TALES OF XILLIA- Immediate HELP needed. This is bothering me?

  1. TALES OF XILLIA- Immediate HELP needed. This is bothering me!

    I absolutely love this game.

    I've got a few questions though.
    1) What does AUTO, SEMI-AUTO n MANUAL in the Command Menu mean?
    2) Why doesn't the other party member do nothing when Semi-Auto is chosen?
    3) Can we still use ARTES with Left Analog Stick when in Semi-Auto?
    4) Why can't I switch between characters during battle in Semi Auto?
    5) What's difference between Left Stick ARTES n Right Stick shortcuts?

    Also share your thoughts frenz!

    User Info: DrSHREEVEERA

    DrSHREEVEERA - 4 years ago

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  1. 1. Auto means the character is controlled by AI, Semi-Auto means that a player controls the character but can not jump and will move to the targeted enemy when attacking, and manual means a player has FULL control of the character and has to move to enemies on their own.

    2. Semi-Auto still requires a player to control them.

    3. Yes, it's a tad easier as pushing up will not make you jump.

    4. You can not switch to a character that is being controlled by another player, and semi-auto means that character is reserved for another player.

    5. There is no difference other than you can use it to issue commands to other characters who are on Auto, you also can not use any special that requires you to hold the button such as Milla's Spirit Shift or Alvin's Charge..

    User Info: Lunar_Fennec

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  1. 1 & 2. Semi auto is basically manual except when you hit X they will run automatically up to the enemy and attack and will also guard automatically if you stand still.
    3. Yes its the same as manual only difference is above. Personally I use it cause I'm lazy but it's all preference.
    4. I still haven't figured out how to change characters within a battle (the game hasn't told me anything plus no manual boy do I miss it) but you can change who's in the party with R3 then the pad to choose who to trade out with who.
    5. Nothing except that you can choose which character's artes you want on the shortcut. For instance I want Elize to heal but I don't want to go into the menu. Simply put it on the one of the 12 shortcut combinations and volia problem solved. Personally I use it to put as many co-op moves as possible available at my fingertips since the AIs do a pretty good job with healing.

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  2. 1) In Auto the character move alone, Semi-Auto when you press the X or O the character will run to the monster then hit, in Manual if you press the X or O it will hit in the direction you are facing, even if the monster if far away from you
    2) In Semi-Auto you still need to control the character so the IA will do nothing
    3) Yes you can use them in Semi-Auto and Manual
    4)You can switch between characters by pressing L1+directional pad of the character you want to chose
    5)It's the same, the only difference is that in the right stick shortcuts you can put artes of other characters and if you want to cast a charged arte you need to press and maintain O at the same time you move the stick so it can be tricky

    User Info: DarkCirno

    DarkCirno - 4 years ago 1 1

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