Gifts for befriending the villagers?

  1. I know all the loved and hated gift information you get from the shrine, but a lot of those items (like in Frontier) are difficult to make until later in the game. I know Odette likes pickles, Maerwen and Violet like flowers, Lily likes cherries, and Elena likes ores, but that's about it. Any additional information helps! Thanks~.

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Accepted Answer

  1. Lily - any kind of fruit, just buy oranges or apples at the general store
    Odette - Pickles, buy it from the inn(Odette) or just make some
    Violet - Medicinal Herb
    Electra - Small Fleece - Tame woolies or buy from the general store
    Maerwen - Flowers, Just get moondrop its the easiest
    Beatrix - Any kind of cooked food.
    Mikoto - Fried fishes, I'd suggest mackerel it's the easiest one to come by. Go fishing then cook or buy from the inn(Odette).
    Sierra - Necklace, Earrings, Scarves haven't tried rings though. Craft or buy from the general store
    Bismark - Seafood pizza? not sure haven't tried it yet.
    Elena - Scrap metal. Can be bought from the Blacksmith shop
    James - Pudding, make some (egg+milk) or buy from the inn(Lily).
    Quinn - Curry or ice cream? I'd go for ice cream it's easier. Make it(egg+milk) or buy it from the inn(Lily).
    Kelsey - Toys? not so sure about this one. just give 'em some random stuff and the kid will be happy, just gave him some grass or eggs(if you're planning to do his repeated quests).
    Gerard - Fruit juices: apple, orange, etc. Make it or buy it from the inn(Lily)
    Pandora - Jewels: ruby, aquamarine, sapphire, etc. Farm from mimics(earth shrine) or mine some from your winter island. Also Rune Crystals, you can get some from your fully grown planted trees.
    Jocelyn - Aside from sturdy chair I don't know any. Sturdy chair = carpentry+oak+cheap cloth+ grass(forgot what color)
    Bacchus - Pickles same as Odette.
    Joe - Recovery Potion

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Other Answers

  1. Violet also loves medicinal herbs.

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  2. You can also cook simple dishes like strawberry jam pickle or tomatoes juices. Every body love food especially Elena, Quinn, betrix ( she also love juices) but dont give tomatoes to jocelyn she hate tomatoes. Violet love any glasses and flower. Bacehus love pickle also. Electra love meterial items, and pendant. James love pudding ( cook from pot with milk and egg)
    Hope this help :)

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  3. Mikoto also love grill fish / any fish cook with frying pan.

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