Nitecrawl with akemi and melinda?

  1. How do i trigger these events?

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Accepted Answer

  1. Answers taken from this topic on the boards (i.e. thank users Baruch98 and Unitice):

    How to Night Crawl Melinda:

    - Must have hospital open
    - Must be on Prajna route
    - Must fight Akaji, Melinda and Kotobuki in the first event "Amihama Harbor Skirmish"
    - Melinda must be fought with BLUNT side of blade (except for first encounter at Harbor)

    Day 1 (Morning):
    - Participate in the conflict and when Akaji grabs Laura either talk to him and tell him to let her go or simply take out your blade and slash him. He will sic his goons on you, kill them fast and fight Akaji, Melinda and Kotobuki back to back. Defeat them.
    - Go to Little Britain and talk to Melinda in front of he gate. When presented with dialogue, press L1 to draw your blade and defeat her with blunt side, she'll flee.

    Day 1 (Evening):
    - Head to Toasty Truth Bar in the Town, crash the marine party., fight them and then Melinda will appear. When the screen goes into widescreen draw your blade slash her, defeat her with blunt attacks and she'll run again. (You can also kill her right then and there)

    Day 1 (Night)
    - Go to the Consulate and talk to J.J. Apologize for your actions and do his event.

    Day 2 (Morning)
    - Go to Little Britain and talk to Laura in front of the Hospital (Hospital MUST be open from previous playthrough)...she will ask you to go to back roads and escort someone that has funds to keep the hospital up and running. At the roads Melinda will also be there, again, drawn your blade on her at dialogue choice and defeat her with blunt attacks.

    From here on until day 4 of the tournament strictly Prajna events must be done.

    Day 4 (Morning/Tournament)
    - Visit the shrine and tell Akaji you'll take part in it for them. Head to the main plaza and participate.
    - During the tournament kill or spare the first 2 combatants, your choice. Round 3 you'll fight Melinda again. Defeat her with blunt attacks once again and when her vitality is 0, choose the talk option and call the match, sparing her.
    - Leave the arena when asked to go to the top. You'll be back at the town. Head back to the Main Plaza, to the Brit restaurant (Low-end) and Melinda will be in the corner getting drunk from getting owned so much. Take advantage of her in this state, talk to her and choose the first dialogue choice. Night crawl confirmed.
    -Leave and sleep until night (since it's past day 4, events won't be messed up by sleeping)
    - Go inside the Black Ship. Finish minigame and show her how fond you are of redheads.

    Lastly do the rest of the Prajna events and truly lay her.


    - Prajna Path (Xenophobes)
    - 10 to 15 Fish (No Japanese Crayfish)
    - Can fish on first day by buying earthworms from the shop next to the river in Town

    Day 1 - Morning
    - Can do both "Amihama Harbor Skirmish" or "After the Storm"
    - Travel to Shrine to join Prajna
    - Follow all events until Evening

    Day 1 - Evening
    - Go to Akemi's bar and help her

    Side: Give fish to Akemi
    Day 1, and 2 - Evening and Night
    - With the Fish in your inventory talk to Akemi and she will automatically ask to be given your fish. Agree to let her have them by choosing option 2. Repeat this until you've given her 10 to 15 fish. (I choose 15 because when I gave 10 it didn't work but when I gave 13 it did. I see 15 as a guarantee number)

    Day 1 Night to Day 3 Midday
    - Just follow all Prajna Events until Day 3 Night
    - At night go to the Cemetery and watch the scene between Akemi and the 3 Sisters
    - After the scene approach Akemi
    - When offered the first chance to talk to her choose option 3
    - As she walks away talk to her a 2nd time when offered another chance to talk to her
    - Choose option 2
    - When you return to the Bar talk to her a 3rd time when offered a dialog chance
    - Choose option 1

    Congrats you now have the opportunity to Night Crawl Akemi

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