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    God Mode Speed Walkthrough by StiksFA

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/05/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    01 INTRO
    01 INTRO
    There's nothing I could say that hasn't already been said about this 
    behemoth of a game.  Obviously, you'll have had to finish the game in 
    any of the three modes (easy, normal, hard) to unlock God mode.  With 
    the following walkthrough you'll have Ares cooking your meals and doing 
    your laundry in less than 4 1/2 hours.
    A) "Be kind to your PSX2..."
    The FMV's are time consuming but we won't be opening our PSX2 to skip 
    them (I'm not even sure if that works on God of War).  You're more than 
    welcome to but just be aware that for the sake of this walkthrough 
    we'll be watching all of the FMV's.
    B) "Mmmm... "/\"+"X"+"O" and Plume of Prometheus"
    IMO the two best attacks in the game.  POP is quick and powerful 
    (either drives the enemy back or completely knocks them off their 
    feet).  The three button combo makes even God Mode becomes a breeze.  
    When you get your BOC to level two you can replace the "/\","X" combo 
    simply with AA. 
    C) "Roll, roll, roll your boat..."
    This isn't at all necessary, but rolling does get you around quicker 
    than just running.  Throw in Hermes Rush to move from place to place 
    even quicker.
    D) "I don't like being told what to do..."
    Upgrade your magic/weapon in the following order:
    PR - lvl.2-Max
    MG - lvl.2
    BOC - lvl.2-Max
    AOH - lvl.2-Max
    E) "You know what I know..."
    This FAQ does not include specific locations of chests and other 
    various items.  So when you see an icon (ie. $) I'm assuming you know 
    the general vicinity of that item.
    ROTG - Rage of the Gods
    BOC - Blades of Chaos
    POP - Plume of Prometheus ([], [], /\)
    AA - Apollo's Ascension (L1+X)
    SOH - Spirit of Hercules
    "/\"+"X"+"O" - The three button combo you'll be using A LOT*
    PR - Poseidon's Rage
    MG - Medusa's Gaze
    MG:GF - Medusa's Gaze: Gorgon Flash
    ZF - Zeus' Fury
    BOA - Blade of Artemis
    AOH - Army of Hades
    $ - Red Orb Chest
    ! - HEALTH/MAGIC Chest
    GE - Gorgen's Eye
    PF - Phoenix Feather
    *: The three button combo stated above actually involves holding the 
    "/\", hitting "X" twice (double jump), and repeatedly hitting the "O" 
    button (for some enemies: for others you must repeat the combo)
    Select 'New Game' and 'God Mode'.  (FMV) 
    FIGHT #1
    Grab the undead soldiers with "O" then "[]" to fling them at their 
    brethren.  Head over to the latch and enter the lower deck of the ship.  
    Proceed north until...
    FIGHT #2
    Just hold L1 to block its attacks and counter with "/\", "/\".  Repeat 
    until the "O" appears above its head.  Continue north over the beams 
    and take the exit to the west.  Go up the flight of steps ($) and 
    continue along the path until your back outside again.  Kill the 
    Harpies (Plume of Prometheus or repeatedly hitting "[]" is effective) 
    and the boat's crew if you require some health ($x2).  
    FIGHT #3
    The only attack you need to watch out for is when it bangs its head on 
    the deck.  Everything else can be blocked.  Just stand right next to 
    the spawn and attack with "/\", "/\".  If you find yourself in the 
    mouth of the hydra just mash the "O" button (you want this to happen as 
    it speeds up this battle).
    Jump down into the area the hydra came out of and follow this path.  
    When you reach the deck, ignore the soldiers and walk across the beam.  
    When you reach a fork head right ($).  Return to the fork and head 
    left.  (FMV) Jump down and KICK the box to the opposite side of the 
    ship.  Ignore the archers and head through the door.  In this next area 
    go up the ladder and up the rope-net.  Ignore the undead soldiers here 
    by just pressing "X" to jump past them.  When you reach the top head 
    left ($) before sliding down the rope.  ($,GE).  Take the center path.  
    (FMV).  Go through the entrance that was being blocked by Lord Poseidon 
    and SAVE (:9-:11).  Head up the rope-net.  (FMV)   
    FIGHT #4
    Take out the Hydra Spawn on the left first (place yourself between the 
    Spawn and the box of crates so that the Spawn on the right doesn't suck 
    you towards him).  Cast PR twice and attack with "/\", "/\".  Block 
    when necessary.  When the Spawn collapses, climb up the crates and jump 
    onto the circular platform to impale it.  Repeat with the Spawn on the 
    right.  Head back down to the Blue Chest near the SAVE point to 
    replenish your magic.  When fighting the main Hydra cast PR right as 
    it's about to bite.  Use "/\", "/\" when you run out of magic and be 
    sure to roll to avoid its attack.
    When you've defeated them, head into the Hydra's mouth and get the KEY.  
    Head up the crates on the right side (GE) and go down the rope.  You'll 
    find yourself back at a familiar area.  Ignore the undead soldiers and 
    head back to the Captain's Cabin.  (FMV).
    Jump on the bed and play the sex mini-game to get some Red Orbs.  Exit 
    the boat and run past all the undead soldiers.  Take the elevator to 
    the top.
    FIGHT #5
    Push and hold the "/\" to get the Minotaur off the ground.  Hit "X" to 
    jump and then hit "O" to grab them and hurl them to the ground.  You'll 
    have to grab each Minotaur 4 times in the air to kill them.  Take the 
    next elevator up.
    FIGHT #6
    CYCLOPS x3
    Go to the top right for the ($).  Just use POP and PR.  Upgrade you PR 
    during the fight if possible. 
    Upgrade your PR if you haven't already done so.  Head through the now 
    unblocked entrance.  You'll find yourself in a room with large, metal 
    crates.  ($x2,GE).  Destroy the two wooden crates and proceed up the 
    metal ones into the next area.
    FIGHT #7
    PR twice.  After you've defeated Medusa you'll have to deal with 
    several Minotaurs.  During this next battle your magic gauge actually 
    replenishes itself so cast MG on the Minotaurs and follow with PR to 
    eliminate them quickly (!).
    Continue through the hallway ($x2) and up the ladder.  Shoot the arrow 
    to reveal $x2.  Rotate the bow with the lever and shoot down the wooden 
    door.  Rotate the bow again and shoot another bow to reveal a (PF).  
    Rotate the bow again so that it's pointing at the door.  SAVE (:27-
    :31).  Head north and take the first left.  Head down the ladder.  
    FIGHT #8
    "/\"+"X"+"O".  (GE).  Open the gate before heading back up the ladder.  
    Take the ladder here up and into the next area.  Ignore the Undead 
    soldiers and jump onto the adjacent rooftop (you've got to jump around 
    the fence).  From the rooftop jump into the area with the $x2.  You'll 
    have to back track to the area where you initially made the jump.  Jump 
    up the wall, continue east, then head south.  Encounter enemies at your 
    own discretion (it's possible to make it to the end without having to 
    fight the Undead Soldiers on the wall).
    FIGHT #9
    When you reach the ledge, use "/\"+"X"+"O" to remove any Undead that 
    followed you.  Push the large statue onto the ground (!).  Jump off the 
    ledge and use the head of the statue to reach the ladder.  Ignore the 
    Gorgons and climb up the next ladder.  Ignore the Minotaurs and attack 
    the two pillars.  Jump onto the pillars to reach the next level.
    FIGHT #10
    PR twice.
    When you've dealt with them, shoot the arrow from the bow and proceed 
    along the rope.
    FIGHT #11
    Use the "[]" button and throw them off with the "O" button.
    You'll find yourself on the other side of the metal door you saw 
    earlier.  Open this door then use the bow to destroy the wooden door.  
    Run past the Minotaurs and climb the ladder ($).  Head down the ladder 
    until you get to a bridge.  (FMV).
    Head north across the bridge and you'll reach a fork in the road.  SAVE 
    (:36-:41).  Head left and under the overpass.  Use MG to freeze a 
    Minotaur while it's standing on the button to open the gate.  Go 
    through the gate and return to the area you were just at to replenish 
    your Magic supply.  Continue down the next area until you reach a road 
    block (GEx2,PFx2,$x8).  Destroy the road block and swing along the rope 
    ($).  Follow the road ($x3) until you reach the center of the town 
    square ($x2).
    FIGHT #12
    CYCLOPS x3
    Use POP on the first Cyclops.  Get the next two Cyclops close to you 
    and use PR twice.  Use POP as needed.
    Head into the now open entrance and follow the woman running from you 
    (!,PF,$x2).  SAVE (:46-:53) when you reach the balcony.  Jump back down 
    into the center of the town square and take the KEY from the woman.  
    Head back to balcony ignoring all the enemies along the way.  Head 
    right and cross the bridge.  Use the key to unlock the hatch.  Continue 
    along the new path until you reach the rooftop.
    FIGHT #13
    CYCLOPS X2  
    Grabbing the Wraiths is equivalent to starting the "/\"+"X"+"O" juggle.  
    When you get to the second floor use PR twice.  (GE,PF,$).
    Exit this room into the new area ($).  Go north until you reach some 
    broken pillars covered in vines.  Jump from pillar to pillar (watch out 
    for the archers) until you reach the next area.  When you reach a fork 
    in the road take the left and cross the bridge.  Grab the Bow & Arrow 
    and drag it into the room ($) with the rotating floor board.  Place it 
    on the floor board.  Open the first door on the left.
    FIGHT #14
    PR twice and "/\"+"X"+"O" if necessary.
    Destroy the wooden door with the Bow and continue along the hallway.  
    Once you've acquired ZF, head back to the bridge and kill the archers 
    standing on top of the building.  Doing so should unseal the entrance 
    to a room (GE,PF).  Head back to the fork and take the alternate route.  
    SAVE (:58-1:07).  Head up the ladder onto the rooftops (GE,$x3).
    FIGHT #15
    Kill them with ZF to make your chest collecting a bit easier.
    Hop from rooftop to rooftop ignoring the Minotaurs and Harpies.  Shoot 
    the guy holding the bridge lever with ZF and cross the bridge.  
    (GE,PF).  Continue down the corridor until you reach the elevator.  
    When all the Wraiths have gathered use PR ($x2).  Take the elevator 
    down and you'll find yourself back in Athens Town Square ($,GE,PF).  
    SAVE (1:02-1:12).  Continue along the path (ignoring the Undead 
    Soldiers) until you reach Temple of the Oracle.
    FIGHT #16
    GORGON x2
    The simple [],[],[],[] attack is effective against the Harpies.  Use PR 
    against the two Gorgons.
    (FMV).  ($x2,GE,PF).  You should have enough EXP to max out PR.  Enter 
    the temple.
    FIGHT #17  
    Block the two holes the Harpies are coming out of with the two statues.  
    (GE,$).  Head up to the second floor and make your way across the 
    beams.  Run past the Undead Soldiers until your back outside.  Play the 
    "Save the Oracle" mini-game ($x3,GE).  Head through the now open door 
    until you reach Suicide Bluff.  SAVE (1:11-1:24).  Go along the sword-
    bridge and continue along the path through the sewers (ignore all the 
    enemies along the way) ($x4).  You'll find yourself back at the Road to 
    Athens and the fork in the road.  Take the right path this time (GE)
    (GE, $?).
    Note on $?: Grab chests as your looking for the Sirens but don't go out 
    of your way to find them.
    FIGHT #18
    SIRENS x3
    Ignore the Minotaurs.  Use PR to handle the Sirens (!).  
    SAVE (1:19-1:33) once you enter the temple.  Continue past the conveyor 
    belt* until you reach the second horn.
    *: You don't need to get the box up against the wall to make the jump.  
    You can actually make the jump with the box being a little behind the 
    furthest pillar on the left.
       |    O <Pillar
       |      [ ]
       |       ^
       |      Box
    FIGHT #19
    PR.  And "/\"+"X"+"O" if needed.
    (FMV).  Make your way to The Body Burner.  (FMV).
    FIGHT #20
    CYCLOPS x3
    PR (!).  (GE,PF).  Enter Pandora's Temple. 
    FIGHT #21
    PR (!).
    You'll find yourself in the outermost ring.
    Head south and enter the first room you see.  Head down the corridor.
    FIGHT #22
    Just throw these guys at each other.
    ($,!).  SAVE (1:28-1:44).  Head back to the outermost ring.  Rotate the 
    floor of the temple until you get to the second room (Red Wall in 
    background).  After getting the BOA, continue down the path until you 
    reach a room.  Ignore the Undead here and head for the second floor.  
    Run past the Undead Soldiers here as well and walk over the beams to 
    where the Undead Archers are.  
    FIGHT #23
    Throw them at one another.
    ($).  Pull the lever and head down.  Head across the rope.
    FIGHT #24
    The "[]" followed by "O" button is most effective here (!).
    Grab the Shield of Hades.
    FIGHT #25
    Just grab and throw them at one another.  When you can't grab anymore, 
    wait for a crowd to gather around you before unleashing PR.
    (!).  Head back to ground level.  Run into the corridor and into the 
    next room.
    FIGHT #26
    GORGON x3
    Use PR to clear this room.
    Head back into the corridor and grab the crate.  Return to the room and 
    time your kicking of the crate with a back roll to enter the hidden 
    area.  Ignore the Undead Soldiers here and climb the ladder.  Grab the 
    Shield of Zeus ($x2).  Jump back down into the room and use the Shields 
    to open the door.  SAVE (1:36-1:54) and continue along the path until 
    you reach a room with rotating blades.  Head east and enter the 
    corridor.  Run past the Undead Soldiers and past the moving walls.  
    Cross the bridge ($,PF).
    FIGHT #27
    Just use "[]" combo to get rid of these guys.
    (!).  You should have enough EXP to upgrade MG.  Scale the wall (north, 
    east, east, north, west, west, west, south, east) until you reach the 
    next area (!).
    FIGHT #28
    You must kill everyone before the floor collapses.  Use POP to destroy 
    the shield of the Undead.  Grab them and throw them.  Use PR to finish 
    off the Sirens.
    Grab the Handle of Atlas and head back to the room with the rolling 
    razors.  Pull the two levers in this room to enter the next area.
    FIGHT #29
    (MK).  Ignore the Minotaurs for now and head up the stairs (ignore all 
    the Undead Soldiers along the way).  Grab the PF on the top floor (if 
    you've been following this guide this should be your twelfth PF and 
    therefore your Magic meter should automatically refill).  Jump back 
    down and take care of the Minotaurs with PR.  Use the Handle of Atlas 
    before heading back to the top floor.  Pull the lever ($x3).  Exit ($) 
    and head for the coffin.  Take the head of the architect's son and go 
    down the ladder.  Continue along this corridor and you'll find yourself 
    in a familiar room.  SAVE (1:44-2:03) and head back to the outer ring.
    FIGHT #30
    Use the skull to open the door.  Keep heading south until you come 
    across a flight of steps.  Jump on top of the cylindrical wheel and 
    stay there until you can jump onto a ladder.  Continue up the ladder 
    (!,$x2) and SAVE (1:46-2:05).  Exit this room and cross the bridge.  
    FIGHT #31
    Cast MG on the Cerberus Dog and then PR (!).
    Run past the Cyclops* and Undead Archers* until you reach the exit.
    FIGHT #32
    You must kill the Pups and Archers to unlock the barrier blocking the 
    *: You do not need to kill the Cyclops and the first wave of Undead 
    Archers to unlock the barrier.
    Pull the lever in the room and grab the ($x4) as they become 
    accessible.  Exit this room (!) and run past the Undead Soldiers and 
    jump onto the ledge of the mountain (MK).  Once you reach the top head 
    west (run past the Minotaurs) into the next room and SAVE (1:50-2:10).  
    Head into the next room, grab the handle off the ground, and complete 
    the Sacrificial Mini-Game.
    FIGHT #33 
    Use PR to get the cage up the ramp quickly.
    Head into Trident room (PF,!) and SAVE (1:54-2:15).  
    FIGHT #34 
    Use POP and your ROTG.  Head back to the Trident room (ignore the 
    Harpies and Cerberus Dogs) and head up the blocks into the next area 
    (!).  Once underwater continue along the path until you reach a fork 
    (Nyad:PF).  Head right until you resurface ($x2,!).  
    FIGHT #35
    Use PR.
    Pull the lever, head back to the fork, go back south and through the 
    newly exposed path.  SAVE (2:02-2:24). ($x4, Nyad:PF) Continue until 
    you resurface in another room.  Run near the lever and use PR to put 
    some space between you and the Minotaurs.  Pull the lever and 
    immediately jump back into the water.  Swim toward the pillar furthest 
    from you and enter via the lower entrance.  Follow this path and you'll 
    be back in a familiar room.  Head for the outermost ring.
    FIGHT #36
    Use POP to break their shields and then throw them at one another.
    Head south until you come across the contraption that moves the rings.  
    Keep moving the ring until the THIRD room.  Use the Muse Keys and grab 
    all the goodies ($x2, HEALTH UPGRADE, MAGIC UPGRADE, EXP. UPGRADE).  
    Head into the next ring and head south until you reach the steps.  Jump 
    into the water and down the opening.  Follow this path until you 
    resurface.  Break the wall on the opposite end of this new room and 
    SAVE (2:10-2:33).  Continue into the next area. 
    ($,PF,!).  Inspect the door on the west wall.
    FIGHT #37
    You must sacrifice 4 Centaurs in each blue ring.  Unfortunately, the 
    Centaurs travel in packs of 3.  You'll only be able to cast PR three 
    times.  So best case scenario is you'll have to kill 1 of them without 
    ROP.  Just use AA+"O".
    Head through the door (!) into the next area ($x2,PF).  Open the gate 
    and you'll find yourself in a maze ($x3).
    FIGHT #38
    GORGON x4
    CENTAUR x4
    You must kill everyone in the maze.  You'll only get to use PR three 
    times so use it wisely.  You may want to manually kill the Gorgons to 
    replenish magic.
    Once you've escaped the maze stand on the button to make the underwater 
    statue of Hades rise.  Jump into the water (blood?) and pull the lever.  
    Go back up and turn Hades head to light the next area.  SAVE (2:22-
    2:47).  Avoid the boulders and enter the THIRD door on the left to 
    proceed to the next area (!).
    BATTLE #39  
    These new Minotaur can actually block PR.  Use MG:GF (L2+"/\").
    Take the right exit (!).
    FIGHT #40
    Use PR.
    Head back to the room where you fought the Minotaurs and take the left 
    exit.  Navigate over the rope.
    FIGHT #41
    Use "[]" to get close and throw them off with "O".
    FIGHT #42
    CENTAUR x2
    (!).  Use MG:GF on the Minotaurs and PR for the remaining enemies.
    Head up the ladder into the corridor ($).  SAVE (2:28-2:55).  Make your 
    way across the beams ($x3,PF).  Continue along the path (don't forget 
    to turn the wheel along the way) and you'll find yourself back near the 
    beginning Hades Challenge.  SAVE (2:31-2:59).  Upgrade your BOC to lvl. 
    4.  Approach the large door.
    FIGHT #43
    Alternate between PR and SOH.  Try to have a full magic bar by the time 
    the Minotaur loses all its armor.
    Afterwards, head through the hole in the gate and take the staircase.  
    When you reach the top ($,!) grab the skull from the coffin and head 
    back down.
    FIGHT #44
    Use PR twice.
    Exit this area and return to Pandora's Ring.  Use the skull to unlock 
    the door.  Align the openings in the ring and head back to the room in 
    the outermost ring ignoring the Undead Soldiers along the way.  Turn 
    the lever.  (FMV).  Return to the center ring and pull the lever to 
    take the elevator up to the next level.
    FIGHT #45
    SATYRS x3
    Fight the first Satyr by using the following combo: "O" (mash), "/\", 
    "/\", "O" (repeat).  When the second and third appear use PR twice.  
    Head north (!,$x2) and SAVE (2:48-3:17).  You should have enough EXP to 
    make your final upgrade on the BOC.  Run past all the Undead and take 
    the rope down to the next area.  Run some more and take the elevator 
    up.  Head right (ignore Undead Archers) until you reach a room.
    FIGHT #46
    SATYR x4
    You only need to defeat the Undead Soldiers and Satyrs on the first 
    floor to open the barrier blocking the exit.  PR should eliminate two 
    Satyrs and the Undead Soldiers.  Use the combo from the previous battle 
    to deal with the remaining two Satyrs.
    Head through the exit and take the elevator up.  SAVE (2:53-3:23) and 
    enter through the door.  Pull the lever and play the "Box mini-game".  
    ($) Grab the Necklace of Aphrodite and exit the room.  Take the sandbag 
    down to the lower level ($) and continue along this path until you 
    reach an entrance (ignore the Undead).  Ignore the Satyrs in this next 
    area and jump onto the revolving platform (you should be able to turn 
    the revolving platform without the Undead Archers on the opposite side 
    giving you too much trouble). 
    FIGHT #47
    Grab and Throw.
    Continue into the next area (ignore the Satyr) and head left to 
    replenish your magic.  Head east past the Minotaurs.  Do not head down 
    the ladder.  Continue around the apparatus and to find a ($).  Head 
    into the cave.
    FIGHT #48
    Grab and Throw.
    Jump into the water and continue until you resurface ($x3).  Head back 
    to the ladder and take it down.  Run past the Satyrs until you reach a 
    rope-line.  Throw the Undead Archers to clear some space ($).  Take the 
    rope-line down and head into the cave (!).
    FIGHT #49  
    Use PR.  If you're having problems with the Minotaurs blocking PR use 
    Solve the puzzle, grab the Necklace of Hera and exit this room.  SAVE 
    (3:03-3:36).  You'll have to scale a wall so be sure jump as often as 
    you can to minimize confrontations with the Undead Soldiers on the 
    wall.  Return to the area with the apparatus and place the two 
    necklaces (you may need to lure the Minotaurs away from the apparatus).  
    Jump onto the moving ledges ($,!) and run past everything until you 
    reach a rope.  Swing onto the rope and proceed into the next area.  
    Jump over the moving panels and razor blades.  Grab the statue on the 
    other side and place it near the ground that is cracked.  Open the gate 
    and head into the next area.  Ignore the Satyrs, Cerberus, and Cyclops 
    here ($,!).  Climb the ladder and move the swinging crane.  First crush 
    the cracked ground and then place it on the button.  Jump back down and 
    slide the statue down the hole.  Place it on the button.  Climb back 
    out (ignore the Cyclops) and head back to the opposite side.  SAVE 
    (3:09-3:43).  Stand on the button and jump across to the now open 
    entrance.  Rip the skull off the woman's head and proceed into the next 
    area ($x2).  Head up the steps and down the winding staircase.
    FIGHT #50
    Run towards the Archers on the opposite end of the moving floors first.  
    You'll get to cast PR 4 times So you should easily dispose of all 
    Undead Archers.  Run back toward the entrance and use the simple "[]" 
    combo to deal with the Harpies.
    Head north into the next room.  Drag Pandora's Box out of the temple.  
    (!) SAVE (3:16-3:51).  ($x9)* Other than Undead Archers and Harpies you 
    should run past all enemies until you reach the next save point.  SAVE 
    (3:20-3:56).  Jump along the floating islands.  Timely blocking will 
    allow you to reach the archers without having to use any magic.
    *: You need 14500 to make the final two upgrades on AOH so grab all 
    these chests. 
    FIGHT #51
    You must kill everything here to unlock the barrier.  Grab and throw 
    the archers into the Minotaurs.  You've got access to a (!) so you'll 
    have 8 casts of PR available to you here.  Afterwards climb up the 
    rotating spikes (!).
    FIGHT #52
    Grab and Throw.
    ($,!).  Climb up another set of rotating spikes.  SAVE (3:26-4:05) when 
    you reach the top (!).  Continue north.
    FIGHT #53
    You must keep killing them until the platforms stop rising.  Wait for 
    two Satyrs before using PR.  You have two (!) (one back near the Save 
    point) which means you'll get to cast PR at least 12 times (more 
    depending on how many Blue Orbs the Satyrs give when they die) which 
    should be more than enough to get the final platform to rise. 
    Head north ($x2) and climb the rope (!).  Head north.
    FIGHT #54
    Head to the area where you saved the Oracle earlier in the game (run 
    past everything).  SAVE (3:32-4:11).  Upgrade AOH (!).  Make your way 
    towards Suicide Bluff.
    FIGHT #55
    ARES I
    Cast ROTG at the onset of the battle and cast the following: AOH, AOH, 
    AOH, PR.  As the first two AOH are cast you should be attacking Ares 
    with the "[]" combo.  Cast one more AOH and conserve the remaining 
    magic for the next battle (you should enter the next battle with a 
    close to filled magic bar: if not, then redo this battle).  Attack Ares 
    with a simple "[]" combo until the "O" appears above his head if it 
    hasn't already.
    BATTLE #56  
    Stand to the northwest of your family and use POP until your family is 
    down to ~25% energy.  Cast ROTG and the following: AOH, PR, PR, PR, PR.  
    When ROTG wears off cast AOH and then heal your family.  Your ROTG 
    meter should be full or close to being full.  Continue using POP and 
    healing until you fill your ROTG.  Then cast: AOH, PR, PR, PR, PR.  
    Continue using POP and RP when you need it.  Keep with the POP/RP and 
    you should be fine.
    BATTLE #57
    IMO, the easiest of the three fights.  You're going to use two sets of 
    attacks here: "O","O","O" and R1.  When Ares teleports, immediately run 
    to HIS right side and start the "O" combo.  Roll backwards and to the 
    right to avoid the mountains.  As the mountains collide you should be 
    able to get an R1 attack in.  Now roll around and use R1 whenever you 
    see an opening.  Repeat as needed.
    Congratulations!  If you beat the last three fights without dying it 
    should take you ~:10-:15 minutes.  You've beaten God Mode in less than 
    4 1/2 hours!  
    While writing the FAQ, my SAVED game at Olympus read 3:44.  I died 14 
    times during the course of this game: 5 times during FIGHT #11, 1 time 
    during FIGHT #24, 1 time during FIGHT #34, 1 time during FIGHT #44, 1 
    time jumping over the moving floor panels on my way to FIGHT #50, 2 
    times jumping over the floating islands on my way to FIGHT #51, 2 times 
    during FIGHT #55, 1 time during FIGHT #56.  Replayed the game once more 
    and my SAVED game at Olympus read 3:34.  If there were a way to avoid 
    the FMV's I'm sure it'd be possible to break the 3 hour barrier (maybe 
    even 2 1/2 hours?).
    Just out of curiosity, if anyone knows the exact difference in the 
    amount of damage dealt and received in God Mode versus Spartan Mode I'd 
    be interested in knowing (Just by eyeing the health bar in the two 
    modes it seems you take anywhere from 3-5 times more damage and deal 
    about 1/3-1/2 times the damage).
    Feel free to email me at babo07052@hotmail.com for any questions, 
    suggestions, or tips.
    God of War is the (c) SCEA... <insert rest of legal disclaimer>.  If you 
    wish to post this FAQ on your website, all you've got to do is drop me 
    an email at babo07052@hotmail.com and give me a heads up.
    (c) Babo_H

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