1. So what is the difference between this game and the Way of the Samurai 3? Of course other than storyline and characters.

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    ido_enigma - 5 years ago

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  1. Aside from storyline and characters, the main mechanical differences from Way of the Samurai 3 are as follows:

    Vitality and Life: Your 'life bar' is now essentially split into two different things; Vitality (the gauge on the left of the HUD), which depletes over time while fast traveling or taking damage, and Life, which only goes down from getting hit in combat.

    If you have vitality in your gauge, and have taken life damage, by not getting hit or attacking for a while, your life will refill. This works for enemies too. Vitality can be restored by sleeping or eating food.

    The game retains the push/pull system of Way of the Samurai 3, but has gotten rid of the 'glimpse of death' parry feature, instead introducing a Spring Harvest mechanic. When you fill the Spring Harvest gauge (by killing enemies), you can press R1 and L1 to activate it. You become very fast and can infinitely combo moves together until the gauge runs out.

    Sword moves are no longer tied to their swords; they're contained in Weapon Styles, which will drop from enemies when you kill them. This means that, within reason (no sword moves on a spear!), you can mix and match any kind of style with any kind of sword. Martial Arts (unarmed combat) returns from Way of the Samurai 3.

    There are more, but I can't recall off the top of my head.

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  1. Well, you can customize your character more like you can change the age and gender, more stuff to do such as night crawling, dojo's, schools, etc. I think you can use guns now. Longer story but has less endings. I think this game has a lot more than WotS3.

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  2. There's other minor changes like the ability to converse with multiple people during a conversation by switching between all the characters in the conversation using left and right keys. Sword durability is constantly decreasing with use, measured in points. There' isn't a durability gauge any more so every time you use your sword durability points go down. These can be restored using whetting stones or getting sword polished at smithy. Sword breaks once all durability points are lost but can be repaired (I think). You can having your own dojo which makes easier getting all sword styles by challenging others. there are British guards with muskets.

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  3. Also eating during battle now has an animation leaving you vulnerable to attacks, nice bit of realism

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