Is there a glitch to get unlimited perk points?

  1. Is there a glitch out there for unlimited perk points?

    User Info: supremegauntlet

    supremegauntlet - 5 years ago
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    The subject of the question was unlimited perk points, already know the bookshelf glitch. Just looking for a way to get more then 81 perk points.

    User Info: supremegauntlet

    supremegauntlet - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. till this moment there is no known way at ps3 or XBox to get more then 82 perks (80 from leveling and 2 from quests). On PC its an other story, ther you can lower your skills whitch a console comand and raise it again to get more level or simply use a comand to get the perk you want witchout using one of the point.
    On PC there an mods too. This ether lift the cap on the skills so that this can be raised over level 100 or the modifie the arc for levels needed to level up.

    User Info: pupped

    pupped (Expert) - 5 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. Not that I know of, but here are a few places with a lot of glitches to try. Can't just give you the links, but google 'uesp + skyrim + glitches', then click on the first result. It'll be a long page with a lot of glitches. You can also google 'elderscrolls wikia bugs skyrim' and pick the first result again. Both pages are somewhat similar, but I personally like the UESP pages more. Some of the glitches are on any system, some only on certain systems.

    There are ways to get basically infinite exp for just about all the skills, so if you keep using them to level you can unlock a lot of perks using the points you earned from leveling quickly.
    Here are the steps for a very useful leveling glitch:

    " When you get the Oghma Infinium, if you open up a bookshelf, read it, then place it onto the shelf it will not disappear. The player can then pick it back up off the shelf (without using it) to repeat and increase all skills to 100 and achieve level 81, if they want to. Once you obtain the book, bring it to a house you own that has book shelves.
    Read the book while it is still in your inventory, choose your selected path
    Then press back, while highlighting the book drop it. Failure to do so and returning the the game will trigger the event of the book being removed.
    Once the book is dropped, pick it up and place it on the book shelf.
    Then click on the book, don't read it, and add it to your inventory.
    Repeat the above steps as many times as desired.

    Update with 1.2 patch Bookshelf activation glitch: With the 1.2 patch on the Xbox (unconfirmed on other consoles) the bookshelf does not activate after taking out a book. The way around this, and to your benefit of skill ranking with Ohgma Infinium-

    Further update to 1.2 patch glitch. If you use a chest instead of a bookshelf then you can avoid the bookshelf inactivation entirely. Simply read the Ohgma Infinium in your inventory while opening the chest, move it to the chest's inventory, take it back, and read again. Be sure to leave it in the chest's inventory before you exit. Works best with a chest in your home as you can leave it there indefinitely if you do not want to gain too many levels right away.

    Activate the bookshelf
    Stay in the menu, and take the Book out of the bookshelf, read it from your inventory, then close it and put it back
    Repeat as many times as necessary."

    User Info: otakuman706

    otakuman706 (Expert) - 5 years ago 0 0

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