I stored every item i had in the room Delphine gives you in the Sleeping Giant Inn. Now all my items are gone. Why?

  1. Okay so for the entire game since Delphine gave me a room for free in the sleeping giant inn, i have been storing items such as dragon bones/scales, weapons, armor, etc. But as you can guess one day i went back to the room in the sleeping giant inn and every item i had in the chest was gone. I intially assumed that all my stuff had been deleted because you can still purchase a room from one of the dudes in the inn. However, it still says i can sleep on the bed caused it isnt owned and whenever i purchase a room the guy walks over to a different room. The last suspicion that i have is that when you do alduins wall quest Delphine tells the guy she works with goodbye and that the inn is his thus i think there might be a connection. So in summation i am asking whether i just plainly shouldnt have put my items in that room or if this whole situation deals with the recent 1.2 patch?

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  1. Your loot is gone! The game informs you during the load screens that leaving you're items in a container you do not own for too long will result in those items being missing upon your return. The same will happen with any of the various beds given to the player where the player is not regarded as the owner of the chest. The ingame way to tell if you own a bed or not is to sleep there to see if you get the "Well Rested" bonus (skills level 10% faster for a time) or the "Rested" Bonus (skills level 5% faster for a time). You will only get the "Well Rested" bonus for sleeping in a bed that you own. (Inns, cots found in the world, and faction camps never provide the "Well Rested" bonus)

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  1. The only place you can store things in without them disappearing is in a house that you have bought. Other wise your stuff will disappear because all containers reload after a few in game days.

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  2. You are also given a room at the College of Winterhold that you can safely store items in. Just make sure you go into the right room - the one that let's you sleep in the bed. The rooms woth "owned" beds are no good. I used my college room for most of the game until I bought the house in Solitude. Then i transferred everything there, cuz you could divide your supplies into different areas.

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  3. If you want a good free big room bigger than the whiterun house complete the college of winterhold questline you get the archmages robes and living quarters also u get alot of free soul gems on the shelves near the enchanter and there's a bed and a big chest in there and it will hold all you loot

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  4. You can safely dump all your stuff on the ground inside any abandonned building. My first place was Anise's Cabin's cellar (north/west of Helgen, west of Riverwood, north of the guardian stones) so it's accessable very early on. Enter Anise's basement and she'll attack you when you exit. Some people are so touchy about you invading their privacy! You can also just dump stuff on the ground anywear outside but people might ask you for some of it and if you do that in a town or village and any of it was stolen, the whole town will come after you when you pick that piece up, so inside a vacant place is better. If you play the Dragonborn DLC, there's an abandonned house in town that you can use immediately. Just don't use ANY containers, because sooner or later, your stuff will disappear.

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  5. After 10 days or so, most areas reset. You can store items ANYWHERE, but it requires going back every few days to keep the cell from resetting. Bought homes are an exception. They do periodically soft reset, but your items are unharmed, even if they're just laying in the floor (though may be moved if something returns to it's default position and pushes it off the table/rack you placed it on).

    The secret room in the inn is NOT a safe area for storing items, unless you return there very frequently. Your best bet is to travel as light as possible and save up enough cash for a real house ASAP. The Breezehome in white run is the cheapest in the core game, though I'm partial to Lakeview manor from Falkreath, if you own Hearthfire. Just kill 1 fairly easy bandit leader and have the 5000 on hand and it's yours, also have enough materials building the base house left over for a garden (6 blue mountain flowers, 5 wheat recommended at first), so you can make a bunch of fortify/restore health potions to use/sell.

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