What are the exact perks to being a vampire/werewolf?

  1. What are the exact perks to being a vampire or werewolf?

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    Thank you very much! Glad that I know what I'm getting into. Being a werewolf does sound like a lot of fun. Now I just wanna know about being a vampire :)

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Accepted Answer

  1. Vampirism

    - Immune to Disease: You are completely immune to disease. Any disease you had upon becoming a vampire are instantly cured.
    - Immune to Poison: You are completely immune to all forms of poison.
    - Champion of the Night: Illusion spells that you cast are 25%more powerful.
    - Nightstalker's Footsteps: You are 25% harder to detect while in Sneaking
    - Resist Frost: The stage of your vampirism adds to your Frost Resistance (Stage1- 25%, Stage 2- 50%, Stage 3- 75%, Stage 4- 100%).

    - Hatred: Stages 1,2,3 Vampirism: Citizens of Skyrim and guards will not recognize you as a Vampire, but may (25% of the time) remark that you are looking distinctly pale or "hungry"
    - Hatred: Stage 4 Vampirism: All citizens and guards within a settlement will recognize exactly what you are, and attack you on sight.
    - Weakness for Sunlight: When outdoors between 5am and 7pm your Health, Magic and Stamina will not regenerate. Their maximum values are also reduced: Stage 1- Reduced by 15 points, Stage 2- Reduced by 30 points, Stage 3- Reduced by 45 points, Stage 4- Reduced by 60 points.
    - Weakness to Fire: The stage of your Vampirism also gives you a weakness to Fire: Stage 1- Weakness to Fire 25%, Stage2- Weakness to Fire 50%, Stage 3- Weakness to Fire 75%%, Stage 4- Weakness to Fire 100%.

    Stage 1- Vampire Sight- For 1 minute, you can see better in dark environments. This power has no cost.
    - Vampric Drain: A special Destruction Spell, Vampric Drain absorbs 2 health per second from your target.
    - Vampire's Servant: Once per day, you can reanimate a dead creature to fight for you for 60seconds. Only works on creatures of lvl 6 or lower.

    Stage 2- All powers from Stage 1, plus:
    - Vampire's Seduction: Creatures and People up to lvl 8 won't fight or run away for 30seconds.
    - Vampric Drain: Increases to 3 Health per second.
    - Vampire's Servant: Now affects creatures of lvl 13 or less.

    Stage 3- All powers from Stages 1 and 2, plus:
    - Vampric Drain: Increases to 4 health per second.
    - Vampire's Servant: Now affects creatures lvl 21 or less.

    Stage 4- All powers from Stages 1,2 and 3, plus:
    - Embrace of Shadows: Once per day, you can invoke this power to gain Vampires Sight and Invisibility for 3 minutes.
    - Vampric Drain: Increases to 5 health per second.
    - Vampire's Servant: Now affects creatures of lvl 30 or less.

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Other Answers

  1. Exact perks of Lycanthropy are fun. :3

    You get a right and left claw attack, and a power attack that's a three hit combo. It's pretty powerful.

    Your stamina seems to get a huge boost while sprinting, and you can cross almost half of skyrim in minutes.

    You get some cool special kill scenes, can eat dead humanoids to restore HP.

    A drawback is not being able to access the character menu, or heal HP in any way, other than eating dead people. Eating said dead people also extends the time you can be in beast form.

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  2. Lycanthropy

    Beat Form.
    When you become a werewolf, you acquire a new Power known as Beast Form. This allows you to transform into a werewolf once per day. Once transformed, you remain as a werewolf for 2.5 minutes of real time. You can extend this time by approaching a corpse and feeding on it. This restores 50 points of health, and gives you another 30 seconds of time as a werewolf.

    - Your Max Health increases by 100 points, but dose NOT Regen
    - Your Max Stamina increases by 100
    - You have a Faster Sprint speed.
    - Wolves will treat you as an ally
    - Any Crime you commit as a werewolf will not count against your "normal" self.

    - You cant loot anything you kill
    - You cant pick up or use any items you find.
    - You cant equip or use any of your normal weapons, armor, spells, shouts or powers
    - Your large hulking form may have trouble fitting through some narrow passages.
    - You cant speak to anyone, even your own Companions breatheren.
    - If anyone see you transform into our beast form, the transformation is considered a major crime.

    -Increased Melee Damage: When in beast form you attack with your claws. For every swipe that connects you deal 20 points of damage. This increases at higher levels - level 11-15: +5, Level 16-20: +15, Level 21-25: +25, Level 26-30: +30, Level 31-35: +35, Level 36-40: +40, Level 41-45: +50, Level 45 and Over: +60.

    -Immunity to Disease: 100%

    -Increased Dexterity: In beast form, you can sprint on all fours at an impressively fast pace and jump a lot further then normal.

    - Restless Blood: As a werewolf you can NEVER gain the bonus for being Rested.

    - Initial Howl: Fear grips your foes up to level 25, lasts 30 seconds.

    - Totem Howl: Detect Life in a large radius, lasts 60 seconds.

    - Totem Howl: Summon two wolves to fight with you.

    There you go the Advantages and Disadvantages to being both Werewolf and Vampire

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