How do I solve (In The Mind Of Maddness)?

  1. Cant Solve The Puzzles PleaseHelp

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Accepted Answer

  1. There are three puzzles you have to solve.

    Pelagius' Night Terrors
    You will see a bed in the middle of the forest with Pelagius sleeping on it. Sheogorath tells you that Pelagius has been suffering from night terrors since he was a child, and to get rid of them. Use the Wabbajack on Pelagius to start the sequence, and then attack each terror as they come. They will turn into something more innocuous. Do not attack the innocuous creatures; instead, use the Wabbajack on Pelagius again to call the next terror. If you fail to prevent the terror from attacking Pelagius long enough, you will have to repeat the scene from the start.
    You will have to fight a wolf, a bandit chief, a hagraven, a flame atronach and lastly, a dragon priest who tends to summon a frost atronach to help him. When the dragon priest is taken care of, Pelagius will wake up and the scene will end.

    Pelagius' Confidence
    In this scene you will see Pelagius' Anger beating up Pelagius' Confidence. Confidence doesn't look like he is doing too well, since he is tiny and Anger is a giant. Sheogorath wants you to tip the scales. Use Wabbajack on Anger until he is tiny, and then on Confidence until he is as big as Anger was. It is a bit tricky getting Confidence big enough to finish the quest, as if you will wait too long, he will go back to being tiny.

    Pelagius' Paranoia
    The third scene will be a small fort like structure, with steps leading up to the edge. In the middle of this structure there is an arena, occupied by two fighting storm atronachs. Supposedly, one is yours and one is your opponent's, who is on the other side of the fort. He is flanked by two other men. Sheogorath will tell you Pelagius' mother had a hand inflaming his paranoia. He wants you to find Pelagius' paranoia and win the fight you are witnessing.
    If you shoot your opponent's atronach with the Wabbajack, it will result in one or both of the creatures changing into an atronach of another type. The best configuration is your atronach being frost, and the other flame, so even though yours is losing life, it will heal, making the fight infinite. Either way, the atronach fight has nothing to do with solving the scene.
    Aim for one of the two men sitting next to your opponent, and Wabbajack them. Both of the men will turn into wolves, and attack your opponent, kiling him. Sheogorath will happily comment on how you finally came up with the way to deal with the situation, though he will say the same thing regardless of whether shooting the two men was the first thing you did or not.

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