What is the BEST armor ?

  1. What is the best armor and can you please tell me how to get it ? And maybe the best weapon too please .

    User Info: tristanjang

    tristanjang - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Of course, this is all subjective - it depends what you're looking for. By means of shear defensive power, your best light armor is dragon scale armor, and the best heavy armor has been Daedric armor in my experience, although you will find some people who claim that the heavy dragon plate armor is better - I think they're confused. I had my crafting skill at 100 when I crafted both the Daedric armor and the Dragon Plate armor, and my Daedric armor came out with a higher defensive rating than all the Dragon Plate.

    To get these sets of armor, you need some very specific materials and you'll have to craft them at a forge. Be sure, as you level up, that you activate the perk associated with that type of armor (located in the Smithing skill tree). For Dragon Scale and Dragon Plate armor, hang on to all the dragon scales and dragon bones you get from defeating dragons in the wild. For Daedric armor, keep a sharp eye out for Daedra hearts, which are few and far between. There's an easy one located in the Hall of the Companions outside of the leader's bedroom, in the basement.

    If you want to make your armor really strong, max out your smithing and enchanting skills and keep an eye out for smithing and enchanting potions and philters; use these just before you improve your armor on the smithing table.

    As far as weapons go, there are lots of interesting variants out there, and it all depends on what your play style is. I'm running with a one-handed sword, the strongest of which is a Daedric sword. With some crafty smithing and enchanting, I raised the strength of my Daedric sword to 275.

    Note that there is no weapon to be had through the Dragon Scale or Plate categories.

    User Info: Mythranil

    Mythranil (Expert) - 5 years ago 1 0

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