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    Treasure Guide by Chocoburger

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    Hello, I'm Chocoburger and I've written this Uncharted 3 Treasure Collection
    Guide. This is my first Gamefaqs walkthrough, so any feedback or suggestions
    is welcome. First thing you need to know is that the Treasure Hunting Trophies
    are not "missable" just like Uncharted 1 and 2, you don't have to restart the
    game all over again to collect missing treasures. 
    Go to Chapter selection and pick the chapters that you have missing treasures 
    still. Once collected, pause the game and it should auto-save for you, then 
    you may exit the chapter, pick a new one or simply quit the game and the 
    treasure will remain with you. There are a 100 normal treasures and 1 
    "Relic treasure" (which gives it's own specific Trophy) found on chapter 4, 
    so look forward to collecting 101 treasures!
    This walkthrough is as spoiler-free as I can make it while still giving enough
    explaination and direction so that if you read the next treasure to collect in
    advance you'll know the exact moment you can get it ahead of time. 
    I have also posted this guide at PS3Trophies.org with a few included pictures 
    if you're interested.
    Before I begin, I'd like to thank Wozamil who helped with me find a few 
    treasures and maijinsting who helped with one, over at PS3T. 
    Those will be noted below.
    Quick jump shortcuts:
    Chapter 1 [CH1] - Another Round - 2 Treasures
    1) After exiting the restroom, go over to the slot machine.
    2) The next treasure is just a few feet away, behind the bar counter, you 
    can't miss either one of these!
    Chapter 2 [CH2] - Greatness from Small Beginnings - 7 Treasures
    1) The first treasure is right at the start, the third canon on your right.
    2) The following treasure is next to the last one, just walk into the dark 
    room in front of you, it's easy to spot under the hanging light.
    3) Out on the streets, walk past the blue car, behind the pillars and it's 
    right in front of the red door.
    4) Keep going until you reach the food market, walk up to the blue merchant 
    stand, next to it is a stone display, holding a lot of glass jars, look in 
    between the glass jars and the treasure is there.
    5) In the same food market area, make a left turn, then another left turn up 
    the stairs, the treasure is at the top of the stairs.
    6) You can't miss this next treasure because it's on the path to progression. 
    When you see the white sign that says "24 Horas" just look to the left of your
    screen for the sparkly treasure. Yummy!
    7) Soon after the previous treasure comes the next. You'll jump and grab onto
    a large hotel sign. Instead of dropping down to continue, climb up a bit,
    the treasure is inside the letter "O."
    Chapter 3 [CH3] - Second-Story Work - 3 Treasures
    1) When you get on a large red roofing, don't jump into the opened window, 
    instead run over to the left and climb down onto the level below you. The 
    treasure is in the furthest corner next to a wooden bench.
    2) Once you enter the room, look at the large white ancient diving suit, 
    you can't miss this one.
    3) The last treasure in this chapter is but a few feet away from that diving 
    suit, just run over to the light blue lever next to the green doors, your next
    treasure is waiting to be picked up there.
    Chapter 4 [CH4] - Run to Ground - 6 Treasures 
    (plus the Strange Relic so a total of 7 to collect)
    1) The first treasure is very early on, you'll crawl between two buildings
    then hop over a small railing. Look to your right in the dead end ally, the
    treasure will be there.
    2) You'll enter a building, jump onto the pipe on the wall and press circle to
    drop to the pipe below you. Now shimmy your way to the right, to the treasure.
    3) When you reach the ground floor within that same building, climb the large 
    stack of wooden crates, the treasure is at the top of the stack.
    4) At your very first shootout, there will be two large metal generators, look
    behind the generator on the right.
    Relic) Right after the last treasure, you'll enter a cylindrical shaft. There 
    are TWO treasures in this shaft. The "Strange Relic" is at the top, just climb
    your way up using the yellow pipes. It's stuck inside a metal grating.
    5) The next treasure is at the halfway point of the shaft. It's hard to miss 
    the glowing treasure here, just jump across and make your way slightly towards
    the left, this one is also stuck inside a metal grating. If you drop down to
    the bottom of the shaft, the game will auto-save and you'll have to restart
    the chapter to collect them.
    6) You'll climb a yellow ladder that leads into another room. Now climb the
    wall and keep hopping up the wall towards the upper-left, you can't miss this
    glowing treasure on your screen.
    Chapter 5 [CH5] - London Underground 4 Treasures
    1) Once you enter the library, look up for the elephant and lion heads on the
    wall. Climb up the fireplace below the elephant head. Climb over past the lion
    head towards a lamp, the treasure is there.
    2) After the firefight, run back up the stairs, to the second floor of the
    library. Go to the far opposite side, next to a small wooden case with a lamp
    and a glass cover, look under it for the treasure. Bonus tip: Jump over the
    guard rail next to this treasure and land on the green crocodile for a Trophy.
    3) As you backtrack through the level, you'll reach those two broken down
    trains again. Look to the left up on the wall you'll see a giant clock, near
    that clock is a glowing treasure, shoot it down! Then climb up on top of the
    train and pick up your reward.
    4) You'll eventually reach North Atwood Station, a rusted red train
    compartment sits alone at the station. At the far opposite end of the train
    compartment of where you first approached it, the treasure sits on the tracks.
    Chapter 6 [CH6] - The Chateau - 9 Treasures
    1) At the start of the chapter is a shallow creek, follow it to a teal tinted
    cave. Inside is the treasure.
    2) Very soon after you'll find the chateau, go left and follow the trail to a
    small mossy broken stone wall. Behind it is the treasure.
    3) When you start climbing the chateau, you'll have the opportunity to enter
    it via a broken hole in the wall. Don't enter it, instead keep climbing to the
    right and up towards the next floor and enter through the busted window.
    Inside that tiny room is the treasure.
    4) You'll progress through the chateau, making your way past the kitchen,
    eventually you'll get a short cut-scene about the tower. Turn around and head
    to the right and past the stair case, at the end of the walkway is the
    5) You'll come across a room with 4 suits of armor that you have to move
    around, go left and look up at the broken stained glass window, to the left
    of it is the glowing treasure. Shoot it down and pick it up!
    6) Just after the suit of armor puzzle, you'll enter a cavern, follow the
    right wall and you'll see the treasure within a couple of seconds.
    7) After the grenade tutorial, drop down, and look at the back-left corner of
    the wall. 
    8) Upon clearing a big shootout, Drake and Sully will both knock open a large
    set of doors. Sully will ask "Why don't we try going down?" Don't listen to
    the old coot! Instead go right and do a U-turn, and climb up the wall.
    Follow the beam to a platform and get your treasure.
    9) Solving the next puzzle will unlock a new chamber to explore. Inside this
    chamber is a decorative blue ceiling, look up at the first ceiling indent and
    the treasure will sparkle, shoot it down and pick it up.
    Chapter 7 [CH7] - Stay in the Light - 1 Treasure
    1) Making progress, you'll grab onto a chandelier that drops and a cause a
    floor above you to tilt downwards. Once on top, turn around and jump across
    the gap into a small room with wooden flooring. Your next treasure is there.
    Chapter 8 [CH8] - The Citadel - 7 Treasures
    1) At the start of the level, you'll climb up a wall then run across a stone
    bridge, on that bridge is a metal fence due to part of it crumbling. Hop over
    the fence and climb down the side of the bridge.
    2) Drake and Sully will lower down a draw bridge, in the next area is the
    treasure, it's very hard to spot but it's high up on a wall to the left of
    the metal gate that progresses you through the level.
    *Thanks to Wozamil for this one.
    3) Shoot the lock on the door, look to your right, it's on the statue.
    4) After hanging off the bucket, kill the enemies and look in the back room
    for it near a floodlight.
    5) Right after the last treasure, Sully will shoot the lock, helping you out.
    Exit the room and turn around, look way up at the building you just left.
    Up on the corner is the treasure.
    *Thanks to Wozamil for this one.
    6) Drake and Cutter will lift a metal gate, run to the opposite side of the
    room and look into a little opening on the wall.
    7) After finding the cleaning supplies storage room, a slew of enemies will
    assault you. Upon killing all the enemies Sully will help you progress by
    blowing a hole in a wall. Enter the newly formed room and you'll immediately
    be prompted to pick up the treasure, you can't miss it.
    Chapter 9 [CH9] - The Middle Way - 3 Treasures
    1) Near the start of the chapter, you'll see a giant globe, it's in this room.
    2) Lighting a set of braizers on fire, Cutter and Drake have to turn a water
    crank. In front of you, hanging on a wooden beam is the treasure. You must
    follow these steps exactly. Turn the water crank, wait 10 seconds, hop into
    the water, move right under the treasure, aim up and shoot it down.
    Then mash the Triangle button and you'll collect it as it falls.
    3) After solving the globe puzzle you'll run up a spiral staircase. You'll see
    two torches, next to one of them is the treasure, can't be missed.
    Chapter 10 [CH10] - Historical Research - 7 Treasures
    1) Right at the start, walk down the stairs, you'll see an NPC and some food
    carts, look behind the carts.
    2) Very soon after the previous treasure a character will say "We're just
    going to cut through the market." go down the stairs and turn around, you'll
    see a fountain and beside it, the treasure.
    3) Again, soon after the previous treasure, Sully will complain about the
    cops, move left towards the plants, it's easy to spot.
    4) Yet again, very soon after the previous treasure, you'll enter a hotel,
    go up the stairs and turn around, run towards the windows and couches, you
    can't miss it.
    5) After the hand to hand fight, run out of the food market and to the right,
    under a rusted blue fence, is the treasure.
    6) Just a few seconds after the last treasure, run down the stairs and turn
    around. It's right there in plain sight on the floor.
    7) The next treasure is only 7 feet away from the last one! Look up and to
    your left and you'll see 3 yellow crates, jump up to them and look behind for
    the final treasure in this chapter.
    *Thanks to Wozamil for this one.
    Chapter 11 [CH11] - As Above, So Below - 9 Treasures
    1) The first one is right at the start, climb down the ladder but DO NOT drop
    off it. Instead switch over to the rusted metal bar to your left. Then switch
    over to the hanging stone base, finally hold right on the analog stick and
    you'll shimmy on over to the treasure that's hidden from view until you make
    your way to the other side. Note: If you missed it the first time, you should
    be able to get this as you make your way back out later on in the chapter.
    Just don't forget about it!
    2) Soon after the chapter starts you'll have to solve a puzzle. Once completed
    you'll enter a tunnel, look to your left a few meters in and you'll see it on
    the floor.
    3) Immediately after the previous treasure, Sully will say "Pick your poison."
    take the left path, go up the stairs and turn around, behind the pillar is the
    4) When you've completed the left room's puzzle, move on to the right room
    puzzle. Once you enter, drop off to the left of the platform and it's behind
    you. Easy!
    5) In the same room as the last treasure, Sully will give Drake his lighter
    to create an ancient style flashlight. Immediately use L1 button and aim it
    up and to the right at the ceiling, you'll see a sparkle (that's the treasure)
    and you'll scare some bats with the light. They will knock the treasure down
    to the ground. Place the flashlight down in one of the holes in the floor and
    get your treasure!
    6) When Drake throws his weapons away, exit the room, you'll see a bunch of
    NPCs, walk to the right towards the dead end closed door, the treasure is
    easy to see.
    7) Immediately after the previous treasure, you'll see a fountain, walk to
    the right past the NPCs and towards a blue table, next to the table on the
    bench is the treasure.
    *Thanks to Wozamil for this one.
    8) Just a few feet away from the very same fountain is an archway, under that
    arch is the treasure. Make sure not to move too far away from the fountain
    (where your friends are waiting for you), because it will trigger a cut-scene
    and you'll lose your chance to get the treasure!
    9) You'll go on a lengthy chase scene, when Drake reaches an open plaza with
    lots of NPCs, he'll say "Where the hell did he go?!" Move to the right, up a
    few steps of stairs, you'll see some desks, the treasure is there.
    Chapter 12 [CH12] - Abducted - 7 Treasures
    1) At the start, you'll fight a bunch of bad guys, then climb a ladder, hop
    across to the other set of shipping crates, the treasure is in the corner.
    2) Soon after the last treasure, Drake will pick up an empty gun holster,
    move forward and take the doorway to your right. The treasure is just sitting
    there waiting on you.
    3) You'll have to fight a crap ton of enemies on small boats and other
    floating platforms. I highly suggest killing all the enemies before going for
    the treasure. From where you started, go to the right, on one of the floating
    platforms will be an RPG-7 to pick up. Behind it is a green shipping crate and
    a wall you can climb. Go up, the treasure is at the top, can't miss it.
    4) After pushing a heavy metal box connected to a rope, you'll climb across a
    bunch of handholds (the remains of a dilapodated ships hull) for a little bit.
    Upon reaching some solid ground again, turn around and you'll see the treasure
    on a steel girder. Jump across to the metal floor grating next to you, and
    jump towards the steel girders, making your way towards the treasure.
    5) You'll be climbing and fighting your way for a while, eventually Drake will
    say to himself, "Alright, almost there." Then you will have to grab onto a
    rope and run horizontally across the side of the ship. Instead of running
    back and forth, stop moving and climb up the rope. At the top is the treasure!
    *Thanks to Wozamil for this one.
    6) Just after the last treasure, use the rope to wall run and jump off, climb
    up to the small deck, then run to the other side and press Circle to drop.
    Climb down and look to your left for the treasure.
    7) In a cut-scene, Drake will use binoculars, there will be a rope zip line
    next to you to use. However don't use it until you've run towards the end of
    the room and picked up the treasure or you'll miss your chance at it!
    Chapter 13 [CH13] - Rough Seas - 3  Treasures
    1) Near the start of the chapter, make your way right until you see a nearly
    destroyed plywood shed. Behind it, on some dark blue oil drums is the flashing
    2) Not too far from the last treasure, is the next one. Look to your left
    you'll see a crane with a red base, behind this crane is a yellow shipping
    container. Inside is the treasure.
    3) Close to the previous treasure, you'll see a green mechanical bridge.
    Don't operate it yet, first go to the right of it, and behind a wooden wall
    is the treasure.
    Chapter 14 [CH14] - Cruisin' for a Bruisin' - 9 Treasures
    1) Right at the start of the chapter, you'll see a set of stairs with a
    sun-shaped design on it. Look to your left.
    2) You'll see a lifeboat and Drake will say "Gotta get to the upper deck."
    Don't climb the lifeboat just yet. Keep going forward and turn the corner to
    the left, it's right there.
    3) You'll be in a rockin' shoot out (literally, as the boat will be rocking
    back and forth), dispatch all the enemies, but don't continue to the red doors
    just yet. Clamber up the yellow shipping container, and run into the dead end,
    there lies your next treasure!
    4) The next treasure is right next to you. Open the red door, you'll see a
    swimming pool. Hop inside of it and chill there for a few seconds for a
    Trophy. Next to the swimming pool, on the left is the treasure.
    5) You'll enter a large ballroom and shoot it out with a ton of enemies.
    Once finished, exit from the side doors, and take a right, the treasure is
    but a few feet away from you.
    6) Immediately after is the next treasure, move forward, ignore the enemy for
    now, his back is turned to you. Keep going towards the "FIRE HOSE F" case,
    the treasure is next to it.
    7) Very soon after the last treasure will be the next one. You'll enter a
    small bar room with beer bottles all over the counters. Behind the counter is
    the treasure. So easy.
    8) Not too long after the last one, you'll run down some metal stairs, don't
    enter the doorway yet, turn around and go under the metal stairs you had just
    walked on, there is the treasure.
    9) Immediately after the last treasure, you'll run into a corridor with
    red lights, look to you left and the next treasure is right there out in the
    open for you. Naughty Dog is making this too easy!
    Chapter 15 [CH15] - Sink or Swim - 1  Treasure
    1) There are no treasures early on in the chapter so just keep going until
    Drake says "Which way is up?" soon after you'll see a rusted copper bathtub,
    move towards it and the treasure is there.
    Chapter 16 [CH16] - One Shot at This - 3 Treasures
    1) At the start of the level you'll have to climb over a few boxes and crates,
    simply climb up to the highest one in the first room.
    2) After your first shoot out, Elena will ask "Same thing?" Drake will say
    "Yeah. Think we can do the same thing." Ignore Elena for now, and go to the
    other side of the room to the back. Up on the boxes is the next treasure!
    Now go help Elena, you mustn't keep a lady waiting!
    3) When you climb into a new warehouse, Elena will say, "Damn it, how many of
    them are there?" Next to you will be a green car, and next to that car is the
    Chapter 17 [CH17] - Stowaway - 0  Treasures
    Chapter 18 [CH18] - The Rub' al Kahli - 1 - Treasure
    1) This one is both easy and yet annoying to find if you don't know where to
    look. In a chapter where there are very few objects around you, Naughty Dog
    still found a way to hide this treasure! Early on in the chapter Drake will
    find a well. Dont pull up the rope yet, next to the well is a brown vase.
    Shoot the vase, the treasure is under it.
    Chapter 19 [CH19] - The Settlement - 8 Treasures
    1) At the very start of the chapter, to the left of the closed-off main
    2) Still early in the chapter, you'll fall through a crumbled roof, it will be
    next to you, a bit to your right, when you land.
    3) When Nate climbs out of the well, you'll then walk through a double 
    archway, and on the opposite side of the arch is the treasure. The button
    prompt will likely come up as you walk by normally if you take the left side.
    4) An enemy will shoot a pillar causing Nate to drop, kill the enemy then move
    forward to the corner of the area for the next treasure.
    5) Right after the last treasure comes the next one. You'll run up a flight of
    stairs, kill 2 enemies and in the next room at the far end corner, behind a
    pillar is your treasure.
    6) There will be a big shootout after getting the previous treasure, upon
    killing all the enemies, there is a hole in the wall to continue forward,
    instead look to the left of the hole and you'll see a gold sparkling treasure!
    7) Just seconds after the last treasure comes the next one. You'll crawl
    through a tight space between two walls, then drop down to the floor below,
    the treasure is waiting for you near by on your right.
    8) The last treasure in this chapter is after the next big shoot out with the
    jeep that has the turret on it. After killing all the enemies, go to the far
    right corner of the area, and you'll spot it just laying there.
    Chapter 20 [CH20] - Caravan - 0 Treasures
    NOTE: You can get the next 3 treasures described below BEFORE the chapter 21
    text appears on your screen. However on the Chapter select screen, it shows
    Caravan has 0 treasures and Atlantis of the Sands has 8 (even though there
    are only 5 to find once the chapter 21 text appears on your screen.) I have
    left it this way, because this is the order you will experience playing
    through the game. Meaning you'll get 3 treasure that count for chapter 21
    BEFORE the game says chapter 21 has begun. 
    1) After a massive firefight, you'll go through two humongous doors. To your
    left is the treasure, it's impossible to miss.
    2) The next treasure is located almost immediately after the previous one.
    Climb the ladder, run to the right, fall off the ledge and pick it up! You'll
    see it to your right as you climb the ladder.
    3) Once again, immediately after the previous treasure comes the next one.
    Climb that ladder, when you reach the top, jump to the chandelier then move
    to the other side of it. 
    Chapter 21 [CH21] - The Atlantis of the Sands - 8 Treasures
    (see above for the other 3)
    4) Right at the start of the chapter, take the left path down the stairs,
    it's at the very end, easy to get.
    5) Just after the last treasure, go back and take the right set of stairs,
    at the halfway point of the stairs, look to your left inside the tower.
    The window is busted open and you can jump inside and collect your treasure!
    *Thanks to maijinsting for this one.
    6) After the first major shootout, go inside the small building, and look
    behind the small cabinet, on the wall behind it is a silver flashing treasure.
    It's very easy to spot because it's flashing brightly inside a dark room.
    Do not step inside the black elevator thing, or you'll lose your chance at
    that treasure!
    7) When Drake "wakes up" you'll be inside one of those odd elevator things,
    turn around and the treasure will be on the floor, very close by you.
    8) When Drake "wakes up" a second time, go through the hallway, the treasure
    will be sitting next to one of the statues on your left.
    Chapter 22 [CH22] - The Dreamers of the Day - 2 Treasures
    1) The first treasure of this chapter is right behind you at the start.
    Just run behind the pillar and it's waiting for you!
    2) You'll turn a crank to go down to the lower level, then you'll run by a
    waterfall with giant chains to the side of it. Keep going, untill you see
    some stairs, go right towards a closed door and the treasure is sitting in
    front of it.
    Thank you for reading my guide! If you have something to share with me such
    as fixes or suggestions, contact me at:
    Don't add any brackets.
    Now the legal stuff GameFAQs told me to put in my guide:
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    Feel free share this guide by linking to GameFAQs or the PS3Trophies.org
    message board post that I made (URL with images accompanying the text can
    be found at the top of this guide).
    Copyright 2011 Farris Denning.

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