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    Hi-Jinks Guide by Wiite

    Updated: 02/15/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    By: Caleb Wagner (Wiite)
    Email: Wiite09@yahoo.com
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    /Table of Contents/
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    I.	Introduction				[INT]
    II.	The Gilded SteamShip		[GSS]
    III.	The Royal Train Station		[RTS]
    IV.	The Zeppelin of Consequence	[ZOC]
    V.	The Triple-Decker Tank Engine	[TTE]
    VI.	Closing					[CSG]
     |I. Introduction (INT)|
    This is my first guide, so I appreciate everyone who took time 
    to give it a look and hope it helps! This guide will cover the 
    optional Hi-Jinks section in Double Fine’s game Stacking. Hi-
    Jinks are completed by using certain abilities of other nesting 
    dolls that you encounter. Each area that you explore has 10 
    different Hi-Jinks that can be tracked in the pause menu. You 
    will know if you are doing them correctly as the icon appears in 
    the top left corner of the game screen; press X or A to use each 
    doll’s ability.
    |II. The Gilded SteamShip (GSS)|
    (Though this is not the first location you visit, it is the first to 
    introduce the Hi-Jinks section of the game.)
    Masquerade Ball
    Description: Get dolls made over at the “Artistic Makeover” shop.
    Info: The shop is on the second floor of the ship, at the opposite end 
    of the buffet and on the left in the small room with anchors on the 
    walls. You need to stack into dolls then talk to him to see if he will 
    give them a makeover, you will need to do this 5 times.
    Nesting Instinct
    Description: Use pelicans to fly to all nests.
    Info: Pelicans can only be found in certain parts of the ship. Most 
    times the nests are nearby. There are 4 nests in all and you can use 
    the same pelican for all of them. The first nest is in front of the 
    Safari and the second is at the back entrance of the buffet.  A third 
    nest is inside the buffet and the fourth is on the deck right above 
    the buffet, which can be reached by standing near the back door of the 
    buffet. Just use the “Fly to Nest” ability to get to them. 
    Animal Stack
    Description: Stack Prestige, any pelican and the Kodiak bear together.
    Info: You have to stack into the illusionist family’s dog, Prestige. 
    Then go in front of the Safari on the main deck and stack into the 
    pelican. Use the pelican’s ability to fly to the nest in the window 
    and stack into the bear that is in the room. 
    Description: Use Pirate Chuck to make dolls faint.
    Info: Find the pirate walking around and stack into him. Use his 
    ability near dolls to make them faint, do this to 5 different dolls.
    A Mass Effect
    Description: Perform the Argyle Illusion on dolls.
    Info: You can find Ronaldo, the Illusionist father at the exhibit on 
    the main deck or at the docked boats after you stacked the whole 
    family together. Use his ability to cover 10 dolls in a purple cloth. 
    Anchor of Love
    Description: Drop anchor near female dolls.
    Info: In the same room as the makeover artist, go to the other room on 
    the right. This is the sailor that you will need to stack into and use 
    his ability to drop the anchor next to 5 different female dolls.
    Steward Season
    Description: Hit stewards with the cork gun.
    Info: After you and the other adventurers have confronted the captain, 
    go to the main dock where you can find all of the adventurers lined 
    up. Stack into The Hunter Darby and use his ability to shoot corks at 
    10 of the Stewards aboard the ship. These are the short men dressed in 
    white shirts; there are even a couple inside the safari wearing tiger 
    masks that count as well.
    All Wrapped Up
    Description: Use Professor Ramses to mummify dolls.
    Info: Professor Ramses can be found with the other adventurers on the 
    main deck after dealing with the captain. Stack into him and use his 
    ability to mummify 5 dolls.
    Lil’ Stinky
    Description: Toot on dolls.
    Info: You will need to find a little boy that is wearing a green 
    outfit. Stack into him and use his ability to “toot” a green vapor 
    cloud on 5 different dolls.
    Slap Happy
    Description: White glove slap dolls.
    Info: Mainly found on the main deck, is a gentleman wearing a brown 
    suit and a red, white and blue band hat. Stack into him and use his 
    ability to slap 10 dolls with his glove. You cannot slap children as 
    they will laugh at you and duck.
    |III. The Royal Train Station (RTS)|
    Now that you are back at the Train Station for a second time, you now 
    have Hi-Jinks to complete.
    Description: Use solicitor Barnabas to talk to adult women.
    Info: Stack into the solicitor, who is wearing a black suit with a 
    green shirt and carrying a pipe. Then just talk to 10 female dolls, 
    his “smoke pipe” ability just makes them cough like a man.
    Look Both Ways
    Description: Use crossing guard ability on dolls.
    Info: As you enter the lobby of the train station walk up the stairs 
    to your right and into the Top Hat Lounge, where you will find a giant 
    doll named Engineer Switch. Stack into him and go back down in the 
    lobby and use his ability to run through 5 dolls, causing them to get 
    out of the way.
    You’re IT!
    Description: Play tag with child dolls.
    Info: You want to find a little girl who is in a white dress and is 
    carrying a big lollipop. Stack into her and use her tag ability on 5 
    different children dolls.
    A Little Relieved!
    Description: Use Han’s “Go Potty” ability in the men’s bathroom.
    Info: If you have not stacked together the whole family wearing 
    purple, you will find Han’s in the men’s bathroom. If you have stacked 
    together the family, they will be in the lobby in front of a booth. 
    Either way; stack into Hans, run to the men’s bathroom and use his 
    ability next to a toilet. 
    A Blast on the Past
    Description: Flatuate on old dolls.
    Info: Find Meriwether Malador in his milkman uniform and stack into 
    him. Walk up to 5 old dolls around the station and use his ability to 
    release an even bigger green vapor cloud on them. 
    The Black Widow
    Description: Seduce 3 adult men at once.
    Info: Find The Widow in the middle of the lobby right before the 
    ticket booths and stack into her. Use her seduce ability when 3 male 
    dolls are looking her way. You have to get all 3 of them in once use.
    Description: Use Lounge Host’s Insult Patron ability on dolls.
    Info: Head back to the Royal Lounge that you had to clear out during 
    your first visit here. Stack into the Host who is standing in the 
    middle of the room and use his ability on 5 of the guests in the 
    Bathroom Chatterbox
    Description: Talk to the dolls in both restrooms.
    Info: Go into each restroom and talk to the gentleman in the Men’s and 
    the woman in the Woman’s. You could also do this Hi-Jinks before/after 
    you complete the “A Little Relieved!” Hi-Jinks.
    Rule of Law
    Description: Deliver Justice to dolls.
    Info: Go back up the stairs to the Top Hat Lounge, where you found the 
    Engineer and you will find Judge Meantal. Stack into him and use his 
    ability to hit 5 dolls with his gavel. 
    An Uninvited Uppercut
    Description: Give dolls in the lounge a Proper Uppercut.
    Info: Find one of the large dolls with a boxing glove and stack into 
    him. Then take another trip to the Royal Lounge and use his ability to 
    uppercut 5 guests.
    |IV. The Zeppelin of Consequence (ZOC)|	
    After visiting the Train Station for the third time, you will be 
    aboard the gigantic Zeppelin.
    Terrible Melvin
    Description: Give dolls Royal Wedgie.
    Info: Find the wrestler in his ring outside the prison where one of 
    the Ambassadors was held, just downstairs from the dining room. Stack 
    into him and use his wedgie ability on 10 dolls around the area.
    Scribbled On
    Description: Use the “Pen is Mightier” on dolls.
    Info: After completing your main goals, head to the room where the 
    Summit took place. Stack into the Ambassador with the pen and use his 
    ability to scribble on 5 dolls.
    Flower Power
    Description: Use Felicity to Pass Potpourri on dolls.
    Info: Felicity is in a white gown and can be found before near the 
    exit of the dining room. Stack into her and use her Potpourri ability 
    to create a flowery mist around 10 different dolls around the dining 
    Zippy Do-Da
    Description: Ride the zip line.
    Info: You need to ride the zip line 3 times. The stations are in the 
    dining room and in the race area, ride it back and forth 3 times; any 
    size doll can ride it. 
    Description: Use Wilhemina to break glass by singing.
    Info: In the dining room you will see a giant stereotypical opera 
    singer, she is hard to miss. Stack into her, move near the tables with 
    wine glasses on them and use her sing ability to break them. You need 
    to break 5 glasses.
    Steward Stack
    Description: Stack any four Zeppelin Stewards together. 
    Info: Just like the Animal Stack Hi-Jinks, you need to stack each size 
    Steward into one another. The smallest is in the jail-like cell, which 
    you are thrown in when caught by the guards. This can be a fast way to 
    travel to him. Stack into him and find the rest in either the race 
    area or dining room. Stewards have a matching black hat and shirt with 
    white dress pants.
    Say Cheese
    Description: Use “Flash Photo” on dolls.
    Info: In the dining room and race area, you can find old fashion 
    photographers. Stack into one and use his ability to take a photo to 
    blind 10 dolls with the flash. Each are had plenty of dolls to make 
    this a breeze. 
    Girls on Film
    Description: Film adult women with Camera Man Joe.
    Info: In the race area near the zip line station is a set of stairs, 
    behind/under the stairs is the camera man. If you already stacked the 
    Silent Theater group together, they can all be found on the stage at 
    the end of the room. Stack into the camera man and use his ability to 
    film; you need to film 10 female dolls. You can use his ability while 
    moving to make its quicker and easier.
    Floating High
    Description: Fly balloon Stewards to both waiter stations.
    Info: In the dining room you can find Stewards with balloons connected 
    to their hats. You need to stack into one then go up to the second 
    dining platform and look for a circular floor with fans on the side. 
    Stand in the center and use his ability to float up to the waiter 
    station above. There are 2 of them, side- by-side.
    Mime Abuse
    Description: Hit Mimes with the Northern Kiss or Purse Smash.
    Info: Stack into either the tall orange bearded gentleman or the woman 
    with the red purse. You need to use their Northern Kiss/Purse Smash 
    ability on 5 Mimes. Three can be found in the dining area on the 
    ground level, a fourth right before the fan room and the fifth in the 
    race area with the large banana statues.
    *Note* It may be easier to gather all the Mimes in the fan hall, to 
    make sure you have them all.
    |V. The Triple-Decker Tank Engine|
    The last level containing Hi-Jinks, the humongous train full of fun 
    for the kids!
    Warm Embrace
    Description: Hug female dolls with Gilliam.
    Info: You can find Gilliam in the luxury room with the dollar bill 
    “flowers” on the table; it is just after the area with pigeons. He 
    will be stand right in front of the table, with puffy brown hair. 
    Stack into him and use his ability on the women characters around the 
    Hallowed Sheets
    Description: Cover dolls with sheets.
    Info: You need to go to the laundry-like room and find the dolls 
    carrying the cloth baskets. Stack into one and use their ability on 5 
    smaller dolls to cover them in a sheet.
    Clocked Out
    Description:  Knock out dolls with the punch clock ability.
    Info:  Outside the entrance of the Piano Bar are three dolls, stack 
    into the doll with a clock on the front of his hat. Use his ability to 
    punch 5 dolls inside the Bar.
    Soup for the Sick
    Description: Serve soup to any infected doll.
    Info: Head to the section of the train with the sick gentlemen. Stack 
    into a nearby soup carrying doll, and then wait until he sneezes on a 
    doll. Run up to the now sick doll and use your ability to feed them 
    the soup.
    Tickle Gas
    Description: Dust Meriwether Malador.
    Info:  Stack into the French maid doll then head through the Gas Room. 
    Meriwether Malador will be walking near the entrance of the Kid 
    Workshop. Use the dust ability on him to make him pass gas.
    Description: Use the Clown Scream on child dolls.
    Info: Head back to the room just before Simpleton the Strong, the room 
    that contains a giant clown box. Stack into the clown and use his 
    ability to scare 5 child dolls. There are enough children in the lower 
    room and the current room.
    *Note* If the clown hasn’t been released yet, stack into the doll with 
    a hammer mounted on its head and hit the guard until he opens the box, 
    releasing him.
    Belly Bumper
    Description: Belly Bump child dolls.
    Info: Look for the rather large bullies wearing a white outfit; they 
    are all over the train. Stack into one and use their ability to belly 
    bump 5 child dolls.
    The Artful Dodger
    Description: Escape from the guards without being caught.
    Info: As Charlie, run in sight of 4 different guards and escape 
    without them catching you. (Don’t worry about getting caught, as you 
    climb back on the boat after being thrown off.) There is a guard in 
    the pigeon room, another guard on the way to the Piano Bar, a third 
    guard in the Gas Room and a fourth in the Kid Workshop.
    Evil Stack
    Description: Stack any three evil industrialists together.
    Info: You can stack any of the industrialists together: the oil barrel 
    doll, smoke stack doll, clock doll, factory whistle doll, carbon print 
    doll, overtime doll and the torch doll. Just stack 3 of them according 
    to size.
    Masked Missus
    Description: Disguise female dolls.
    Info: After the room with the giant clown is the Corporate Spy, stack 
    into him. Use his disguise ability on 5 of the female dolls around the 
    |VI. Closing (CSG)|
    There you are, all of the Hi-Jinks in Stacking. Double Fine did a 
    great job; this game was fresh and very well done.  If you would like 
    to use this guide on your site, message me on Gamespot or email me and 
    let me know ahead of time. The format and everything must remain the 
    same and you may not use for your personal gain. Thank you for using 
    my guide, Wiite.
    -February 12, 2011-

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