How do I beat the Arch Necromancer?

  1. In the quest 'The Black Star', you have to go to some lair and eventually you come to an Arch Necromancer (I think) and another person across some water. The necromancer just kills me so easily with the frost spell. Is there any advice or something?

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    Cyber_NinjaDude - 6 years ago

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  1. the best way to fight mages is to draw there magica, this way they are not abel to cast there spells and are forced to go in melee. If you are a Stealth, Warrior or Archer you can use a Destroy Magica Potion on your Weapon. Try to evade his spells, by doind sidesteps because frost spells draw stamina and slow you down, untill you can land some hits. If all goes well he will go into melee and you should have a rather easy fight.
    If you are a Mage yourself try using lightning spells since the do damage to magica, its kinda the same try not to be a sitting duck and spam some spells. You can try to summon some Atronach or Undead and hope that the Arch Necromancer will attack them first.
    Dragon Shouts might help too, Ice Form is preaty handy since it will deep freeze enemys, Become Ethereal might help if you wish to escape.
    Hope this will help at least at little bit.

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  1. If you are on patch 1.2 make sure your magic resistance isn't increased due to items or anything because in the 1.2 patch the resistance works backwards (if you have 20% resistance you are 20% weaker instead.) This could lead to you being killed easily if they use a spell you have a high resistance to. Other than that we'd need to know how you fight to give advice. What gear/perks/enchantments do you use? Without knowing what you focus on or like to use we don't know what works best for you.

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  2. Everyone seems to have problems at this location; I died several times before I had enough luck to get through it. I had no magic skills to speak of at the time, and no magic resistance, either. I ended up running around the corner, then using the Whirlwind Sprint shout to cross the room quickly. Jumped in the water and crossed it submerged; it got really tricky on the other side, though. Here I just got lucky enough to have his ice spikes hit the braziers instead of me, and I closed the distance and killed him pretty easily.

    I don't remember the room too well at this point, but now that I know more about the Whirlwind Sprint, there may have been an easier solution. If there are no barriers along the edge of the water, and the floor on the opposite side is the same height or lower, you could potentially use the Whirlwind Sprint to simply sprint right over the water to where the mage is standing and off him. That's the thing they didn't tell you about the Whirlwind Sprint - it makes you move in a straight line regardless of what is (or isn't) underfoot, even open air.

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  3. If your fighting style is as a mage, using lightning, as it will drain an enemy's magicka. Make sure you're strong enough, because if he's murdering you within seconds, and you've got nothing to do about it, you're definitely not strong enough for that quest.

    If your fighting style is as a stealth, if you have the Sneaking perk which makes daggers do 15x damage, get a strong dagger, and if you've joined the Dark Brotherhood, using the gloves as they double backstab damage with one-handed weapons, allowing for a 30x damage bonus if you do it whilst sneaking.

    If your fighting style is as a warrior, you'll want to draw him out, hide around the corner, and as soon as you see him, hack before he has the chance to incinerate you. Try a magicka poison, a shout, something to keep him down whilst you drain away his health. I find if you use Unrelenting force's 3rd word, you can keep him on the ground for a while before he gets back up; All the more time to damage him.

    Also, note that if you've done Peryite's Daedric quest, the reward from that is useful, especially against mages and the likes.

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  4. The way I did it was to use a dagger that paralyzes and use the Staff of Magus and spam those two till he or she dies.

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