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    Treasure Guide by daemeon67

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    Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
    Complete 101 Treasures Guide by Tim Schroeder
    [-= Introduction =-]
    Since I wrote one for Uncharted 2 I felt I should write one for Uncharted 3. 
    Sadly unlike last time I couldn't have it ready for the games launch since this
    time Sony didn't see fit to hold a pre-launch party anywhere near me so I 
    couldn't get a copy a week in a advance like I did with #2. Regardless I assure 
    you despite the speed at which I made this it's all accurate so enjoy. Pretty
    sure I'm also still the first to have a complete guide besides Prima who gets
    all the answers in advance so take that gamespot/ign/gametrailers/etc..., I 
    should really find someone to pay me for doing this stuff.
    [-= Legal =-]
    (C) Copyright 2011 Tim Schroeder
    Feel free to display this however you would like as long as I am given my due 
    credit. I put in many an hour to have this ready before even the professional 
    groups have their guides done so please don't steal my work.
    [-= Contact Info =-]
    Sorry not giving out my e-mail but if you need to get ahold of me follow this
    link http://www.gametrailers.com/users/daemeon/gamepad/. For those that ask
    politely I do have a drastically better formatted word doc version of the 
    (The Guide)
    Chapter 1
    1. Antique Boxing Medallion
    As soon as you're done beating up the big guy in the bathroom check the coin
    tray on the "Genie's Lamp" arcade game to find this treasure.
    2. Brass Vesta Case
    Check behind the bar for this treasure before going into the kitchen.
    Chapter 2
    3. Emerald and Diamond Ring
    The treasure is in the third cannon on the right side of the room when the
    chapter starts.
    4. Antique Coin Purse
    Continue from #3 to the far side off the room by the stairs. Enter the dark 
    alcove to the right of the bust of the museum's founder. It's behind the 
    plant on to your right.
    5. Antique Colombian Soup Ladle
    When you get thrown out of the museum on the right a bit down the path there 
    is a blue car and a trash can. The treasure is at the foot of the doors 
    opposite from the trash can when the car is on your left.
    6. Pottery Chimu Vessel
    While following Sully you'll reach a market place, this is just a bit past the 
    bit with the rotten fruit. When you get there there will be a blue stand on 
    your right, behind that and a little to the left when facing the stand is 
    another stand with jars on it. The treasure is on the stand with the jars.
    7. Ancient Chupicuaro Figure
    Just after #6 and before you continue to follow Sully into the butchers take 
    the road to the left. To the left of the lamp post on this side street is a 
    set of narrow stairs. The treasure is at the top of the stairs.
    8. Shamanistic Jaguar Head
    After the scene where Sully gets the key head to the right to get another
    scene with Drake hanging from a pipe. Once you've jumped from the pipe to the
    balcony climb onto it and run to the other end. The treasure is next to the
    plant at the far end.
    9. Antique Colombian Table Knife
    As the scene with Sully kissing the bitch look to your left, you should see
    the sign for the Hotel Arrecife. This is your way off the roof but first
    climb it to the top to get this treasure.
    Chapter 3
    10. Dog-Shaped Incan Whistle
    While you're working you way across the roof tops to the window climb down
    onto the balcony below the window. Once on the balcony run all the way to the
    far end. The treasure is between the bench at the end of the path and the
    11. Silver Chimu Pendant
    Once you make it inside the museum it's in the hands of the diving suit
    right in front of you. There are two in the room so it's the one on the wall
    with the window you just came through, not the one in the glass case.
    12. Seventeenth Century Coin
    In the same room as #11. With the suit you got #10 from on your left look
    towards the green double doors. To the right of the doors is what looks like
    the throttle control for a large ship. The treasure is on the ground next to 
    Chapter 4
    13. Diamond-Studded Horse Brooch
    After the narrow alley where Charlie is being a scared little girl you'll
    hop over a short railing. Directly to your right after you hop over is a
    short dead end. The treasure is in the short dead end.
    14. Coral Cameo Brooch
    When you get inside the building with the green door there will be a climbing
    bit. Instead of going through the openings in the wall climb around to the
    platform below where you enter. The treasure is on the platform.
    15. Victorian Locket and Chain
    Once you drop down to the ground level inside the building with the green door
    run to said door then turn around. Once turned around you'll see a large pile
    of crates and stuff in the right corner which you want to climb. The treasure
    is at the very top of the pile.
    16. Silver Roses Bracelet
    After you kill the 4 guys at the first gun fight go back to the entrance of
    the room. Walk in and stand facing the two turbines. The treasure is around
    the far side of the turbine on the right.
    17. Fierce Lion Bangle
    When you reach the tall shaft where Drake comments on it being a long way
    down climb around to the left as far as you can go. The treasure will be
    right in your path so impossible to miss. For those who need a little 
    extra help it's behind some grating and you always want to prefer going
    left to going down.
    101. *Strange Relic*
    This is in the same area as #17. To get it you want to climb as high as
    you can and it will be in a broken section of grating. If you look up
    from the enterance to this shaft you should see it.
    18. Pearl, Diamond and Ruby Brooch
    After you climb up the yellow ladder and Drake comments about there being a
    gate above move around to the yellow cabinets. Climb on top of the cabinets
    then jump up to the fifth hanging ledge after which go all the way to the
    left. The treasure will be in your path so impossible to miss if you follow
    the directions.
    Chapter 5
    19. Victorian Copper Penny
    When in the library where Drake uses his ring in the decoder climb up the
    fireplace. When you reach the top climb to the left onto the ledge holding
    the tapestry then jump up once. The treasure is on the ledge you're now
    hanging from.
    20. Victorian Gold Sovereign
    After you kill the guys who break in on you while you're getting the Golden
    Hind exit the library but don't leave. Instead go back upstairs and run 
    around to the far side. The treasure is under an empty lighted display case
    that's standing alone in middle of the path.
    21. Silver Hunter Pocketwatch
    When you return to the area you were sneaking through before look towards
    the large clock above one of the trains. The treasure will be on the left
    side of the clock on a ledge. Shoot it then climb on top of the train to
    collect it.
    22. Art Nouveau Flask
    Once you've killed all the guys at the North Atwood Station go to the back
    end of the subway car. The treasure is in the middle of the tracks. The back
    end is based on where you entered from.
    Chapter 6
    23. Antique Wax Seal Stamp
    When you reach the small stream, does matter which path you took, follow it
    to the right into a small cave. The treasure is at the end of the cave in
    the water.
    24. Gold Inlay Cameo Bangle
    When you reach the ravine you'll have to go left. Follow the high road then 
    hop over the short stone wall next to the big tree to find this treasure. 
    25. Diamond and Pearl Bracelet
    When it comes time to climb to enter the Chateau for the first time don't
    climb in at the first option, the one you see when you press up when 
    prompted. Instead continue around to the right of that hole and climb higher
    to another hole. When you jump through this second opening be careful cause
    there is a massive hole in the floor, as long as you don't fall through the
    hole the treasure should be right in front of you at your feet.
    26. Louis XVI Louis d'or Coin
    Once you see the tower through the window turn to your left and follow the
    path around the stairs instead of going out the window to it. The treasure
    is at the end of the path opposite of the window you exit through.
    27. Emerald Cameo Brooch
    When you reach the room with the suits of armor puzzle there will be a small
    side room. Go to the entrance of this side room then look above the left 
    window. The treasure will be sitting on the right end of the curtain rod and
    you'll have to shoot it to bring it down.
    28. Art Nouveau Belt Buckle
    After you fall down into the cave follow the wall to the right. You'll find
    the treasure in some water at the far end of the room. 
    29. Ruby and Diamond Ring
    After you get the first tutorial on using grenades drop down and turn to 
    your left. The treasure is in the corner.
    30. Silver Rococo Teapot
    Once you finally get into the tower, this is after Sully helps you bash in
    the door, follow the wall to the right. When you hit the massive hole in the
    wall you can climb the wall immediately on your right. Once you climb up
    just look around, the treasure is pretty obvious.
    31. Miniature Portrait Pendant
    After you do the walking puzzle you'll enter a secret lab that consists of
    a few small rooms. Wait for Sully to light the torch then go to the archway
    leading to the next room and look up. The treasure will be attached to the
    ceiling in front of you, shoot it down and grab it.
    Chapter 7
    32. Gold and Pearl Stickpin
    When the ceiling drops a bit to make a path for Sully, this is shortly
    after running from the creepy crawlies, don't follow him. Instead work your
    way back around to above the room you started in when you dropped back into
    the chateau. The treasure is on a dark brown wooden beam directly across 
    from where Sully is standing.
    Chapter 8
    33. Silver Sassanid Coin
    Once you enter the citadel you'll come across a spot in the path that's
    broken with a light in it and surrounded by a fence. Hop over the fence and
    climb down to the right. The treasure is on the lower left side of the
    second arch past the center of the damaged spot. If you can't find it
    just climb around a bit and you should be able too, it's pretty obvious
    that there is gonna be something there given all the climbable stuff.
    34. Ancient Metal Elephant
    After Drake and Sully lower the drawbridge run all the way to the railing at
    the far end of the area. Now turn to your right and look up. The treasure
    will be in a broken bit of the corner of the building.
    35. Crusader Coin
    After you blown the large lock off the metal gate go through said gate and
    turn immediately to your right. The treasure is sitting on the statue right
    in front of you.
    36. Enamel Copper Vessel
    After Sully lowers you down into the well you'll want to stealth kill 3
    enemies. Once you've taken care of them go to wall you climb to get out of
    the well now turn around, go through the archway and look right. The
    treasure will be on the floor at about the midpoint of the wall.
    37. Marble Double Eye Idol
    When Sully shoots the look so Drake can get out of the area after the well
    exit through the door then turn around and look up. The treasure will be on
    the corner of the building on the right side. You'll have to shoot this
    treasure to get it.
    38. Medieval Lead Horseman
    After the bit with the large grate that Drake and Charlie have to lift
    go around to the right to the third window. The treasure is in the window's
    39. Byzantine Reliquary Cross
    When Sully blows up the tower to kill the two snipers for you in the large
    courtyard area enter through the new hole then turn immediately right. The
    treasure is sitting in the corner next to you.
    Chapter 9
    40. King Bohemond III Coin
    When you drop down and enter the circular room after the fight with Charlie
    follow the room around to the left. After a little bit you'll reach a torch
    on the wall to light. The treasure is a little bit further around the room
    on the floor next to a coffin.
    41. Antique Cuff Bracelet
    This one is a little tricky so pay attention. After you do the bit with the
    spiders and the braziers there will be the machine Drake and Charlie need to
    crank to release the water. Before doing this look at the support on the right
    side above the pit that fills with water. To get this treasure shoot it down
    then turn the crank to start the pit filling. Now after Drake says something
    count to ten then jump down where it fell to grab it. If you're too slow you'll
    have to do it over cause it doesn't float.
    42. Crusader Fleur-de-lis
    When you enter the inner tomb, bit after the movable globe, check the
    bottom alcove of the second set of graves. The treasure is in the alcove.
    It's the one with a coffin hanging out of it.
    Chapter 10
    43. Antique Cloak Clasp
    When you reach the bottom of the first set of stairs with Sully and Elena 
    turn left. The treasure is in the corner next to a pipe.
    44. Silver Jambiya Dagger
    When you reach the bottom of the second set of stairs with Sully and Elena,
    the ones with the no weapons sign on them, turn right to see a fountain.
    The treasure is in the right corner next to the fountain.
    45. Golden Yemeni Bracelet
    When you reach the second dead end resulting from cops go to the ladder.
    Facing the ladder turn left and head straight to the wall. The treasure
    will be a few feet to the right of the pipe, next to what looks like a
    46. Traditional Silver Bead
    After going up the ladder and entering the building go up the stairs.
    When you hit the top of the stairs turn around and head to the dead end.
    The treasure is to the left of the couch.
    47. Amber and Silver Necklace
    After beating down, or fishing, Talbot's men in the market head straight
    out through the doors to the blue fence. When you can't go straight 
    anymore turn right and look down. The treasure should be right at your 
    48. Kahraman Amber Necklace
    When you reach the bottom of the stairs just after #47 turn around and go
    to the left of the stairs. The treasure is right in front of the shop
    with the urns.
    49. Unusualy Red Bead Necklace
    There is a platform up and to the left of #48 with three crates on it. The
    treasure is behind the crates.
    Chapter 11
    50. Silver and Coral Ring
    When you reach the bottom of the shaft at the start of the chapter DON'T
    DROP. Climb down the metal grate from the ladder then go all around back. 
    You'll run right into the treasure regardless of which direction you go
    as long as you keep going around.
    51. Silver and Leather Dagger
    After the puzzle in the room you drop down into from #50 head straight 
    past the gold statues til you get to the section with the green flooring
    on the two sides of the path. As soon as you enter this section turn
    left. The treasure will be in the corner at your feet.
    The next few depend on which direction you go first from #51. Personally
    I went left first so that's how this will be ordered.
    52. Pearl and Emerald Brooch
    Head all the way down the left path til you reach the mechanism. Once you
    do turn around and hop up onto the left platform next to the stairs. Once
    on the platform head straight forward til you hit the wall and turn right.
    You should see the treasure at your feet over looking the stairs you came
    up to reach the mechanism.
    53. Silver Box Pendant
    Head all the way down the right path til you get to the floor with all
    floating body parts. Turn around and go to the right of the stairs. The
    treasure is in the corner next to the stairs. Can be done before or after
    the puzzle.
    54. Silver Filigree Bracelet
    This one is a little strange cause it's really high up but you don't shoot it.
    It's in the same room as #53 but on the ceiling, to make it drop you need to
    point the lighted staff thing at it. To easily find it as soon as you pull the
    staff from the ground turn right and look up.
    55. Amazonite and Amber Necklace
    After the big gun fight with the smoke grenades exit the building with
    the shaft in it and immediately turn right. Head all the way down the dead
    end and the treasure should be at your feet.
    56. Silver Capsule Pendant
    Return to the door you just exited then head straight forward watching the
    right side that #55 was one. After you pass the first set of people eating
    you'll see it sitting on a green bench in the covered area.
    57. Amazonite and Amber Earring
    Keep going from #56 past the fountain in the middle of the area til you're
    looking at Sully and Elena standing at the base of some stairs. Turn left
    and you'll see sitting in some grass on the right side of the archway.
    58. Silver Yemeni Bangle
    When you loose Talbot complete after the long chase go to the right of the
    door you came through. You'll go up a short flight of stairs with a guy
    sitting on them. Once you enter the little area at the top turn left. The
    treasure is sitting on the ground in front of some shelves with carpets on
    Chapter 12
    59. Seahorse Vesta Case
    After you're done giving the pirates a beat down climb up the ladder then
    turn around. The treasure is in the far right corner of the room.
    60. Silver Figa Amulet
    Not long after your get your holster back you'll reach fork in the path.
    For story go left, for the treasure turn right. It will be right there in
    a dead end so once you got it turn around and continue with the story.
    61. Antique Silver Parrot
    This treasure is in the large open area with a couple tug boats and you
    have to sneak around. To get it follow the outer wall around to the right 
    til you get to some floating shipping containers. Once there climb up onto
    the green container then climb the outer wall. The treasure should be right
    there once you climb onto the platform about the containers.
    62. Turquoise and Pearl Bracelet
    You'll probably notice this one yourself unless you're completely blind
    but in case you are after a large fight fire sequence you'll be climbing
    on a gutted ship. Once you finish climbing you'll be semi-inside the ship
    at which point go up the stairs, leap over the railing and work your way
    across the beams til you get to this treasure. You'll know this area
    because of the fire hose and it's bright red valve, if you've done the
    bit with the swinging rope and collapsing ladder you've just gone too 
    63. Unusual Blue Stone Ring
    When reach the next swinging rope after climbing the outside of the ship
    which contains #62 don't continue forward like you're going to want to.
    Instead climb to the top of the rope and into the room it's attached to.
    The treasure will be against the wall to your left.
    64. Gold Scarab Brooch
    After getting #63 use the rope to get to the balcony but don't climb up.
    Instead climb around to the far side to find this treasure.
    65. Gold Axumite Coin
    When you get to the top of the ship don't take the zip-line. Instead go to
    the far side of the room and check the corner. Once you've gotten the
    treasure then take the zip-line.
    Chapter 13
    66. Antique Silver Box
    Ok this might be a little hard to follow cause this is a big area.
    Starting from the area where everything is rocking and a storm is 
    obviously blowing in you want to head to the right til you reach the 
    bridge made of blue oil drums and some grating. From there head forward
    til you're standing in front of some shelves with stacks and boxes on it,
    there will be a tall wooden crate to the left of these shelves. Once there
    turn right and you should see the treasure sitting on top of a blue oil
    67. Silver tribal Bangle
    Follow the directions for #66 til you get to the shelves this time however
    turn left. Keep going in this direction til you've crossed two of the make
    shift bridges. You'll find the treasure inside a yellow shipping container.
    68. Ancient Gold and Coral Bracelet
    Easiest way to find this one is to go to #66 and just follow the wall
    around to the other side of the building. You should run right into this
    treasure not long after you lose sight of the green gangplank.
    Chapter 14
    69. Unusual Mask Brooch
    As soon as the chapter starts follow the only path til you get to the
    stairs. To your left is a small dead end, the treasure is in the left 
    corner of this dead end.
    70. Rose Cut Diamond Pendant
    When you reach the back of the boat don't jump on the life boat, instead
    continue around to the dead end on the other side of the boat. When you get
    there you'll find this treasure at your feet.
    71. Emerald and Pearl Necklace
    Once you reach the top of the boat you'll have to deal with an annoying
    armored dude with a PAK-80. Once you've taken care of everyone don't go
    through the big red exit door just yet. Before you leave climb up on the
    orange shipping container close to said door that slipped down during the 
    fight. The treasure is in the space it used to occupy. 
    On a side note go pick up a KAL-7 before you try to leave cause you can't 
    take the PAK-80 with you.
    72. Antique Minerva Pendant
    When you get to the pool at the top of the ship go stand in front of the
    revolving door. Now turn left and run all the way to the edge of the boat.
    The treasure should be right at your feet as you look out the windows.
    73. Ruby and Pearl Pendant
    Exit the ballroom via the door the three enemies opened. Now follow the 
    path around to the right to a dead end, the treasure will be at your feet.
    74. Georgian English Compass
    After you stealth kill the guy on your way to the hold continue along the
    outside of the boat. The treasure is just past a stack of blue deck chairs
    on your left.
    75. Ruby and Diamond Bracelet
    Enter the door where you stealth killed the guy. This treasure is behind
    the bar the enemy is leaning up against.
    76. Amethyst Cufflink
    Go down the stairs after #75. Once you reach the bottom go around under
    the stairs and the treasure will be at your feet.
    77. Golden Amethyst Ring
    When you enter the hold turn left when you see a big yellow "4" on a
    pillar in front of you. You'll see the treasure a few feet in front of you
    after you turn.
    Chapter 15
    78. Silver Rococo Napkin Ring
    It's in the bathroom. There's only one in the whole chapter so that's all I
    need to say.
    Chapter 16
    79. Mosaic Birds Pendant
    Once you enter the hanger at the start of the chapter climb to the highest
    point of all the crates. Reach the highest point and it will be at your 
    80. Song Bird Brooch
    This can be done before or after you push the car down the slope. Go to the
    car and stand in front of it facing away, now walk forward and go through 
    the passage on your right. Once you go through look to the left and climb 
    the pile of stuff you see. The treasure is at the top in the dark corner.
    81. Enamel Bird Ring
    After you push the car down the slope and it smashes through the gate you'll
    jump through a window. Once you're through you'll want to go to the back of
    this building past the green car. The treasure will be next to a stack of
    Chapter 17
    Chapter 18
    82. Calcite Statue of Female Figure
    As you might expect this one is at the well but you have limited time to get
    it. When the mirage of the oasis dissolves walk into the vase that's there 
    and it should fall over revealing this treasure.
    Chapter 19
    83. Ancient Alabaster Ibex
    After you tumble down the dune at the start of the chapter you'll see it on
    the far left side of the gate leading into the ghost town.
    84. Coin of the Qataban Kingdom
    When you fall through the ceiling of the building while entering the ghost
    town face the exit and turn right. The treasure is up against the wall
    between the two piles of large jars.
    85. Antique Silver Linked Bracelet  
    After you climb out of the well go forward til you get to a small set of
    stairs. Now turn around and the treasure will be right in front of you on
    the ground.
    86. Antique Agate Wedding Ring
    Just after one of the bitch's men shoots out the pillar causing you to fall
    go forward under the platform the enemy is standing on. The treasure should
    be at your feet near the corner with some half buried jars.
    87. Silver and Cornelian Necklace
    Not long after #86 you'll go up some stairs and run into a sniper. Once
    you've shot the sniper go to the left and you'll find an Mag 5 behind some
    cover. Facing the way you just came turn to your left and you'll find the
    treasure next to a pillar.
    88. Ancient Sabaean Bust
    In the area just after #87 you'll get into a big fire fight. Once the fight
    is done go to the far side from where the sniper was but don't leave through
    the narrow passage. Instead climb up on the platform to the left and look in
    the small dead end for this treasure.
    89. Ancient Kingdom of Sheba Coin
    After going through the narrow passage just after getting #88 go over to the
    ledge and follow it to the right til you hit the wall. Now leap over the
    ledge and you should land right on top of this treasure.
    90. Antique Bedouin Bracelet
    After taking care of the fire fight shortly after getting #89 go back to
    where you came in. Now follow the wall to the right til you run right into
    this treasure.
    Chapter 20
    Chapter 21
    Note - Some of the treasures for this chapter are available before it
    technically starts like #91-93.
    91. Carved Sabaean Face
    As soon as Sully closes the doors after the sand storm section turn left. 
    The treasure will be right in front of you.
    92. Bronze Sabaean Bull Sculpture
    Once you reach the top of the stairs after #91 go to the right side of the
    room and climb the ladder. Before throwing the switch walk off the edge to
    the right of the ladder to land on a lower platform. The treasure is on
    this platform.
    93. The Royal Game of Ur
    Face the mechanism at the top of the ladder then turn around. Leap onto
    the chandelier and shimmy around to the other side. You'll run right into
    this treasure as long as you keep going around.
    94. Bronze Man of Nashqum
    After opening the big door follow the stairs down to the left. The
    treasure is at the broken edge of the stairs.
    95. Sabaean Alabaster Stele
    Follow the stairs down to the right. About halfway down you'll notice that
    the railing on the left side is broken. At this hole in the railing you
    can jump across into a room where the treasure is waiting.
    96. Akkadian Statue Head
    After you deal with the new monster enemies go back to where you dropped
    down when the bitch and Talbot took the elevator down. Now take the stairs
    to the right up into the room. Now take the stairs in the room down to
    the landing before going to the ground floor. The treasure will be to the
    left of the left pillar if you're standing in the middle of this landing.
    97. Sabaean Moon Symbol
    Once you're back in your normal skin with the freaky hallucination effect
    going on turn around and look at the base of the statue holding the spear.
    The treasure should be right there.
    98. Statue of Gudea
    When you finally stop tripping go through the only door available. Once
    you pass the second set of statues on opposite sides of the room turn
    immediately to your left. The treasure is on the floor to the right of
    the statue.
    Chapter 22
    99. Gold Cup from Ur
    Right after the chapter starts go around the central pillar next to the
    stairs. You'll find the treasure at the base of the pillar around back.
    100. Golden Hittite Goddess
    After Sully makes his grand resurrection you'll take a platform down to
    the underground water area. Follow the path to the other side of the area
    until you get to the stairs. Now instead of going up the stairs keep going
    to what looks like doors. The treasure will be at the base of the doors.

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