Where can I find the book, Oghma Infinium?

  1. I'm just wondering where i can find it.

    User Info: SYRUKON

    SYRUKON - 6 years ago
  2. Clarification Request:
    The answer is pretty simple, do the main quest and make sure to get the Lexicon back from the observatory-type room, then talk to Septimus in his cave north by northeast of the College of Winterhold. Then you have to kill every kind of elven enemy and collect their blood using his extractor, then go back and follow him into the tunnel.
    What I wanna know is if I read it before I got the oblivion walker trophy will it still be possible to get the oblivion walker trophy...

    User Info: a0dark1

    a0dark1 - 5 years ago

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  1. North of the College of Winterhold you'll find a location containing Septimus Signus who gives you a couple of quests that lead you to the Oghma Infinium.

    User Info: thkuntze

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  1. What is the place called, north of the College of Winterhold which contains that npc

    User Info: SYRUKON

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  2. It's called Septimus Signus Outpost. And the NPC is called, well.. Septimus Signus..

    User Info: platinumxii

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  3. That's the only Daedric quest that you can get while doing the main quest.
    Some people forget to get the Lexicon from the machine after getting the Elder Scrolls so you might wanna check that first.

    For people trying to make their lives easier in this game, here's the glitch for the Oghma Infinium.
    Do the ff:
    1. Get the 1.03 patch.
    2. Activate a bookshelf. (Create a save before doing this just in case you screw it up)
    3. Read the Oghma Infinium using R1 or L1(Choose something to raise).
    4. Close the book and Store it to the bookshelf.(Just in case, don't store anything else in the bookshelf and I did it in my house in whiterun so you might wanna do it there too.).
    5. Point the cross-hair to the book, press X or O (whatever your PS3 uses to activate things).
    6. Select "(Do Not Read)".
    7. Don't close the book, take it.
    8. Go back to number 2 and repeat as pleased.
    -I did this glitch on the 1.03 wherein they fixed the bookshelf problem.
    -Just follow these steps carefully coz you might screw it up.

    User Info: masterlouie_143

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  4. When you talk to septimus sigmus he will give you a cube (i think but not sure ) then he will tell you to grab orc blood, dark elf blood, wood elf blood, falmer blood. to get the blood just kill an orc and search him and the game will ask you to search him or harvest him. then when you have all the blood talk to septimus sigmus and he will open the door to the book

    User Info: kayinattor

    kayinattor - 5 years ago 0 0

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