Hard Difficulty?

  1. So I'm just about to start the game on hard to get the gold trophy but before I waste a bunch of time I was just wondering if you have to beat EVERY level on hard or can you just skip to the final mission and beat it on hard and get the trophy that way?

    User Info: mortemcaine

    mortemcaine - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. In order to obtain the gold trophy ''You Still Aren't As Tough As Audie Murphy'' you have to play the entire game (all levels) from the beginning to the end on Hard Difficulty.
    To ensure that you are indeed playing on hard setting start your new game by selecting the NEW GAME option inside the PLAY menu (dossier icon) so the game before directs you into the first level to start playing will first ask you whitch difficulty setting you want.
    This step is important because if you set manually the hard setting via options menu and then either go to mission log and start by selecting the first level from there or (if you have already finished a game) select the continue option (pistol icon in main menu) and start playing from here you WILL NOT get the trophy and you will waste time for nothing.

    User Info: gijanos

    gijanos - 6 years ago 0 0

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