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Okay, people. You maybe know me as the guy that despises Tomb Raider and stupid Lara Croft that doesn't do what you tell her to do and dives in the wrong direction and dies over and over while walking stiff like a statue. Well, that Lara is dead. Welcome this new, intelligent, beautiful perfect Lara Croft. Finally, a Tomb Raider game with perfect controls? That's right. These controls are PERFECT. Lara FINALLY does exactly what you tell her to do. No more crappy stiff controls. No more standing on a tiny platform and aiming at a ladder and hoping and praying she actually dives at it and grabs it and a maybe 2% chance she actually makes it instead of falling to her death. Those days are over. The controls are so fluent, they are perfection and rival those of Uncharted's. Yes, Lara finally moves like Drake, and that's pretty impressive. For years I laughed and said that Drake was what Lara should have been. Well, now finally after all these years, she is.

The story is pretty interesting. Your plane crashes on an island where things immediately look pretty bad. Its pretty intense, there are men out looking for you, looking to kill you on sight. You have to hide, using stealth, to take these guys out. And the graphics in this game are absolutely amazing. Now with PS4 coming out this fall, these graphics really push the limits of the PS3 and perhaps are what PS4 graphics are going to be like. The textures, the details, everything is very amazing. And did I mention how amazing Lara looks? Apart from the fact she is absolutely gorgeous and not a stick figure with 2 beach balls taped to her chest. No, this is a beautiful young lady with genuine human emotion and facial expressions. She isn't that cocky English aristocrat anymore. She shows fear and concern in her eyes, and is not exactly fond of killing, but does it because she has no other choice. Its kill or be killed and your enemies will show no mercy. The sounds are totally amazing, I forget sometimes I am playing a game and feel like I am sitting in a movie theater. It really helps when you have a home theater surround sound system with a decent subwoofer. That really brings this game to life. But seriously, this game pulls you in. Apart from the gorgeous graphics and intense fight scenes and split second button prompts, its nice to have some variety too. I spent a lot of time just sightseeing and hunting animals. That is a must for the upgrade system. And speaking of which, you can upgrade Lara's abilities and her weapons, making her weapons totally badass. From flaming arrows to totally decked out machine guns, the possibilities are quite amazing and really appealing. This game made me a true Tomb Raider fan, and I never thought I would say this. I despised the earlier Tomb Raider games, like Tomb Raider 2 and Underworld. But these were the only ones I played, so I am sure I would have hated the others, too.

Graphics: 10. Bottom line. They are flawless. You may find a funny glitch here and there, but I never complain about graphical glitches, those can be amusing. The landscapes, the forests, the overall scenery is mind blowingly perfect. There is no room for improvement, I get mesmerised by the graphics most times and just gaze at them in awe. And Lara is the icing on the cake. Never ever has she looked better. Character detail, cut scenes, everything has been done with perfection.

Controls: 10. YES, the controls. The thing that made all other Tomb Raider games SUCK. These are perfection. Want to jump from this tiny platform you are standing on to that ladder way over there? No problem. Lara does. Want to do really quick, platform jumping in succession. Lara does that too. Nothing Lara can't do with these controls. Her walking, running, jumping, climbing... extremely responsive. You have complete control over Lara. And that is the point of controls, is to CONTROL your character. Not a stiff, statuesque robot who has a 2% chance of actually making the jump and landing where you want them to, but instead spends hours falling to their death and screaming.

Challenge. This is debatable, as finally there is a difficulty setting, and all games should have this. Walking Dead should have this! Whether you are a young kid that isn't really a great gamer at all just wanting to play a fun game, or a seasoned veteran that hunts trophies and is destined for platinums, this game has all of that. Its as easy as or as hard as you want it to be. And that is important ina game, so I give this a 10 for that factor.

Replay: 10. Yep, it will be hard to put this one down. So much to do, so much to see, the game is just amazing and fun to play as well. I see myself playing this game for a very long time, picking it up 5 years from now and enjoying it. This one was an instant classic and I have not one single complaint about it. And being there is an upgrade system, it leaves a nice amount of replay value in the game. An RPG style element where you build your character from weak, carrying just a knife to a full out Rambo with a whole arsenal of weapons and abilities. BAM.

Buy it? Rent? Don't be stupid. Buy this freaking game. This should be in your collection if you own a PS3, simple as that. You don't have to be a Tomb Raider fan. You don't have to be an action game fan, adventure game fan. You just have to be a gamer and own a PS3. So get the game, I can't see how you could regret it and the only way you could hate this game is you are in denial, don't actually play it and WANT to hate it to be different. Then its your loss.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/03/13

Game Release: Tomb Raider (US, 03/05/13)

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