of an FBI manhunt led, 
    although unwillingly, by John. 
    - Dutch Van Der Linde – Dutch was the leader of the gang whose members 
    included both John Marston and Bill Williamson. Once a Robin Hood-like 
    figure, Dutch eventually went mad, and his sins include robbery, murder, and 
    rape. He was initially thought to be dead, but is discovered by the FBI, who 
    sends John to bring his former leader to justice. 
    - Edgar Ross – Agent Ross is an FBI agent who enlists John Marston’s help to 
    find the outlaw Bill Williamson. Ross approves the kidnapping of John’s 
    family to force him to comply with their orders, and seems to take pleasure 
    in abusing the power he has over Marston. 
    - Harold MacDougal – A Yale scientist who travels to the frontier for 
    research, MacDougal is also a racist drug addict and clearly teetering on 
    the edge of sanity. John is forced to work with him while attempting to 
    track down Dutch Van Der Linde. 
    - Irish – An alcoholic immigrant, Irish is, not surprisingly, an associate 
    of Nigel West Dickens. John enlists his help while trying to find Bill 
    Williamson, but frequently questions Irish’s value, as he is quick to run 
    for cover at the first sign of danger. 
    005.0 - Stronghold 
    Stronghold is a new game mode available in the Liars & Cheats DLC, and can 
    best be described as a variation of Territories or Headquarters that 
    features up to sixteen players at a time. Players are divided into two teams, 
    attacking and defending, and must either capture certain areas on the map or 
    prevent the other team from doing so. 
    The points appear in a specific order, so the attacking team must capture 
    the first one before being able to attempt to take the next one. There are 
    two types of points to be captured, territories and safes. To capture a 
    territory, players must simply stand near the marker and keep the defending 
    team away. If more members of the attacking team are taking a territory at 
    the same time, it will be captured faster. If there are members of the 
    defending team in the area, it will stall the capturing process. For safes, 
    one player on the attacking team must crack the safe. The process is timed 
    and does not require any work on the player’s part, but if the cracking is 
    interrupted the next player to attempt cracking the safe will have to start 
    from scratch. The player who cracks the safe is rewarded with an Explosive 
    For each territory and safe, the attacking team has a limited amount of time 
    and lives to capture the area. If the defending team stalls or kills the 
    attacking team, the round ends and the teams switch sides, giving the other 
    team a chance to capture more areas than the previous team. If both teams 
    capture all of the points, the team who completed the round faster will be 
    declared the winner. 
    005.1 – Attacking 
    Teamwork is important for both sides, but doubly so for the attacking team. 
    It only takes one defender to disrupt the capturing process, so your team 
    has to be efficient in clearly out the defending team to make it possible to 
    capture the area. Stick together and search common hiding spots for 
    defenders before blindly running to the flag or safe. In most cases, the 
    defenders are camping out of sight with a perfect view of the area, so 
    unless you take them down first you’re essentially committing suicide. 
    Defenders are frequently hiding behind buildings or crates, on rooftops, and 
    any other nearby spot that protects them. In this case, Dynamite is your 
    best friend. Every member of the attacking team begins with Dynamite, so 
    feel free to use it to clear out hard-to-see camping spots. 
    A good strategy is to provide cover fire from afar while a few of your 
    teammates run to the territory or safe. This will force the defenders to 
    focus on you to avoid being killed, giving your teammates a better chance at 
    surviving long enough to capture the area. For maps like Fort Mercer, use 
    the cannons to take out defenders before your teammates arrive. 
    Additionally, since the order of the capture points don’t change, as you 
    play more and learn the pattern you can run to the next area if you know 
    your team is about to capture the current point. This will give you a 
    significant head start in either capturing the territory or cracking the 
    safe, as the defending team must now run to your position and attempt to 
    stop you in time. 
    005.2 – Defending 
    Again, teamwork is important here, but it’s not so much about working 
    together as it is simply providing a constant stream of fire. The areas 
    you’re defending are usually somewhat out in the open, so as long as players 
    on the attacking team are running around avoiding gunfire they won’t be able 
    to stay in the capture zone or crack the safe. 
    When you’re killed, there’s a short delay before you’re allowed to respawn. 
    This is critical because if most or all of your team is killed around the 
    same time, the attacking team will face zero resistance while capturing the 
    area. To avoid this, try and remain spread out, though obviously still be 
    able to see the area you’re defending, and use anything you can find for 
    cover. Height can sometimes be the best advantage you have, so look for 
    rooftops or hills that you can use as sniping perches. 
    If the attacking team is in the middle of capturing an area, you have two 
    options. If you think you still have a chance to stop them, make a mad dash 
    to the capture spot and do anything to disrupt them. Force them to roll away 
    from the capture zone and fight you, even if you’re grossly outnumbered if 
    may give your teammates enough time to catch up and continue the fight. 
    Alternatively, if it looks like a lost cause and you’re familiar with the 
    maps, start running to the next area and get ready. This will give you a 
    little extra time to find a good spot and possibly catch the attacking team 
    by surprise if they believe the defending team is still lagging behind. 
    III – Single Player & Miscellaneous Content 
    001.0 - Explosive Rifle 
    The Explosive Rifle is basically Red Dead Redemption’s version of the RPG. 
    As the name implies, the Explosive Rifles fires a highly explosive round 
    that detonates upon impact, obliterating anything around it. 
    The Explosive Rifle can be purchased in the single player campaign from the 
    Blackwater gunsmith for a base price of $10,000. In the Undead Nightmare DLC, 
    you can find the Explosive Rifle after saving Rathskeller Fork from the 
    undead hordes. 
    In multiplayer, the Explosive Rifle can be obtained by completing a hideout 
    with the highest score. However the weapon is only temporary, so if you 
    leave the Free Roam session it will disappear from your inventory. In 
    Stronghold matches, the Explosive Rifle can be found in the safes the 
    attacking team is attempting to take. 
    001.1 – Explosive Rifle Challenges 
    - Rank 1 – 
    Description: Purchase the Explosive Rifle from the gunsmith in Blackwater. 
    Details: Very straightforward, just go to the gunsmith in Blackwater and buy 
    the Rifle. The price will vary depending on your honor. The base price is 
    $10,000, but if you’re a hero it will be $5000 while a villain will be 
    charged $15,000. 
    - Rank 2 – 
    Description: Kill five enemies hiding behind cover with the Explosive Rifle. 
    Details: Again, not a very tricky challenge. Head to a gang hideout like 
    Twin Rocks and start shooting the gang members who aren’t behind cover. Now 
    pick out where the ones who are left are hiding. Try and get a good angle so 
    you can shoot behind the cover, even if you can’t directly hit the enemy. If 
    your shot is anywhere near the gang member the Explosive Rifle should wipe 
    them out without a problem. Do this five times to complete the challenge. 
    - Rank 3 – 
    Description: Get a triple kill with the Explosive Rifle. 
    Details: There are three ways to go about completing this. First, many of 
    the gang hideouts have moments where three or more enemies are grouped 
    together, so you can just go around completing those until you score a 
    triple kill. If you’re the impatient type, you can also go to one of the 
    saloons – the one in Armadillo works fine – and pick a fight with some of 
    the gang members sitting at a table. If you shoot a pistol shot at the 
    ground they’ll become hostile, allowing you to quickly switch to the 
    Explosive Rifle and blast them. Alternatively, if you’re really struggling 
    with this one, you can hogtie three enemies, drop them all in one spot, and 
    take them out with an Explosive Rifle round. Like shooting fish in a barrel. 
    - Rank 4 – 
    Description: Kill any two wildlife animals with one Explosive Rifle shot. 
    Details: Very easy. Head out of town and drop some bait to draw a small 
    group of wolves or foxes, giving you a clear shot. 
    - Rank 5 – 
    Description: Kill an enemy with the Explosive Rifle while wearing the U.S. 
    Army uniform. 
    Details: This last challenge is easy if you already have the U.S. Army 
    outfit, but even if you don’t it shouldn’t be too much trouble to obtain it, 
    though maybe somewhat time consuming. Here are the requirements for the U.S. 
    Army outfit: 
         1. Search Aurora Basin for the first Scrap
         2. Win at Arm Wrestling in Pacific Union Railroad Camp
         3. Eliminate all other players in a game of Poker in Blackwater
         4. Complete the "Lights, Camera, Action" Stranger task
         5. Complete a Nightwatch Job in Blackwater
         6. Purchase Scrap 6 at the tailor shop in Blackwater 
    For the first scrap, Aurora Basin is the snowy area northwest of Tall Trees, 
    near the lake. The scrap is hidden inside of a small cabin on the waterfront. 
    The remaining scraps are fairly straightforward. Arm wrestling is a very 
    easy mini-game to win, and you can use the Elegant Suit to cheat at poker. 
    Additionally, you can wait until there is only one other player at the poker 
    table to speed the game up. 
    “Lights, Camera, Action” is a Stranger task that becomes available once 
    you’ve completed the mission “The Sport of Kings and Liars” and will begin 
    in the movie theater in Armadillo. Nightwatch jobs are very easy, and the 
    last scrap can be bought from the Blackwater tailor. 
    Once you have the outfit, suit up and head to the nearest gang hideout. 
    Switch to the Explosive Rifle and blast the first enemy you see and the 
    challenge is yours.  
    002.0 – Trophies
    - Master Exploder - 
    Type: Bronze 
    Description: Complete the Explosive Rifle Single Player Challenges. 
    Details: Just like the description says, complete all five Explosive Rifle 
    challenges to score this trophy. Check out the Explosive Rifle section for 
    details on each challenge. 
    - In A Van Down By The River - 
    Type: Bronze 
    Description: In a Multiplayer Poker game, win a hand on the last card when 
    you were losing prior.
    Details: You should earn this trophy naturally as you play poker, as it’s 
    purely based on luck. Like the trophy description says, you have to be 
    losing until the very last card, the river, gives you the winning hand. For 
    example, if you have a pair of 5’s and the other player in the game has a 
    pair of 10’s, the other player would currently be winning. If the river is 
    another 5, however, that would give you a three of a kind and the win. Check 
    out the Poker section of this guide for more details on playing poker. 
    - Good Call - 
    Type: Bronze 
    Description: In a Multiplayer Liar's Dice game, successfully make a spot-on 
    Details: This trophy is obviously much easier as the number of die left in 
    play decreases. As you play, pay attention to how many die each player has, 
    and see what the calls are. The best advice is to trust your instincts, if 
    you think a certain number sounds about right call spot-on and see how it 
    goes. You should be able to earn this trophy naturally as you play. See the 
    Liar’s Dice section of this guide for more detail on how to play liar’s dice. 
    - One Die to Rule Them All - 
    Type: Bronze 
    Description: In a Multiplayer Liar's Dice game, win with only one die left. 
    Details: Just like the description says, you have to win when you only have 
    one die remaining. If you have multiple dice when the last player is down to 
    their final die, you can intentionally make ridiculous bets to get down to 
    your last. If you get down to your last die while other players still have 
    multiple dice, try and play conservatively to stick around until the end. 
    For more information on Liar’s Dice, check out the section devoted to the 
    - From Glue to Mon Dieu! - 
    Type: Bronze 
    Description: During a Grand Prix, win a race after placing last in the 
    previous race.
    Details: This is easy enough if you’re trying. If you fall behind and aren’t 
    going to win, intentionally drop back to last place and then go for first in 
    the next race. As a note, the two races must be in the same Grand Prix, so 
    you will not get the trophy if you come in last in the final race of one 
    Grand Prix and then win the first race of a new Grand Prix. For more 
    information on horse racing, check out the Horse Racing section of this 
    - Legion of Boom - 
    Type: Bronze 
    Description: Get a triple kill while on the attacking team in Stronghold.
    Details: This can be a tough trophy unless you’re in a full game. Triple 
    kills can only come from explosives – the Explosive Rifle can be found in 
    the safes and the attacking team always begins with Dynamite in their 
    inventory. The best places I’ve found to score a triple kill are either Fort 
    Mercer or Thieves’ Landing. For Fort Mercer, man the cannons on the hills 
    overlooking the fort when your team is attempting to take the objective 
    inside the fort. The defending team will often be nearby inside the fort, so 
    a well placed cannon shot can take multiple enemies out at once. For 
    Thieves’ Landing, many players often camp out inside the warehouse when the 
    attacking team is trying to crack the safe in the upstairs office. Defending 
    players often hide at the top of the stairs overlooking the ground floor, 
    but if you stand outside you can see holes in the roof and window that you 
    can throw Dynamite through. Check out the Stronghold section of this FAQ for 
    more details. 
    - Put the Posse on a Pedestal - 
    Type: Bronze 
    Description: Attain over 50,000 posse points in a single Free Roam session.
    Details: There isn’t much of a strategy involved here, you simply have to 
    grind out 50,000 points in one Free Roam session. Obviously, having more 
    people in your posse will earn you more points, but you can also do this by 
    yourself. If you can round up four or five other people, you can run through 
    some of the faster hideouts, such as Tesoro Azul, and quickly rack up posse 
    points. For a hideout like Tesoro Azul, each posse member will earn about 
    1000 posse points per run. Additionally, you can leave your posse and still 
    retain your own number of posse points as long as you remain in the Free 
    Roam session, so you can quickly join a posse to reach 50,000 and leave 
    again and you will still earn the trophy. 
    - Pa-Pa-Pa-Poker Ace - 
    Type: Silver 
    Description: In a full Multiplayer game, beat the table when the blinds are 
    at maximum.
    Details: Like most of the poker related trophies, Poker Ace requires as much 
    luck as it does skill to earn. However, there are a few things to be aware 
    of. First of all, the description states that you must be in a “full 
    Multiplayer game,” but this only refers to how many players you begin with. 
    Rockstar is obviously aware of the fact that most people will quit as soon 
    as they bust out, so as long as you begin with six players you can earn the 
    trophy even if the first four players eliminated quit. It is much easier to 
    find full tables at the high stakes games in Blackwater, which has a $100 
    buy-in, but it is still completely possible to find full games in cheaper 
    The key to Poker Ace is folding. Don’t waste your chips on a risky hand, 
    you’ll only be required to bet when you’re the small or big blind so don’t 
    bother playing otherwise unless you have a great feeling about your chances. 
    Ideally, you’ll want to win a few hands early and fold most of your hands. 
    This will give you a bit of wiggle room to play later on, since you’ll be 
    able to make mistakes and lose hands without throwing away all of your chips. 
    Remember, you want to play conservatively, but you also don’t want the last 
    player to have an enormous chip advantage over you when it comes down to 
    Otherwise, the most difficult requirement for the trophy is actually 
    reaching maximum blinds. It will take about a half-hour of playing to max 
    out the blinds, and it can be troublesome to keep the game going if other 
    players make bad decisions and bust out early. For the record, here are the 
    various locations and their respective maximum blinds: 
    1. Macfarlane’s Ranch: $10 buy-in, maximum big blind is 64.
    2. Armadillo: $25 buy-in, maximum big blind is 192
    3. Thieves’ Landing: $25 buy-in, maximum big blind is 192
    4. Casa Madrugada: $50 buy-, maximum big blind is 320
    5. Beecher’s Hope: $100 buy-in, maximum big blind is 640
    6. Blackwater: $100 buy-in, maximum big blind is 640
    - Triple Crown - 
    Type: Silver
    Description: Get first place in all races in any Grand Prix.
    Details: Like the trophy says, win all of the races in a given Grand Prix. 
    Obviously, this trophy will be easier or more difficult depending on the 
    other players in the race, but you should be able to get this as long as you 
    practice enough. Stay on the road, swerve around when someone is shooting at 
    you, and don’t waste your horse’s stamina. For more information on winning 
    races, check out the Horse Racing section in this guide. 
    - We Must Protect This House! - 
    Type: Silver
    Description: While on defense, do not allow the attacking team to capture 
    any of their objectives.
    Details: Like many of Red Dead Redemption’s team-based trophies, this will 
    obviously require you to be on a good team while playing against a bad team. 
    Know the best places to hide where you can still see the first objective, 
    and use your more powerful weapons to keep the attacking team away. Teamwork 
    is vital here. Check out the Stronghold section for more strategies on 
    defending objectives. 

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