Friendship levels have stoped going up?

  1. I have gotten most of the girls friendship levels to level 6 and most of the men as well and no one will level up anymore no matter what i give them or how much i talk to them and i do the requests on the bord as well , Please does anyone know what im not doing?

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  1. This is going to be long explanation but it should answer most questions people ask/have been asking, starting from after beating the game to what you have to do to free Sonja's soul from Aden's body. And yes, it is a SPOILER if you haven't beaten the game, if your stuck after beating it, this is for you to read. There are a two (one very long one) requirements before getting level 7 hearts+. It will maxed out at 6 if you haven't done the two requirements. I highly recommend that you first get the potential people who you can marry to level 6 before beating the game; two reasons, one, for every 6 friendship level you earned, it will count as extra lives against the final boss, and two, it will help the Friendship Compass requirement. There are 9 (10 if you choose to play Aden) Maidens and 3 (4 if you choose to play Sonja) Bachelors, totaling 12 characters you need to get at 6 (Aden and Sonja do not count until shes free). For people who haven't done their research, Maidens are: Sonja, Lily, Odette, Violet, Electra, Maerwen, Elena, Sierra, Pandora, and Mikoto. Bachelors are: Aden, Joe, James, and Bismarck.
    First, you have to beat the main story line.
    Second, you have to free Sonja's soul from Aden's Body.
    To do so, after you beat the main quest, it will skip to the next day. The first thing you will notice when you leave your house, your golem is gone because of the battle. You need to talk to Elena, she will tell you its possible to restore your golem, and gives you a mini side quest to collect fragments of your golem that was scattered during the battle. Talk to every character; Elena gives you the first one, she asks you to get at least 12, if you talk to everyone in ToD, you should have 15 if I recall correctly. After you give her the fragments (just talk to her, you don't have it physically in inventory screen), go to sleep. The next day, Elena wakes you up for you to discover your golem is back and ready to serve again. Go to the Bulletin in the Inn, you will see the Three Sisters, Odette, Lily, and Violet, all have a Golden Tulip request (3 quest if you can't add), its all simple, just talk to them to trigger a scene and done. After you finish the three request, talk to Pandora. After you talk to her, she gives you a tome and ask you to give it to Lily. When you give Lily the tome, she will you tell you that you need a Friendship Compass to free Sonja's soul after you listen to her story. You then have to talk to Bacchus who then tells you to talk to Joe. When you talk to Joe, he says to come back tomorrow so he can find it (lost?). Sleep again and talk to Joe to get the Friendship Compass. WARNING: DO NOT GIVE LILY THE FRIENDSHIP COMPASS just yet, you can LOSE the item if you do give it to her. When Joe gives you the Friendship Compass, just talk to Lily, she will know you have it and tell you that you need 12 people close to you to be good friends. She will mention to go to the Dragon Shrine to check the Friendship Compass progress. Go to the Dragon Shrine and there's a new option, Friendship Compass. When you check it, it will light up(12 light are up means you done the requirement, 11 light ups and lower means someone is not at level 6 yet.) When all of them are lighted, that's when you give Lily the Friendship Compass from your inventory screen. It will trigger a scene and the game will tell you if you want to transfer all the power to Aden or Sonja, obviously Aden is male and Sonja is female, that's when the game lets you choose what sex you want to be. After that, you can go above 6 friendship level EXCEPT the same sex class you are, meaning if you pick Aden, the 3 Bachelors stay maxed at level 6 (no same sex marriage) and vice versa with Sonja.
    Why 6? Because at level 7 friendship, its now HEARTS instead of HAPPY faces and we all know Aden doesn't want to hurt Sonja's feelings while her soul is in his body. By the way, Aden/Sonja friendship start at 8 since there childhood friends. Hope that clears up/answers a lot.

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  1. You need to complete the main story first.

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