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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Tarrun

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    Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare 
    Table of Contents
    I – Introduction
    001.0 – Contact Info 
    002.0 - Legal Info
    003.0 - Version History
    II - Items, Gameplay, and Everything Else
    001.0 – What’s New? 
    002.0 – Weapons 
    003.0 – Outfits 
    004.0 – Mythical Creatures 
    005.0 – Trophies   
    III - Walkthrough
    001.0 – Main Story Missions 
    002.0 – Side Missions 
    003.0 – Undead Challenges  
    004.0 – Missing Souls 
    005.0 – 100% 
    006.0 – Online Multiplayer 
    Welcome to my Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare FAQ. 
    Any questions, comments, corrections, or contributions are welcome, my email 
    is tarrun75(at)gmail(dot)com. Please make sure to add something related to 
    Undead Nightmare in the subject line so I don’t have to figure out what game 
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    the guide will not be answered. Credit will be given to anything sent to me 
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    Legal information:
    This document is copyrighted Tarrun 2010. 
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    Version History: 
    First Submission: Version 1.0   
    II - Items, Gameplay, and Everything Else
    001.0 – What’s New? 
    Red Dead Redemption’s Undead Nightmare introduces quite a few new gameplay 
    mechanics, so even though any player who has spent time with the original game 
    can jump right in, you’ll still want to familiarize yourself with the new 
    stuff as well. 
    - Zombies – 
    Shockingly, the biggest new addition to Red Dead’s zombie spinoff is... 
    zombies! These zombies are quick and frequently found in large groups, making 
    it more difficult for players to escape alive if surrounded. Following the 
    traditional zombie myth, the recently deceased can only be killed by 
    destroying the brain – mainly via gunshot – or burning the body, though 
    explosives are also very effective. Taking a leaf out of Left4Dead’s book, 
    there are a few different types of undead you’ll discover. 
    1. Fresh Undead: These are your regular, run-of-the-mill zombies. They aren’t 
    terribly powerful, but they make up for it in numbers and are the undead type 
    you’ll encounter the most by far. 
    2. Bruiser: Red Dead Redemption’s version of the Tank, the Bruiser is a 
    powerful, hulking zombie that will charge at you. If you get hit, your 
    character will be knocked to the ground and temporarily stunned, leaving you 
    vulnerable to additional attacks by a group of regular zombies. 
    3. Bolter: Although the Bruiser is arguably the most dangerous, the Bolter is 
    definitely the most annoying zombie type. These little buggers are extra fast 
    and crawl on all fours in a zig-zag pattern to make it tougher to lock on to 
    them. Once they get close enough they’ll spring up on their legs and thrash 
    around to inflict damage. Always try and save some Dead Eye in case you run 
    into a Bolter. 
    4. Retcher: Zombies drastically alter the style of gameplay because Red Dead 
    Redemption is primarily a long-range game. In Undead Nightmare, the 
    overwhelming majority of enemies rely on melee attacks, but the Retcher is the 
    exception. These monsters are easily identifiable by the bright green streaks 
    all over them, and they spit blobs of acid at you with significant range. The 
    projectiles do a good bit of damage, and it can cause major problems when 
    you’re running around trying to avoid a horde of zombies chasing after you and 
    have a handful of Retchers off in the corner providing artillery fire for 
    their undead comrades.  
    - Saving Towns – 
    For fans of another Rockstar game, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, this concept 
    will be familiar enough. In Undead Nightmare, every town begins invested with 
    zombies with a handful of survivors fighting them off. Besides being the 
    decent thing to do, saving the various towns has a few neat perks to make it 
    worth your while. First and foremost, you can only save your game in towns 
    that are safe. Second, you can only use fast travel to go from one safe town 
    to another, so keeping the various areas zombie-free will allow you to travel 
    around much easier. Lastly, every time you save a new town you’re rewarded 
    with a new weapon, so unless you want to rely on your Cattleman for the whole 
    game it’s in your best interest to take the time to clear out a town every so 
    The job isn’t done once you’ve saved the town, however. From the time you save 
    a town you have three game days before the undead return, and four days before 
    they completely overrun it. Once a town is overrun, a survivor will be killed 
    every twelve hours, making it more difficult to recapture the town again. That 
    being said, you can still save a town even if every survivor in it has been 
    You will receive messages alerting you of a change in any town’s status, and 
    their icons on your map will also update accordingly. 
    1. White with Question Mark: This location is unknown, meaning that you have 
    yet to actually visit it. With few exceptions, the means the town is being 
    attacked by zombies. 
    2. Blue with Cross: This town has been saved and will experience a 
    significantly reduced undead presence for the time being. You can save and use 
    fast travel at these locations.  
    3. Green: The town is currently under attack. To prevent it from being overrun 
    you will have to return there and help the survivors once more. Fortunately 
    you can use fast travel to be transported to the outskirts of a town that’s 
    being attacked. 
    4. Red: A red icon signifies that the town has been completely overrun, and 
    survivors will begin dying unless you help them. 
    5. Red with Cross: At this point, the town has been overrun and all of the 
    survivors have been killed. You can still save the town to use as a save point 
    or fast travel, but it will obviously be a bit tougher from now on. 
    - Mythical Creatures and Undead Animals -  
    As in the regular game, the wildlife plays an important role in Undead 
    Nightmare. The addition of mythical creatures and undead animals, however, is 
    one of the most entertaining aspects of the game, and they all serve different 
    purposes within the context of the same. Some are actually useful, some are 
    silly, some tie in with missions, and others just add to the atmosphere. 
    Most mythical creatures can only be found in certain areas and do not always 
    appear, though you will rarely have a problem getting one to spawn if you ride 
    around in the correct area for more than a few minutes. When one appears, a 
    message will announce as much and a blue circle will appear on your radar to 
    give you an idea about where specifically to look. Some mythical creatures can 
    only be found once, while others will respawn. More information specific 
    mythical creatures can be found in the section dedicated to them. 
    Undead animals are a little different. As the name implies, nearly any animal 
    you can find in Red Dead Redemption have undead versions in Undead Nightmare. 
    Like their human counterparts, undead animals can only be killed with a 
    gunshot to the head or by burning them, and you can still scavenge the corpses 
    for items. 
    The one notable undead animal is the zombie horse. You’ll find these creatures 
    roaming around just about everywhere, and they can be broken and ridden like 
    any other horse. What’s cool about using an undead horse as your main mount is 
    that these things have a hell of a lot more stamina than a living horse does, 
    making them very useful for getting around given that fast travel is not as 
    prominent in this DLC. 
    - Fast Travel – 
    As mentioned previously, fast travel has been given a diminished role in 
    Undead Nightmare. Due to the increased dangers found throughout the world, it 
    is no longer safe to set up camp or travel to a random spot on the map. 
    Instead, once you save a town you can enter the fast travel menu from your 
    bed, in the same area where you can choose to save or switch outfits. You can 
    only fast travel to other safe towns. 
    002.0 – Weapons 
    Given that you’re going to be thrown into the middle of the zombie apocalypse, 
    it seems reasonable to assume that the same old weapons just aren’t going to 
    be enough to get the job done. Thankfully, there are quite a few new weapons 
    available to you in Undead Nightmare, and you’ll want to utilize all of them 
    if you intend to survive this hell. 
    - Torch - 
    Obtained: Curious Tales from Blackwater, USA 
    Description: The torch is exactly what it sounds like - a heavy piece of wood 
    with one end lit, used for illuminating a darkened area or, as you’ll be 
    primarily using it, setting the undead on fire. When used in close range, 
    you’ll enter a preset animation where Marston takes the sharpened end of the 
    torch and stabs a zombie’s brain with it. 
    During single player, the torch can be quite useful as a melee weapon. The 
    three-swing combo is fairly clunky, but it has a broad radius to make up for 
    your mistakes. It’s not ideal, but when times are desperate it is very 
    possible to rely on the torch to get out of a bad situation. 
    Multiplayer is quite a different story. In Undead Overrun there are just far 
    too many zombies to safely use the torch. Even if you do manage to hit the 
    zombies you’re aiming at, there’s a good chance more are coming at you and you 
    don’t want to be standing around when they get there. 
    - Phosphorus Coating – 
    Obtained: A Cure for Most of What Ails You 
    Description: Phosphorus Coating gives your bullets temporary flammable 
    properties, so any undead hit by a coated round will catch fire, become 
    immobile, and burn to death soon after. This is extremely useful because it 
    doesn’t require you to aim for headshots, making it ideal for when you’re 
    vastly outnumbered and need to quickly even the odds. 
    Phosphorus Coating can be made by combining a Violet Snowdrop and any kind of 
    Sage, such as Hummingbird Sage, Desert Sage, or Red Sage. 
    - Undead Bait – 
    Obtained: A Cure for Most of What Ails You 
    Description: Undead Bait is actually one of Nigel West Dickens’ miracle 
    tonics. Although he attempted to sell it as a cure for the zombie plague and 
    an undead repellent, it actually has the opposite effect. When thrown, the 
    bottle will break open, spilling its contents on the ground and attracting any 
    nearby zombies, giving you ample time to either run away or toss a stick of 
    Dynamite into the crowd. 
    Undead Bait can be created by combining a Wild Feverfew and a Prairie Poppy. 
    - Boom Bait – 
    Obtained: Biographies and Lies 
    Description: Boom Bait is invented by Landon Ricketts, and simplifies one of 
    Undead Bait’s main uses. Boom Bait is a fairly simple design, being a stick of 
    Dynamite jammed into a bottle of Undead Bait. When thrown, the Bait will draw 
    the undead in, and soon after the Dynamite will explode. You can make Boom 
    Bait yourself by combining Dynamite with Undead Bait. 
    - Blunderbuss – 
    Obtained: A Cure for Most of What Ails You 
    Description: The Blunderbuss is an old, muzzle-loading shotgun with a wide 
    opening. In place of regular ammunition, the Blunderbuss uses the body parts 
    of the undead, which you obtain from looting corpses, to blast other zombies 
    to pieces. The impact of the Blunderbuss is capable of destroying multiple 
    zombies as long as they are packed together, which can be useful for quickly 
    reducing the number of zombies you have to deal with. 
    - Holy Water – 
    Obtained: Mother Superior Blues 
    Description: Holy Water is a thrown weapon which explodes upon contact. Any 
    zombies caught in the blast will be disabled and eventually killed as they 
    burn to death. 
    In Undead Overrun, Holy Water has an additional effect. It has the same 
    zombie-burning properties, but it also marks the spot which is then bombarded 
    with powerful lightning strikes. This death from above doesn’t distinguish 
    between enemies and allies, though, so be careful about wandering into the 
    line of fire. 
    003.0 – Outfits 
    Along with all of the other new things in Undead Nightmare, Rockstar also 
    included a few new outfits for you to use as well. Be warned, this section 
    contains spoilers for the main story, so read at your own risk. 
    - Union Suit – 
    Obtained: Love in the Time of Plague 
    In-Game Description: A one-piece long underwear, generally made from flannel. 
    Comes equipped with a button-up front, and a buttoned access hatch in the back 
    for midnight runs to the outhouse. 
    Additional Notes: The Union Suit is the pajama outfit you find Marston wearing 
    during the first mission. After completing the main story, the Union Suit is 
    unavailable to wear. 
    - Undead Hunter / Army of the Undead – 
    Obtained: Complete the following requirements to complete the outfit: 
      Scrap 1: Complete the Survivor Mission “Birth of the Conservation Movement”. 
      Scrap 2: Complete the Survivor Mission “Filth and Other Entertainment”. 
      Scrap 3: Complete the Survivor Mission “Missing Souls”. 
      Scrap 4: Rescue one Missing Soul to El Presidio. 
      Scrap 5: Find and break the mythical Unicorn.  
    In-Game Description: 
      Undead Hunter: A master undead hunter outfit - comes equipped with a relic
      that replenishes ammunition and items.
      Army of the Undead: Rrraaawwnnn! 
    Additional Notes: The Undead Hunter outfit becomes the Army of the Undead 
    after completing the main story. 
    - Legend of the Apocalypse / Legend of the Undead – 
    Obtained: Complete Rank 5 in all Undead Challenges. 
    In-Game Description: As a Legend of the Apocalypse, your phosphorus treatment 
    lasts longer. 
    Additional Notes: The outfit’s name changes after completing the main story. 
    - Undead Cowboy - 
    Obtained: Complete the Survivor Mission “On A Pale Horse”. 
    In-Game Description: Rrraaawwnnn! 
    Additional Notes: As the Undead Cowboy, zombies will be hesitant about 
    attacking Marston until they get a closer look. However, survivors will not 
    treat John any differently despite his appearance. 
    004.0 – Mythical Creatures 
    Mythical creatures are a bonus feature in Undead Nightmare, and you’ll find 
    them all over the world during missions or out in the wild. 
    004.1 – The Four Horses of the Apocalypse 
    The Four Horses are a Biblical reference, mostly associated with the Last 
    Judgment. These mythical horses can be found all around the world map, and 
    once you have broken all four you will earn their Blood Pacts – the equivalent 
    to Horse Deeds – which allow you to summon any of the Four Horses at a 
    moment’s notice. The Four Horses also have unlimited stamina, making it a lot 
    easier to travel long distances. 
    - War - 
    Location: War can be found all around New Austin, including Gaptooth Ridge, 
    Armadillo, and the area between MacFarlane’s Ranch and Thieves’ Landing. 
    Description: War is a menacing black horse with fiery red eyes and its body on 
    fire. While riding War, any zombies you trample will catch fire, though its 
    flames are not powerful enough to kill the undead by itself. 
    - Pestilence - 
    Location: Pestilence can primarily be found in Tall Trees, though there have 
    been other locations where the horse has been spotted. 
    Description: This creature is a sickly steed with a green cloud of plague and 
    disease surrounding it. The horse itself is covered in wounds and is bleeding 
    from its eyes, making it a disturbing sight to see indeed. Pestilence has an 
    exceptionally large amount of life, allowing you to fight the hordes of the 
    undead without having to worry about losing your trusty mount. 
    - Famine – 
    Location: The third Horse of the Apocalypse is the only one that is found in 
    Mexico, roughly between Chuparosa and Tesoro Azul. 
    Description: Famine is a dark black horse with a swarm of insects surrounding 
    it. The horse’s special ability is reported to have unlimited stamina, though 
    this is something all of the Four Horses have. 
    - Death – 
    Location: The final Horse is awarded to the player by Ayauhteotl after 
    completing the final main story mission, On A Pale Horse. You automatically 
    earn Death’s Blood Pact, even if you haven’t broken the other three Horses 
    yet. There is also a very small chance to find Death in any of the locations 
    where the other three Horses can be found. 
    Description: This ghostly black and white horse has an ominous mist 
    surrounding it, giving it a very mysterious appearance. Death’s special 
    ability is also very unique – trampling zombies while riding the horse will 
    cause their heads to explode. 
    004.2 – Miscellaneous Creatures 
    - Sasquatch - 
    Location: Tall Trees 
    Mission: Birth of the Conservation Movement 
    Description: The Sasquatch is a fantastic Easter Egg on Rockstar’s part. The 
    inclusion of these creatures in the game is a reference to the wildly popular 
    myth of Bigfoot being in the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The Sasquatch 
    is a tall, hairy creature that resembles a gorilla, and despite its appearance 
    they will run away from Marston rather than attack him. You first encounter 
    these creatures during the side mission Birth of the Conservation Movement, 
    but afterward you will find them wandering around Tall Trees. A Sasquatch is 
    not particularly difficult to kill, and curiously enough Holy Water is also an 
    effective weapon against them. They are one of the few non-human characters 
    that will also be attacked by the undead. 
    - The Chupacabra – 
    Location: The Chupacabra can be found in multiple locations around Mexico. 
    There are dozens of reported locations where the creature has spawned, so your 
    best bet is to just ride around Nuevo Paraiso and you’re bound to run into the 
    beast eventually. Additionally, the Chupacabra will only be available once you 
    reach the Undead Hunter Rank 5 challenge. 
    Description: The Chupacabra, or “Goat-Sucker”, is a large, agile wolf-like 
    creature. It is a light grey color with dark hair running down its neck and 
    back. The Chupacabra is dangerous, but at least while riding a horse it does 
    not appear to attack as aggressively. 
    - Unicorn – 
    Location: The Unicorn can be found in the Northwest plains of Torquemada. If 
    you look at that area of the map, you will see the image of three horses – the 
    Unicorn can be found in that area. Additionally, the Unicorn will only be 
    available after completing the Undead Hunter challenges as well as breaking 
    all of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse. 
    Description: The Unicorn is little more than a Hungarian Half-Bred with a 
    horn, but it has an amusing trait of releasing a rainbow trail as it runs. As 
    with other mythical and undead mounts, the Unicorn has infinite stamina. 
    005.0 – Trophies   
    - Spinning Plates - 
    Type: Bronze 
    Description: Have every territory saved at the same time during the Undead 
    Details: This trophy is not nearly as difficult as it seems. You have three 
    in-game days before a town comes under attack, which is really more than 
    enough time to travel from one end of the map to the other and save all of the 
    towns. In fact, on my first play, even without rushing through the game to 
    reach Mexico I only had to return to the first three towns I had saved at the 
    There are twenty-three areas that you are required to save: four in West 
    Elizabeth, nine in New Austin, and ten in Nuevo Paraiso. When riding around 
    the country, new icons will appear on your map to signify unexplored 
    - Zed's Dead, Baby - 
    Type: Silver 
    Description: Attain 100% Game Completion statistic in Undead Nightmare. 
    Details: As the description says, earning this trophy requires you to complete 
    every aspect of Undead Nightmare and achieve 100% completion. The requirements 
    to attain 100% can be found in the 100% section of this FAQ. 
    - Mad Marston: The Trail Warrior - 
    Type: Bronze 
    Description: Attain Rank 5 in all Undead Nightmare Challenges. 
    Details: Just as the description says, complete all of the Undead Nightmare 
    Challenges to earn this trophy. For more details about Undead Challenges, 
    check out the Challenges section in this FAQ. 
    - Smoke That Skinwagon - 
    Type: Bronze 
    Description: Make it to wave 15 in Undead Overrun Gametype in Multiplayer.
    Details: You’re going to want at least three players before attempting this, 
    though four is better. If you want to make the game easier, set your targeting 
    to Casual Aiming to make it so that you automatically target the enemy’s head. 
    You will not earn points for kills while using Casual Aiming, but you’re 
    interested in completing rounds instead of earning points. That being said, as 
    long as you have three competent partners you shouldn’t have a problem earning 
    this trophy. For more details about Zombie Overrun and strategies to help you 
    survive, check out the Multiplayer section of this FAQ. 
    - Kingpin - 
    Type: Bronze 
    Description: Fight off 8 unique players during your time on top during Land 
    Grab in Multiplayer Free Roam. 
    Details: This is by far the most difficult trophy to earn in the Undead 
    Nightmare DLC, not because the trophy itself is challenging but simply because 
    it can be tough to get eight other players to join you in a game of Land Grab. 
    More often than not, players in a Free Roam session are preoccupied with their 
    own goals and aren’t interested in taking a break to join your match. If you 
    have enough players, however, use Dynamite and your most powerful guns to fend 
    off attacking players. For more details and strategies for Land Grab, check 
    out the Multiplayer section of this FAQ. 
    - The Downward Spiral - 
    Type: Bronze 
    Description: Complete "Curious Tales from Blackwater, USA" Survivor Mission. 
    Details: This is a main story trophy that can’t be missed. For more 
    information about the mission, check out the full walkthrough in this FAQ. 
    - Judge A Man By The... - 
    Type: Bronze 
    Description: Complete "A Cure For Most of What Ails You" and "Get Back in that 
    Hole, Partner" Survival Missions. 
    Details: This is a main story trophy that can’t be missed. For more 
    information about the mission, check out the full walkthrough in this FAQ. 
    - The Superior Dance - 
    Type: Bronze 
    Description: Complete "Mother Superior Blues" Survivor Mission. 
    Details: This is a main story trophy that can’t be missed. For more 
    information about the mission, check out the full walkthrough in this FAQ. 
    - All's Right With the World - 
    Type: Bronze 
    Description: Complete "On A Pale Horse". 
    Details: This is a main story trophy that can’t be missed. For more 
    information about the mission, check out the full walkthrough in this FAQ. 
    - Six Years In The Making - 
    Type: Bronze 
    Description: Find and kill a Sasquatch.
    Details: The Sasquatch is located in the Tall Trees area. You first encounter 
    these creatures during the side mission Birth of the Conservation Movement, 
    which requires you to hunt down the Sasquatch. Complete the mission and you 
    will earn the trophy. 
    - Chupathingy - 
    Type: Bronze 
    Description: Find and kill a Chupacabra. 
    Details: Killing the Chupacabra is the Rank 5 Undead Hunter Challenge, so you 
    must complete the other four before the creature will spawn. Once you have 
    reached the last Hunter Challenge, search around Mexico until the message 
    alerts you that the mythical creature has appeared in the area. The Chupacabra 
    itself is not very difficult to kill, so once you find it you shouldn’t have a 
    problem earning this trophy. 
    - Fan Service - 
    Type: Bronze 
    Description: Find and break a Unicorn. 
    Details: Breaking the Unicorn isn’t the difficult part, but meeting the 
    requirements to spawn it will require a bit of work. To make the Unicorn 
    appear you must complete both the Undead Hunter and Four Horses of the 
    Apocalypse Challenges, which you can read about in the Challenges section of 
    this FAQ. Once you have met those requirements you can find the Unicorn in the 
    Northwest plains of Torquemada. If you look at that area of the map, you will 
    see the image of three horses – the Unicorn can be found around there. Unlike 
    other mythical creatures, the game will not alert you when the Unicorn is in 
    the area, though it is usually not as difficult to find either. 
    III - Walkthrough
    001.0 – Main Story Missions 
    001.1 – Love in the Time of Plague 
    Mission Objectives: 
    - Kill Uncle.
    - Hogtie Jack and Abigail. 
    The first mission is designed to introduce the story, so don’t expect too much 
    action just yet. At home, John Marston talks to his boy, Jack, about the 
    horror novel he’s reading. Jack tells his father that, in the book, there’s an 
    ancient Aztec plague that threatens to wipe out civilization. Foreshadowing, 
    That night, Abigail is worried that Uncle is missing. John reassures her that 
    he’s fine, and that there isn’t much they can do at this point anyway. 
    Assuming Uncle is just drunk or preoccupied with... company, John and Abigail 
    go to sleep. 
    Several hours later, John and Abigail wake up to Uncle stumbling into their 
    bedroom, growling at them and dripping with blood. John knocks him out and 
    runs to fetch his gun. By the time he gets back, though, Uncle has already 
    chased Abigail down outside and bitten her. 
    This is where the player takes over. Your first objective is to kill Uncle, so 
    let’s do that. If you’re familiar with zombies and the zombie apocalypse, 
    you’ll know that the only way to kill the undead is to shoot them in the head, 
    so take your time and aim high. The game is pretty generous at this point, so 
    Uncle doesn’t move around very much or really try and attack you, so consider 
    this practice. 
    With Uncle dead, turn your attention to Abigail. She’s has just recently 
    become a zombie and poor Jack is bitten trying to care for her. After working 
    so hard to be reunited with his family, John can’t bring himself to just kill 
    them like Uncle, so instead decides to tie them up and head out to find a 
    Once you take control, chase down your wife and son and hogtie them. Again, 
    there isn’t very much danger at this point, so you shouldn’t have any 
    For your troubles, you’re rewarded with several new goodies: 
    - Cattleman Revolver 
    - Double-Barreled Shotgun 
    - Lasso 
    - Cowboy Outfit 
    - Union Suit 
    - Rancher Outfit 
    - Duster Coat 
    - Mexican Poncho 
    - Curious Tales from Blackwater, USA 
    001.2 - Curious Tales from Blackwater, USA 
    Mission Objectives: 
    - Search Blackwater for survivors. 
    - Cleanse Blackwater cemetery and kill Mordecai Robbard.  
    - Assist the survivors to clear Blackwater. 
    - Search Blackwater for additional survivors. 
    John decides to travel to Blackwater to find a doctor. Once he arrives, 
    however, he finds the town deserted except for Harold MacDougal, who says he 
    returned to the frontier to conduct more research. The reunion is short-lived, 
    however, as he insists on getting his medical bad before looking for more 
    survivors and is promptly killed by an undead Nastas. 
    As soon as you take over, Nastas will attack you, so kill him before looking 
    around. Run down the alley to the marker to meet a young woman who talks about 
    her experience with the zombie apocalypse when her deceased mother returned 
    home and killed her father. She also gives you a torch and suggests that if 
    John can burn the zombies in the cemetery he may be able to save their souls 
    and put them to rest. She also asks that if you happen to see her uncle 
    Mordecai to “burn him real good.” 
    The torch is actually a pretty decent melee weapon. Swinging it around feels a 
    bit clunky, but landing the full combo kills any undead. Furthermore, if 
    you’re within range the game will use a preset action and stab the zombie in 
    the head with the sharp bottom of the torch. Very cool. 
    Head over to Blackwater cemetery and find the coffin behind the church, marked 
    by the yellow dot. Hit triangle to burn it, but as soon as you do several 
    undead climb out from the earth and attack you, and four additional coffins 
    that require burning appear. 
    At this point, the zombies will continuously respawn so focus more on burning 
    the coffins. Of course, if there are too many zombies in the area you’ll want 
    to take them out first. Once you’ve burned all of the coffins, you’ll have to 
    kill any remaining undead from the cemetery, so take your time and aim for 
    headshots or use your torch if you’re running low on ammo. After the lingering 
    undead are fully dead once again, Mordecai and several minor zombies will 
    spawn, and you’ll have to take them all out to cleanse the cemetery. 
    Use the same methods here, use Dead Eye and the close-range preset animations 
    to kill the zombies efficiently. Don’t back yourself into a corner, but back 
    off to one side of the cemetery so you don’t get surrounded. As long as you’re 
    careful you shouldn’t have too much trouble. 
    Mordecai himself is a new zombie type, a Bruiser. Bruisers are large, powerful 
    zombies that charge at you. If they hit, you’ll be knocked down and 
    momentarily stunned, leaving you open for attacks by any nearby undead. You’ll 
    want to use Dead Eye to quickly get a clean headshot and take Mordecai down – 
    that goes for any other Bruisers you encounter throughout Undead Nightmare as 
    After the cemetery is cleared, return to Blackwater. You’ll find several 
    survivors on a rooftop across the street from the train station fighting off 
    the undead. To save the town, you can either give the survivors ammunition or 
    kill zombies, or a combination of the two. There are chests full of bullets 
    littered around the area marked by green dots you can find to load up or give 
    to the townspeople. This early in the game you may not have very much ammo to 
    spare, so feel free to equip the torch and take out any zombies stumbling 
    around in the street. 
    With the town safe, head down the street to look for more survivors. The first 
    group of survivors you meet is a family on a rooftop arguing with one another, 
    blaming the plague on Mexican immigrants. There is another group of survivors 
    farther down the road, but they are too paranoid about John being undead to 
    let him get anywhere near them. However, when he asks them what they know 
    about the zombie plague, they blame it on “The freak with the glass eye” and 
    “The snake oil merchant.” 
    Those descriptions sound familiar. At this point, you can leave Blackwater and 
    search for either Seth Briars or Nigel West Dickens. 
    By the end of the mission, you unlock the following: 
    - Torch 
    - Repeater Carbine 
    - Get Back in That Hole, Partner 
    - A Cure for Most of What Ails You 
    - Birth of the Conservation Movement (Side Mission) 
    - Dinner for Two (Side Mission) 
    001.3 - Get Back in that Hole, Partner 
    Mission Objectives: 
    - Find Seth Briars at the Old Bacchus Place. 
    - Cleanse the cemeteries at Tumbleweed, Coot’s Chapel, and Odd Fellow’s Rest.
    Seth can be found on the porch of the Old Bacchus Place, which is south of 
    Thieves’ Landing on the riverbank. When you get there, Seth is playing cards 
    with his boyhood friend Moses... who’s one of the undead. He dismisses the 
    zombie apocalypse and gets upset when John mentions that people are blaming 
    the plague on the glass eye Seth found. 
    You’ve already cleansed the Blackwater cemetery, so you already know the 
    basics for what to do. The three remaining cemeteries aren’t very different, 
    so head to the nearest one, Coot’s Chapel, and start the coffin-burning. 
    You’ll go through the same process in all three cemeteries: burn the coffins 
    first, and then finish off the zombies. The only real difference here is that 
    you’ll encounter more Bruisers and Bolters, so try and save your Dead Eye for 
    those monsters instead. 
    After all three cemeteries are clear, head back to Seth. He’s found a few more 
    undead friends, but continues to mock John with cryptic answers when asked 
    about the plague. The only useful information he does give is more talk about 
    Mexico, but otherwise he doesn’t seem very interested in helping you very 
    001.4 - A Cure for Most of What Ails You 
    Mission Objectives: 
    - Collect five Desert Sage flowers and five Violet Snowdrop flowers. 
    - Find the old parts at Riley’s Charge. 
    This mission can be found in Fort Mercer. Thanks to the fort’s sturdy 
    defenses, it’s zombie free, so you don’t have to worry about saving the town. 
    Inside, you’ll find your good buddy Nigel West Dickens peddling more of his 
    tonic, claiming that it cures and repels the undead. When he sees John he 
    attempts to “randomly” select him to demonstrate the benefits of the tonic 
    like in the main story, but John has other plans. He calls West Dickens out 
    and forces him to give away free samples instead of charging one hundred gold 
    coins as he was attempting too. 
    However, as Nigel and John talk, they witness a man walk out of the fort and 
    immediately get overwhelmed by a horde of zombies. They realize that instead 
    of repelling the undead as West Dickens claimed, his tonic actually draws 
    them. West Dickens claims that he needs more Violet Snowdrop and Desert Sage 
    to perfect the formula, and asks you to find it for him. 
    The game gives you a message that Desert Sage and Violet Snowdrop can be found 
    in Gaptooth Ridge and Tall Trees, respectively. Pick one of those locations 
    and search for the plants. If you have a Survivalist Map you can use it to 
    have every plant in the area marked on your map, but if not finding five of 
    each shouldn’t be too much trouble as long as you ride around for a bit. 
    Additionally, although this isn’t required for the mission, if you haven’t 
    found one of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse at this point, consider riding 
    around for a bit and looking for one. War can be found in several locations 
    all around New Austin, including Gaptooth Ridge, and Pestilence can be found 
    in Tall Trees, so you really shouldn’t have to go very far out of your way to 
    snag one. Besides their own unique perks, the Four Horses, like other undead 
    horses, have unlimited stamina, which makes life much easier since Undead 
    Nightmare’s fast travel has been cut back from the regular game’s single 
    Either way, after obtaining all of the flowers, return to Nigel West Dickens 
    near Fort Mercer. For your trouble he invents Phosphorus Coating, which you 
    can combine with your bullets to set zombies ablaze, killing them with a 
    single shot regardless of where it hits. He also asks that you check out 
    Riley’s Charge for some old parts that he might have some use for, so ride 
    over and search the rubble where the icon is to find them. When you return to 
    Nigel, he gives you the Blunderbuss, which uses looted body parts from the 
    undead as ammo. Before parting ways, West Dickens tells John that he’s 
    planning to leave for Mexico, and that if John wants to tag along to meet him 
    in Solomon’s Folly. 
    By the end of the mission you’ll have obtained the following new items: 
    New Weapons: 
    - Undead Bait
    - Phosphorus Coating 
    - Blunderbuss 
    New Missions: 
    - American Imperialism 
    001.5 - American Imperialism 
    Mission Objectives: 
    - Obtain a U.S. Army Uniform from the soldiers at the Scratching Post. 
    - Ride the Army train from Benedict Point to Mexico. 
    As a quick note, sometimes this mission takes a little time to appear after 
    completing A Cure for Most of What Ails You. Once it does, head over to 
    Solomon’s Folly to meet with Nigel again. His plan to travel to Mexico has hit 
    a snag, unfortunately, as all of the boarders have been closed off by the 
    military and a man of West Dickens’ age would not blend in with the other 
    soldiers. He tips you off to a group of runaway soldiers hiding out at the 
    Scratching Post who may be willing to give you a uniform. 
    With that in mind, head to the Scratching Post and find the soldiers. You can 
    either help them fight the attacking undead or try and steal it, which they 
    won’t appreciate, to put it kindly. Personally, I feel that it’s easier to 
    fight the zombies, so wipe them all out and the soldiers will happily provide 
    you with a U.S. Army Uniform. 
    Either way, once you have an Army Uniform, head to the train station at 
    Benedict Point and meet the soldiers there. They’re under attack by the 
    undead, naturally, so you’ll have to defend the train until it’s ready to 
    leave. You should be pretty good at fighting zombies by now, but if you’re 
    having trouble you can stand on the train to make it more difficult for the 
    zombies to reach you. Also, you have a small group of American soldiers 
    fighting with you, and though they’ll rarely get kills, they’re accurate 
    enough to slow them down a bit. 
    When the last of the zombies are killed, John gets on the train and it leaves 
    for the Mexican border.  As the train chugs along, groups of zombies will 
    begin to appear around the tracks and chase after you. At first this isn’t 
    much of a problem since the train is faster than the undead, but after a while 
    Retchers will show up, and the green acid they spit at you does a good amount 
    of damage. Your best bet is to hide at the base of the stack of logs, as 
    you’ll have good coverage and can still peak out to shoot at the zombies when 
    you want to. In fact, if you’re up to the Undead Hunter Rank 3 challenge, 
    which requires you to kill two undead with a Retcher explosion, this is a 
    great place to get it.   
    At the border, you’ll find that the path is blocked by a barricade. As the 
    soldiers start to tear it down, a fairly large group of zombies will appear by 
    the train. Several soldiers will flee in panic, but a few stay to fight them 
    off. With the group so closely packed together, one or two shots from the 
    Blunderbuss will take out most of them if you’re quick enough. Take out the 
    remaining stragglers and the Bolters that got away from the main group, and 
    then return to the train. Any surviving soldiers will flee at this point, so 
    climb onto the train and release the brake to crash through the barricades and 
    reach Mexico. 
    For completing the mission you’re rewarded with the following: 
    - U.S. Army 
    001.6 - Mother Superior Blues 
    Mission Objectives: 
    - Save Las Hermanas and rescue the nuns inside. 
    - Hogtie an undead and bring it to Mother Superior. 
    - Cleanse the Sepulcro cemetery. 
    You’ll meet Mother Superior outside of Las Hermanas, struggling with a zombie 
    before blowing its head off with a rifle. She asks John to save the town and 
    the nuns inside, so let’s get to work. Las Hermanas is one of the most heavily 
    infested areas in Undead Nightmare, so conserve your ammo and use the various 
    walkways and vantage points to avoid being overwhelmed. Make sure to find the 
    crates of ammo and give it to the survivors to save time. 
    With the town safe, return to Mother Superior, who thanks you for helping the 
    nuns. John asks her what she believes is the cause of the zombie plague, and 
    Mother Superior claims that it is likely a sickness of the soul. However, she 
    wants to perform some experiments to learn more, so she asks John to bring her 
    a recently turned undead. You don’t actually have to find a zombie that was 
    recently a human, just a regular one and not a Bruiser, Bolter, or Retcher. 
    You shouldn’t have to travel very far before coming across a wandering zombie, 
    so hogtie it and bring it back to Las Hermanas. Mother Superior’s test 
    consists of sprinkling holy water on your test subject, which seems to have 
    good results. However, the effects were only temporary and barely visible, so 
    she claims to need more time to understand what is going on. In the meantime, 
    she asks John to cleanse the Sepulcro cemetery and gives him a few bottles of 
    Holy Water to help him. Holy Water is basically a Molotov cocktail, so when 
    you throw it any nearby undead will burst into flames and die.  
    Sepulcro is identical to the other cemeteries you’ve cleansed, so this 
    shouldn’t be too much trouble. As always, burn the coffins and then worry 
    about the zombies. One trick you can use to make your life easier is to hop 
    over the wall and pick the zombies off from just outside of the cemetery, as 
    the undead have trouble climbing walls. At the end, your old buddy De Santa 
    winds up being the cemetery boss, so finish him off again. Although you have 
    to return to Mother Superior, her icon will not appear immediately as she 
    needs to more time to discover an answer. In the meantime, feel free to 
    complete Undead Challenge, rescue some of the towns, or any of the other 
    activities available to kill some time. 
    By completing the mission, you unlock the following: 
    - Holy Water 
    001.7 - A Civilized Man 
    Mission Objectives: 
    - Kill the undead Abraham Reyes. 
    A few days after cleansing the Sepulcro graveyard, Mother Superior’s icon will 
    once again appear in Las Hermanas. When you talk to her, she says that one of 
    the nuns, who Marston swears he’s seen several times before, blames the zombie 
    apocalypse on Abraham Reyes. According to the nun, Reyes disturbed an ancient 
    Aztec temple dedicated to a powerful goddess. Although Mother Superior is 
    skeptical, John decides to pay his old buddy Reyes a visit. 
    Ride to Escalera and make your way to Reyes’ mansion. Abraham has also fallen 
    victim to the zombie plague, and when you arrive he’s chasing a young girl – 
    the same young girl you’ve been seeing throughout the game, in fact – around 
    the room. Reyes is a Bruiser, so be careful to avoid his charge. You should be 
    able to dispatch him fairly quickly. 
    When Reyes is dead, the girl tells John that Reyes is the cause of the zombie 
    plague, saying that he heard of an ancient mask buried beneath the palace that 
    would grant him immense power and stole it. The girl claims that the only way 
    to give the dead peace once more is to return the mask, and though Marston is 
    skeptical he’s willing to give just about anything a chance at this point. 
    001.8 - On a Pale Horse 
    Mission Objectives: 
    - Investigate the ancient burial grounds beneath the palace. 
    - Return to the sacred mask to its rightful place in the temple. 
    The last two missions sort of blend together, so you’ll go from one to the 
    next pretty seamlessly. After killing Reyes, head down the stairs behind the 
    palace and enter the secret tunnel through the hole in the wall. 
    It’s very dark in here, so take your time and slowly make your way farther 
    into the catacombs. The undead don’t attack the girl, so you don’t have to 
    worry about protecting her, so use Dead Eye and close range weapons like a 
    shotgun to clear a path. As you go, the girl makes several odd comments about 
    why the zombies only attack you, indicating that they’re the same soldiers who 
    were killed during the raid of the palace in the regular game’s story. 
    As you progress, you’ll run into a few Retchers and find some nice weapons 
    such as the Evans Repeater and Semi-Auto Shotgun along the way, which should 
    make fighting the undead much easier. 
    The tunnel finally ends when John and the mystery girl reach a large Aztec 
    temple. A fairly large group of zombies attack in two main waves, so remember 
    to use all of the weapons you have at your disposal to tip the odds in your 
    favor if you get in a jam. The darkness can make it difficult at times to see 
    everything, so keep an eye on your map to see where the red dots are, and use 
    special items like Undead Bait, Phosphorus Coating, or Dynamite/Boom Bait to 
    get the job done. 
    When the last zombie falls, the girl instructs John to put the mask back on 
    the altar, so head over to the yellow dot and do that. The girl will disappear 
    and reveal herself as a physical manifestation of the Aztec goddess 
    Ayauhteotl, to whom this temple is dedicated to. She thanks Marston for 
    returning the mask and tells him to return to his family, adding that a 
    special horse is waiting for him. 
    Back on the Marston ranch, John finds that Abigail and Jack have returned to 
    their normal selves and make light-hearted jokes about the events that 
    transpired. A few months later, however, Seth discovers the temple and steals 
    the mask once again, causing the zombie plague to break out once again. By 
    this time John is dead, but Abigail and Jack buried him with a bottle of holy 
    water so he is revived with an undead body but his soul intact. 
    At this point, although the main story is complete, you are free to continue 
    exploring the world, complete side missions and challenges, or anything else 
    you’d like. There are no particular benefits to being a zombie, so anything 
    you could accomplish prior to this mission is still available. Lastly, the 
    horse Ayauhteotl mentions at the end is the final Horse of the Apocalypse, 
    Death, and you automatically earn his blood pact, Undead Nightmare’s 
    equivalent to the horse deeds in the regular game. While riding Death, if you 
    trample a zombie their heads will explode, killing them instantly. Very cool. 
    For completing the final main story mission, you’re rewarded with the 
    following goodies: 
    - Semi-Auto Shotgun 
    - Evans Repeater 
    - Undead Cowboy 
    Mythical Creatures: 
    - Death (Four Horses of the Apocalypse) 
    002.0 – Side Missions 
    True to any Rockstar game, along with the main story missions there are 
    several missions in Undead Nightmare that you are not required to complete, 
    but give you a greater sense of what the Undead Nightmare universe is like or, 
    at worst, some silly entertainment. 
    002.1 – Birth of the Conservation Movement 
    Mission Objectives: 
    - Hunt down and eliminate the Sasquatch. 
    Location: Tanner’s Cabin, Tall Trees 
    Prerequisites: Complete Curious Tales from Blackwater, USA 
    When you stumble across the cabin, you’ll meet a crazy old man firing his 
    rifle wildly into the woods and ranting on about Sasquatch. He tells John 
    about how the Sasquatch are very real and live to terrorize innocent people, 
    citing the recent murder of a young girl who was kidnapped and eaten by a 
    You task is to hunt down and kill six Sasquatch roaming around the Tall Trees 
    area. However, this is much easier than it sounds, as you’ll get a nice, lime 
    green circle on your map and radar to give you a general area to search for 
    each one. The areas are pretty small, so you shouldn’t have much trouble 
    spotting the enormous ape-like creature lumbering around in the snowy 
    background. When you find it, the Sasquatch run away rather than fight, but 
    they’re pretty slow so they don’t stand much of a chance against Marston. 
    After killing the first five, the last Sasquatch is pretty far off of the map 
    in the Northeast corner of Tall Trees. When you find the last one, you find 
    out that perhaps the crazy old man in the woods may not have been the most 
    reliable person to listen to. The Sasquatch can speak English, as it turns 
    out, and reacts with anger and disgust at John’s accusations that he eats 
    babies, claiming that the Sasquatch only live on berries and mushrooms. He 
    then breaks down crying, lamenting about being the last of his kind and begs 
    John to put him out of his misery. 
    You complete the mission following this cinematic, and whether or not you kill 
    or spare the last Sasquatch has no bearing on the game. In fact, you will 
    continue to find Sasquatch in Tall Trees after this mission despite the fact 
    that this one is supposedly the last of his kind. 
    For completing the mission, you earn the following: 
    - Undead Hunter Scrap 
    002.2 – Paternal Pride 
    Mission Objectives: 
    - Find Drew MacFarlane 
    Location: MacFarlane’s Ranch 
    Prerequisites: Complete Curious Tales from Blackwater, USA and save the 
    MacFarlane’s Ranch territory. 
    This mission reunites John Marston with Bonnie MacFarlane, though they have 
    little time to spend catching up on old times. The conversation turns to 
    Bonnie’s father, Drew, and the realization that he has been out in the barn 
    for an entire day is more than a little unsettling. To put Bonnie’s mind at 
    ease, John agrees to go look for him. 
    The barn is locked, so you’ll have to take the high road to get back in. 
    There’s a ladder against a tower on the west side of the barn that you can 
    climb up, and then shimmy across the catwalk on the roof to reach the window 
    in the back. Inside, climb down and clear out the four or five undead 
    staggering around, but stay up in the loft since the zombies can’t climb 
    ladders. When they’re all dead, jump down to the ground and look around for 
    Drew. The poor old man has been infected, so there’s little you can do besides 
    put him out of his misery. Drew is a Bruiser so don’t take him lightly, but a 
    single zombie shouldn’t give you too much trouble. 
    When Drew is dead, leave the barn through the main doors and return to Bonnie. 
    John relays the bad news, and Bonnie thanks him for helping and solemnly walks 
    back into the main house. 
    For completing Paternal Pride you are rewarded with the following: 
    - Winchester Repeater 
    002.3 – Dinner for Two 
    Mission Objectives: 
    - Find Marshal Johnson’s deputies, Jonah and Eli.  
    Location: Armadillo  
    Prerequisites: Complete Curious Tales from Blackwater, USA and save the town 
    of Armadillo. 
    On your return to Armadillo, Marston finds Marshal Johnson in his office, 
    lamenting about how the zombie apocalypse is ruining the town. What’s worse, 
    his deputies, Jonah and Eli, have gone missing. John offers to help find them, 
    and Marshal Johnson mentions the General Store as a place to start. 
    Head over to the General Store and ask the shopkeeper, Herbert Moon, if he’s 
    seen the two deputies. Rather than answer, Mr. Moon instead goes on a hateful, 
    bigoted rant, blaming the zombie apocalypse on the Jews, homosexuals, and a 
    myriad of other people. Marston mocks his ignorance, and when Herbert is 
    attacked by the undead John doesn’t jump at the chance to save him. 
    Kill the undead that attacked Herbert Moon and head back towards the center of 
    town. A lime green circle has appeared on your map, encompassing the barns 
    behind the saloon, as the general area to search for Jonah and Eli. You’ll 
    find the boys in the cattle pen in the far back, both undead and eating one 
    another. They’ll immediately come after you following the cinematic, so use 
    your Dead Eye to quickly put a few rounds in them. Afterward, return to 
    Marshal Johnson and tell him what happened. He thanks John for the help and 
    gives him Jonah’s gun as a sign of appreciation. 
    By the end of the mission you’ll have earned: 
    - Sawed-Off Shotgun 
    002.4 – Missing Souls 
    Mission Objectives: 
    - Locate Millicent Waterbury and bring her safely back to Fort Mercer. 
    Location: Fort Mercer 
    Prerequisites: Complete Curious Tales from Blackwater, USA. 
    At Fort Mercer, Marston spots an Army officer putting him a poster and makes a 
    joke about him performing meaningless work. The officer becomes indignant at 
    John’s tackiness, pointing out that the poster is a missing person flier, and 
    that the young girl’s family is worried sick. Embarrassed by his previous 
    comments, John agrees to look for the girl. 
    Millicent Waterbury is trapped in the Pleasance House, which will be marked on 
    your map in a similar fashion to the wanted fugitives in the regular game’s 
    single player campaign. When you reach the house, you’ll find Millicent hiding 
    in the house being attacked by a large group of undead. Kill them all and 
    rescue Millicent, who will jump on the back of your horse when the coast is 
    clear. Unlike the Most Wanted fugitives, once you rescue the missing person 
    you aren’t attacked by any additional undead besides the ones randomly 
    wandering around until you reach Fort Mercer. There, you’ll find a group of 
    survivors fighting off a horde of zombies, and before you can finish rescuing 
    Millicent you’ll have to clear the area. 
    Once you complete the Missing Souls side mission, you gain access to the 
    - Missing Souls (Fort Mercer and El Presidio) 
    002.5 – Filth and Other Entertainment 
    Mission Objectives: 
    - Capture a Retcher for D.S. MacKenna. 
    Location: Plainview 
    Prerequisites: Complete Get Back in That Hole, Partner and save the Plainview 
    territory from the undead. 
    After cleansing Plainview of zombies, you’ll find your old buddy, film 
    director D.S. MacKenna, savoring the zombie apocalypse. He mentions that this 
    would make a fantastic movie and requests that John finds him a Retcher to 
    star in it. Although John is disgusted at MacKenna’s thought to profit from 
    all of this chaos, he agrees take part in the casting. 
    There really isn’t a strategy here, there’s no specific place to go where 
    you’re guaranteed to find a Retcher. However, they’re fairly common enough 
    that you’re bound to run into one soon enough, so either ride around 
    Tumbleweed or Gaptooth Ridge for a bit or find something else to do until you 
    happen to run into one. Whenever you do, kill any other zombies in the area 
    and hogtie the Retcher. Bring it back to MacKenna, who unties his actors and 
    starts filming. Unfortunately for him, the zombies immediately go after the 
    good director and devour him. 
    For completing the mission you earn the following: 
    - Undead Hunter Scrap 
    002.6 – Biographies and Lies
    Mission Objectives: 
    - Acquire two Undead Baits and two sticks of Dynamite for Ricketts. 
    Location: Casa Madrugada 
    Prerequisites: Complete Mother Superior Blues 
    When you enter Casa Madrugada you’ll find Landon Ricketts holding down the 
    fort. He claims that he isn’t up for waging a war against the undead, but 
    offers to help invent some new weapons for his old friend. When John mentions 
    that West Dickens’ tonic serves as bait, Ricketts asks John to find him some 
    Dynamite to go along with the Undead Bait and bring it back to him. 
    This mission’s difficulty will vary depending on what you currently have in 
    your inventory. If you have neither Undead Bait nor Dynamite, you’ll have to 
    go find some. 
    Undead Bait is easy enough, as you can create it yourself by combining a 
    Prairie Poppy with a Wild Feverfew, which can be found in the Great Plains and 
    Hennigan’s Stead, respectively. 
    Dynamite is a bit trickier, but not much. In order to acquire Dynamite you’ll 
    have to save the town of El Matadero, which is directly south of Casa 
    Once you have two of both Undead Bait and Dynamite, return to Landon and he’ll 
    create Boom Bait, a stick of Dynamite jammed inside a bottle of West Dickens’ 
    tonic. When thrown, the Bait will draw in the undead and the Dynamite will 
    wipe them all out. How convenient. 
    For completing this last side mission, you’re rewarded with the following: 
    - Boom Bait 
    003.0 – Random Encounters 
    The random encounters introduced in Red Dead Redemption are the random 
    strangers who request your help throughout the game. Undead Nightmare 
    introduces a whole new series of undead-themed events for you to take part in. 
    - Trust Me, I’m A Doctor – 
    In this event, a man with a Gatling gun will be firing at a group of undead. 
    If he survives, he tells you that he’s a doctor and asks for a fresh sample to 
    research. This can be a little annoying as it always seems that the undead 
    disappear from the area you’re confined to searching. 
    However, once you do find a zombie, hogtie it and bring it back to the doctor. 
    He’ll reward you by offering to let you have what’s in his chest, which can 
    contain ammunition, items, or a Treasure Map if you haven’t already found one. 
    There are a few variations for this, such as requiring multiple undead or 
    zombie body parts, but after completing enough of these encounters you will be 
    rewarded with the High Power Pistol. 
    - Help My Brother – 
    A man will run up and say that his brother is trapped in a nearby building. 
    Similar to a Missing Soul, you’ll have to fight off the horde of zombies 
    attacking the building before you can save the man’s brother. If you do, 
    you’ll find a chest with ammunition and other items. 
    - Damsel in Distress - 
    This encounter should be familiar to the one in the regular game where a woman 
    is being chased by a pack of wolves. In Undead Nightmare, replace wolves with 
    zombies, frequently Bolters. When you spot the woman in distress, be quick 
    about taking out the undead predators, or at least putting a few rounds in 
    them to slow them down. When you kill them all, the woman will thank you with 
    - Until Death Do Us Part – 
    John encounters these people off the beaten path at a campsite. The man is 
    happily chatting with John, all while his undead wife is thrashing about, 
    chained to a structure nearby. If you attempt to kill the zombie, the man will 
    pull out a gun and attack you. 
    - Best Friends Forever – 
    You’ll find these people on the side of the road, sobbing next to the corpse 
    of a recently deceased friend. Shortly after the corpse reanimates and 
    attempts to devour buddy, so if you act quickly you can save him. 
    - Last Stand – 
    A group of survivors will be taking cover behind a weak barricade being 
    attacked by a massive group of undead. If you don’t help them, the zombies 
    will eventually tear down the barricades and kill them. If you rescue them, 
    they will reward you will ammunition and items. 
    - Zombie Slaying 101 – 
    In some cases, a man will challenge you to see who can kill the most undead in 
    a given group in the area. Unfortunately for your challenger, he doesn’t have 
    Dead Eye, so winning this game should be fairly easy. When you win, he’ll give 
    you a good amount of ammunition for a prize. 
    - Stranded – 
    Unlike the greedy thieves in the Red Dead Redemption campaign who ask for a 
    ride and then attempt to steal your horse, these survivors genuinely need your 
    help. Let them hop onto the back of your horse and take them to the nearest 
    town. The reward for your good deed is some more ammunition. 
    - Mister, I Don’t Feel So Good... – 
    A sickly survivor will come up and ask for help, but die shortly after. The 
    only way keep him alive is by hogtying him, in which case you’ll be rewarded. 
    004.0 – Undead Challenges
    As with the rest of the Undead Nightmare, Challenges make their glorious 
    return with a brand new zombie twist. There are four different categories, and 
    completing all four will earn you the Legend of the Apocalypse outfit. 
    004.1 – Undead Hunter 
    - Rank 1 – 
    Description: Kill 100 Fresh Undead and 25 Bolters. 
    Details: This will come naturally as you play the game. You’ll kill a hundred 
    zombies pretty quickly, and Bolters are common enough that you don’t need to 
    go out of your way for this one. 
    - Rank 2 – 
    Description: Kill 25 more Bruisers and 15 more Retchers. 
    Details: “More” is the keyword here, so the number of Bruisers and Retchers 
    you’ve killed prior to completing Rank 1 do not count towards this challenge. 
    That being said, you should complete this challenge naturally as you play 
    through the game. 
    - Rank 3 - 
    Description: Use a single Retcher explosion to kill two other undead. 
    Details: When you kill a Retcher, you’ve probably noticed that they glow 
    bright green and explode a few seconds later. Any zombies standing near a 
    dying Retcher will be killed in the blast. The only real trick to this 
    challenge is finding three zombies close enough together. However, if you 
    don’t earn this one naturally, there are a few good places to try, including 
    the entrance to El Presidio, Jorge’s Gap, and while on the train during the 
    Survivor Mission “American Imperialism”. As a note, you cannot cheat by 
    hogtying two zombies and a Retcher next to each other. 
    - Rank 4 - 
    Description: Kill two undead bears, five undead wolves, and three undead 
    cougars with the Torch. 
    Details: This sounds tough, but if you have the Horse of the Apocalypse 
    Pestilence it is actually quite easy. Pestilence has a lot of life, so you can 
    sit on the horse waving your Torch around while the undead animal attacks and 
    you’re almost guaranteed to win that battle. If you’ve already broken 
    Pestilence and taken another horse as your mount, once you’ve broken all four 
    Horses of the Apocalypse you earn their Blood Pacts, which allow you to summon 
    any of them whenever you want. 
    The most difficult part of this challenge, then, is actually finding the 
    animals. Wolves can be found everywhere, bears are in Tall Trees, and cougars 
    can be found in New Austin between Armadillo and Gaptooth Ridge. Cougars are 
    not as common, but you’ll find them if you look. 
    - Rank 5 - 
    Description: Find and kill the Chupacabra. 
    Details: The Chupacabra, or “Goat-Sucker”, is a large, agile wolf-like 
    creature. It is a light grey color with dark hair running down its neck and 
    back. The Chupacabra is dangerous, but at least while riding a horse it does 
    not appear to attack as aggressively. The Chupacabra can be found in multiple 
    locations around Mexico once you reach Rank 5. There are dozens of reported 
    locations where the creature has spawned, so your best bet is to just ride 
    around Nuevo Paraiso and you’re bound to run into the beast eventually. When 
    it spawns in your area, a message will pop up on your screen alerting you to 
    this, and a blue circle will appear on your map and radar to give you a more 
    accurate area to search. 
    004.2 – Undead Treasure Hunter 
    - Rank 1 – 
    Location: Northern Hennigan’s Stead 
    Details: Head Northwest from MacFarlane’s Ranch until you reach the Northern 
    edge of the world. If you take a look at your map, you’ll see an extra path 
    even farther north that leads up to a dead end North of the railroad tunnel. 
    The chest is at the very end of the snowy pathy. 
    - Rank 2 – 
    Location: Southeast from Coot’s Chapel 
    Details: From Coot’s Chapel, head southeast and follow the cliffs until you 
    reach the Southwest corner. Climb up to the lower cliffs and look for the pile 
    of rocks near some shrubbery. 
    - Rank 3 – 
    Location: West from the Scratching Post 
    Details: Start at the Scratching Post and head west. Look for a set of cliffs 
    with two tall rocks jutting up like towers. The chest is located at the very 
    top between those two rock structures. 
    - Rank 4 - 
    Location: South from Sepulcro 
    Details: Stand at the southern edge of Sepulcro cemetery and look south. You 
    should see a small valley with several palm trees growing there. The chest can 
    be found at the base of those trees. 
    - Rank 5 – 
    Location: West from Casa Madrugada 
    Details: This one can be a little annoying. From Casa Madrugada, head west 
    until the road goes up the cliff that leads to El Presidio. Instead, follow 
    the base of those cliffs and do your best to stay on the lower ridge. The 
    terrain is pretty steep and it’s very easy to fall off, but at the end there 
    is a flat area with the chest under a pile of rocks. 
    004.3 – Undead Sharpshooter 
    - Rank 1 – 
    Description: Kill five zombies in ten seconds with a gun. 
    Details: You should complete this challenge almost immediately. If you’re 
    struggling with this, use Dead Eye or Casual Aiming to get it. Remember, only 
    headshots will kill a zombie. 
    - Rank 2 – 
    Description: Kill ten zombies in a row with headshots. 
    Details: This can be tricky if you’re trying to get it legitimately, since 
    apparently shooting a zombie in the neck will kill them but doesn’t count as a 
    headshot, so Dead Eye isn’t always reliable. Just be patient and aim 
    carefully, and if you’re really having problems you can use Casual Aiming, 
    which automatically targets the head. 
    - Rank 3 – 
    Description: Kill five flaming undead in one Dead Eye meter. 
    Details: The game suggests using Fire Bottles from Thieves’ Landing, but it 
    can be annoying to catch five zombies in a Fire Bottle and then snag headshots 
    on all of them. Instead, make sure you have full Dead Eye and use Phosphorus 
    Coating. This way, you simply have to shoot five zombies during Dead Eye. 
    - Rank 4 – 
    Description: Kill one of each zombie type in a single Dead Eye meter. 
    Details: The best place to do this is in front of El Presidio, as all four 
    types appear there so it’s just a matter of getting them all together. Make 
    sure to have full Dead Eye and use whatever weapon that has the most rounds 
    per clip. 
    - Rank 5 – 
    Description: Get five sniper kills in eight seconds without using Dead Eye. 
    Details: This can be really tough if you’re trying to get it legitimately. 
    Eight seconds is not a lot of time, and since you will only have the Rolling 
    Block at this point you essentially have no time to miss or aim. Your best bet 
    is to head to Jorge’s Gap and use Undead Bait to get a large group together. 
    Alternatively, there are a few other ways to make this challenge much easier. 
    If you find a large group of zombies, you can run in and use the preset 
    execution animation to get five quick kills. Or you can use Phosphorus 
    Coating, in which case you just need to shoot five zombies and not have to 
    worry about getting headshots. 
    004.4 – The Four Horses of the Apocalypse 
    Unlike other challenge, there aren’t specific requirements to complete for the 
    first four Horse of the Apocalypse challenges. Rather, every time you find and 
    break a new one you will earn the next rank. 
    - Ranks 1-4 – 
    Description: Find and break one of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse. 
    Details: Each Horse has a specific location where it can be found: 
    1. War is a menacing black horse with fiery red eyes and its body on fire. 
    While riding War, any zombies you trample will catch fire, though its flames 
    are not powerful enough to kill the undead by itself. War can be found all 
    around New Austin, including Gaptooth Ridge, Armadillo, and the area between 
    MacFarlane’s Ranch and Thieves’ Landing.
    2. Pestilence is a sickly steed with a green cloud of plague and disease 
    surrounding it. The horse itself is covered in wounds and is bleeding from its 
    eyes, making it a disturbing sight to see indeed. Pestilence has an 
    exceptionally large amount of life, allowing you to fight the hordes of the 
    undead without having to worry about losing your trusty mount. Pestilence can 
    primarily be found in Tall Trees, though there have been other locations where 
    the horse has been spotted. 
    3. Famine is a dark black horse with a swarm of insects surrounding it. This 
    third Horse of the Apocalypse is the only one that is found in Mexico, roughly 
    between Chuparosa and Tesoro Azul. 
    4. Death is a ghostly black and white horse has an ominous mist surrounding 
    it, giving it a very mysterious appearance. Death’s special ability is also 
    very unique – trampling zombies while riding the horse will cause their heads 
    to explode. Death is awarded to the player by Ayauhteotl after completing the 
    final main story mission, On A Pale Horse. You automatically earn Death’s 
    Blood Pact, even if you haven’t broken the other three Horses yet. There is 
    also a very small chance to find Death in any of the locations where the other 
    three Horses can be found. 
    - Rank 5 – 
    Description: Kill one of each zombie type using Death’s special ability. 
    Details: As described above, a zombie’s head will explode if you trample them 
    while riding Death. The toughest part here is tracking down one of each type, 
    including a Fresh Undead, a Bolter, a Bruiser, and a Retcher. The two best 
    places to look are Jorge’s Gap and outside of El Presidio, as there are always 
    a large number of zombies wandering around in those areas. 
    005.0 – Missing Souls 
    The Missing Souls missions are a spin-off of the Most Wanted fugitives from 
    the original Red Dead game. What’s different this time around, however, is 
    that instead of hunting down a fugitive your task is to rescue a missing 
    person and return them to their family. These missions are available once you 
    complete the side mission Missing Souls, which can be found in Fort Mercer. 
    Each mission follows the same basic layout. When you tear down the missing 
    person poster, an icon appears on your map to show you the last known location 
    of that person. Once you reach that location, you’ll have to fight off a group 
    of zombies to reach the missing person. If the coast is clear, you and your 
    new friend will travel on your horse back to the safe zone where you 
    originally took the job. At this safe area, another horde of zombies will be 
    attacking the main entrance with a few survivors fending them off. Before you 
    can return the missing person to their family you’ll have to clear the area. 
    There are sixteen Missing Souls to be rescued in Undead Nightmare, ten from 
    Fort Mercer and six more in El Presidio. You can check how many Missing Souls 
    you have saved from the stats page in the pause menu. 
    006.0 – 100% 
    As always, one of the main goals in a Rockstar game is to earn 100% Game 
    Completion, and Undead Nightmare is no different. For your efforts, besides 
    all of the bonuses you get from the individual parts you earn the “Zed’s Dead, 
    Baby” trophy and the ability to create items without having to collect the 
    ingredients first. 
    To achieve 100% Game Completion, you must meet the following requirements: 
    1. Complete all eight main story missions. 
         1. Love in the Time of Plague 
         2. Curious Tales from Blackwater, USA 
         3. Get Back in that Hole, Partner 
         4. A Cure for Most of What Ails You 
         5. American Imperialism 
         6. Mother Superior Blues 
         7. A Civilized Man 
         8. On a Pale Horse 
    2. Complete all six side missions. 
         1. Birth of the Conservation Movement 
         2. Paternal Pride 
         3. Dinner for Two 
         4. Missing Souls 
         5. Filth and Other Entertainment 
         6. Biographies and Lies 
    3. Save all twenty-three territories at least once. However, you do not need 
    to have the territories all saved at the same time. 
    4. Rescue all sixteen Missing Souls. 
         1. 10 from Fort Mercer 
         2. 6 from El Presidio 
    5. Cleanse all five cemeteries. If you play through the main story you will 
    have to cleanse all of the cemeteries anyway. 
         1. Blackwater Chapel 
         2. Coot’s Chapel 
         3. Odd Fellow’s Rest 
         4. Tumbleweed 
         5. Sepulcro 
    6. Obtain all outfits. 
         1. Undead Cowboy – Complete the main story mission “On a Pale Horse”. 
         2. Legend of the Apocalypse – Complete all Undead Challenges. 
         3. Undead Hunter / Army of the Undead – Meet the following requirements: 
             1. Complete the Survivor Mission “Birth of the Conservation Movement”
             2. Complete the Survivor Mission “Filth and Other Entertainment” 
             3. Complete the Survivor Mission “Missing Souls” 
             4. Rescue at least one Missing Soul from El Presidio 
             5. Find and break the mythical Unicorn 
    7. Complete all Undead Challenges. 
         1. Undead Hunter 
         2. Undead Treasure Hunter 
         3. Undead Sharpshooter 
         4. The Four Horses of the Apocalypse 
    8. Break the Unicorn. 
    007.0 – Online Multiplayer 
    That’s right, Undead Nightmare isn’t just single player content! Included in 
    the DLC are two new multiplayer modes and a handful of new characters, so be 
    sure to check them all out. 
    007.1 – New Characters 
    While a few single player characters show up in their undead forms, most of 
    the new characters are generic zombie designs, but named after some of the 
    legends in the zombie film industry. These characters are available as soon as 
    you install Undead Nightmare, so you don’t have to reach a certain level to 
    unlock them. 
    - Poe Boll
    - Magic Jackson 
    - Zombie Ricketts 
    - Zombie Marston 
    - Viper Craven 
    - Ishmael Raimi 
    - Sarah Reese 
    - Paco Romero 
    007.2 – Zombie Overrun 
    Are you the type of player who thought the single player campaign was a little 
    too easy? Were you a bit disappointed that you never had to fend off a full 
    horde of zombies? Would you want to try doing so with a few friends? If so, 
    then Zombie Overrun is right up your alley. If this mode, two to four players 
    fight endless waves of zombies until everyone is killed off. 
    Each round, groups of zombies will spawn and attack the players in the game. 
    As you kill more of the undead, the red meter at the top of the screen will 
    slowly fill up to indicate how close you are to completing that round. Once 
    you do, the time will stop and you and your pals can finish off the remaining 
    undead to begin the next round. As you build kill streaks and complete rounds, 
    you’ll earn new weapons and perks to help fight off the hordes of zombies 
    coming for you. If the timer runs out, however, you will enter sudden death. 
    Sudden death is your last stand, zombies will continue to respawn while weapon 
    drops disappear, zombie attacks do more damage, and downed players cannot be 
    revived. Once you reach this point, you and your buddies don’t have much time 
    left, so make sure to take out as many of those suckers as you can before 
    meeting your own grisly demise. 
    007.21 – Weapons and Perks 
    Similar to the Outlaws to the End co-op missions, while waiting in the game 
    lobby you’ll have the opportunity to change what loadout your character brings 
    into battle. There are four loadouts available but note that each one also 
    comes with Undead Bait and a Torch: 
    - Long Shot – 
    Handgun: High Power Pistol 
    Rifle: Bolt Action Rifle 
    Shotgun: Double-Barrel Shotgun 
    Dynamite: None 
    - Mauler – 
    Handgun: LeMat Revolver  
    Rifle: Henry Repeater  
    Shotgun: Semi-Auto Shotgun  
    Dynamite: No 
    - Overkill – 
    Handgun: Double-Action Revolver  
    Rifle: None 
    Shotgun: Pump-Action Shotgun  
    Dynamite: Yes 
    - Ravager – 
    Handgun: Mauser Pistol  
    Rifle: None 
    Shotgun: Sawed-Off Shotgun  
    Dynamite: Yes 
    At the beginning of each round, a coffin will appear as a yellow dot on your 
    map that contains a few different goodies. You’ll want to get to the coffin as 
    quickly as possible, since they disappear at the end of each round and it’ll 
    be a lot tougher once the zombies have spawned. Also, some coffin rewards only 
    apply to the player who opened it, so you want to be that player. 
    Coffins yield the following: 
    - Coffin 1 – Undead Bait, but only for the player who opened the coffin. 
    - Coffin 2 – Holy Water, but only for the player who opened the coffin. 
    - Coffin 3 – Shotgun slugs, which add more range to shotgun ammo. 
    - Coffin 4 – Ammo for all weapons. 
    - Coffin 5 – One minute is added to the clock. 
    Additionally, every few rounds a new weapon will spawn in a random location on 
    the map. The chest will be marked by a green dot and contains a Semi-Auto 
    Shotgun, an Evans Repeater, or the Blunderbuss. Whichever player reaches the 
    chest first will pick up the weapon, so be quick if you want it. 
    Given the weapons available, I personally am a fan of the Long Shot loadout. 
    The three most useful weapons are the High Power Pistol, the Semi-Auto 
    Shotgun, and Dynamite, and the only way to have the pistol is by selecting 
    that loadout, the rest can be picked up during the match. 
    Lastly, every time you earn a ten kill combo you will gain phosphorus bullets. 
    The bonus lasts for about twenty seconds and one hit will incapacitate and 
    eventually kill any zombie, so you’ll want to use your pistol or revolver and 
    mash R2 until it wears off. 
    007.22 – Strategies 
    1. Get to the coffin at the very beginning of each round. The undead take a 
    good amount of time to climb out of the earth and run to your location, so you 
    should use that time to load up instead of standing around. Once you start 
    fighting groups of undead it can be difficult to find a break to sneak off and 
    get the coffin then, and during the later rounds you’ll want the extra time 
    and ammo. 
    2. Some of the maps have structures that you can climb onto. Remember, zombies 
    can’t climb, so use this to your advantage once you reach the later waves. 
    Ideally, you and a partner can hang out on top of two different buildings so 
    you can shoot the undead that are directly underneath each other or otherwise 
    out of sight. 
    3. Use Undead Bait and Dynamite to get your team out of a tight jam. Just like 
    in single player, Bait is a great way to distract a large group of zombies and 
    give you enough time to switch or reload your weapons, or simply run away. 
    Once the undead are packed together around Bait, toss a stick of Dynamite that 
    way and wipe them all out in one shot. Similarly, if a teammate is down and 
    surrounded by zombies, don’t be afraid to use Dynamite to clear a path. While 
    friendly fire exists, teammates are invulnerable to your attacks if they’ve 
    been downed. 
    4. Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork. This is by far the most crucial strategy to 
    follow to give your team the best chance at surviving. There are no secrets 
    here, just common sense. Stick together, protect one another, revive partners 
    after clearing out any nearby zombies, and just do your best to work as a 
    007.3 – Land Grab 
    Land Grab is the second new multiplayer mode, Red Dead Redemption’s version of 
    King of the Hill. This game can be played during any Normal or Hardcore Free 
    Roam session, and you’ll see the markers scattered around in various locations 
    on the world map. Once activated, the goal is to remain alive within the 
    marked area for as long as you can, defending against other players who try 
    and take you down. At least three players are required to play a game of Land 
    Grab, and although only players who own the Undead Nightmare DLC can start a 
    game, anyone in the Free Roam session can join in. 
    Once a player activates the marker, a timer will begin counting down while a 
    second counter will keep track of how much time you have spent in control of 
    the territory. The player in control of the territory will lose it if they 
    leave the territory or are killed, or if another player activates the marker 
    again, even without killing the player who previously had the territory. 
    While the match is going, any kills defending or attacking the territory will 
    add to a communal XP pot, which is divided up among players depending on how 
    long they held the territory. 
    007.31 – Offensive 
    Naturally, where the game is will affect how easy or difficult it is to attack 
    the player currently holding the land. Areas such as MacFarlane's Ranch, with 
    the marker located on the roof of the sheriff’s office, have a lot of open 
    space surrounding it, making it easy for players to camp out on the roof and 
    pick off anyone who gets too close. 
    In general, you’ll want to catch the person in control by surprise, either by 
    sneaking up on them or attacking from a distance. If there’s an alternate way 
    to get to the marker, or even a route that most of the other players don’t 
    seem to be taking, use that. As you get close, crouch so you don’t appear on 
    the other players’ maps, and as soon as you get a chance take the shot, either 
    with the High Power Pistol or the Semi-Auto Shotgun depending on how close you 
    are. Alternatively, if multiple players are attacking the marker at the same 
    time, feel free to hang back and let everyone else do the dirty work, and 
    coming in later to blast the wounded stragglers who manage to survive. That 
    will also give you a bit more time to get settled in, as the players will have 
    to respawn and run back to the marker. 
    The last strategy is simple: Dynamite. It’s cheap as hell, but it works, and 
    just about every other player is going to use it as well anyway. You spawn 
    with two sticks of Dynamite every time (assuming you’re a high enough level to 
    have unlocked it), so there’s very little risk in wasting it, and a well-
    thrown explosive near the marker has a great chance of taking out multiple 
    007.32 – Defense 
    So you’re in control of the territory. Now what? 
    The first order of business is to look around and find the safest area to hide 
    at. Ideally, you want a spot that makes it easy for you to quickly spot and 
    attack any player coming at you, but with enough space to move around to avoid 
    the inevitable stick of Dynamite thrown your way. This isn’t always possible, 
    and depending on where the match is you may be stuck defending an area that 
    easily lets other players sneak up behind you or is so cramped that Dynamite 
    will flush you out into the open. Try and make the best of it, and if you’re 
    really lost, see what other players are doing once they take control of the 
    territory. If it looks like it works, go with that. 
    In terms of staying alive, the same weapons that are effective when taking the 
    territory will work just as well while defending it for the same reasons. 
    However, in this case you may want to consider using long range weapons as 
    well. Particularly if you have a lot of open space, being able to pick off 
    players at a distance will make your life infinitely easier, as you don’t have 
    to worry about shotgun attacks or Dynamite. I would avoid relying on a sniper 
    rifle, however, as it leaves you oblivious to the rest of your surroundings. 
    The most important piece of advice is to keep moving, even if you aren’t going 
    very far. You should never just be sitting around waiting for players to come 
    for you, and you’ll want to assume that every player is as smart as you. This 
    means you should be checking the various entrances for players trying to sneak 
    up on and being prepared for anything, which means being ready to switch 
    weapons at a moment’s notice and adapting to how the other players are 

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