How do you enchant a weapon?

  1. The question says it all. And I would also like some advice for this topic too if possible. Thank you

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Accepted Answer

  1. Here's a breakdown of how Enchanting works.

    You need three things - an enchantment, an item to enchant, and a soul gem.

    To get an enchantment, you have to disenchant an item that is enchanted in some way. To disenchant it, go to an arcane enchanter (which can be found in places such as Dragonsreach in Whiterun, or in the College of Winterhold in... Winterhold).

    Once at an arcane enchanter, choose the 'disenchant' option, and you'll be presented with a list of all items in your possession that are enchanted. For example, you may have a weapon with fire damage on it, or a robe with increased magicka regeneration. If you wish to learn the enchantment on any of these pieces of gear, simply choose to disenchant them, but be warned, you will lose the item completely, in return for the enchantment.

    Now that you've learned an enchantment, you can choose to apply it to a piece of gear. Again, at the arcane enchanter, choose 'item', and select which piece of gear you wish to enchant. Next, select 'enchantment', and choose which of your learned enchantments you wish to add to your selected gear. Lastly, choose 'soul gem', and pick a soul gem to use to power the enchantment. Then you just press the 'craft' button (square on PS3) and it will be completed.

    Additional notes:

    Not all items can be enchanted with every type of enchantment. You might find you want to add a +magicka bonus to your gear, but will not be able to apply it to your boots.

    Weapon enchants carry charges like Oblivion. You can choose to increase the amount of charges the weapon has, but this makes the weapon apply less of the enchantment per attack. For example, you might choose to have a sword deal 10 points of fire damage per strike, and contain 20 charges; or you might choose to lower the damage to 5 points of fire damage per strike, and increase the charges to 40. You can alter the charges when you choose which type of enchantment and which weapon you want - you'll get a slider bar to help you select the appropriate enchantment.

    The stronger the soul gem, the more power and charges the enchantment will carry. It's recommended to use smaller gems for enchantments on gear you might be replacing soon, and to use larger gems on higher quality gear that will serve you for some time.

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Other Answers

  1. The first possible place you can enchant is in whiteruns, dragon reach you'll find an enchanting post to the first door on the right, of course you will need equipment to disenchant to learn enchantments before you can begin enchanting.

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  2. To enchant an item you have to be at a enchanting table then you must have a enchantment and a soul gem. You can find or steal soul gems but to get an enchantment you must have an item on you that is already enchanted i.e. mages robes. When you are at the enchanting table go to the destroy section of it and destroy the item that is already enchanted. Destroying that will let you learn the enchantment on it so you can use it on anything. After that you can enchant any item you please.

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