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"The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Legendary Edition"

There were numerous glitches in this extended version of Skyrim and with major quests in Solstheim, Soul Cairn and Fort Dawnguard.

The Moth Priest in Dawnguard continually attacked throughout the quest and after the quest ended. He even followed my character to various locations to continue his attacks, before returning to Fort Dawnguard. No matter how many times my character returned to this Fort, wherein I used Bend Will on him, waited 24-hours, used Bend Will again, waited 24-hours, used Bend Will again and waited 24-hours (as an on-line poster suggested in order to fix this glitch), and no matter how many times my character attacked him, the Moth Priest always waited at the Fort to attack my character again.

The Bend Will Shout did not work on ANY dragons, including Sahrotaur, the dragon needed to fly my character to Miraaks tower to defeat him, even after my character learned the 3 words needed in the Bend Will shout and holding the R2 button for the right length of time to engage this shout.

This glitch is the worst of all the glitches in this game, because Miraak continued to "haunt" my character in Skyrim by stealing some of the dragon souls that my character slew. There was no way to defeat Miraak and put and end to this, because my character could not be transported to Miraak's tower. The creators of this game extension did not include a back-up option to arriving at Miraak's tower.

Where do I believe my glitch set in? The official strategy guide said my character could leave Chapter 6 of Waking Dreams, at the end of the battle with Sahrotaur, but before battling Miraak, to adequately gear-up before battling Miraak.

The guide continued to say that my character only need re-read Waking Dreams to be transported back to Sahrotaur before starting the battle with Miraak. My character was under prepared for what the guide said would be a fierce battle.

Before my character left Waking Dreams, Sahrotaur responded to the Bend Will Shout, spoke to my character, and took off flying to Miraak's tower. Then, my character opened Waking Dreams to transport back to Solsteim and gear-up for this battle.

When my character returned, Sahrotaur lay in a docile position, but would not respond no matter how many times my character used Bend Will, attacked him to bring his health down and use the shout, and slew him to watch his entire health return and use Bend Will again.

Ahzidal's water walking boots, which I found in Kolbjorn Barrow at the guide's suggestion, did not allow my character to walk across the poisoned sea to Miraak's tower, just to see if there was a way to "climb" up the tower. The poisoned sea killed my character, even with Resist Poison Potions. Again, the game creators could have incorporated the use of these boots and a character having to use multiple Resist Poison Potions, to get to Miraak's tower and had a challenging way for a character to reach the summit of this tower. But, this option does not exist.

There was no way to return to Chapter 5 of Waking Dreams to potentially reset the sequence of the battle using Sahrotaur to go to Miraak's tower. Again, the game creators could have incorporated a back-up plan to reset Chapter 6 by allowing the metal gate to be reopened, for the character to go back to Chapter 5, and come back to Chapter 6. But, this option does not exist.

Speaking of Ahzidal's items in Kolbjorn Barrow. There should have been Ahzidal's Ring of Arcana on a pedestal to retrieve. It provided Ignite and Freeze, which cannot be gotten in any other way in this game. A well of water lay before the pedestal in this very small antechamber, which lay behind a metal gate. After getting the gate open, my character leaped across the water and to the pedestal, just to determine that the ring was not there. Many times my character looked around the pedestal, on the pedestal, used water breathing apparel to search and search and search for the ring. My character left the area, even left Kolbjorn Barrow, to return to search for the ring once again. Then, my character slew Ralis, a shady character in this quest, to make certain he had not taken the ring. It was not on Ralis either.

No dragon in Skyrim could be tamed once the Bend Will glitch set-in. This glitch specifically targeted not being able to use Bend Will on any dragons thereafter. But, this glitch with dragons did not end here.

The dragon in Soul Cairn, Durnehviir, also would not respond to a special 3 word shout assigned to him, in which the character should be able to call upon him to help. No matter how many times my character attempted this shout and no matter how many ways the R2 button was held, this did not work.

On the subject of Soul Cairn, there were other glitches with mini-quests, too. My character was not able to relocate the owner of Arvak's skull no matter how far and wide I searched, including where the strategy guide said the owner was located. Also, some of the pages were forever "missing" that a guy named Jiub wanted. Some of the pages were not in the locations that the guide said they could be found. Searching far and wide did not secure finding the pages, either. Thus, the pages stayed in my character's Item List, and my character was unable to get rid of them, due to the pages being a part of a quest.

There is plenty of "freezing" in this game extension, too. My character would be in the midst of doing something and the game would "freeze." My character could be entering or exiting a place and the game would not "open" to the next scene, thereby forcing me to stop the game and reload it many times.

My opinion? And I stress this is an opinion. It is like the creators of this extension were in such a rush to get the Legendary Edition to the market that the proper time was not spent in working-out most, if not all, glitches. My opinion is that it is far too coincidental to be having problems with the dragons and the shouts related to them, as well as the Moth Priest in Dawnguard. These glitches are largely related to the extensions for Skyrim. And, when the official strategy guide states exactly what to do and what a character can do, but then the game does not "cooperate," there are problems that need to be addressed by the creators of this game extension. I have read numerous on-line gripes about these same issues happening to other gamers.

Finally, I would have been better off to replay the original Skyrim, which I played two years ago. However, it was an alluring temptation to purchase and play the Legendary Edition and buy the strategy guide to go with it. Its marketing said 3,000+ hours of game play. In the dead of winter without much activities to do, it sounded like a good bet. However, it proved to be extremely disappointing.

This is too similar to what happened with Oblivion: Game of the Year Edition and the glitches produced with Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isles.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 01/07/14

Game Release: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Legendary Edition) (US, 06/04/13)

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