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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Berserker_Blade

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    X. Walkthrough (Continued)

    Culmar Trail


      • Estoc
      • Knit Cap
      • Orange Soup (Small)
      • Mysterious Jewel 6
      • Leather Coat
      • Syrup Bottle x3
      • Black Dog Tail attachment
      • 4000 Gald


    After the event, head out to the world map and you will wind up in Culmar Trail. There are several tunnels lurking around on the side. At the end of the tunnel, contain treasures. So be on the look out. Anyway, you head over to the northwest end of the map. You should find Aifreed's treasure around the rock. You just have to examine it carefully. You will find Black Dog Tail attachment. The second Aifread's treasure is located at the southeast corner of the area. You should be able to find 4000 Gald. So head over to your next destination. By the way, Rowen joins up with you.

    There's an important treasure you need obtain in this area. If you see a small tunnel, you'll find a treasure that contains Mysterious Jewel 6. Check out the pic below for the location.

    Mysterious Jewel 6

    Bermia Gorge


      • Black Feather x7
      • Seal Ward
      • Panacea Bottle x2
      • Potato Salad
      • Silver Hat
      • Orange Gel x2
      • Lavender
      • Pure White Puffball
      • Fancy Ribbon
      • Life Bottle
      • Elixir x2
      • Headband Attachment
      • Winged Boots
      • Earth Cape


      • The Shape in our World: Part I (After Bermia Gorge)
      • The Mystery of the Gorge (After Beria Gorge)
      • Military Secrets (After Beria Gorge)

    First, head to the cave. Obviously, you cannot enter the sealed door. Instead, exit the cave and head northwest. You are going to do some cliff climbing. As you ascend, head north on the branching path and grab the panacea bottle. At the second area, make a quick detour by going west where you will find an ice cream sundae. Jump off the cliff and you will find two Orange Gels. Continue to make your way up the cliff. On the 3rd area, jump to the bottom. You will find Lavender as you climb yourself back up. Along the way, you find a Silver Hat. Look carefully because one of Aifread's treasure is well hidden. Look at the pic below to reveal the location.

    Aifread's Treasure: Headband

    After climbing several vines, you should be able to find another of Aifreed's treasure. You shouldn't miss it. You'll find Elixir. You'll also find Fancy Ribbon within the vicinity. Near the save point, you'll find a life bottle at the branched path. If you are ready, climb up the vine and you will encounter another boss. Before you make the plunge to the center of the cliff, be sure to get rid of the round boulder. This will save you so much time for the upcoming sidequest.

    Boss: Nameless Anomaly

    This is your first encounter with monsters with flight capabilities. Because of this, the boss is a pain in the butt. The nameless anomaly multiple status effects. For instance, it has poison snow which obviously poisons your allies. It also have wing flap to keep melee characters away. Panic Veil will grab any of your allies and inflict Arteseal. If that wasn't enough, it also casts Shimmering Toll twice. The magic itself can cause confusion to your allies.Other magic artes to lookout for is Arrivederci. Like Shimmering Toll, the boss casts the magic twice. When the nameless anomaly is close to death, it'll fly much higher than before. It will now cast the most threatening attack in this bout: Angel Light. The rays of light can cause moderate damage in a large field. If you are not careful, it can do serious damage to your party.

    Since you are dealing with a flying enemy, I suggest that you use a offensive magic caster in battle. Doing attacks from close range will be difficult. Since it's weak to earth, I suggest you use Earth magic like Rock Trine. If you are using Rowen and you are able to learn Air Pressure, this will make your battle much easier. The reason why Air Pressure works is because it keeps the enemy grounded and it can inflict significant damage. Other attacks like Rock Hexad and Igneous Crush works very well in this battle as well. If you are having trouble hitting the enemy, I suggest to use splash to force the enemy to drop to the ground. The key in this battle is to use magic artes to keep the enemy from flying too high.

    After the battle, be sure to grab 5000 Gald and a Melange Gel before you leave the dungeon. Talk to Cline after the event. BE SURE THAT YOU HAVE FINISHED THE SIDEQUESTS BEFORE TALKING TO CLINE. If you are Milla, head over to Sharlton marketplace. From there, you will engage the enemy. If you are Jude, you will see more scenes involving several events. At this point, this is where Jude and Milla's path will deviate their path momentarily.

    The Shape in Our World: Part ITalk to the researcher in the central PlazaHe will give you Spirit Cline Examination Arte. Then go to Bermia Gorge and climb on topMoonstone
    The Mystery of the GorgeHead to the room in Bermia Gorge where you fought the Nameless AnomalyReflection of the eventNone
    Military SecretsThe skit Milla's Champions indicates that there's another sidequest. Talk to the people at the Central plazaCutsceneNone

    Bermia Gorge: Northwest Region

    WARNING: Don't Pursue this boss until you are strong enough to take it on.


      • Folzex, the Grudge Bearer (Folzam)

    After you cleared Bermia Gorge, take the shortcut from the bottom and climb to the top. Then, go east towards Bermia Gorge: Northwest Region, and climb the cliff. You'll find a harpy like boss.

    Optional Boss: Folzam

    This boss is a pain in the ass since it is an aerial type boss. Anyway, it uses Song of Despair, which is an extension of the harpy's singing attack. It uses Shimmering Toll to harrass your allies with confusion. It also teleports out of danger after your allies attempt to combo Folzam to death. Close to 33% of its health, Folzam will do Slash Wing to inflict damage to your allies within range and Revolver Assault which is a 4+ hit attack. Finally, it does quick attacks to harm your allies. Folzam is weak against Earth. Using attacks like Rock Hexad, Quake Breaker, Ground Breaker, Scylla Strike will do. However, if you want to play a distance game, then use Rowen's Freeze Lancer to attack Folzam from a distance. I know by now how much I tell you about spamming Freeze Lancer. Because Freeze Lancer is a water/earth element, you can use it to exploit Folzam's weakness. You should do fine against the boss if you are strong enough to take it on.

    Talys Highroad (Jude's Side)


      • 3000 Gald
      • All Divide
      • Fine Down x8
      • Rosemary
      • Sly Glasses Attachment
      • Mysterious Jewel 7


    Head up to the plateau. When you find the vine to climb on, you should see a shiny purple object at the distance. Go there and you will get Sly Glasses Attachment. Continue to move forward the barren land. Before you go inside the fort, make a detour by going to the Southeastern branch of Talys Highroad. From the entrance of the Southeastern Branch, go Southeast and you'll find another Aifread's treasure, Mysterious Jewel 7. After that, head over to Fort Gandala.

    NOTE: If you are playing as Milla, I suggest you go to Talys highroad as soon as you finish the first chapter of the game.

    Fort Gandala (Jude's Side)


      • Elevator Card
      • Melange Gel x2
      • Holy Bottle
      • Jet Black Feathers x5
      • French Toast (Small)
      • 2500 Gald
      • All Divide
      • Blue Chamomile
      • Life Bottle x2
      • Silver Helm
      • Pure White Puffballs x5
      • 1500 Gald
      • Fine Boots
      • Splint Mail
      • 5000 Gald
      • Control Key
      • 4000 Gald

    As jude, you start at the exit. Near the merchant, there is a treasure box that contains two Melange Gels. Be sure to find three Holy Bottles behind the carriage with black horses. Before you enter to the next area, I want you to look at the huge golem on the right side right by the door that leads to the south lower level. Place the camera facing in front of the sidewalls. This is one of Aifread's treasure 4000 Gald. After that, go north....

    4000 Gald

    At floor B1/1st floor, head north. You should be able to find French Toast (Small) on the other end of the bridge. Since you have the elevator card at the start, go to the lower B1 floor. You should find five Jet Black Feathers. From there, go to the left room. You should be able to find 2500 Gald from the elevator room above and 2500 Gald from climbing the boxed crates. From the elevator on the second floor, turn to your left past the barrier and you will find Blue Chamomile.

    Then move on the third floor. After getting off the elevator, move to the room to the right. Move the wired crate and climb up. Jump down and you should end up to another area. Then go up the elevator shaft and push the wired crate. Go down the elevator and set the wired crate next to boxes. By then, you should obtain five Pure White puffballs and 1500 Gald. Once you have done that, crawl through the ducts. Obviously, you won't be able to push the wired crate down considering that it's above your pushing range. So, take the elevator shaft and place the second wired crate next to the first wired crate. Once you are able to push the first wired crate, move it forward and you will get fine boots.

    Before that, move the wired crate southwest from the location where you got the fine boots. There should be another duct. This one is really easy. Just push the first wired crate to the floor. After that, just push the first wired crate right next to the second wired crate. That way, you can push the second wired crate and move it closer to the treasure box. This will give you the Splint Mail. Then go back to the first wired crate and push it down to the other opening. From there, you should see a third wired crate. Push it and crawl through the duct, and grab the treasure 5000 Gald. (Huge thanks to nightsongthebard, nanaminasu, and Maniolli94 for telling me this. You guys made me redo Fort Gandala for these two treasures = P)

    Anyway, Then go back to the third floor where you found second wired crate and crawl through the ducts. There, you will fight two Rashugal Battlecorps soldier and their captain. Defeat them in battle and you have the control key. After that, go back to the first floor and move to the control room. After seeing a couple of cutscenes, you will need to fight Rashugal grunts once more. From there, move forward.

    Fort Gandala (Milla's Side)


      • Control Key
      • Melange Gel x2
      • Sandwich
      • 2500 Gald
      • Gold Dust x20
      • Jet Black Feathers x5
      • Life Bottle x2
      • Elevator Card
      • Silver Helm
      • Pure White Puffballs x5
      • Fine Boots
      • 5000 Gald
      • Long Coat
      • Pineapple Gel
      • Black Cat Headband

    After the cutscene, you have an option to talk to the merchant or the traveller who functions like the inn. Unfortunately, Elize will not join you to fight. So, you have to go solo on this dungeon. Obviously, the only place to go east because you do not have the elevator key. Inside, you will fight the prison guard with a huge shield. Anyway, you find a small elevator on your left. To get the treasure, grab the wired crate from the upper floor and push it against the boxes on the lower floor. You should be able to get ten Gold Dust. Crawl through the ducts and you'll find more treasures. Again like the other area, find the other crate and place it next to the crates. On the upper floor in that area, you will find a small tunnel. It'll lead you to 2500 Gald and Black Cat Headband. Also, at the end of the path, you will find two melange gels. Anyway, head back to the previousl room. and go up to the 3rd floor.

    On the 3rd floor, head to your left and you will fight another prison guard. This time, he will give you the Elevator Card. After your battle with the prison guard, push the wired crate and you will find another set of 10 Gold dusts. Now you have access to the elevator, I suggest to go head down to basement floor 1. You should find five Jet Black Feathers. The room on basement floor requires some basic puzzle, so listen carefully. Push the wired crate all the way to the edge and go up the elevator. On the upper floor, shift your camera so that you can see the wired crate on top of the boxed crate. Push the wired crate on the edge of the boxes and climb up. You should be able to find five Pure White Puffballs. Don't forget to push the wired crate and grab the Fine Boots on the other side of the room. Once you have all of the treasures on the upper floor. It's time to get the two treasures on the lower floor. You should see a large gap on the upper floor. What you do is that you push the wired crates in the same hole so that the crates are stacked on top of each other. Look at the figure below to see what I mean.

    |======= |
    |        |
    |        |Drop Here
    |        |_________________________
    |        / \
    |  *****  |        *****
    |  *C  *  |        *C  *
    |  *   * ===<======*   *
    |  *****           *****

    From there, push the boxes forward until you can reach the two treasures. You will be handsomely rewarded with 5000 Gald and a long coat for Milla. Continue to floor 1 and be sure to grab the Pineapple Gel before you go.

    Sapstrath Highroad/Seahaven

    Back in Sharilton, you will see several cutscenes depending the character you are using. If you are Jude, look for Alvin at the inn in Sharilton. At this point, the path between two characters will merge. Unfortunately, Milla will be out of your party. So, head over to Sapstrath Seahaven. Sadly, no fast travel for this event. Along the way, you'll find more cutscenes with Jude and Milla. Before you enter the port, I suggest to save your file and prepare yourself because you will fight a boss in battle.

    Boss: Ivar

    This will be a one-on-one battle against him. He will do several classic Tales moves like Light Spear and Phantom Edge. He will also do Terra spin, which is a sweep. He also does Grave and the charged version of Terra Rupture as his Earth based attacks. The most threatening attack is his combos. It does about 8 hits and some of his attacks can reach on his backside. So, don't take any risks while he is performing his combo. Lastly, some of his moves can inflict weak or arteseal. So, watch out.

    Knowing how to use snap pivot is the key in this battle. When you backstep at the right time, Ivar will trip. This will be your cue to attack him. If you plan to heal after taking damage, I suggest you heal with your items because the recovery time after healing is smaller compared to using healing artes like Healer or Recovery Ring. Just don't crack under pressure and time your backstep correctly and you will survive the battle.

    After the battle is over, talk to the guy at the boat and you will head over to Leronde.



      • Aspirixis
      • Mining Kit
      • Mysterious Jewel 8*
      • Dark Bottle*
      • Life Bottle*


    Head to the clinic at the town area in Leronde. If you are playing as Jude, head over to the Medical Archives room and obtain Aspirixis. After the event, time to head to Felgana Mines. Oh yes, Leia joins up with you. BTW, before you go, be sure to check room 203 at Leia's Inn and grab a Mysterious Jewel 8 from the drawer.

    Heavy Metal CollectorIn the inn in Leronde, talk to the guy in the center room and he will request an item.Go to Felgana Mines and find a Block of QuartzSpy Glasses Attachment and 4200 Gald

    Voltea Woods


      • Thief's Cape
      • Lemon Gel
      • Chocolate Parfait (Small)
      • Herbs x10
      • Jet Black Feathers x10
      • Blue Saffron
      • Half-Frame Glasses
      • Mysterious Jewel 9


    At the start of the area, Aifread's treasure is on the west side of the area right next to the entrance of the northwest branch of Voltea Woods. It sticks out like a sore thumb. You get Half-frame Glasses. Other than that, there's really nothing noteworthy in this passageway except for one thing. If you take a detour by going northeast, it'll lead to an optional area called Old Vicalle Mines. Be sure to grab Aifread's treasure, Mysterious Jewel 9. From the pic below.

    Mysterious Jewel 9

    Anyway, It's an optional area with tons of really strong foes. You can enter there if you like but don't expect the enemies go easy on you. Anyway, if you need to progress to the story, just head northwest to Felgana mines.

    Old Vicalle Mines (Optional)


      • Red Jasmine
      • Specific Plus
      • Mysterious Jewel 10
      • Pinprick
      • Rage Glasses attachment
      • Padvent, the Incantor (Roparde)


    There's only a few things to note here. One, the first Aifread's treasure is located in the south region. It's located on the slender stalagmite column. You'll get Rage Glasses Attachment. The second of Aifread's treasure is located at athe north region of the mines. Head west and it should be stuck on one of the stalagmites; you'll get the skill tome: Pinprick. Next, be sure to grab Mysterious Jewel 10 from the pic below

    Mysterious Jewel 10

    Lastly, you can fight Roparde. This boss may blend in with the other weird enemies. But he is the only pale aphimbian monster out there.

    Optional Boss:Roparde

    Roparde has the ability to change element at will. For example, when he changes to red, he is restant against fire. However, he becomes weak against water. He possesses some of Leia's moves like Darting Claw. He uses Juggling Shaft to attack from its tail. Next, he occassionally does a body slam to interupt your attacks. Lastly, he summons his minions to aid Roparde in battle. This devil beast is really easy. Whatever element he is currently on, use the opposing element. It's the battle of adaptation.

    Felgana Mines


      • Lemon Gel x3
      • Soba Omelette (Small)
      • Orange Gel
      • Melange Gel x3
      • Gold Dust x7
      • Block of Quartz
      • Blue Jasmine
      • Earth Cape
      • Life Bottle
      • Fossilized Shell x10
      • Jet Black Feather x4
      • Specific Plus
      • Heavy Treat
      • 4000 Gald
      • BackPack attachment
      • 5000 Gald


      • Leia's Disappearance (After Felgana Mines, Missable)
      • Milla and Books (Missable)

    I swear, when I first read the name, I think of that Ys game, Oath in Felghana. >_> Anyway, the minute you come in, make sure you grab the Lemon Gel on the right. After the event, examine the loose rocks on the wall. Depending how rapidly press the button, the rocks will crumble in front of you. Be aware that there are small rocks that you pick out, and you can extract material items. When you are inside the second area, the path splits into three paths. One is behind the mining rock in Natural Tunnel, which contains four Jet Black Feathers (Thanks nanaminasu) Some of them branch out into hidden pathways. If you head west, it leads to the orange gel. If you go south, you get the Soba Omelette (Small). If you move west from the treasure, there should be small rock that you can mine out. After destroying the small rock, go through the tunnel, and there should two more small rocks in in front of you. One should be a item material while the other should lead to another tunnel. Destroy the rock and you get a key item, Block of Quartz. Regardless which path you go to, the path should merge close to the entrance to Shaft #4. Before you enter, go north and you should find an Earth Cape from the hidden path. At the very end of the pathway, you should find Aifread's treasure, Backpack attachment.

    At shaft #4, go east and move south to get life bottle. Also, at the adjacent rock, be sure to open it to get the Blue Jasmine. (thanks, Britto) After you get the life bottle, go north and grab ten fossilized shell. Right next to the fossilized shell is Aifread's treasure, 5000 Gald. Continue to go west until you hit the save point. Along the way, you should find five insect wings and three apple gels. At the end of the dungeon, you'll fight a boss.


    This might be a difficult battle for several reasons. One, you are going to fight two consecutive battles against Hammerzamm. Two, you can only use Leia and Jude in the first round and Milla joins up on the second round. On the first round, Hammerzamm will hold back. You can tell by its HP and the low damage output. Hammerzamm has rising rush where it dig in and pops out of the ground several time. During rising rush, it has a invincibility property. There's no point of trying to attack Hammerzamm while its doing rising rush. It also does a crush grab where it grabs one of your allies and throws them to the ground. When its HP is close to 33%, Hammerzamm to begin to use Drill Rush where its does a dolphin-like lunge. Not only it's fast, but it does significant damage. If that's not bad enough, Hammerzamm is also capable of summoning minions. On the second bout, Hammerzamm will go all out on you, but it does the same moves used against you on the first round.

    First off, don't try to use your good items on the first bout. Save everything for the second bout. Anyway, when Milla joins up, this is where it gets rough. I suggest that you control Jude for this battle. When you link up with Milla or Leia, they have important link artes for you to use. For instance, when your entire party is in critial condition, let Jude use healer and he can use Pixie Heal with Leia to heal everyone. Also, if you pair up with Milla, lightning Strike is a wonderful arte to use because Hammerzamm is a gigantic enemy. Because of this, Hammerzamm will take up every hit. In contrast to the battle against Jiao, you can actually interupt its summoning call by doing knockdown attacks like Aqua Sweep. You really need to be careful how you approach against Hammerzamm because if you are reckless, you will falter in battle.

    After the battle is over, be sure to grab two Lemon Gels and 4000 Gald before you head to Leronde. Outside the clinic,be sure to talk to Jude's mom at the clinic to rest. Afterwards, go to the Seahaven for another cutscene. From there, you need to go Inside the clinic. Jude's mom will be at the front desk and she will ask you to rest up again. Before you leave to Lakutam Seahaven, there's two areas I want you to go. Head over to the inn to trigger the event, Leia's Disappearance. Second, head over to the medical archives at the clinic to trigger the event Milla and Books. Once you done your sub-events in Leronde, head over to the seahaven and embark to the next area. Just so you know, these two events are missable. The availability for Leia's disappearance is between now and when you set foot to Lakutam Seahaven. Books and Milla on the hand is between now and your arrival to Fennmont. So, do these two sidequests now.

    Leia's DisappearanceTalk to Leia's mom at the inn after you rested from the clinic the second timeTalk to Leia's MomFruit Yakisoba (Large)
    Milla and BooksHead to the clinic and walk to the Medical Archive RoomRandom cutsceneNone

    Lakutam Seahaven/Highroad


      • None


      • Alvin and Derrick
      • Memories of Leronde: Part I
      • Beat the Bandits
      • Elder's Plea
      • Rowen's Honor
      • Orange Soup
      • Milla's Pendant: Part I
      • The Topknot Master
      • Buried Treasure
      • To the Edge of the World: Part I
      • Wanted Poster: Conclusion

    When you get off the Lakutam Seahaven, you'll find all sorts of sidequests. Also, Leia is offically part of your group, yay!

    Alvin and DerrickGo inside the clinic in Leronde and Alvin will talk to Jude's DadCharacter cutsceneNone
    Memories of Leronde: Part IThe skit "Getting over with" is a reminder that you should come back to Leronde Inn and talk to Leia's momTalk to Leia's momStun Bracelet
    Beat the BanditsTalk to Leia's father at Leronde innExterminate the bandits at Old Vicalle MineTengu Mask Attachment
    Elder's PleaTalk to the old man near the Leronde InnHead over to the deepest part Felgana Mines where you fought Hammerzamm. Go to the small cavern at the opposite end of the room. Place the wine.Iolite Ore
    Rowen's HonorHead to the lord manor gate in Sharilton and hug the walls on the east side of the plaza sideCutsceneNone
    Cline and DriselleHead to the Cline Mansion in Sharilton and talk to Driselle in her roomCharacter cutsceneNone
    Orange SoupGo to and talk to the maid in ShariltonGo to the food vendor and buy Orange Soup and present it to herItem Sphere Plus
    Milla's Pendant: Part IAt Lakutam Seahaven, head to the docks and you will automatically trigger a cutscene.Character BackstoryNone
    The Topknot MasterAt Lakutam Seahaven, head to the docks and talk to the old man.Present the item Top Knot. It's one of Aifread's treasure in the Royal Hunting Ground.Pigtail Attachment
    Sisterhood: Part INear the shops in Lakutam Seahaven, talk to the girlsCutsceneNone
    Buried TreasureNear the exit in Lakutam Seahaven, talk to the merchant.Go to Sharilton and present the Efreet Vase to the merchantMonkey King Headband attachment and 5000 Gald''
    To the Edge of the World: Part IHead to the docks in Lakutam SeahavenCutsceneNone
    Wanted Poster: ConclusionLook at the poster at the center of the areaExamine the posterNone

    Lakutam Highroad


      • Treat
      • Spirit Bottle x2
      • 3000 Gald
      • Blue Sage
      • Mysterious Jewel 11
      • Mysterious Liquid x9
      • Link Ward x2
      • Veggie Sticks (Small)
      • Jet Black Feather x5
      • Soul Dividend
      • Colored Sunglasses attachment


    Yes, it's another wide open field complete with treasures in the middle of nowhere as well as pigeon hole tunnels on the edge on the map. Also, you get a brand new battle theme as well, woo. Anyway, there's only a couple things that you need to know about Lakutam Highroad. There are two Aifread's treasures out there. At the southwest region, near the entrance of the central region of Lakutam Highroad, examine the back part of the pillar. You should get Colored Sunglasses attachment. At the central region, go to the northwestern most point of the area and look behind the rock and you should find a skill book called Soul Dividend. Don't forget to go all the way south at the central region of Lakutam Highroad and crawl through the tunnel. You'll find Mysterious Jewel 11. Once you have those items, continue to trek through the highroad. However, you'll fight a boss.


    It can't be a tales game until you fight a boar-type boss. Anyway, this boss is such a brute. Don't take his massive strength lightly. He often stores up power, and then charges towards your allies. This can cause serious damage. Like the previous boss, Brutaur digs in and attacks from the ground. He can also throws stones at your allies. Since the stone throwing attack can project all the way to the edge of the screen, your magic allies could be in the line of fire. Finally, when the boss is almost dead, he will begin to summon his allies.

    Although the boss pattern is simple, don't underestimate his sheer strength. Fortunately, he is weak against water, so Rowen is a great character to use for this battle. You can also use Milla's Splash and Jude's Aqua Sweep to attack Brutaur. Link artes such as Splash Beam or Sharp Current can inflict significant damage. Just as long as you as you maintain your composure by healing and casting magic at a safe distance, and your melee characters is keeping Brutaur occupied, you should be able to survive the battle.

    After the boss battle, go forward towards Xian Du.

    Xian Du


      • Dark Bottle*
      • Holy Bottle*
      • Syrup Bottle*
      • Mysterious Jewel 12


      • The Spirit Clime Trouble
      • The Cause of Shifting Spirit Climes: Part I
      • History of Auj Oule: Part I (Missable)
      • The Wandering Youth
      • Mysterious Jewels: Sub-Event

    Before you meet the Wyverns, you can find the following treasures in the inn. Just look at drawers inside those rooms. Anyway, head northeast at the central ward of Xian Du. Head up the stairs and take the elevator and talk to the Wyverns. After the conversation, head back to the central ward and talk to the man up north who will take you to the coliseum. At the coliseum, talk to the tribe member to initate the arena battle. The first bout should be easy because you fought those enemies earlier at Lakutam Highroad. After the first bout, head for the inn to rest up. The next day, your party members plans to split up before the tournament starts.

    If you are playing as Milla, head to the exit that leads to Lakutam Highlands. If you are playing as Jude, cross the bridge at the central ward. After you seen the cutscene, the bell will ring and it's time for you to go back to the coliseum. The second bout is really easy. It's basically three rounds against the monsters; nothing unusual. After that's over, you will see another cutscene. Your party will split once again. If you are playing as Milla, head southeast at the Central Ward up towards the staircase. You will have a conversation with one of your party members. If you are Jude, just head over to the bridge, lol. Afterwards, head back to the coliseum for your third bout.

    Alvin and Elize will be out of your part for a bit. So, you are going have to fight the guys with Flamethrowers with the remaining four characters. Each of them have weaknesses like Water,Earth, and Wind. They are not that hard to beat them. After the battle is over, head to the Royal Hunting Ground and look for your other party members.

    Spirit Clime TroubleTalk to the lady at the inn in Lakutam SeahavenExterminate the monsters in the Central region of Lakutam Highlands. It's on the dried lakeside at the southwestern area.Sidekick Mask attachment and 5400 Gald
    The Cause of Shifting Spirit Climes: Part ITake the elevator in Xian Du and talk to the lady on the second floorCutsceneNone
    History of Auj Oule: Part ITalk to the lady at the statue near the gondala towards the coliseumCutsceneNone
    The Wandering YouthIn Xian Du, talk to the girl near the ferry towards Xagut FloodmeadowAt the north region of Xagut Floodmeadow, go all the way down near the entrance to the central Region and talk to the guyGiant Tree's Fruit

    If you have time, you should go southeast at the central ward and examine the drawer at someone's residence. You'll find Mysterious Jewel 12.

    Xagut Floodmeadow (Optional)


      • Lavender
      • Chamomile
      • Saffron
      • Savory
      • Jasmine
      • Verbena
      • Basil
      • Jet Black Feather x10
      • Great Tree's Fruit x2
      • 5000 Gald
      • Tregoria, the Bellowing Demon (Gatrega)
      • Mysterious Jewel 13
      • Black Dog's Muzzle Attachment
      • 10000 Gald


    I hope by then, you are strong enough to take on the enemies here. Anyway, I'll start from Xian Du's ferry. There's really not much to note here aside with Two of Aifread's treasure and the Devil Beasts. The first Aifread treasure is located in the North Region of the Floodmeadow. Go Northeast and it should be right where the trees are. It contains 10000 Gald. If you head south in the North Region of Xagut Floodmeadow you should see a tunnel right by the entrance to the next area. Go through the tunnel and you should find Mysterious Jewel 13.

    Mysterious Jewel 13

    The second of Aifread's treasure is located in the southeast region. It's located on the narrow path stuck on the cliffside. It contains, Black Dog's Muzzle attachment. If you want to fight Gatrega, go to the northeast region of Xagut Floodmeadow and take the western entrance to the southwest region. You'll fight Gatrega.

    Optional Boss: Gatrega

    Gatrega is very nimble and its attacks are straight forward. Most of its physical attacks will do significant damage and they come out very quickly. It'll use frolic and cavort which is a lunging attack. It uses poison claw to inflict poison damage and Cursed Fang which inflicts arteseal against you. Gatrega is weak against dark, so Elize is a valuable ally in battle. However, there's a chance that Elize will heal than using her Dark elemental attacks. Instead, use Leia's elemental impulse to imbue dark attribute to any of your ally's weapon. You are going have to be straight forward and use whatever attacks you have.

    Royal Hunting Ground


      • Lavender
      • 3000 Gald
      • Hazardous Liquid x5
      • Mind Ward
      • Treat
      • Panacea Bottle
      • Specific
      • Jet Black Feather x6
      • Beef Bowl (small)
      • Fur x8
      • Melange Gel
      • Top Knot
      • Mysterious Jewel 14


    Again, like the rest of the open field areas, most of the treasures are spread out, and there are pigeoned hole tunnels for you to explore. There are several things about this area that you should know. One, the sidequest item for pretty in pink called the Pink Elephant Tusk is in this area. You are going have to look around at the sparkly areas as well as the items bags in order for you to get it. Unfortunately, the chances of you picking up the item is fairly slim. Another sidequest note is Punish the Poachers. It's located at the North Region in Royal Hunting Ground at the central plateau. Lastly, there are a couple of Aifread's treasure for you to grab.

    The first Aifread's treasure is located southwest region at the south plateau. Look around the treetops and you will get Topknot. This is a vital component for the sidequest, The Topknot Master. The second Aifread's treasure is located at the central region of Royal Hunting Ground. The second Aifread's treasure is at the northern plateau. Examine the medium sized rock and go behind it; there, you will find Mysterious Jewel 14. Other than that, continue to move forward towards Labari Hollow.

    Punish the PoachersTalk to the lady near the entrance of the Royal Hunting Ground in Xian Du.Exterminate enemies at the central plateau in the North region in the Royal Hunting GroundsHorns attachment and 5600 Gald

    Labari Hollow


      • Miso Soup (Small)
      • Giant Shell x7
      • Battle Guard
      • Treat
      • Life Bottle
      • Syrup Bottle
      • Blue Basil
      • 2000 Gald
      • Jet Black Feather x5
      • Verbena
      • Crown Feather x10
      • Middy Blouse
      • Goofy Glasses attachment
      • Gifted Healer


      • Milla's Pendant: Conclusion (After Labari Hollow)
      • History of Auj Oule: Part II (After Labari Hollow; missable)
      • Potent Potions of the Kitarl Clan (After Labari Hollow)
      • The Aftermath: Part I (After Labari Hollow)
      • The Aftermath: Conclusion (After Labari Hollow)
      • Mother and Child: Part I (After Labari Hollow; Missable)
      • And the winner is.... (After Labari Hollow)

    Since this area does not have any floors that indicates your location, I'll call it layers. You can tell that you are going one floor to another by jumping down cliffs. At the start of the dungeon, head northwest towards sector 09 jail cell and grab Tofu Miso Soup (small) and then grab seven Giant Shells at the end of the path. After that, go northeast and grab the treasure Stone Ward at the end of the path. Anyway, cross the bridge and you should find Battle Guard along the way. Continue to go forward and you'll find a couple of small ledges to step off. The area you are on is now the second layer.

    On the second layer, go to the jail cell called sector 4 and grab a treat from the treasure box. From there, head to the next cell called sector 3. Along the way, you should find Melange Gel. In the sector 3 indoor area there is a chest that contains a life bottle. Continue to cross the bridge. At the intersection where the two bridges cross, there's an Aifread's treasure nearby. Look at the pic below to see the location.

    Aifread's Treasure: Goofy Glasses Attachment

    Anyway, after crossing the bridge, enter sector 5 and grab a Blue Basil. just after you cross the bridge theres a chest right in front of you before you enter sector 5 with a Syrup Bottle. Then go to sector 6 and find 2000 Gald. By then, you should see Alvin and Elize from a distance. After you are reunited with them, it's time to get the hell out of the dungeon. Nope, not yet. There are several treasures worth searching. We continue to explore deeper to the dungeon. Jump down the cliff and you are now on the third layer.

    At the 3rd layer, head northwest towards the jail cell called sector one. When you are inside, and you are about to enter the door at the opposite end, there's another aifread's treasure on the corner. Grab it and you get a skill book called Gifted Healer. After you grab one of Aifread's treasure, head to the door and grab the treasure that contains five jet black feathers. On the northeastern side of the 3rd layer you'll find Verbena and ten crown feathers. If you head to the bottom floor, you'll find a Middy Blouse. You'll also find 3000 Gald as well. Once you have all the treasures, feel free to leave the dungeon. You'll find numerous cutscene about a particular character's backstory. Anyway, head back to Xian Du. After the cutscene, you need to meet the King of Auj Oule. Head west towards Dargu Subterranian Passage and enter the Mon highlands.

    (Thanks carlqvist for the missing treasures)

    Milla's Pendant: ConclusionGo to Nia Khera and talk to Ivar at the town squareCharacter BackstoryNone
    History of Auj Oule: Part IIThe skit "Introductions in Xian Du" is the indicator that the second part of the sidequest will commenence. Head to the inn in Xian Du and talk to KarlaCutsceneNone
    Potent Potions of the Kitarl ClanTalk to the subordinate in the arena in Xian DuObtain the Mysterious Beads from item bags/sparkly item spawns in Mon HighlandsItem Sphere Plus
    The Aftermath: Part IHead to the inn in Xian Du and restCutsceneNone
    The Aftermath: ConclusionYou need a Heart HerbFind a Heart Herb in the Mon Highlands from item bags/sparkly item spawnsNone
    Mother and Child: Part I (Missable)The skit "Alvin's Aquaintace" is a reminder that there's a sub-quest approaching. Head southeast in the central ward in Xian Du. Ride the elevatorCharacter cutsceneNone
    And the winner is....Head to the arena in Xian Du and climb to the top of the stairway and talk to the MCcutsceneNone

    Mon Highlands


      • Mysterious Bead x5
      • Pointy Talons x8
      • Chamomile
      • 3000 Gald
      • Jet Black Feather x9
      • Orange Gel x3
      • Pineapple Gel
      • Treat
      • Geode x7
      • Elixir
      • 4000 Gald
      • Blue Verbena
      • Joyful Guide
      • Sideburns
      • Heart Herb (Item Bags)


    Even though it's snowing, it's still a boring ass field. Anyway, there's only several things you need to know. One, the mysterious bead treasure is the first tunnel west from the Xian Du entrance. This will help you for your mission for Potent Potions of the Kitarl Clan. Second, this is the place where you can find the heart herb. Unlike the pink elephant tusk, the chances of finding an Heart Herb is fairly high. If you deviate your path, there's a silent cave. Unfortunately, you can't go any further due to the rocks in front of you. However, you can bypass the rocks in front of you. From the entrance just go straight, ignoring the tunnel to your right, and the hole will be to your right about halfway to the end. You can access the North Branch from there. The North Branch of the Mon Highlands has an Aifreads treasure behind a boulder near the NorthEast end of the map. It contains Joyful Guide. (Thanks Dale) Don't forget to grab the Elixir and 4000 Gald at the silent cave. You can explore the north region and you'll find Mysterious Jewel 15'' in the tunnel. Refer to the pic below for the location.

    Mysterious Jewel 15

    Lastly, Aifread's treasure is in the central region. It's stuck on the tree trunks next to the entrance to the northwest region in Mon Highlands. You get Sideburns. Anyway, continue to go forward and you will end up in Kanbalar.



      • Syrup Bottle*
      • Dark Bottle*
      • Mysterious Jewel 16*
      • Holy Symbol
      • Knight's Crest


      • Real Talk
      • Survival of the fittest
      • Runaway Rappig
      • Reawakened Memories: Part I (After the events in Kanbalar)
      • Reawakened Memories: Conclusion (After the events in Kanbalar)
      • History of Auj Oule: Part III (After the events in Kanbalar)
      • History of Auj Oule: Part IV: (After the events in Kanbalar)
      • Poetries and Dictionaries: Part I (After the events in Kanbalar)
      • Find the Villager (After the events in Kanbalar)
      • It does the Body Good (After the events in Kanbalar)
      • The Mystery of Dodurians (After the events in Kanbalar)
      • Memories of Leronde: Part II (After the events in Kanbalar)
      • Jude's Substitute: Part I (After the events in Kanbalar)
      • Mysterious Jewels: Sub-Event

    Be sure to check the rooms in the inn and enter the only residential house in Kambalar for the hidden items. The one at the resident contains Mysterious Jewel 16. They all should be hidden in the drawers. Anyway, rest at the inn. After that, find Elize at the residential district. Once you are reunited with Elize, you can now do the sidequests. I suggest to do all three of the sidequests now for plot reason.

    Real TalkAfter reuniting with Elize, rest at the inn once more.CutsceneNone
    Survival of the fittestTalk to the guardsman at the town exitExterminate the monster near the entrance to the Silent Cave at the central region of Mon HighlandsEarmuffs and 6000 Gald
    Runaway RappigAfter reuniting with Elize, talk to the young woman at the residental plaza in Kanbalar.Go to the central region of Mon Highlands and talk to the Rappig near the entrance to the southeast regionWhite Bunny Ears and 6000 Gald

    After that, head to the castle. I suggest you save your game now because you will need to head out to the city real fast. Suddenly, at the town gate, you will fight two advasaries.

    Boss: Wingul and Presa

    A fight against two of the Chimeriads, how swell. Wingul's battle style leans more on the classic tales moveset. He comes complete with Demon Fang, Rising Phoenix, Dragon Swarm, and Severing Wind. He also has Arrivederci and Flame Ring as his magic attacks. Presa on the other hand, follows an unconventional style. She has foxtail allure to inflict confuse against your allies and uses Dragonmare claw to attack your allies from a distance. Presa uses Water attacks like Splash and Blue Sphere. Finally, she uses Guardian Field to do damage foes around her. When Presa and Wingul uses their Linked Arte, they unleash Aqua Strike. Probably the most threatening attack is their status effects. Whenever they cast magic like Flame Ring, Blue Sphere or Foxtail allure, they can dish out so many status effects at once. It doesn't help that Wingul's strength and agility is exceptional. He moves to one end to the battlefield like it's nothing and dishes out significant damage. When those two work together, it can get messy.

    Fortunately, these two have weaknesses. Wingul is weak against Earth while Presa is weak against Fire. You are going have to exploit their weaknesses as much as possible. I suggest you go after Wingul first because he can wreak havoc against your allies. Use attacks like Rock Hexad, Scylla Strike and etc. for massive damage against him. Because they are human enemies, it's best to use Leia's item steal to prevent them from using items. Also, it helps to use Syrup bottle or have Elize cast recover whenever your allies have multiple status effects. Just make sure that you have control in the battle field and everything will be fine.

    After you escaped from Kanbalar, head back to Xian Du and meet up with the Wyverns. Before you meet up with the wyverns, there's more sidequests for you to tackle.

    Reawakened Memories: Part IThe skit, "Whither Hamil" is an indicator that you have to go to Hamil.Watch the cutsceneNone
    Reawakened Memories: ConclusionAfter the cutscene in Hamil, head to Xian Du and head to the bridgeCharacter backgroundNone
    History of Auj Oule: Part IIIThe skit "The Oddly Popular Karla" is an indicator that this sidequest is now active. Go to Xian Du inn and head up the second floor.Watch cutsceneNone
    History of Auj Oule: Part IV:The skit "A question of Karla" indicates that the sidequest is still active in Xian Du. Go to the arena and head up the stairs just above the main lobbyWatch cutsceneNone
    Poetries and Dictionaries: Part IGo to Xian Du and head over to the southeast side of the Central Ward. Talk to the girlCutsceneLong Dau Dictionary
    Find the VillagerHead to Hamiland talk to woman inside the residential house. It's right next door to the mayor's house.Go to Aladhi Seahaven and watch a cutsceneShiba Dog Ears and 6200 Gald
    It does the Body GoodHead to Hamil and talk to Loren outside the residential house.Go to Nia Khera and talk to the person south of the item peddlerEarrings and 6200 Gald
    The Mystery of DoduriansThis sidequest will start immediately after giving the cow to LorenGo to Leronde and talk to Leia's dad at the innMini Top Hat and 6200 Gald
    Memories from Leronde: Part IIHead over to the inn in Leronde and examine the mabo curry on the table. It should be right behind Leia's DadCutsceneNone
    Jude's Substitute: Part IHead to the clinic in LerondeCutsceneNone



      • Opal

    After seeing a cutscene, you will fight a boss battle immediately...

    Boss: Pterobronc

    Pterobronc is another aerial type boss. Anyway, before Pterobronc's HP is below 50% of its health, he's going to do normal attacks. Be careful because its attack can cover a wide range of area. Just a spin attack alone can cover the surroundings itself. Any close-ranged fighters are vulnerable against that kind of attack. After, its HP is below 50%, he will start performing special moves. For example, it can shoot Splended laser; a dark elemental beam which inflicts terror to your allies. The you have your Hurricane Tail to do moderate wind damage. Lastly, it does carpet bombing to annoy you from the ground. This boss is fairly easy considering its size. Its weakness is water, so Rowen should participate in battle. You also have Splash Beam, Aqua Sweep and Splash to do considerable damage against Pterobronc.

    After the battle, your party will split up; talk to all of your party members before setting off.

      • Rowen

    Relaxing inside the living room at the Cline Mansion

      • Elize

    At the guest floor at the 2nd floor in Cline Mansion

      • Leia

    Sitting at the stairway outside of Cline's Mansion

      • Alvin

    At the lampost in the central plaza near the Talys Highroad Entrance.

      • Jude or Milla

    You can talk one of the two AFTER speaking to all of your allies above. Depending who you chose as your protagonist, one of them will be standing at the gate outside of Cline's Mansion

    After your party is together, talk to Drissele and set off to Barnauer Highroad.....