Master Illusion Book quest book locations?

  1. When you hit 100 in illusion you open up a quest through master trainer in winterhold, got vision spell, cant find the books anywhere in the college?, any help on there locations would be appreciated...Thx

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    jkendle1 - 6 years ago

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  1. To elaborate, you should know that the books, when the spell is cast, look pretty similar to a regular book. Only on closer inspection will you see that it is covered in small, glowing red runes. Be aware, too, that the book locations can apparently be different in everyone's game, but the information I have seen always place the book in the same room or area, at least. Here is where I found my four books:

    1 - Arcaneum - on a table on the western side of the room. There is another book already on the table, "Legend of the Red Eagle", or something to that effect.

    2 - Hall of Attainment - Second floor, under the bench beside the stairwell.

    3 - Hall of Countenance - Second floor, on top of a barrel in the store room directly opposite the room with the enchantment table.

    4 - The Midden - in the Hall of Countenance, take the stairwell all the way to the bottom, then check in the area underneath the stairs; there is a hatch in the floor leading to The Midden (sewer tunnels). Inside, you will come across the Atronach Forge; the final book was on the table near the forge.

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  1. One s in the Arcanium, one in the Hall of Countenance, and one in the Midden. They are invisible unless using the spell "Vision of the Tenth Eye." Look on top of Barrels, below benches, on tables, or bookshelves. There is no specific location given for the books in the Prima Guide.

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  2. this is where i found them in my game im not sure if its constant though you know how random the game can be.

    1- on a table in the Arcanium
    2-on desk beside the Atronach forge
    3-mid-level store room in the Hall of Countance
    4-Hall of Attainment under a bench int the stairwell to the roof

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