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"Bleach is rough in the beginning but picks up well post game."

This is DEFINITELY a bleach fans wet dream come true, not only get to play as Kurosaki Ichigo, but also many other FAN favorites!
(Such as... Aizen, Jin,Byakuya,Ulquiorra, and yes even Hollowfied Ichigo + many more).

GAMEPLAY: Can you say Dynasty warriors:BLEACH edition?
This is a Hack and Slash, Grind and even more Grinding type of game. If you dont like those then chances are you wont like this.

The animation and art design are very colorful and lively/vibrant. The Game designers even went out of there way to make it so that when you take damage you see the detail and expressions on every characters model. You could stand in a level and rotate the view around your character and it never get old!

Unfortunately the storyline in this game falls waaaaay short and makes it Unbearable for some Medicore fans/players. IF and I say IF you make it through the horrible story mode and get a chance to start playing around with Mission mode you start to see where the developers put most there time and effort at. You basically pick a character you enjoy playing/being the most and level them up into a SUPER SOUL REAPER. The leveling system is quite unique and fun, and will be familiar to those of you that have played FF12. (Grid Based). You can even gain some pretty nice/useful abilities such as.... Absorbing life when using projectile attacks, or Reviving right when your about to die. Every Mission has different difficulties and as you have probably guessed you get more experienced based on that.

Some other modes BLEACH SOUL RESURRECCION has are COLLECTION, SOUL ATTACK, and even gives you the option to change voices to Japanese.

COLLECTION: is basically a place you go to view statues of certain characters and listen to One liners from the manga/game.

SOUL ATTACK: This is yet another mode worth getting into. Basically once your character is maxed/or not (Max being LEVEL 175) you can come here to do TIMED missions where the objective is to accumulate as many SOULS as you can and UPLOAD your data to LEADERBOARDS if your into that kind of thing.

Well that about sums everything up. BLEACH SOUL RESURRECCION is fun if you can get pass the horrible story mode.

I gives this game a 8/10! If the story mode was there it be an easy 10. BRING ON THE SEQUEL!!!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/09/11

Game Release: Bleach: Soul Resurreccion (US, 08/03/11)

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