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    Boss FAQ by Menji

    Version: 1.2.0 | Updated: 07/07/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                Nick Bryant (Menji76)
                                   July 06, 2011
                                   Version 1.2.0
    Beyond Good and Evil Boss Guide
    Version 1.2.0
    Created by Menji76 (Nick Bryant)
    Email: MenjiGameFAQS[at]gmail[dot]com
    Game Released: 11/11/03
    Designed by: UBISOFT
    Platform: PS2, GCN, XBOX, PC, PS3, X360
    Max Players: 1
    ESRB Rating: T
    Update History:
    Version 0.8.0:   07/23/04 Added most bosses
    Version 0.9.0:   07/24/04 Added controls/FAQ
    Version 1.0.0:   07/27/04 Added every boss
    Version 1.0.1:   09/02/04 Added Sites that can post and thanks
    Version 1.1.0:   11/12/04 Finished off the guide
    Version 1.1.1:   06/01/05 Added sites that may use this guide
    Version 1.1.2:   08/04/06 Went through and fixed up the guide and errors
    Version 1.2.0:   07/06/11 Updated for HD updates, fixed a few things
    Every boss name was randomly created based on what I saw and created in my
    mind. Obviously some may be the name and some not, if you wish, you can submit
    the real name if you happen to know.
    Table of Contents:
       Section I    : Controls
       Section II   : Bosses
       Section III  : Credits
       Section IV   : Copyright
    Section I: Controls
    Universal   Playstation 2/3:    Xbox/360:    Gamecube:    PC:
    Action       Square               X           A            Left Click
    Teammate     Triangle             Y           Y            E
    Roll/Action  X                    A           B            Right Click
    Give/Use     O                    B           X            Q
    Sprint       R2                   R           R            Space Bar/Left Click
    Disc         R1 (O in PS2)        Black/RB    X            Left Click
    1st Person   L1                   L           Z            Shift
    Crouch       L2                   White/LB    L            CTRL
    Section II: Bosses
    Tip: Take a picture of every boss, so you don't have to return and look for
    the dead version at the end. And it nets you with quite some money.
    Name: Giant DomZ
    Difficulty: Easy
    Location: Lighthouse
    How to trigger the battle: Automatic
    Here is the very first boss battle and fight. When you get control of Jade she 
    will be trapped by his tentacles. You will need to hold down the action button 
    to charge your stick and once it's fully charged release it and you will be 
    free yourself. Run over to his eye and constantly hit the action button.
    After a few hits he'll put up his tentacle shield and shoot a laser out of his
    eye, dodge this by running around. Then get close to him again and
    hold down the action button to do your charged attack. This should take down 
    his tentacle shield and you can attack him again. After about 3-4 rounds he 
    should die.
    Name: Teratosaurus Imperator (Catapillar DomZ)
    Difficulty: Easy
    Location: Water Outside of Mommago's
    How to trigger the battle: Leave Mommago's Garage.
    Use the sprint button to keep the hovercraft up to speed. He will drop objects 
    you need to avoid and just keep hitting him with your action button. Piece by 
    piece he will go down.
    Name: Pterolimax Gigante
    Difficulty: Average
    Location: Black Isle Boss
    How to trigger the battle: Reach the end of Black Isle and take the picure.
    Be sure to take a picture of this boss again for it to count. If you miss it 
    hear you can return to this spot and wait a few minutes and the boss will 
    When it starts have Pey'J use his super attack by pressing the teammate button. 
    This will stun the boss. Run over and keep hitting the action button. After a 
    few hits he will send a few enemies at you that you've fought plenty of times 
    throughout the level. He will also use a green bubble attack that you should 
    Name: Cyclopeus Palustris (Reaper)
    Difficulty: Above Average
    Location: Factory
    How to trigger the battle: Return to the Green Room after seeing Double H.
    At the start run up to the Reaper and start attacking. He will jump
    up to higher platforms and start shooting these green bubbles. Avoid those by 
    running side to side. He'll jump down and try to hit you, but you just need to 
    move out of the way.
    Once he lands use your newly equipped disk launcher and hit him a couple times 
    causing him to shield himself. Now run up to him and attack him again with your 
    stick. Keep that up whenever he lands. When he's jumping around just dodge his 
    attacks and try to get him with the disc launcher.
    Name: Metal DomZ
    Difficulty: Average
    Location: Docking Zone
    How to trigger the battle: Reach the Docking Zone.
    At the start just keep running around him and dodging his attacks while
    waiting for Double H to come and help. When he comes get on the opposite side
    he is on and then press the teammate button to have him hit one of the legs. 
    Then have Jade attack the opposite leg, if timed correctly he should fall over.
    The cage should open up and give you a clear shot at his head with your
    disc thrower. Keep repeating this and he'll go down.
    Name: Catapillar DomZ #2
    Difficulty: Average
    Location: Outside of Mammago Garage
    How to trigger the battle: Buy the flight stabilizer.
    This is a bit tougher than the first time. It's easy to use your charged attack 
    here. So lock on and let it rip. It gets a little tricky because it keeps 
    flying around the lighthouse causing to keep jumping the laser wall. Time your 
    jumps and take it out.
    He'll do some attacks of his own, which basically includes dropping
    behind some pieces of itself which can usually be avoided easily. Once he gets
    down to just his head he'll be a little quicker, so stay on him and use your
    recovery whenever you run down to one wrench.
    Name: Catapillar Domz #3
    Difficulty: Above Average
    Location: Outside of Lighthouse
    How to trigger the battle: Purchase the final upgrade for the Beluga.
    You finally are able to use your new and improved spaceship. It controls just
    like the hovercraft except that you can go up and down in it. Just keep him
    in your sight and use your cannon to take off every piece of his body.
    He will do some pretty devastating attacks so be sure to avoid them. Like
    before, he still drops parts of his body and other debree whenever hit and
    he has a new attack that sends little fire balls towards your ship. Just stay
    on him and he'll go down for the final time.
    Name: Alpha Section's General
    Difficulty: Tough
    Location: The Moon
    How to trigger the battle: Sent in the picture for your report.
    This is the guy that has been messing with every citizen and it's your turn to
    take him out. There are a ton of glowing lights that surrounds his vehicle. 
    You're going to be using your lock-on as usual. Take out every glowing light. 
    Once you've taken out a set he'll prep a super attack. Avoid this by staying to 
    the side and quickly target any center light before he shoots again.
    But each time you hit it he will use another one of his tactics, he starts
    with a few lasers which you can dodge and then hit his glowing lights again.
    Aim at the engine and fire, then he will use this huge electric device which
    you will need to maneuver around so it doesn't hit you and take out the lights
    again. And finally he gives you a clean shot at his engine for the final time.
    Name: DomZ King
    Difficulty: Tough
    Location: The Great Crypt
    How to trigger the battle: Stand on the triple trigger elevator.
    Before going on the elevator take off all the PA1's off Double H and Pey'J. 
    They shouldn't get hit enough to cause a game over. Hopefully you have plenty 
    of health packs for this fight.
    Part 1:
    At the start a bunch of DomZ are sent after you, but they all die with
    one hit from your stick. When the DomZ King comes down you will need to hit him 
    with your disc slinger. However he will be shooting a laser so get behind 
    Double H's shield and let it rip. Do this a couple times and then the DomZ King 
    will create a crystal barrier. Pey'J's illusions will come so have Double H use 
    his Super Action and clear the barrier. Then take out the eye with another one.
    Part 2:
    The island will now sink and there will only be a little area to maneuver
    around in. The King will get a little serious by moving around you. You need
    to hit him quickly before he can attack you, which takes off two hearts and
    knocks you to the ground, and then he can get another cheap shot right when
    you get up. He follows this path of attacking you;
    Left, Up, Right, Left, Up, Right, Above, Down, Right, Above.
    What you have to do is just hit him once which turns him red, and causes him
    to go to the next area. When he's above you just use your evade and he'll move 
    onto the next area. 
    Part 3:
    Illusions of Double H will now start appearing. Take these out by evading their 
    attacks and smacking them with your stick. They will turn into DomZ after they 
    are defeating and those will die in one hit. 
    Part 4:
    Here's the tricky part, your screen is now blurred but you can still see the
    DomZ King. Your controls are also reversed meaning you need to press right to
    move left and up to go down and so on. Basically it's the same strategy as
    Part 2 but he will have a new pattern that he'll move around in:
    Left, Right, Left, Right, Above, Right, Up, Above, Down.
    Remember to hit the opposite direction and attack. When he appears above you, 
    use your evade and he'll miss his attack and be ready to strike again. If you 
    mess up he'll knock you down and you'll have to start over. When you finish, 
    that game is over. Congrats!
    Section III: Credits
    I would like to thank:
     Ubisoft   : For making one of the best games of all time
     Menji76   : For coming up with his very own boss strategies
     CJayC     : For letting me post my FAQ on his website
     LogGamer  : For informing me of mistakes
     PSM       : For rating this game high (9/10)
     Toys 'R Us: For selling me the game at $20
                 ...If you found this guide, it should have been through...
                                     ...talk to me...
    Copyright 2004-2011 NickWorks
    Created by Menji(Nick Bryant)
    Do not use this guide without written permission from the owner.
    This is not the official Boss Guide of Beyond Good & Evil, and I have no
    affiliation with Ubisoft.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
                               A Menji Production

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