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    Walkthrough by DG-le-Ste

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                     *  Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare   *
                     *              Xbox 360 Version            *
                     *          Version 1.00 - Complete         *
                     *                Walkthrough               *
                     *                 Revision 0               *
                     *       By Daniel "DG-le-Ste" Stephen      *
                     *            Twitter: @ DGleSte            *
                     *          Copyright (C) 2012-13           *
                     *   Email - danielstephen62[at]gmail.com   *
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    This guide has been taken from my "Game Of The Year Edition" walkthrough for
    "Red Dead Redemption". It follows straight on from that guide. All basic info
    will NOT be repeated in this guide.
    The other DLCs (Legends & Killers, etc.) are NOT covered in this guide. This
    is purely focused on a DLC that has brought an alternate storyline.
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    Note that this guide does contain major spoilers. I suggest searching for
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    1.       About The Writer
    2.       "Undead Nightmare"
    3.       Changes
    4.       The Undead Horde
    5.       The Storyline
             5A. "Love In The Time Of The Plague"
             5B. "Curious Tales From Blackwater, USA"
             5C. Survivor - "Birth Of The Conservation Movement"
             5D. "Get Back In That Hole, Partner"
             5E. "A Cure For Most Of What Ails You"
             5F. Survivor - "Missing Souls"
             5G. Missing Souls - Fort Mercer
             5H. "American Imperialism"
             5I. Saving Towns
             5J. Survivor - "Paternal Pride"
             5K. Survivor - "Dinner For Two"
             5L. Survivor - "Filth And Other Entertainment"
             5M. Survivor - "Biographies And Lies"
             5N. Missing Souls - El Presidio
             5O. "Mother Superior Blues"
             5P. "A Civilized Man"
             5Q. "On A Pale Horse"
             5R. Undead Ambient Challenges
                  UAC1. Undead Sharpshooter
                  UAC2. Four Horses Of The Apocalypse
                  UAC3. Undead Treasure Hunter
                  UAC4. Undead Hunter
             5S. Undead Outfits
             5T. Undead Encounters
    6.       Achievements
    7.       100% Completion Checklist
    8.       100% Completion Rewards
    9.       Credits
    10.      Goodbye!
    1.      About The Writer
    My name is Daniel Graeme (or Graham) Stephen, otherwise known on GameFAQs as
    DG-le-Ste. I am only 18 years old, but I have a number of years of GTA gaming
    under my belt. Say what you want to say, but there are millions of kids that
    aren’t even 13 playing “Grand Theft Auto” games. This is what I think is a
    simple fact, but I‘ll leave the arguments to you. This is a guide, not a
    Anyhoo, I come from the northeast of England, but with strong Scottish roots.
    I was originally born in Aberdeen, in the northeast of Scotland, until my
    family moved to the northeastern English town of Middlesbrough when I was very
    young. Most of my lifelong friends are gamers, and that includes me, and so we
    are a strong group when it comes to opposable thumbs.
    You could say GTA is my specialty. I grew up going on mad rampages on the
    comfort of my games console whilst playing as Carl Johnson or Claude Speed.
    Because of my childhood memories mostly being of this game series, it has
    inspired me to write these guides.
    I have studied subjects such as Law and Politics to a high level, which does
    require very good reading and writing skills. I have honed these skills into
    my guides.
    I started writing these guides in the summer of 2012, during the very start of
    my gap year before I went to university. This gave me a lot of spare time, and
    thus many of my guides have come to be.
    I would go into my private life, but this is unnecessary. So, instead of that,
    we’ll get under way.
    If you need another GTA guide, or any other guide, here is a list of what I
    have written:
    >> "Grand Theft Auto: III" Walkthrough
    >> "Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories" Walkthrough
    >> "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories" Walkthrough
    >> "Red Dead Redemption" Walkthrough
    >> "Red Dead Redemption: Game Of The Year Edition" Walkthrough
    >> "Saints Row" Walkthrough
    >> "Saints Row 2" Walkthrough
    >> "Saints Row 2" Multiplayer Badges Walkthrough
    >> "Saints Row: The Third" Walkthrough
    These guides can be found easily on GameFAQs, as this is where my content is
    originally posted. Some other guides may be harder to find, but it is possible
    I had posted the guide on another website due to a gaming website's guide
    getting oversaturated - what that means is that there are too many mainstream
    guides. So you may find some of them scattered around the gaming website world
    for that reason. I didn't really need to go too in-depth with it, but here you
    2.      "Undead Nightmare"
    As Rockstar pulled off a Wild West thriller, they added to it by pursuing
    something they hadn't really pulled off before - a zombie and pseudo-
    apocalyptic game.
    "Undead Nightmare" is a parallel to the main story of "Red Dead Redemption",
    beginning after the death of Dutch van der Linde and John's return to his
    family. Survival is key in this game, as you are playing to save John's skin -
    sometimes quite literally.
    New missions, new side content, new enemies and new features await you. The
    basic aspects from "Red Dead Redemption" are still there, so it isn't a
    complete seachange.
    3.      Changes
    There are a few major changes that are brought on by this new game:
    Money, Fame & Honor
    All of these systems have been removed for the game. Hence there are no shops
    to buy consumables, items, or ammunition. Ammunition for your weapons will be
    scarce throughout the game, so you must conserve what you have. The Honor and
    Fame system become useless in this game anyway, plus you cannot get a Bounty.
    You can do anything you want without the game punishing you, set from
    attacking someone and having to face off with angry survivors.
    Fast Travelling
    You cannot set up camps in this game. However, the Fast Travel system remains
    if you go into a Safehouse. You can only travel to towns that you have saved.
    Undead Animals
    Zombification has not only affected the general population - it has also
    affected the wildlife, too. Birds are replaced by bats, and most animals are
    replaced by an undead form. Undead animals can only be killed with a shot to
    the head.
    4.      The Undead Horde
    Most of the people roaming around the Western Border States are now undead -
    either infected, or have risen from their grave. There are four types of
    zombie that you may fight.
    The most common zombie, Fresh Undead are your typical zombie and are the
    weakest form. They will chase you at a steady speed. A shot to the head will
    put one down.
    Now, these ones are bastards - they come at you at speed, on all-fours and
    low to the ground. Getting a killer shot without Dead Eye is an achievement
    in itself, and they are able to pack some damage if you cannot dispose of them
    quickly enough. Again, all it takes is a shot to the head.
    Built like a tank, Bruisers are slow movers, but they can take a beating. They
    can also give you a beating - they pack a punch and leave you open to attack
    by other zombies. A few shots to the head will put them down. They are the
    hardiest of zombies.
    These ones prove to be the most dangerous - they will spew a corrosive venom
    at you, which can harm, and gives them a ranged attack. When killed, they will
    explode in a poisonous cloud, which harms anyone in its radius - you and the
    zombies. Glowing green, these are easy to distinguish.
    Prepare yourself to face off against each type as you progress through the
    5.      The Storyline
    The game's storyline is short and sweet, but packs in more content required
    for 100% Completion.
    5A. "Love In The Time Of The Plague"
    As John returns on the wagon to his home, all is normal - Jack is dug into one
    of his books, and Abigail is settled. Uncle, however, is nowhere to be found.
    After supper, everyone goes to bed.
    However, Uncle bursts in, with an almighty bloodlust. John runs to fetch his
    gun, but during this time, Abigail is chased outside and bitten by Uncle. You
    must put Uncle out of his misery, and then hogtie Abigail and Jack as they
    become zombified. The plague begins - John places the two in the bedroom, and
    he boards up the house.
    You are advised to ride to Blackwater. You can save in the loft of the barn.
    Head to Blackwater to continue the storyline.
    5B. "Curious Tales From Blackwater, USA"
    Upon riding into Blackwater, you must head into the town to see if you can get
    treatment for Abigail and Jack. The place is deserted and ruined, with
    messages such as "The Dead Have Risen" and "God Save Us" scrawled on the side
    of buildings. John will meet MacDougal on the main street, who has apparently
    returned to do more research. He is looking for Nastas - and finds him,
    unaware of his undead form. He is bitten and infected. You may kill them both
    or simply run away from them.
    You must begin searching for survivors. In the Tailors, you will find the
    niece of Mordecai Robbard, a man buried in Blackwater Cemetery. You are given
    a torch, and you must go up to the cemetery and burn the designated coffins.
    You must fight off any undead that rise from their graves, and eventually face
    off with Mordecai himself, who takes a Bruiser form. When he is dead and the
    rest of the undead are cleared, head back into Blackwater.
    The next part is an introduction to Saving Towns, which we'll leave out until
    we reach Mexico. You must help the survivors fight off the undead that are
    flooding Blackwater. Once you have done that, go speak to another group of
    survivors. A family taking refuge on a roof do nothing but squabble and do not
    really help. Another group of survivors, who plan to take over this land when
    the undead are cleared, pin the blame on a man with a glass eye and another
    man selling elixir - no rewards for guessing that these men are Seth Briars
    and Nigel West Dickens.
    You can do a number of things now - you can go about saving towns across the
    USA, go to Seth or West Dickens, or whatever you want. We have unlocked some
    side-content, though.
    5C. Survivor - "Birth Of The Conservation Movement"
    Head to Tanner's Reach to begin this. A man is shooting into the distance,
    protecting himself from the undead onslaught. He screams about sasquatches and
    the wives' tales that surround them. He asks John to go around Tall Trees and
    hunt them down.
    You must kill six Bigfoots. They will be marked on the map as a circle
    somewhere in Tall Trees. They are all timid and will run away, but can be
    killed with a couple of shots to the head. Hunting down the last one takes you
    off the path leading into the east side of Cochinay.
    John comes face-to-face with the supposed "last" sasquatch. They are not how
    they are portrayed through wives' tales - they prefer berries and mushrooms
    over small children, and are a fairly intelligent and very gentle race. This
    one, a male, weeps, believing he is the final sasquatch living, and pleads
    with John to put him out of his misery. This finishes as John regrets his
    actions. The Survivor task is complete.
    You may shoot and kill him, or leave him. You may find sasquatch occasionally
    when roaming around Tall Trees.
    5D. "Get Back In That Hole, Partner"
    This is started with Seth, stationed out at the Old Bacchus Place. It's funny
    to see how the undead accept him as one of their own, considering he's bound
    to stink like death with his capers. His old friend, Moses, is his own pet
    zombie. He's heard of the "glass eye" rumor circling around. Seth seems to
    think that everything will "fade away" if John was to clear out a few of the
    graveyards in New Austin. With nothing else to go on, John sets about it.
    There are three graveyards that you must cleanse to fulfil this mission -
    Coot's Chapel, Odd Fellow's Rest, and Tumbleweed. This is the same deal with
    cleansing the Blackwater graveyard in "Curious Tales From Blackwater, USA".
    The bosses are supporting characters from the main game who you may recognize.
    They are no harder to kill than Fresh undead. When you have cleansed each
    graveyard, go back to Seth.
    Seth has built up his own band of undead friends, still passive to him and to
    John. It's clear that the zombie apocalypse has had its effect on him, and his
    scheme hasn't done much to thin out the undead. John has grown sick of him,
    but his angry sentiments don't have any effect. After swallowing his glass eye
    and nearly choking on it, Seth lets slip that it may have to do with one of
    the previous tribes - either Aztecs or Incas. John, knowing that's all he'll
    probably get out of him, leaves Seth.
    5E. "A Cure For Most Of What Ails You"
    Nigel West Dickens can be found at Fort Mercer, now a haven for survivors to
    protect themselves from the undead horde. He is still playing the swindler
    game, selling tonic that is supposed to ward away the undead - in fact, it has
    the opposite effect. John is quick to judge West Dickens for his actions, but
    the stuff can be used as Undead Bait. West Dickens then requests Desert Sage
    and Violet Snowdrop for his next "miracle cure". Desert Sage is found in and
    around Gaptooth Ridge, and Violet Snowdrop in Aurora Basin and the surrounding
    area of northern Tall Trees. You are given three Survivalist Maps to make the
    search much quicker.
    Bringing five of each to West Dickens allows you to create a Phosporous
    Coating for your bullets. This will set the undead target up in a blue flame
    before dying. After saving him from a Bruiser, John is asked to go to Riley's
    Charge to search for "parts" before he can get a hold of "serious weaponry".
    Conducting a search in the appropriate area will find the parts and bring you
    back to West Dickens for one last time.
    West Dickens hands John a Blunderbuss - despite it's ridiculously poor
    stopping power, it will work a charm against Undead. West Dickens advises John
    that he should find a crossing into Mexico. Apparently, all is well south of
    the border. West Dickens says he can be found at Benedict Point, trying to
    figure out how he can get across a closed border.
    You will be able to create Undead Bait with Wild Feverfew and Prairie Poppy,
    Phosphorous Coating with Desert Sage and Violet Snowdrop, and ammo for your
    Blunderbuss by collecting enough Undead Parts, which can now be looted from
    Undead corpses.
    5F. Survivor - "Missing Souls"
    Heading back to Fort Mercer begins another Survivor task. Here, John watches a
    man put up a poster - thinking it is a Wanted Poster, John jokes about the
    situation to the man. He takes this to heart and is offended, because it is in
    fact a Missing Soul Poster. He advises John that he help track down anyone who
    may be missing.
    Pick up the Poster as you would a Bounty to track down the Missing Soul - in
    this case, a girl named Millicent Waterbury, last seen at Pleasance House.
    Fight off the Undead that have her trapped, and then get her back to Fort
    Mercer. You will have to fight off the surrounding Undead to be let in and
    finish up.
    This Survivor task will give you the Semi-Automatic Pistol and ammunition.
    5G. Missing Souls - Fort Mercer
    The Survivor task "Missing Souls" introduces you to this side-mission. This is
    identical to Bounties in the main game, but there is obviously a marked
    difference - you are saving lives rather than taking them.
    There are always two steps to a Missing Soul side-mission - rescue the person
    from the Undead horde surrounding them, and then fight off the Undead flooding
    outside Fort Mercer to get them back in.
    Your reward each time is ammunition for your weapons. You can only do these
    once - after taking care of all Missing Souls, you are finished with them.
    They're not replayable.
    There are nine Missing Souls to rescue, excluding Millicent Waterbury, who has
    already been saved. They are listed in alphabetical order:
    >> Adrienne Lachance
       Location: Armadillo Saloon
    >> Chu Fook
       Location: Gaptooth Breach
    >> Grover Boone
       Location: Venter's Place
    >> Mintie Cummings
       Location: Riley's Charge
    >> Orison Pratt
       Location: Ridgewood Farm
    >> Silas Gaskell
       Location: Critchley's Ranch
    >> Willie Oats
       Location: Plainview
    >> Willis Lassiter
       Location: Benedict Point
    >> Winona Picket
       Location: Lake Don Julio
    These Missing Souls reward around the same amount of ammunition as you're
    bound to be using, if not less, but it's good to get out of the way before
    heading on to Mexico.
    5H. "American Imperialism"
    John will find West Dickens at Solomon's Folly, laid waste, warming himself in
    front of what's left of a hearth. He doesn't have a passage into Mexico for
    himself, but he has an idea of how John can get over the border. The U.S. Army
    are set on taking a train across the border from Benedict Point. John can pass
    as a soldier quite easily, and so he'll have to set about getting a uniform.
    Head to The Scratching Post to find a few soldiers who have abandoned their
    fellow men, not wishing to go into Mexico. A chest with a U.S. Army Uniform
    is located near the campfire - you may help them defend their position, or
    leave them to it. Once you have the Uniform, make your way to Benedict Point.
    West Dickens' plan is beginning to work, but a certain point of the Undead is
    what stands in your way of getting across the border. You must fight them off
    from the train whilst stationery - stick on the train so you don't get swarmed
    by them - and then as you move on. Preserve your ammunition as much as you can
    (as you must have done up to this point).
    With the border still blocked and the undead advancing, you must cut them down
    and not allow them to get too close to the blockade. Once it's cleared, it's
    back on the train and smooth sailing to Mexico.
    It's funny to see how Mexico is near enough in the same state as the USA. You
    can now go about...
    5I. Saving Towns
    I left this one 'till Mexico for one reason - "Spinnin' Plates". This is the
    Achievement requiring you have all towns saved at the same time. This is also
    required for 100% Completion.
    Saving a town thins out the Undead to the outskirts of the settlement, and
    allows you to Fast-Travel to that location. There are a few statuses that a
    town will go through.
    -- Safe: Symbolized by a blue cross on a black background. This town has been
             cleansed from zombies. You can go about the settlement safely and you
             can Fast Travel to the settlement.
    -- Under Attack: A white hand on a green background. The zombies are starting
                     to flood back into the town. You may think about going back
                     and fighting them off.
    -- Overrun: A white hand on a red background. The town is no longer safe, and
                will need to be cleared out. Some survivors will be fighting them
    -- Lost: A red cross on a black background. All the town's survivors have
             succumbed to the onslaught. You may fight to control it, but you will
             not be able to save anyone, and you won't have protection.
    A town can go from Safe to Under Attack in 72 in-game hours. This gives you
    three in-game days to save all the towns and get the Achievement. After a
    certain amount of time neglecting a town under attack, it will become overrun
    and will eventually be lost.
    There are twenty of the main settlements to save - four in West Elizabeth,
    eight in New Austin, and eight in Nuevo Paraiso. Some of the Survivor tasks
    require you to save a town before you can begin it.
    You will need to kill undead to fill up the meter. You must fill the meter a
    certain amount of times before you can finish off the last of the undead and
    save the town. You can loot ammunition from chests and give some to the
    survivors in the town to provide you with covering fire. They are usually
    positioned in smart vantage points, and you may want to stick near them.
    Pull off the best possible shots and make sure that you conserve your ammo.
    In turn, saving a town may give you a bonus - saving some at the first time
    rewards you with a weapon (such as the Bolt Action Rifle for saving Cochinay).
    A town can be saved and go through the statuses numerous times - a town is
    never truly safe. You may have to act quick to get all 20 at Safe, but if you
    keep moving and make good progress, 20 all at Safe is not such a tall order.
    5J. Survivor - "Paternal Pride"
    After saving MacFarlane's Ranch, you can reunite yourself with Bonnie. She's
    very happy to see John, with the ranch now safe. Drew has been drawing the
    undead into the barn to thin them out in the open, but he hasn't come back for
    24 hours. Things don't sound too good, so John decides to investigate.
    You cannot enter the barn from the correct entrance. You will have to take the
    climbing route (from "The Burning" mission in the main game") and then make
    your way down to the ground. Upon investigating, Drew is found - zombified.
    Put him out of his misery. It is then up to John to give Bonnie the bad news.
    She takes it better than expected, knowing that he died with some nobility.
    5K. Survivor - "Dinner For Two"
    After saving Armadillo, head to the Sheriff's Office to find Marshal Leigh
    Johnson alive and well. He's holding his own, even with a shift from catching
    outlaws to killing zombies. The situation is dire - Armadillo is vulnerable,
    the ammunition count is low, and Jonah and Eli are nowhere to be found. The
    Marshal asks John to search for them.
    Head over to the General Store to speak with its owner, Herbert Moon. John
    realises how much of a bastard this man really is in his rant - blaming it on
    different races and religions. He is soon taken down by the undead and is
    bitten. Take out Moon and the undead, before heading over to the local Livery
    to carry on the search. You find Jonah and Eli, ripping shreds out of each
    other, both infected. Deal with both of them, and report back to the Marshal.
    He's glad that they both went out quick, and John gives him Jonah's Sawed-Off
    Shotgun. The Marshal hands it back to John as a reward for his efforts.
    5L. Survivor - "Filth And Other Entertainment"
    After saving Plainview, head to the campsite area to meet D.S. MacKenna, the
    Hollywood "big-man" from the "Lights, Camera, Action" Stranger Task in the
    main game. He has a plan to use the Undead in his favor after losing control
    of his last project - to create a film out of this madness. He already has a
    zombie hogtied, and wants a zombie that "spews vemon".
    A Retcher is what you're looking for, and you can find one easily in Gaptooth
    Ridge. Take out the rest of the pack around them before lassoing and hogtying
    them. Bring it back to MacKenna, and watch poetry in motion. Unfortunately,
    the zombies turn and infect MacKenna. Take care of them before you go on your
    5M. Survivor - "Biographies And Lies"
    You can go straight to Casa Madrugada, one of very few major settlements that
    is not overrun by zombies. Upon arriving, John discovers the reason behind
    this - Landon Ricketts is residing here. He seeks an effortless way to fight
    off the zombies. He requires Undead Bait and Dynamite.
    Undead Bait can be obtained and created following the mission "A Cure For Most
    Of What Ails You", requiring Wild Feverfew and Prairie Poppy to create. To
    obtain Dynamite, you must save Gaptooth Breach or El Matadero to obtain it.
    When you have both, head back to Ricketts to watch his creation in action -
    Boom Bait. You will now be able to leave Ricketts in peace, and be able to
    create Boom Bait with Undead Bait and Dynamite.
    5N. Missing Souls - El Presidio
    All bases are covered in this guide from the variant in Fort Mercer. This is
    exactly the same deal as it was in New Austin, set for different people and
    different locations.
    There are only six Missing Souls to save:
    >> Lydia Morales
       Location: Las Hermanas
    >> Merche Coronado
       Location: Casa Madrugada
    >> Porfirio Gutierrez
       Location: Roca de Madera
    >> Rafael Carillo
       Location: Agave Viejo
    >> Ramon Alvarez
       Location: Torquemada
    >> Santiago Valenzuela
       Location: El Matadero
    And that finishes up all side-content for now. It's a straight run to the
    5O. "Mother Superior Blues"
    John pays a visit to Las Hermanas. One of the mothers is fighting off the
    undead horde, but this settlement is different to the others - being a convent
    filled with sisters, they have understandable objections to killing undead.
    You will have a long and drawn-out objective ahead of you - to save Las
    Hermanas. Stay above ground and pick them off as they come. Some may make
    their way to the upper level, but it's highly unlikely that you'll be flooded
    by them.
    After a long toil, head back to Mother Superior. She has seen the mayhem of
    the rising undead, but seems mostly unaffected by it, choosing to fight. She
    seems to think it has something to do with one of the old civilizations - an
    angered Aztec God, or something along those lines. A "supernatural cause", she
    pins it down to. She asks John to get her one of the undead to conduct some
    tests on it.
    Any undead is suitable - a Fresh one from around the way will suffice. After
    John lays the zombie down for Mother Superior, she uses Holy Water on it. It
    seems to be saved, but soon returns to its undead state. So, it's something
    supernatural. John is given the last of the Holy Water and is ordered to clear
    out Sepulcro.
    Clear out the graveyard. The Holy Water can be used to stun the undead, making
    them easier to pick off. Fight off the Undead and the "boss" before heading
    back to Mother Superior. She thanks John for his help, and enlightens him on
    the cause of the plague - apparently down to the fault of Abraham Reyes, for
    angering an ancient goddess. John must seek Reyes to continue his journey.
    5P. "A Civilized Man"
    Regardless of clearing out Escalera or not, heading into the settlement to
    begin this mission means that the place will already be cleared anyway. Upon
    entering, you find Reyes - he's infected, too, and he's tormenting a girl in
    the dining room of the villa. Put him out of his misery.
    It seems that this girl knows what's going on - apparently, Reyes has stolen a
    mask that has caused this plague. John is incensed, thinking it's just another
    rumor, but this is meant to be true. He is convinced after opening Reyes'
    chest to find a mask. He decides to pay a visit down into the royal burial
    site to return it to its rightful place.
    The entrance to Escalera Catacombs is a shaft at the bullfighting ring, and
    you must fight your way past a scattering of Undead in your way. As you head
    down, you will encounter more Undead. The mission becomes difficult because
    you are fighting multiple enemies at close range in an enclosed space. The
    Torch works well enough for Fresh, but a good old-fashioned firearm is advised
    for the rest. Be wary of those that pop out from the ground.
    John comments on this fairly strange woman - you will soon learn that her name
    is Ayauhteotl. The woman is an incarnation of an Aztec goddess, whose mask has
    been stolen. All "she" wanted was the mask returned to its rightful place.
    Enough of the facts, though - fight your way further down into the Catacombs
    until you reach the end of the Catacombs. Here, you must fight off the Undead
    in this area as they come in waves. You are sealed in this area, so make use
    of as much ground as you can in here. Upon fighting off the Undead in their
    droves, John is able to place the mask back to where it rightfully belongs.
    The cutscene resumes at Beecher's Hope, as John returns to his family. They
    are now back in their normal state, and everything is fine. However, we then
    see Seth get into the Catacombs to steal the mask, meaning that the hordes
    will rear their ugly heads once again.
    5Q. "On A Pale Horse"
    With the storyline of "Red Dead Redemption" running its course, we see John's
    grave. He rises up, now one of the Undead. This mission is simply the epilogue
    that polishes off the game.
    You are rewarded the horse Death, and John has risen as half-human, half-
    Undead. This means that Undead will not attack you if you keep your distance,
    but survivors will treat you the same. Other side-content is still available
    to complete, but all Outfits not required for 100% Completion of the game
    cannot be unlocked.
    5R. Undead Ambient Challenges
    Ambient Challenges have been adjusted for this game. There are only five
    levels to complete for each one, and both Tomahawk and Explosive Rifle Mastery
    must be completed once more. If you haven't earned the Achievement for them
    from the main game, you are able to complete them in this game.
    UAC1. Undead Sharpshooter
    We are testing our shooting skills against the horde of the Undead.
    >> Rank 1 - Shoot and kill 5 Undead in 10 seconds
    This is easily achieved with a large group of zombies and painting headshots
    whilst in Dead Eye.
    >> Rank 2 - Headshot 10 Undead in a row
    Again, this one is pretty simple. You should get into the habit of headshots
    >> Rank 3 - Kill 5 flaming Undead in one Dead Eye meter
    You are advised to get Fire Bottles from saving Thieves' Landing. This makes
    this Rank a tall order, as you need to find 5 Undead in close proximity to
    each other to pelt them with the Bottle, and then enter Dead Eye and kill them
    before they succumb to the fire attack. However, Phosphorous Coating on your
    bullets count for this. So, build the coating, go to a place where you have a
    height advantage - Fort Mercer or El Presidio works fine. Get the kills in
    quick and make them count.
    >> Rank 4 - Kill one of each Undead in one Dead Eye meter
    Firstly, you need to find a place where each type of Undead will spawn. The
    best place is El Presidio, as they gather at the gates. Try and get them all
    in one Dead Eye Meter and that's it.
    >> Rank 5 - Score 5 sniper rifle kills in 8 seconds without using Dead Eye
    The Rolling Block Rifle can be obtained by saving Pacific Union R.R. Camp. It
    sounds like a very tall order for the inexperienced shooter, but execution
    shots do count. Running up to a scattered pack of several zombies is the best
    way to go about this. El Presidio is a place that spaces out the hordes pretty
    Completing this Challenge will earn you the Carcano Rifle and the Mauser
    UAC2. Four Horses Of The Apocalypse
    These will put your Horsebreaking skills to the test. There are four of them
    to find somewhere in the Western Border States.
    Each Horse captured has unlimited stamina, and normally a special perk. Either
    way, the Horses are pretty unique, and it is worth capturing them set from
    100% Completion.
    >> Rank 1 - Find the Mythical Horse in West Elizabeth
    At some point whilst travelling through West Elizabeth, you may encounter the
    Mythical Horse, Pestilence. It is found most commonly in Tall Trees as opposed
    to Great Plains. The Horse has no special perks.
    >> Rank 2 - Find the Mythical Horse in New Austin
    At some point whilst travelling through New Austin, you may encounter the
    Mythical Horse, Death. It can spawn anywhere in New Austin, and doesn't seem
    to have a preference to any area. Try searching in the west, where it is much
    more sparsely populated, with a small scattering of settlements. Death will
    set anyone in flames if they come into contact with it.
    >> Rank 3 - Find the Mythical Horse in Nuevo Paraiso
    At some point whilst travelling through Nuevo Paraiso, you may encounter the
    Mythical Horse, Famine. Again, this will spawn anywhere in the province, so
    you want to choose an area that is more barren and less populated. Famine has
    no special perks.
    >> Rank 4 - Find the Mythical Horse, Death
    Death can spawn anywhere, at any time, throughout the Western Border States.
    Therefore, he is much harder to find. If you finish the storyline, which will
    reward you with this Horse, you are rewarded Rank 4 in that way. So, either
    finish the storyline, or have luck with finding it as you go about your
    business. Death will automatically kill anyone that it comes into contact
    with or is trampled.
    >> Rank 5 - Kill one of each Undead with Death
    Utilize Death's special perk to do this. This is best done in Jorge's Gap, a
    route to the southeast of Odd Fellow's Rest in Cholla Springs, New Austin. The
    route is teeming with Undead and is an ideal place to do it. Failing that, you
    can try El Presidio, where each type of Undead will spawn more freely.
    Completing this Ambient Challenge will reward you with the Blood Pact (the
    Horse Deed) to each Mythical Horse.
    UAC3. Undead Treasure Hunter
    Good ol' Treasure Hunting returns in this DLC. The rewards are different, but
    it's more or less the same. Rewards are ammunition and other amenities that
    have become very rare, such as Chewing Tobacco.
    >> Rank 1 - Acquire a Treasure Map and find the Treasure
    Again, this one comes from a Random Event. Find an Encounter that involves a
    person at a settlement with a chest, and you may loot it from there. Otherwise
    you must utilize the Random Events to get the Map.
    The Map, still showing how cryptic these things are, will show the Treasure's
    location. Head north from MacFarlane's Ranch into a gap into the northern
    mountain range, and the Treasure is located right at the end of it. Just go as
    further north from here as you can and you should be led right there. Your
    reward is some ammunition and the next map.
    >> Rank 2 - Find the Treasure in New Austin
    You are shown a ranch house and the Treasure located underneath a tree on the
    edge of a cliff. The ranch house is Venter's Place, and the tree can be seen
    in the distance to the east. The Treasure is still difficult to find, so you
    must search the area for it. It is one of the most difficult to find, but once
    you have found it, you're set. Your reward is more ammunition and the next
    >> Rank 3 - Find the Treasure in New Austin
    Head to The Scratching Post, and look for two large rock spires. They are seen
    and can be approached from the northwest. Your reward is more ammunition and
    the next map.
    >> Rank 4 - Find the Treasure in Nuevo Paraiso
    A cemetery with grand momuments - the only place to narrow it down to is
    Sepulcro. Head to the two trees, standing out from the area to the south, and
    find the Treasure at second pair of trees from here. Your reward is more
    ammunition and the final map.
    >> Rank 5 - Find the Treasure in Nuevo Paraiso
    The Treasure is found at the base of the cliffs that look over Casa Madrugada
    on its north side. I managed to pinpoint it between the railroad tunnel and
    the settlement itself on this outcrop. Find your way onto it and carefully
    scour the area from there. Your reward is more ammunition, and completion of
    the Undead Treasure Hunter Ambient Challenge.
    You do not receive a reward for Rank 5, but the Ambient Challenge provides you
    with valuable consumables and more ammunition, greatly welcomed in this game.
    UAC4. Undead Hunter
    The Undead Hunter Ambient Challenge is one that will be completed over the
    course of the game, as the first two ranks are progression through the game by
    covering your own back.
    >> Rank 1 - Kill 100 Fresh Undead and 25 Bolters
    As Fresh Undead and Bolters are the most common types, this Rank is easily
    achieved. If you don't complete this rank through the storyline, just go out
    and hunt the Undead down.
    >> Rank 2 - Kill 25 Bruisers and 15 Retchers
    Bruisers and Retchers are more uncommon, but you don't have to hunt down a lot
    of them. Again, this comes with storyline progression and it shouldn't take
    much hunting to whittle down the target total.
    >> Rank 3 - Kill 2 Undead with a Retcher explosion
    As explained earlier, Retchers will explode in a green toxic gas that harms
    both John and the Undead if in close proximity. Your easiest method is to
    lasso and hogtie a Retcher and two more Undead, preferably Fresh.
    >> Rank 4 - Kill 2 Bears, 5 Wolves, and 3 Cougars using a Torch
    Bears, wolves and cougars take an Undead form in this game. Bears are found in
    Tall Trees; wolves are found throughout the Western Border States; and cougars
    throughout New Austin and West Elizabeth, more common in Rio Bravo and Great
    Plains, near to Beecher's Hope. Use Famine or Pestilence if you have a Horse
    of the Apocalypse, as they are near-immortal and won't get taken down easily.
    Swipe each animal with the torch and make sure you get the kill.
    Rank 4 will reward you with Holy Water.
    >> Rank 5 - Find and kill the Chupacabra
    The Chupacabra is a legendary animal, and can only be found at random after
    achieving Undead Hunter Rank 4. It can be found at random in Nuevo Paraiso.
    Despite being a legendary animal, once you have found it by entering its
    roaming grounds, it can be killed easily. It may also respawn after completing
    the rank, though I have not confirmed this. It is easily found out on the wild
    grounds, away from the settlements, so search along the sparse lands of Nuevo
    Completing this Ambient Challenge will reward you with the LeMat Revolver and
    the Evans Repeater.
    5S. Undead Outfits
    There are several more Outfits that can be unlocked which are exclusive to
    "Undead Nightmare". Each one listed below is required for 100% Completion.
    >> Union Suit
       Required To Unlock: Complete "Love In The Time Of The Plague".
       Perks: None.
    >> Undead Cowboy
       Required To Unlock: Complete "On A Pale Horse".
       Perks: None.
    >> Undead Hunter/Army Of The Undead
       Required To Trigger: Collect one of the five Scraps.
       Required To Unlock: Collect all the five Scraps.
       Perks: Unlocking the Outfit puts a Holy Relic in your Inventory. It can be
              used once a day to replenish your ammunition and to give you 
              consumable items.
       -- Scrap #1: Complete the Survivor Mission, "Birth Of The Conservation
       -- Scrap #2: Complete the Survivor Mission, "Filth And Other
       -- Scrap #3: Complete the Survivor Mission, "Missing Souls".
       -- Scrap #4: Return one Missing Person to El Presidio.
       -- Scrap #5: Find and break the Mythical Unicorn.
                    -- The Unicorn can only be found on the roaming grounds of the
                       original roaming grounds of the Hungarian Half-Bred, after
                       you have killed the Chupacabra for the first time. It is
                       very similar to the Half-Bred and is found in eastern Diez
    >> Legend Of The Apocalypse/Legend Of The Undead
       Required To Unlock: Complete all Undead Ambient Challenges.
       Perks: The use of Phosphorous Coating on your bullets lasts longer.
       -- Complete Rank 5 of all four main Ambient Challenges, excluding Tomahawk
          and Explosive Rifle Mastery.
    5T. Undead Encounters
    Several encounters unique to "Undead Nightmare" will become available to you
    as you play through the game.
    Dr. Gunner
    You will see a doctor manning a Gatling Gun, mowing down the attacking Undead.
    Help him survive, and he may make different requests - capturing a live Undead
    or asking for Undead Pieces if you have the Blunderbuss. Your typical reward
    is ammunition. After several of these encounters are completed, you may earn
    the High Power Pistol.
    At One With Nature
    Again, a man is defending himself. However, he is also protecting a Sasquatch
    from the Undead horde. You can be given any reward, and the encounter can only
    occur in Tall Trees.
    Guardian Angel
    A man or a woman is being chased by several Undead. If you kill them before
    they fall victim, you are rewarded ammunition. The Undead tend to be Bolters.
    A man or a woman will shout for John. They are stranded, and if you choose to
    help them, you must take them to the nearest safe town. Ammunition tends to be
    the reward for this.
    You may find someone being held at gunpoint by an outlaw. If you save the
    victim's hide by killing, disarming or hog-tying the outlaw, you are rewarded
    with ammunition.
    Trapped Indoors
    You may see some Undead scratching at someone's door, with a family inside.
    Once inside, you are told not to open a door. If you do, you must contend with
    a large group of Undead. If you manage to clear them out, you will find a
    chest which will normally contain a nice amount of ammunition and a consumable
    A Helping Hand
    A man may come up to you on horseback, requesting help to clear out Undead
    that has one of his family trapped. Kill the Undead, and inside the house is a
    chest with rewards inside.
    Still A Gambler
    A man will be fighting off the Undead. He will propose a bet to see if John
    can kill more Undead. If you manage to pull off this feat, you are rewarded
    6.      Achievements
    "Undead Nightmare" has 12 additional Achievements, adding up to 190G.
    1. Spinning Plates (25G)
       Have all major settlements at "Safe" status at the same time.
    Saving a town is easy enough. There are 22 across the Western Border States.
    The time from a town going from Safe to Under Attack is around 2-3 ingame
    days. Get through them 
    2. Zed's Dead, Baby (40G)
       Attain 100% Completion.
    Look at Section 23 to see what is required for 100% Completion in "Undead
    3. Mad Marston: The Trail Warrior (15G)
       Complete Rank 5 in all Undead Ambient Challenges.
    Complete Rank 5 in all the Undead Ambient Challenges, excluding Tomahawk
    Mastery and Explosive Rifle Mastery.
    4. Smoke That Skinwagon (10G)
       Make it to Wave 15 in Undead Overrun.
    This new Multiplayer game mode is reminiscent of the Zombies game mode in the
    current "Call Of Duty" titles. Get used to the game mode and what it entails
    before making a go of this Achievement. The maximum party membership is four.
    5. Kingpin (10G)
       Fight off 8 unique players during your time on top in Land Grab.
    Land Grab can be started in Free Roam, and will require you to hold down a
    settlement. Keeping players out for longer earns you more points.
    6. Six Years In The Making (10G)
       Kill a Sasquatch.
    This will be earned during the Survivor Task, "Birth Of The Conservation
    Movement". A good homage to one of the most notorious myths in gaming.
    7. Judge A Man By The... (30G)
       Reunite John with Seth and West Dickens.
    You must complete both the missions, "Get Back In That Hole, Partner" and "A
    Cure For Most Of What Ails You".
    8. The Downward Spiral (10G)
       Complete "Curious Tales From Blackwater, USA".
    Complete the second mission in the game to earn this Achievement.
    9. All's Right With The World (25G)
       Complete "On A Pale Horse".
    Complete the final mission in the game to earn this Achievement.
    10. The Superior Dance (10G)
        Complete "Mother Superior Blues".
    Complete the first mission in Mexico to earn this Achievement.
    11. Fan Service (10G)
        Find and break a Unicorn.
    The Unicorns replace the Hungarian Half-Bred horses in this game, and can be
    found to the eastern reaches of Nuevo Paraiso.
    12. Chupathingy (10G)
        Find and kill a chupacabra.
    The chupacabra is killed for Rank 5 of Undead Hunter, and will appear at
    random anywhere in Nuevo Paraiso.
    7.      100% Completion Checklist
    Listed below are the requirements to earn 100% Completion in "Undead 
    >> Complete all story missions, from "Love In The Time Of The Plague" to "On A
       Pale Horse".
    >> Complete all Survivor Missions:
             -- Birth Of The Conservation Movement
             -- Missing Souls
             -- Paternal Pride
             -- Dinner For Two
             -- Filth And Other Entertainment
             -- Biographies And Lies
    >> Cleanse all five graveyards (completed through the story)
    >> Save all 22 major settlements
    >> Find and retrieve all Missing Souls to Fort Mercer and El Presidio
    >> Complete all four of the Undead Ambient Challenges:
             -- Hunter
             -- Sharpshooter
             -- Treasure Hunter
             -- Four Horses Of The Apocalypse
    >> Unlock all Undead Outfits
    And that's it.
    8.      100% Completion Rewards
    So, with the Western Border States in apocalyptic ruin, what is your reward
    from fighting the Undead horde?:
    >> No limits on ammunition and consumable builds.
    And that's your only bonus. Then again, "Undead Nightmare" has an environment
    that is much more limited than the main game.
    9.      Credits
    There are several people who I would like to thank:
    >> Rockstar Games
    You create some of the best games I’ve ever played, including those outside
    the “Grand Theft Auto” franchise. I salute you for that.
    >> All Gaming Hosts
    Those who host my guides, I thank you for getting my work out there. I thrive
    on helping people, and also perceiving other ways I can go about my gaming.
    >> The Red Dead Wiki
    I have used the website to confirm information and gather it to make my guide
    as detailed as possible. I appreciate how much effort has gone into a non-
    profit project, and I salute them. Thanks.
    >> X360A.org
    I based the Achievement sections off of their build, and picked up nuggets of
    information along the way. Again, I appreciate the effort that has gone into
    such a project, and they deserve a mention for playing a part in the
    construction of my guide.
    >> I have no individuals to thank as of yet. Feedback is appreciated, even if
    it is just a "thanks".
    10.      Goodbye!
    And another guide is capped off. Thank you for reading my guide.
    "Red Dead Redemption: GOTY Edition" is a video game produced by Rockstar
    Games, a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. No
    copyright infringement is intended.
    Any other sources of information, either during or after development and
    completion of this guide, are acknowledged. This guide was constructed with a
    very detailed playthru of the game; therefore much of this guide’s content is
    that of mine, the guidewriter. Any content that is not mine will be
    highlighted, and I will credit the author in my guide.
    You may ask my permission via email for posting of my, or parts of my guide.
    However, I will not allow you to post the whole guide, or the majority of it,
    unless I can trust you with it. If I allow you to post one of my guides, it
    must be left UNALTERED, and a credit to my name. Do not copy my guide without
    my permission, unless for personal use. Copyright infringement is something I
    won’t take lightly, and I will do everything in my power to have plagiarism
    (C) 2012-2013 DG-le-Ste. All rights reserved.

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