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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ExtremePhobia

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    SMG BarrelSMG Ultralight
    Assault Rifle PiercingAssault Rifle Stability
    Kassa GauntletsGeth Plasma Shotgun

    You'll have to fight your way through a bunch of Geth Troopers to get to the building proper. When you get there, the front door will slam shut. Eliminate the Geth resistance and then climb the pipes to the right of the door. Make your way to the top. At the top, you'll immediately be attacked so take cover. It's important that you watch for the elevated enemies at the end of your walk way because they'll still be able to hit you. Kill them first and then deal with the enemies across the gap. Go up the ladder and turn right. At the end of this walkway, past the ladder, will be Kassa Fabrication Gauntlets. Go up the nearby ladder.

    Kassa Fabrication Gauntlets.

    At the top, climb the pipes and you'll be on a catwalk. Below you will be some Geth who will attack. You'll have an easy height advantage so take them out. Just watch out for the numerous rockets. Once you've gotten rid of them, hop down and make your way to the end of the platform. Take a right and go inside the building. You'll come out quickly and face a lone Geth Trooper. Kill the Trooper and move to the left side. At the bottom of the ramp will be an SMG Ultralight Material.

    Go down the right side ramp this time and take cover behind the giant table looking thing. You can kill all the Geth safely from here. Do so and collect the Assault Rifle Stability Dampner to the right of the table. Now go past where the Geth were. You'll make your way along a bridge and there will be enemy Geth to your left attacking from another bridge. Take them out and continue along to a point where the bridge comes to a wall. You will find the Geth Plasma Shotgun here. Next to that will be Data you can salvage.

    Geth Plasma Shotgun.

    Go through the next door and salvage more Data next to a Med Kit. When you get outside, you'll be attacked by a few Geth scattered around the area. Clear them out and activate the Control Console. When you activate it, you'll be attacked by a bunch more Geth. Immediately take cover and start using Overload and Sabotage as frequently as you can. There are lots of Rocket Troopers and even a Pyro or two to keep your eyes open for. Once they are dead, Legion/Geth VI will direct you to a door that you need to open manually.

    When you activate the console to open the door, you will be attacked by a Geth Prime and two Troopers. Sabotage the Geth Prime and he'll kill the Troopers. Then just unload on him and use the extra space to run away when he gets too close. Take the elevator that he came down to the top.

    The top of the lift will be a nightmare. For this single battle, you need Tali. Use your Medi-gel to revive her any time that she's down. You will have to fight three Geth Primes at the same time. There's a decent amount of room to run around in. Use the Geth Spitfire at the top to help you with them if you like. Otherwise, make very liberal use of Sabotage and keep moving. There's not really any easy way to do this. Just remember to move, sabotage, focus fire, and change weapons as appropriate and you'll probably do ok. Ohhh, and watch out for all the combat drones.

    Geth Spitfire.

    When it is dead, go to the end of the long walkway and fire your nifty targeting laser through the blue ring and into the pit. Once you've fired, hop on the escape vehicle. Take some pot shots at the Reaper and then when you dismount, it's time for some good fighting. Aim the targeting laser at the Reaper. The first hit will knock it silly and reveal a weak point. At this point it becomes a little trickier. You will have to mark the Reaper in small bursts while dodging it's laser in between. When it begins to charge it's laser, roll left and then roll right twice and it will miss every time. As soon as you finish your roll, start targeting with the laser. Don't move and the laser will charge faster. You should only have to do this twice per bombardment and after a few hits, you'll have to target the reaper one more time during slow motion. Just hold the laser on it to kill him.

    SPOILER! Highlight to View

    This next conversation can be tricky. If you have enough Reputation, you can allow Legion to upload the code and then you'll get a Charm opportunity to convince the fleet to stand down to get the best of both worlds. However, otherwise you're going to have to choose between the Quarians and the Geth. No matter what you choose, Legion will die.

    Normandy 17

    Talk to everybody. Make all the rounds. Pretty much the only person you don't have to talk to is Cortez. Make sure you check your terminal, talk to Tali who is now in engineering and invite Diana Allers up to your Cabin for an interview. When you are done, head to the Citadel for some catching up.

    Citadel 17

    Go to the embassies and talk to the Asari War Strategist by the Embassy Offices. Talk to the Elcor Ambassedor. Buy the Geth Target-Jamming Tech at Spectre HQ. Pop over to Udina's Office to meet up with the Asari Councilor.

    Go to the Commons and head down to the Cafe. Just off the stairs on the left will be a Turian investigating a damaged machine. Talk to him. Chime in on the argument between the C-Sec officer and the Cafe owner. You may find Kaiden or Ashley here. Tali will be by the C-Sec Outpost. On the stairs leading from the Apollo Cafe to the Meridian Place Market will be the Asari Weshra. Talk to her to finish the Citadel: Asari Widow mission.

    In Purgatory, talk to the Military Trainer standing near the stairs leading up to the bar. Make sure you visit with Jack if you haven't already. You can talk to Cortez upstairs if you like. Check in on EDI and Joker.

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    Rosenkov Chestplate
    Medical Treatment Plan

    From Nyrek, turn left and go down to find the Rosenkov Materials Chestplate. Again, from Nyrek, pass by him to the left and walk straight towards the ladder to find the Medical Treatment Plan. Now make your way over to Captain Riley. Past her, take a right and you'll enter a room with the Crane Display. Activate that, then hit the center button and the right button. In this little room will be some Spare Parts to salvage on the floor. Go back to where Riley was and activate the computer terminal there. Go back to the Crane Display and hit the same buttons again. Activate the Crane Display again, Press the center button, then the left button and then the center button again to lift the next box. Activate the Display again and press the right button and then the center button to drop the box. From here, move towards the ladder but don't go down it.

    Medical Treatment Plan.

    Rosenkov Materials Chestplate.

    Turn right and follow the right wall to the terminal to Vent Sector A1. Head over to the Fuel Rod Control terminal. When you do, you'll be attacked by a bunch of Husks and a Marauder. Take out the Marauder quickly with an overload and let loose with Biotics. Unfortunately, you aren't in a good spot so you'll just have to be aggressive to get out.

    Fuel Rod Control.

    After you've gotten rid of the Reaper minions, seal the two tanks. After they are both sealed, you'll have to reactivate the reactor. Just to the left of the terminal to do so (and down) will be a PDA. Collect that and then prepare for a fight. This time you have a better position but tougher enemies. Move to the left and look for the two Barrier Engines. You need to hit the one on the left with regular weapon fire because it's hard to hit it with an Overload. Then as you retreat to a better position, hit the other Barrier Engine with an Overload. After that, this is just a regular fight with Marauder's and Husks. Use Singularity and Pull to slow the Husks down and Overload to strip the shields of the Marauders. After a few waves, they'll stay dead.

    After this point, you'll have a choice to make. You can send one of your people to help the other group or you can choose not to. After you make your choice, you will have to fight a Brute and two Marauders. Where the Brute starts is a Barrier Engine so the Brute will start with some shields. Wait until the Brute is out of range of the Engine and strip its shields. Then set about killing it as quickly as possible so you can focus on the Marauders rather than have to dodge the Brute and the Marauders at the same time. When you've killed them all, Initiate Startup. Head across the building to the Extract Point to finish the mission.

    SPOILER! Highlight to View

    If you choose not to help Riley, she will die defending her squad member. If this happens, you can authorize a medal for her at the Spectre HQ. If you choose to send help, she will survive.

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    Umbra Visor
    M-98 Widow
    Sniper Concentration
    Assault Rifle Barrel
    SMG Heat Sink

    I would take a heavily biotic group with one person who has Overload. When you land, make your way down the rubble to the Asari fighting below. You'll have to jump up on a nearby turret and keep the Reapers off of the Asari barrier. In the distance, on the left side of the road, will be a Barrier Engine. Destroy that first and then start working on the Brutes and Husks. Always make sure nothing is attacking the barrier and kill anything that is first. Once they are all dead, you'll talk to the Asari again and then set off to find the relic.

    As you approach the end of the bridge, you'll be attacked by some Cannibals and Marauders. They will be way down the bridge and shouldn't pose a problem. They were so far away in fact that they never got close enough to shoot me. Use your biotics to keep them away while you get rid of them. Go into the building at the end. When you come outside, you'll be in a large courtyard.

    Down below will be a couple of Marauders but they are alone and shouldn't be a problem. Kill them and go down but move through cover because a couple of Cannibals will appear shooting in the distance on your right. Clear them out and some drop pods will appear. These will leave behind a bunch of Marauders and Cannibals. They'll be even further away but there will be a lot more of them. Just keep your distance and move up slowly only when it's safe (check your radar). Inside the building on your right will be a Med Kit on the ground. You'll find another Med Kit on the ground just to the left of the stairs leading up the back of the courtyard. Go up these steps and make sure to destroy the Spore Pods on the way.

    When you get close to the top, you'll be attacked by a couple of Marauders and a Banshee. It's very important that you use your powers to eliminate the Marauders quickly so you have the ability to move around freely while fighting the Banshee. Focus your squad on the Banshee and use their abilities to strip and lift the Marauders while you clean them up. When they are done, focus all your attention on the Banshee and make sure you swap weapons when her Barrier is gone. Once she is dead, go up through the giant fountain to ramp at the back (where the Banshee came from). Inside the building, you'll drop down to a lower floor with a piece of Salvage at your feet. Bypass the door at the end of the hall.

    Once outside, kill the couple of Cannibals below. They won't pay any attention so they should be quite easy. Go up the back to where the Sniper team is. Behind the snipers will be a Sniper Rifle Concentration Module and a Med Kit. To the Sniper's left will be the M-98 Widow. There will be a lot of fire from below. There will be lots of Cannibals and Marauders. There's also a Barrier Engine on the back wall so make sure you take that out quickly. Then start killing the enemies below. As long as you stay in cover, you should be fine but if you pop out, there's enough of them below that they'll make short work of you if you aren't careful. Once they are dead and you have all of the equipment, drop down to the lower level and exit through the broken segment of wall.

    M-98 Widow.

    Climb the ledges and meet up with the Commando at the top. Talk to her and you can persuade her to give you Air Support. After this chat, you'll be attacked. There will be a Hydra Missile Launcher right at your feet. Grab it and retreat to behind the glass barriers. From here, start working off the Banshee's shields and then when they are gone, use the Hydra on it. There's a Barrier Engine on the left wall but way back. Try to take that out and then clean up the Marauders and Ravagers in the area. Make your way up the pile of Rubble and take a right. You'll be in the water and just before a group of Pods will be an Assault Rifle Extended Barrel.

    Hydra Missile Launcher.

    After you pick that up, there will be a bunch of Husks. Just mow them down and move ahead. You'll be without Air Support and a couple of Harvesters will appear. Between where they land is a Barrier Engine. Make sure you take that out fast because you don't want two Harvesters with Barriers as thick as their armor. Once that is down, do whatever will keep you alive. If you can manage to kill the Harvesters while not being in any danger do so. If you can't then don't worry about it because they will eventually leave anyway. Go to the end of this platform and turn left (or right for a nice view). Just in front of a blue force field will be an ammo crate and an SMG Heat Sink.

    Inside, study the different artifacts around the room and then study the statue in the middle. After that, the points you want to activate are the mural just to the right of the statue, the manuscript on the back wall to the left of the statue, the Shield, and the bust on the right side. Once you've done that, activate the beacon.

    You'll have a fight on your hands. You actually only need to strip him of his shields so start shooting at him and hitting him with Overload. When he retreats, put yourself behind one of the supports that come down to where the benches are and use that to block out the light from the Gunship. Wait there (and if you think you can, hit Kai Leng). When it goes away, starting hitting Kai Leng again. If you need to use Medi-Gel, do so. After three or four rounds, you should have his shields gone.

    Normandy 18

    Do all the rounds because almost everybody is going to want to talk to you. Of particular note is in Javik's room.

    Citadel 18

    There's nothing to do if you've been keeping up with Citadel visits.

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    Ariake Gauntlets
    Cerberus Codes

    This is a Cerberus Mission so remember to go heavy Overload. Where you land is some decent cover but there are a lot of areas to be flanked from so keep your eyes open. Start hitting enemies with Overload and biotics early and often because there will be plenty of enemies swarming you. There will be at least one Engineer. Also of note, they seem to be rather grenade happy on this level so watch out for that. I recommend that you avoid going down into the pit because there's only one way back up and it's up a ramp with no cover. Once you've kill them, proceed to the first Hacking Device. Just down the ramp from the first hacking device is a Med Kit if you need it.

    After you deactivate it, you'll be attacked by more enemies. It's best to hold this position until you've got good footing (and you take out a Nemesis). After that, go up the nearby stairs and enter the building. There will be a Med Station on one of the walls in this room. Take the door by the Med Station and follow the walkway to the next Hacking Device. Looking directly at the hacking device, there is Cerberus Technology on the other side of this column and off to the right will be a Med Kit. Just right of the Med Kit will be a computer terminal with Cerberus Codes on it. Activate the Hacking Device when you have some space.

    Cerberus Codes.

    The last Hacking Device is in the room with the Med Station. You'll have to contend with Centurions, Nemeses, and Phantoms at this point. Try to clear the long hallway that can see the Hacking Device and then clear the room. At this point, start deactivating the Hacking Device and hope that your squad mates can keep the enemies off you long enough. Thankfully, it seems this one deactivates more quickly. Once you've done that, the mission will end.

    Normandy 19

    Check conversations with Joker, EDI (maybe?), Cortez, Tali, and a chat between Dr. Chakwas and Engineer Adams in the Mess.

    Citadel 19

    Take the Cerberus Codes to the Turian past Udina's office on the right in the Embassies.

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    Pistol Scope
    Rosenkov Shoulder Guards
    M-12 Locust
    Shotgun Blade
    M-99 Saber

    Depending on what you are, I would take two of the opposite. If you play a Biotic, take two Overloads. If you play an Engineer, take two biotics (if you can). If you play a soldier type, bring one of each. In the first section, you'll have to fight two Phantoms and a Nemesis. Take this battle slowly and only pop out to attack the Phantoms. When you do though, make sure you hit them hard because you want them out of the fight quickly. Once they are both dead, take your time with the Nemesis. It's a little bit of a tough angle so if you have a Sniper on your team, make sure they are using it.

    Go through the door and check the Med Station just to your right. Go into the around surrounded by the glass railings and check all the logs and computers inside. Once done, go downstairs and check near the two crashed shuttles for a couple more logs. Once done with those, go through the door that leads under the upper level. Inside, you will fight three Cerberus Troopers. They shouldn't be too difficult. Kill them and then go up to the desk in the middle. Next to a dead body will be a Pistol Scope. Go through the door on the left. Active the Console and check the Safe.

    Once you get outside, there will be another Console that turns off the security. Drop down the ladder and head for the door at the back. Make your way through the tunnels and just to the left of the second door will be the Rosenkov Materials Shoulder Guard. When you get to the Command Center, activate the Console in the middle of the desk. Move to the next room and check for the PDA along the row of computers. In the back right corner of the room, there is a Console. Go down the stairs in this room and through the door.

    Rosenkov Materials Shoulder Guard.

    You'll be attacked by Husks. A Singularity on the steps in that room will likely stop them cold and then you can just kill them at your own pace. At the bottom of the stairs will be to Logs and a crate of ammo. When you go through the doorway into the next room, you'll be attacked by a group of Marauders, a Ravager and a Banshee. I recommend that you try and kill one Marauder quickly. Aim for the first one you see, strip his shields and then lift him. Kill him quickly and then draw the Banshee back into the previous room. Make sure your squad focuses on the Banshee and use all your Overloads and quick firing weapons to take down the barriers. After that, change to heavier weapons and start using Warp. Back further into the room and up the stairs if you need to. Once she is dead, a Ravager will likely be close to the room. Wait for it to round the corner and just unload since you already have the appropriate weapons out. Kill that and then move into the room to clean up the Marauders. Move into that room.

    Move along this long room and turn left at the end. In the room with the window looking in on a Banshee, there are two more logs to listen to. Go through the door here. On the bottom floor of this next room are a Console with a message from Miranda, a PDA, and Data to salvage. At the top of the stairs will be two doors leading left. Both lead into the same room.

    You'll get into a fire fight when you approach those doors. Set a squad member at each door and then set up at one of them to start clearing it out. Each side of the room has a Barrier Engine or two. Make sure you take those out and then watch for Marauders. Otherwise it should just be more Cannibals and at this range, you should have no problem clearing them out. Inside the room, on the left side will be a couple more logs. On the right side you will come across the M-12 Locust and a Shotgun Blade Attachment. At the back left of the room will be a PDA and another Console message from Miranda. Go up the ladder that drops down.

    M-12 Locust.

    At the top, go up a ramp and you'll come to a pretty nasty room. It's filled with Cannibals, Ravagers and a Marauder or two. There are Barrier Engines in the back. It's hard to hit them though but if you can manage it, do so. The real problem will eventually be the Ravagers because they will march right down the hall with the Barrier Engines protecting them and then you'll have to fight three of them at once with a whole bunch of Swarmers at your feet. If it gets too hairy, head back down the ramp. Eventually they will be too far away from the Barrier Engines and then you can just kill them.

    Clear the room and move through it to the next room. There will be a Med Station just to your right as you walk in and Research Data to salvage just to your left. Check the next panel for another log and then the last one by the closed off room. On your right will be a path to an open door. Jump the gap to the lift and then blow the door off the box at the front. Activate the lift from here. When it stops, jump across to the platform and go through the door.

    In this room, you'll have to fight a few Brutes and a Banshee. The Brutes will come first and should be spaced out enough that you should be able to focus on one at a time. At this point, you should know the drill but be quick about it. Eventually a Banshee will appear to accompany the last Brute. Take out the Brute quickly before the Banshee arrives and then start working on her and back tracking since you have the space.

    Once they are dead, go to the end of the room and check the Pod Integrity terminal. Go through the door on the right. You'll get a Charm/Intimidate Opportunity during the next conversation if your reputation is high enough.

    Normandy 20

    Talk to Traynor, Joker, and EDI. Talk to James. Do a round on Engineering and then make your way to the Crew Quarters. Do the rounds there too but make sure you stop in on Tali in the Lounge and talk to her for a little bit. Hit the CIC and get ready for your next mission. When you start your attack on the Cerberus HQ, it will start the final battle of the game. Make sure you are prepared (and straighten out any issues of love that you may be having).

    Citadel 20

    Nothing of note at this time.

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    M-37 Falcon
    Serrice Greaves
    Delumcore Overlay

    When you gain control, you'll be attacked by a group of three Cerberus relatively close. Take them out quickly and then an Atlas Mech will appear. Focus all of your attention on the Mech. Keep overloading and switch weapons when appropriate. Once the Mech is down, watch out for the Nemesis on the balcony up and to the left of you. Try and time your abilities appropriately. You may have to aim for the lock on to work. She always pops up just after she moves so wait for her to move and then spring an Overload and Singularity on her. Then just clear the enemies in the Hangar. It should only be a few Troopers and Centurions left.

    Go up to where the Nemesis was and open the door there. Just inside is a Console to deactivate the Vent system. Turn it off and then fight the Cerberus coming into the room. There will be a Guardian among them. Kill the three of them and move out of the room from the way they came. When you get part way across the bridge, more troops will come at you. Watch for grenades and deal with them. Follow the bridge to the next room to activate the Fighter Controls. Go through the next couple of rooms until you come to a store room with ammo and a PDA. Go down into the Hangar proper and use the Clamp Release terminal to blow up the door.

    An Atlas Mech will come through the hole in the wall and some Troopers will attack from the walkway above the hole. Since the Atlas will likely be covered in smoke, take out the Troopers first and then focus on the Mech. When you destroy this one, another will appear from a door toward the back left. Destroy this one too and then enter the hole. Turn left and approach the bypassable door.

    Drop down the ladder to your left and you'll come to some tunnels with Troopers. Kill the troopers and move on to the next group. In this group will be a Nemesis and a few Centurions. Keep back and take your time. When the Nemesis is hiding, take out the Troopers and Centurions. When the Nemesis appears, try and take her out so it's one less thing to deal with. After you clear the area, check near where the Nemesis was for a Med Station, Salvage, and Ammo. Then climb the ladder to the Cerberus Labs.

    In the labs, listen to the files and then work your way through the fires.

    When you go down the ramp, you'll come to a tougher fight. There will be quite a few Centurions and Engineers in here along with their turrets. Also watch out for the Shield Generators in the area. Once you get a foot hold, it shouldn't be too difficult to slowly move forward. In this area, enemies will continually respawn so you'll need to keep pushing forward a little at a time. After you get past the first group, you'll come to another group and EDI will say that the generators for the barriers are to the right. At this point, go far right and you can work up the enemies left flank (their left, your right). Once you get past them, you'll come to one last battle where enemies will come down from a ladder at the back. Clear a group of them and move past the first set of barriers and go right. You can slide around to a small space between the boxes and the walls that will bring you alongside the ladder. From here you can kill the enemies and when they are dead, they will stay dead. Climb the ladder.

    Make your way through the labs, grabbing the PDA on the way. Exit the room and turn right. You'll see a bright blue light. Run towards it to jump down. You'll come to a large dead Reaper. On these walkways will be another fight. You'll come to a Nemeses, Phantoms, and some Centurions. There are also a few shield generators around here. The catwalk makes a large U shape and you can see one of the generators at the third arm of the U. Take that out immediately and then try push resistance back on the first arm until you can get a good angle to take out the Shield Pylon at the corner. Take that out and it'll ease up. Take it slow however because you will be attacked by Phantoms frequently and you need to have some room to take them out. If you see one, quickly back track to a safer spot and try to hit it with Overload and Singularity at the same time. Watch for the Nemesis at each of the corners. Once you make it to the end, climb the ladder.

    When you get to the top of the ladders, you'll come to another long catwalk and be attacked by a similar group of enemies except that they'll all appear in front of you. This will make the fight a lot easier. Just watch for the Shield Generator in the back left corner. Climb the ladder at the end and then make your way through the next room. Next to a console in the middle of the room are a PDA, a Med Kit, and some ammo. Collect these and activate the log. Go through the door at the end and up the ramp.

    In that room will be the boss fight. Kai Leng will come at you and try to attack. You'll have to knock his shields down some and then he'll summon some Cerberus Troopers. Kill they quickly and then set about with Kai Leng again. He'll go about summoning allies in intervals until he starts summoning Nemeses and Phantoms as well. When he summons help, you'll have to kill them all before you can damage him again. After four waves of help, you'll finally be able to kill him. Killing him is quite easy actually, it's his help that's difficult.

    Once he's dead, you'll have a few interrupt opportunities to take as you please.

    Normandy 21

    Just visit everybody.

    Citadel 21

    You're joking, right?

    Collectible Video: tinyurl.com/ME3-Earth

    When you land, you'll have to fight your way up a hill. At the top will be swarms of Marauders and Cannibals. You'll have to thin them out and move slowly up the hill. They will continually respawn so trying to get rid of them all won't work. Try to work your way up the wall to your right and when you get to the top, try to move forward and then find some cover on the small garden. You'll then be attacked by Marauders, Cannibals and a couple of Brutes. When the Brutes show up, focus on taking them out first and then focus on the others. Try to make your way to the right to where there is a shuttle on the ground. Near that will be a concrete wall just to the right. If you can get behind that, you should stop the respawns and can just clean up the area.

    Before advancing, look to the right for an alley way. This will lead to the right and have a door that leads into the next building. Go into the building that way. Watch out because Cannibals spawn here but it's a good spot. Kill the Cannibals as they spawn, then kill the ones that come down the ramp. After that, they should stop coming because you are far enough ahead already to stop their respawn. Make your way up the ramp and to the roof of the building.

    At the top of the building, you'll take cover behind some rubble. Directly across from you will be some Marauders and Cannibals. Take them out and move over to where they were. To your right will be more of the same. By the downed shuttle will be a Med Kit and the M-920 Cain. Grab the Cain and use it to on the Cannon. Once it has been destroyed, search in front of the nose of the shuttle for another M-920. Grab it and back up some. A group of Cannibals and a Banshee will attack. Use the M-920 to take the Banshee down in a single hit and then kill Cannibals until you get told to run for it. Hide for a second to get shields. If you have biotics, lift whatever you can with lifts and singularities. Once you have, make a run for the shuttle.

    Time to catch your breathe. During the next conversation, you'll get a Paragon Interrupt. Once you have control, go down the ladder and in the distance, talk to James who is standing in front of some soldiers. Go up the street and on the right will be Ashley (if she's alive). Up the rubble pile and inside the building you'll find Garrus and Primarch Victus. Go across the bridge and you'll have a short turret battle. Across the bridge you'll find Liara. Turn right and in the dark hall will be a Datapad. Take a left in the next room to talk to Javik and Wrex/Wreav. Up past Wrex will be another door. Go in and talk to the remaining Squad Members and then to Anderson when you are done.

    Priority: Earth - continued

    When you gain control, take out the Cannibals in front of you. There will be more Cannibals and Marauders behind them. Get past them and drop off the ledge behind them. Come up behind the tank and a fight will start. Stay behind and left of the tank while you clean up the Marauders and Cannibals here. When you move up to the next tank, a Harvester will appear but it is easily killable. It won't actually attack you but the tank instead. Just keep hammering it to kill it. When it's dead, try and figure out where the Banshee is. It will come up on you and it's a good idea to back up well behind the tank. From there you can fight the Banshee safe from enemy fire. Make sure you back your squad up a little because if they are on that tank, the Banshee will likely insta-kill them. They can be revived but it's a bad way to start a fight. Also watch out for her Warp Ball (its red). She seems to use it a lot here but it is dodgable if you time it right. Kill her and then clean up the stragglers.

    Go past the Mako and go into the building ahead. You'll quickly be attacked by Husks. Use Singularities to control them and take them out. Do so quickly because not long after, you'll be attacked by two Brutes in this room. Yes that sounds insane but it's not as bad as it sounds. Just focus on them one at a time and hit them with Warp a bunch. They'll go down. Just make sure you want for straggler Husks (may want to check radar occasionally). When you are done with the Brutes, there's some ammo to the left of where you entered this room. Go up the ladder at the back and you'll find more ammo.

    At the top of the stairs, stop before entering the room. That room is full of enemies. There's a Marauder on the turret, a Ravager at the back and plenty of Cannibals. They shouldn't be too much of a problem as long as you don't blunder into the room though. Kill them and then explore the room for a couple of Med Kits and a Computer Log. Try to open the door and a Husk will appear. Kill the three Husks in the hallway and then make yourself outside.

    This area is pretty long so take your time and stay safe while making your way forward. The will continually respawn so make sure to move forward but the respawn isn't too bad. They pretty much only spawned two Marauders at a time. When you move up, you'll find a Ravager on the large pile of rubble in the back. Just focus on it and take it out. Then move on to the smaller enemies and make your way up to the ruined vehicle in the middle of the road. Clear out enemies and then make your way to the building on the right.

    You'll be ambushed in this room by a bunch of Cannibal and a Marauder. Keep your wits about you and you should be fine because there's plenty of cover and you can flank up the right. Just use biotics to control the crowd. Once you've gotten rid of them, follow the store as it turns left. Take this area a little slowly, there are quite a few Cannibals here. They may respawn but just move up gradually. When you've overcome their position, go left into the streets and down into the crater. There's decent cover in the crater but the enemy will have a height advantage. Hopefully it's only Cannibals. Kill them but watch for grenades, then make your way up the crater to the building which has some Marauders in it. Take them out from outside the building and then move in to the door at the back of this room.

    The next room will have a group of Marauders and Cannibals in it. Push them back until you can see outside. Start clearing out here and go outside. A Brute should appear so lead him around the right side and back into the building. If you have your squad focus on him, then he shouldn't live long enough to cause any problems. Clear out stragglers and then move down the alley. When the Brutes appear, back track to the open area outside and start killing them. Focus on one at a time and they should fall in no time. Move into the building they came from and go through the door.

    You'll come to a Missile Pod that you need to protect. Make liberal use of your Radar because the enemies have a tendency to flank you. Also, don't be too shy about using Medi-Gel. Try to save about 3-4 units for the very end of this fight. If you need to, back up further behind the Missile Pod. This fight consists of mostly just Marauders and Cannibals and provided you are careful, you should be able to do this. Once you've cleared the area, activate the controls for the Missile Pod.

    At this point, you'll have to hold off a couple of waves of enemies. At first, you'll be attacked by mostly Husks and Cannibals and maybe some Marauders from the front. Take them out similarly to the way did with the last group. Remember that Singularity is your friend when it comes to Husks. Part way through this fight, you'll be attacked from behind. You can get into the building on your left and this might help protect you from the enemy. Also note that there's ammo, a Hydra Missile Launcher, and a Med Kit in this room. Get in there and start killing enemies.

    Once you've cleared the area, you will be attacked on your left flank relative to the Missiles. This will be announced. A couple of Cannibals will appear, then Marauders and finally some Banshees. Try to take out a few enemies but once the Banshees appear, make your way behind the Missiles. Behind the Missile Pod and on the left will be a broken vehicle. If you stand next to this, the other enemies fire won't be able to reach you and the Banshees will have a large distance to cover, allowing you to kill them with ease. Kill them both and then clean up the group of enemies remaining. When prompted, activate the Missile Pod again.

    After that, you'll have to fight off one last wave of enemies but it's a doozey. The first part of the wave is a handful of Brutes, roughly six to eight of them. Remember to focus your squad on one at a time and make sure to use your Radar to keep an idea of where they are at any given time. Use the big area behind the Missile Pod for maneuvering room. Once you've kill them, Banshees, Marauders, and Cannibals will appear. At this point, run into the supply room to the left of the Missile pod and pick up the Hydra Missile. Use it on one of the Banshees (remember that it doesn't fire until you let go of the trigger). Likely another Banshee will make its way to you first. Kill it in a more traditional fashion and then try to kill anything you can see. At this point, you might be getting overwhelmed. Soon, you will get a message that you can activate the next Missile Pod so make a run for it. At this point, try and lift or stasis as many enemies as possible, let your shields recharge and then run for it. This will be the last time you need Medi-Gel so use it whenever you need to. Get to the Missile Pod and activate it.

    When you regain control, make a run down the hill towards the beam of light. When you get close, you'll get another cutscene. When you regain control again, you'll have to march slowly to the beam of light. You'll have nothing but a pistol and be attacked first by three Husks. Shoot them, aim for the head and don't stop shooting. If they get to you, you'll die. Once they are dead, march on further but constantly aim just to left of the tall slab ahead. A Marauder will appear there and attack you. You need to make sure every shot hits him. It doesn't matter if you hit his head, just make sure that you hit him with every shot. If you don't, you will die.

    After that, climb into the light. You'll have some walking and talking left to do as well as the biggest choice you've likely ever made in a game (NOTE: If your Effective Military Strength isn't high enough, you may have one or only two options to choose from). Make your choices and enjoy the ending.

    SPOILER! Highlight to View

    The only way for Shepard to survive is if you choose to destroy the Reapers and you have an Effective Military Strength of 5000+ or (under certain circumstances) 4000+. This makes for a much more lucrative choice at the end of the game. How badly do you want Shepard to live and enjoy his parade?

    Collectibles Video: tinyurl.com/ME3-Eden-Prime

    Resistance Intel 1
    Resistance Intel 2
    Resistance Intel 3

    Travel to the Exodus Cluster. In the Utopia system, land on Eden Prime. I recommend taking Garrus with you. Follow the path and enter the first building on your right. Salvage the computer on one of the tables. There's also a Med Kit further into the building. At the end of the building before you exit to the left will be another computer. Make sure you collect this as it is part of an achievement/trophy. Head over to the lift just beyond the building.

    After you've talked about the Pod, you'll be attacked by Cerberus. There are a couple of Centurions but more importantly are the Nemeses. Watch out for the red light indicating that they are aiming at you. Just wait for them to appear and hit them with an Overload. Once their shields are down, use Singularity to get them off the ground, then finish them. Cross the bridge and enter the building on the right. Make your way through the building and inspect the terminal in the room just before you exit. Nearby will be some Equipment to salvage.


    Going right will make more sense from a story perspective but going left provides an easier gameplay route. This guide follows the latter.

    After you exit the building, go down the ramp next to that building. You will find a building with a ladder leading to the roof on the right. Go inside that building and salvage the Equipment just before the door. As you go to the door to leave, Cerberus will attack you from outside. In the next room of this building will be the final terminal for the achievement/trophy. Grab this terminal and kill the Cerberus. Past the terminal is a door. Open the door and in the kitchen, grab the Med Kit on the counter. Go outside and directly across from this building is another building. Go into that building and to the back porch. Collect the Med Kit there and then enter the door on the right. Use the Console in this room for a scene.

    Exit this room and go back into the courtyard. Head left and go into the next building. Make your way through the building and inspect the table surrounded by dead men. Leave this building and you will fight a group of Cerberus here. There will be quite a few Engineers among them along with some Centurions. You may want to back up and try to lure them into the building or return back to the bridge area where you started and approach from that angle. When you've cleared the area, go into the building on the right that is at an angle. In lab 6 will be a Computer to salvage and a door. Go through the door and activate the Terminal there.

    Return to the Pod and you'll immediately be attacked by Cerberus. You will be attacked by two guardians, some assault troopers and an engineer. Stay safely inside the building and kill them as they come up the stairs or use Biotics to pull them into your view. Clean them up and then approach the bridge from the outside. Do NOT go through the building because it doesn't offer a lot of room. If you go outside, enemies will come to you and you can just pick them off a little at a time. Once they are dead, head over to the bridge which has been retracted.

    Drop down where the bridge would have been and turn left. Make your way along the rocks to the building near the Pod. Climb up to the roof of the building and then go down the ladder on the far side of the building. Get down and go to the Pod.

    When you activate the pod, you'll be attacked. Try to stay on the elevator to draw enemies toward you and then when you can no longer do that, move back to the building. Clean up this wave and restock from the supplies in the building. After a few moments, another wave will attack. From the Pod will be an Atlas Mech and from the flank will be more Troopers. Stay in the building and focus on the Atlas Mech. Destroy it and then clean up the Cerberus troopers. Return to the pod when you are done.


    I've listed everything in the best order to collect them. For instance, it may be better for you to skip the first system of a Star Cluster because it would be better to collect the fuel in that system as you exit rather than before you've explored. This is just a recommendation, however, and you should do as you think best for your circumstances.

    Collectibles Video: tinyurl.com/ME3-Apien-Crest

    Apien Crest

    Castellus - E Nios+350 Fuel
    Castellus - DigerisBanner 1st Regiment
    Gammae - PheriosTurian 79th Flotilla
    Gammae - Near Pherios+800 Fuel
    Gammae - Near Pherios+750 Fuel
    Hades Gamma
    Plutus - NonuelSpecial Ops Team Zeta
    Dis - SW Gremar+200 Fuel
    Dis - Klensal10,000 Credits
    Farinata - N Star+200 Fuel
    Farinata - JuntaumaAlliance Frigate Agincourt
    Cacus - W Xamarri+400 Fuel
    Cacus - Chohe10,000 Credits
    Antaeus - Trebin10,000 Credits
    Antaeus - SSW Mass Relay+300 Fuel
    Kite's Nest
    Untrel - W Adek+100 Fuel
    Untrel - Adek10,000 Credits
    Harsa - Khar'shanPillars of Strength
    Harsa - W Verush+300 Fueld
    Harsa - VerushWeapon Upgrade Kit
    Requires Progress in Aria: Blue Suns
    Vular - NW Star+150 Fuel
    Vular - VanaBlack Market Artifact
    Exodus Cluster
    Asgard - NW Star+250 Fuel
    Asgard - BorrRemains of Reaper
    Asgard - TyrAlliance Eploration Flotilla
    Asgard - Terra NovaAlliance Cruiser Shanghai
    Asgard - LokiSpec Ops Delta
    Utopia - S Eden Prime+200 Fuel
    Utopia - ZionProthean Data Files
    Sigurd's Cradle
    Decoris - Laena10,000 Credits
    Decoris - S Star+350 Fuel
    Skepsis - E Crick+200 Fuel
    Skepsis - WatsonJavelin Launcher

    Collectibles Video: tinyurl.com/ME3-Shrike

    The Shrike Abyssal
    Urla Rast - NE Star+300 Fuel
    Urla Rast - Talis FiaProthean Obelisk
    Xe Cha - S Star+150 Fuel
    Xe Cha - Zada Ban10,000 Credits
    Minos Wasteland
    Fortis - S Relay+200 Fuel
    Fortis - Pieta10,000 Credits

    Collectibles Video: tinyurl.com/ME3-Arcturus

    Arcturus Stream
    Euler - SW Yukawa+100 Fuel
    Arcturus - W Themis+350 Fuel
    Arcturus - Arcturus StationIntel
    Gemini Sigma
    Ming - S Antiropus+320 Fuel
    Ming - ParagAlliance Cruiser Nairobi
    Han - S Relay+470 Fuel
    Han - Mavigon10,000 Credits
    Krogan DMZ
    Nith - NE Sun+300 Fuel
    Dranek - SSE Sun+200 Fuel
    Dranek - RothlaShadow Broker Wet Squad
    Ismar Frontier
    Aquila - MetapontoAdvanced Biotic Implants

    Collectible Video: tinyurl.com/ME3-Aethon

    Aethon Cluster
    Nura - NE Star+250 Fuel
    Nura - Oma KerVolus Intelligence Archives
    Satu Arrd - SE Nalisin+200 Fuel
    Satu Arrd - NalisinVolus Engineering Team
    Esori - E Star+300 Fuel
    Esori - Sol PaolisVolus Dreadnought Kwonu
    Aru - W Irune+200 Fuel
    Aru - Cherk SabVolus Fabrication Unit
    Aru - IruneBook of Plenix
    Attican Beta
    Theseus - NE Star+250 Fuel
    Theseus - FerosExoGeni Scientists
    Hercules - SE Star+370 Fuel
    Hercules - EletaniaInterferometric Array

    Collectible Video: tinyurl.com/ME3-Athena

    Athena Nebula
    Lalessa - E Star+500 Fuel
    Lalessa - TrikalonAsari Engineers
    Vernio - NE Star+400 Fuel
    Vernio - PolissaHesperia Perod Statue
    Tomaros - S Niagolon+200 Fuel
    Tomaros - PronoiaAsari Cruiser Nefrane
    Orisoni - E Star+350 Fuel
    Orisoni - EgalicAsari Research Ships
    Parnitha - TevuraAsari Cruiser Cybaen
    Nimbus Cluster
    Agaiou - CarcosaLibrary of Asha
    Kallini - S Pania+300 Fuel
    Pelion - S Aitis+650 Fuel
    Pelion - NE Trategos+750 Fuel
    Pelion - NW Sthenia+850 Fuel
    Pelion - TrategosReaper Weapon
    Valhallan Threshold
    Paz - SE Star+160 Fuel
    Paz - GarvugProthean Data Drives
    Micha - ElohiEmergency Fuel Pods
    Micha - FarlasEezo Converter
    Micha - ESE Star+340 Fuel
    Raheel Leyya - NE Star+95 Fuel

    Collectible Video: tinyurl.com/ME3-Argos

    Argos Rho
    Gorgon - CamaronAdvanced Power Relay
    Phoenix - NE Intai'sei+450 Fuel
    Phoenix - Intai'seiFossilized Kakliosaur
    Phoenix - Pinnacle StationTurian Spec Ops
    Hydra - S Star+250 Fuel
    Hydra - CanrumHaptic Optics Array

    The Silean Nebula is currently available but you can only explore the first system so it is better to wait until after Priority: Rannoch.

    Collectible Video: tinyurl.com/ME3-Nexus

    Hades Nexus
    Hoplos - KopisObelisk of Karza
    Hoplos - W Star+250 Fuel
    Pamyat - DebrovolskiFrigate Leipzig
    Pamyat - S Star+100 Fuel
    Sheol - Gei HinnomProthean Sphere
    Hekate - SW Relay+380 Fuel
    Hekate - AsteriaFrigate Hong Kong
    Silean Nebula
    Teyolia - E Star+375 Fuel
    Teyolia - NevosRings of Alure
    Teyolia - Quirezia10,000 Credits
    Phontes - E Lenuamund+175 Fuel
    Phontes - OltanElcor Flotilla
    Phontes - DekunnaCode of the Ancients
    Nahuala - HyetianaSerrice Guard
    Nahuala - SW Agessia+250 Fuel
    Loropi - E Wreckage+300 Fuel
    Loropi - YasiliumArmali Sniper Unit
    Kypladon - HanaleiDr. Jelize

    Collectible Video: tinyurl.com/ME3-Hourglass

    Hourglass Nebula
    Faryar - NW Alingon+600 Fuel
    Faryar - AlingonShadow Broker Tech
    Sowilo - N Star+200 Fuel
    Sowilo - HagalazShadow Broker Team
    Ploitari - ZanethuTerminus Freighters
    Osun - SSE Star+100 Fuel
    Osun - Erinle10,000 Credits
    Nubian Expanse
    Qertassi - N Noresha+50 Fuel
    Qertassi - NoreshaFrigate Trafalgar
    Kalabsha - NE Star+300 Fuel
    Kalabsha - YammMarine Recon Unit
    Dakka - SE Star+350 Fuel
    Dakka - PragiaResearch Data from Pragia