How to Cure vampire ?

  1. when you sleep in darkness you will be vampire ?
    Cure vampire ?

    User Info: dune1254

    dune1254 - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Sleep in darkness? Vampirism is always active. If you contracted the Vampirism disease, you can get it cured within 3 days by visiting any shrines in town. However if you involved into a full Vampire, you have to complete a quest called "Rising in The Dawn" or something. For this, you have to head to Morthal. Head to the Inn and talk to the Inn owner. Select the option about rumors going on lately and he will talk about a NPC called Falion and his rituals. Look for Falion and he will say he can cure you of your Vampirism. This quest involves you to collect a Black Soul Gem or you can buy one directly off him. Fill up the Black Soul Gem and go back to him. He will then ask you to go to the ritual area where he will get rid of your Vampirism forever. Otherwise, you can also do the Companion Quest; the part where you can become a Werewolf also cures you of your Vampirism!

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