Best method of making gold, step by step from the beginning of Skyrim?

  1. Hey guys I really need a good way to make gold efficiently from the very start of the game, when you escape the dragon. Also, how to gain more gold from that gold would be nice please :)

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    Lordanubis12 - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Search everything! Gold is everywhere.

    You'll find it on people, in cubboards, desks, drawers, in barrels, sacks, even on creatures like wolves.

    Personally, I'm a hoarder. If I find valuable items that I don't expect to use, I sell them.

    Its not a bad idea to use your skills to make your money.
    Like if you're into blacksmithing, make weapons/armor, use grindstone/workbench to improve; and for even more value you can enchant the items.

    Or if you're a Sneak expert, I'm pretty sure you can steal gold and guards won't stop you, except in the act. If you steal items, they're marked red in your item screen, can't be sold to Normal merchants, and you can be stopped by a guard. Gold, on the other hand, seems to fall right into your own gold and isn't marked as stolen. Personally, I steal items that get used. Like Ingots or Ingredients, so you can dispose of any evidence.

    Or if Alchemy is your thing, discover how to make the better potions. Like the ones that raise a skill or resist something. And if you make certain mixtures correctly, potions/poisons can have a few different effects. Those are usually worth more.

    Another thing is your Speech perks. Even just the first perk helps get better prices.

    If you're all Magic, sell your potions and/or weapons that you don't want.

    Also, Arrows have no weight. So you can carry as many as you want. Cheaper arrows like Iron arrows aren't really worth much, if anything. But you'll find other kinds that are worth at least 1 or 2. And when you get a lot, they can really add up.

    Even when you complete a mission for someone, a lot of the time many things in their store or house become free to take. Even coin purses.
    For instance, with the Blacksmith in Whiterun, after doing the lady's mission of making a dagger and helmet I was able to go inside the shop and take a lot of stuff like iron boots, swords, and a coin purse.

    If you're desperate, take anything worth anything and sell it. I've need a few gold before and just grabbed some plates and cups for fast gold.
    Dragon bones and scales are worth quite a lot too.

    Really though, if you're patient and a little thrifty your money will pile up in no time.

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