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    Jude Mathis Guide by Dagoldenclip2

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    ´╗┐Tales of Xilla: Jude Character Guide
    TABLE OF CONTENTS              [ToC]
    1: Table of Contents...............[ToC]
    2: Introduction....................[Intro]
       2.1: Contact Information........[Contact]
    3: Version History.................[Version]
    4: Jude FAQ........................[Jude00]
       4.1: Jude basic breakdown.......[Jude01]
       4.2: Jude's Arte breakdown......[Jude02]
       4.3: Jude Recommendation........[Jude03]
    5: Legal Mumbo Jumbo...............[Legal]
    6: Conclusion......................[Conc]
    INTRODUCTION                   [Intro]
    Hello, my user-name is dagoldenclip2 but everyone simply calls me Clip.
    I started playing Tales in 2003 with Tales of Symphonia, but 
    I didn't gain higher technical insight until I started getting
    into solo and challenge runs. With many runs and character 
    understanding under my belt over the years I've managed to gain
    a good grasp in terms of how to effectively master the vast amount
    of characters in the series.
    Many fans are average players who simply enjoy the experience and move on.
    However, there is a small fraction of the fan-base who engage in higher level
    Tales game-play. The wide-spread misinformation amongst the fan-base has
    slightly motivated me to correct this with character and mechanic guides
    to explain everything I learned over my development as a Tales player.
    This FAQ is here to specifically detail Jude and all of his capabilities. 
    This FAQ is not here to debate between characters in this game or other 
    characters in the series. It's here to guide new players or old who
    may want to get some understanding of how Jude plays.
    CONTACT INFORMATION         [Contact]
    Considering I'm a human being (I think) there will most likely be mistakes.
    This is all of the information I feel is worthy to note so any
    additions you feel are necessary can be voiced in a PM sent on Youtube.
    www.youtube.com/asndarknessdragon <- Radiantroar's channel
    If you decide to PM me be clear in what you feel needs to be added
    or questioned. If you take the time to ask irrelevant questions you will be 
    ignored. I ask that you title the PM "Jude Information" or something to
    that effect so I know what you're talking about.
    My knowledge of ToX is stemming from 2011 for the most part. If you picked up
    a technique or have something of interest to add don't hesitate to say
    In that same breathe the insight I give here is from a solo perspective. I 
    specifically asked RR to collaborate with me since he has a much better grasp
    of party synergy than I do with ToX.
    VERSION HISTORY             [Version]
    Version 1.00: Finished but subject for future updates
    Version 1.01: Updated Arte Section
    Jude FAQ                   [Jude00]
    Let's get cracking then. So you decided you wanted to step up your Jude
    or simply wanted to see more in-depth information on Jude. You're 
    at the right place. If you want to see Jude in action I recommend you 
    check out 
    Omegaevolution's Jude Solo
    Dagoldenclip2's Jude No Damage
    Masablade's Jude Solo
    JUDE BASIC BREAKDOWN       [Jude01]
    Jude is a versatile front-line unit. However, like Farah before him he has the
    ability to heal his allies in battle. The tie-in with his role as a doctor
    fits in this situation. 
    One of Jude's main strengths is his speed and ability to teleport behind enemy
    opponents with a timed dodge. This makes it virtually impossible for Jude to
    get cornered or overwhelmed by any opponent. His speed and light-weight also
    play an immense role in his survivability. He has a float-like essence which
    helps the player avoid any attack with little concern for punishment.
    Jude's basic attacks have great properties such as knockdown and pick-up.
    Useful elements when deciding how to approach or escape a foe. 
    Read this as a path-way or skill tree.
     Neutral - A basic two-hit combo.
     Neutral -> Neutral = A basic jab
     Neutral -> Neutral -> Neutral = Uppercut
     Neutral -> Neutral -> Neutral -> Neutral = Jab
     Up = OTG (Off the Ground) pick-up
     Up -> Down = Knock-down jab
     Neutral -> Up = High-kick
     Down = Sweep (Knock-down)
     Neutral -> Down = Sweep (Knock-down)
     Neutral -> Up -> Down = Sweep (Knock-Down)
     L1 + Neutral = Shoulder charge (High stun rate)
    JUDE'S ARTE BREAKDOWN      [Jude02]
    If you would like to get a visual of Jude's artes I suggest you check out
    I will use abbreviations of his artes here during the insight portion. They
    shouldn't be hard to figure out. My insight is based on solo usefulness.
    Just about every arte is useful in a party scenario as there are little risk.
    Universal Arte Changes
    100 - Crit Occurence +3%
    200 - Power +5%
    400 - Link Gauge increment increase +20%
    1000 - TP consumption is cut to 2/3
    2000 - Power bonus is increased to 20%
    4000 - Arte has 25% of not consuming AC while linked
    9999 - Arte has 50% of not consuming AC while linked
    Usage Notes:
    -Speed increase (Recovery time decrease) once after 100 and another after 400.
    -Range increases after 200 uses.
    Clip's Insight: I personally consider it to be exactly as intended.
    A quick-patch if you find yourself in a rough spot. It can be on the slow side
    of recovery though
    Radiantroar's Insight: A good source of quick healing, but don't heavily rely
    on it. Slow on recovery, but uses will increase your cool-down time
    Recovery Ring
    -Speed increases (Recovery time decreases) once after 100 and 400 uses.
    -Range increases after 200 uses.
    Clip's Insight: In a party scenario its useful in quick ailment healing
    instead of waiting on Elise early-game. Eventually, this arte is quickly out-
    classed by Elise's fast casting. You can shelf the arte once she joins.
    Radiantroar's Insight: Recovery Ring is for status, same effect as Healer.
    Dispell outshadows it, but good if elise is out of commission, or if you're
    Demon Fist
    -Speed and range increase after 100 and 200 uses.
    -Projectile penetrates after 400 uses.
    Clip's Insight: The lack of pick-up is slightly upsetting, but the speed in 
    which Jude flings it helps a bit in usefulness. The recovery time is extremely
    quick so it makes for a great arte to get quick damage off safely.
    Radiantroar's Insight: Its ability to go through enemies is useful, and its
    range is good for putting distance between Jude and the enemy. Extending to
    Double Demon Fang is also useful for trying to lure out tech outs.
    Cerberus Strike
    -Speed increase after 200 uses.
    Clip's Insight: I find it useful early game for guard-breaking but with 
    tech-outs it gets shelved quickly. However, the third hit has a slight 
    lifting effect that makes it easy to back-step and evade any potential 
    Radiantroar's Insight: Its a cheap 3 hits for those who would rather do an arte
    rather than normal hits, and its ability to extend to Cerberus Blast is a nice
    touch to put a tiny distance away from Jude for a Pivot step. However,
    overshadowed by better options after the mid-game.
    -Speed increase after 200 uses.
    -10% effect increase after 400 uses.
    -After 400 uses defense is increased for 10 seconds as well. (Second artes)
    Clip's Insight: As usual with Tales I don't see much use for the bonuses.
    The pick-up is a nice effect though, and with the defense boost with uses 
    it is worth a slot.
    Radiantroar's Insight: A small boost to Offense/Defense helps with Jude, 
    along with a quck pick up and AC recovery.
    Palm Strike
    -Speed increase after 100 uses.
    -30% chance to "stun."
    Clip's Insight: One of Jude's better moves due to the high stun rate. At 30%
    (200 uses) you'll see enemies get stunned quite a bit. Great for set-ups or
    to simply get your mind back in the fight.
    Radiantroar's Insight: Palm Strike's high stun rate allows for a quick get away
    when enemy is being aggressive. That being said, it provides perfect synergy
    with Milla's Bind link ability.
    Aqua Sweep
    -Range increase after 200 uses.
    Clip's Insight: A good arte for knock-down purposes. Holds the fort until you
    get beast. I still find it useful for the few enemies/bosses that have
    a weakness to water.
    Radiantroar's Insight: Its a good shield cracker before you get Beast, as well
    as a good generic water arte for Jude. However, short range and its effect on 
    some disproportionately sized enemies make it a chain breaker.
    Swallow Dance
    -Extra hit added with "Second Artes 2."
    -Speed increase after 200 uses.
    -Pick-up effect after 400 uses.
    Clip's Insight: A useful aerial arte if you need to stall in-air or attack
    an aerial enemy. With "Second artes" Jude can attain a 3rd hit in the arte. It
    has the ability to pick-up, but I never use it ground-level.
    Radiantroar's Insight: more or less... I can't really add any to this one
    outside of being one of Jude's ground launcher except overshadowed
    by Dragon Shot
    Talon Storm
    -Speed increase after 200 uses.
    Clip's Insight: With the speed increase I find it useful for quickly breaking 
    guard and getting fast hits in for a set up.
    Radiantroar's Insight: Its an improvement over Ceberus Strike, allowing a quick
    guard breaks or attempting to inflict status ailments.
    Cyclonic Surge
    -After 200 uses there is a chance to inflict paralysis.
    Clip's Insight: I find this arte useful for setting Jude up for an aerial
    assault. Perhaps its me, but I find the hits slightly difficult to connect
    Radiantroar's Insight: Good aerial attack for continuing any aerial chain, 
    but hit box is something to be desired.
    -After 200 uses there is a chance to guard break enemies.
    -After 200 uses chance to break "Iron Stance" increases.
    Clip's Insight: Absolutely fantastic arte. It has a near-guaranteed guard-break
    property and knocks the enemy down through that. If an enemy is guarding you 
    can easily open them up for punishment.
    Radiantroar's Insight: Beast is one of Jude's main combo starters as well as
    enders. High damage output, 100% chance of guard breaking with most enemies,
    aerial enabled, as well as being able to end any combos bosses try to execute
    makes it a must have in ANY arte pool combination you give to Jude.
    Whirlwind Snap
    -After 200 and 400 uses range increases. (Distance enemy is pulled)
    Clip's Insight: I like the float-property and it use for aerial positioning.
    That's about it really. The range is nice, but outside of aerial manipulation
    it isn't that great to me.
    Radiantroar's Insight: It also drags enemy towards you. Best for aerial usage;
    ground usage is outclassed by...everything else
    Rising Falcon
    -Extra hit after 200 uses. (ground activation)
    Clip's Insight: Another one of Jude's better moves. It's great for positioning,
    avoiding, and the extra hit with uses gives that extra assurance of staggering.
    Radiantroar's Insight: Should be used in any move pool along with Beast, as it
    synergizes with most of, if not every move Jude has. Quick and easy to use,
    it allows Jude to reposition and zone the opponent when need be.
    Soaring Vortex
    -Range increases after 200 uses.
    Clip's Insight: A good arte early-game for smooth guard breaking and position
    set ups since you'll be behind the enemy. Makes for a good combination with
    Radiantroar's Insight: Serves as an early game Beast, as it will negate any
    guard or steel body advantage enemies have. However, this arte must be used
    while next to an enemy, so plan accordingly.
    Mirage Blitz
    -After 200 uses chance to inflict stun.
    -Chance to break iron stance after 200 uses.
    -400 uses increases attack speed.
    -The initial frames deal damage after 400 uses. (The backstep)
    Clip's Insight: Haha Veigue used it better, but I personally have an affinity
    for using it as an aerial dodge. It doesn't do damage from aerial activation,
    but Jude spins a rather nice distance away from the enemy. As far as ground
    usage goes I'm not too fond of it. 
    Radiantroar's Insight: Good for getting behind the enemy from at any moment,
    as it will always aim towards the opposite side of where you are facing.
    Raging Blast
    -After 100, 200 and 400 uses chance to inflict burn increases.
    Clip's Insight: The OTG + knock-down combination is pretty neat for an arte.
    One of Jude's methods of inflicting the devastating burn ailment. It's worth
    a use if you find it to your liking. 
    Radiantroar's Insight: No comment here, all been said. Raging Blast pretty
    generic, does what it does XD
    Dragon Shot
    -Extra hit after 200 uses.
    Clip's Insight: I find the hits to be a tad iffy with connecting, but the OTG
    and aerial positioning really saves it since Jude does well in the air.
    Radiantroar's Insight: The hit frames are fairly weird, but a good launcher
    setup for Jude for those who want to fly. An alternative to Swallow Dance for
    those that wish to have a more reliable ground -> air transition.
    Sun Spark
    -Range increase after 200 uses.
    Clip's Insight: I like this move a lot aesthetically. If you know your combo
    set up then you can do quite a bit with this. It packs a nice punch though and 
    is a somewhat reliable move. 
    Radiantroar's Insight: Great if you're an exhibitionist, terrible against
    bosses. Slow start up makes it terrible in a practical fight; in most
    situations, bosses would run through, or run around the energy ball, 
    wasting TP. Even for Judgment Gate execution, Milla does it faster with
    Binding Sphere. Use it at own discretion.
    Phoenix Plunge
    -Knock-back reduced after 200 uses.
    -Enemies knocked higher after 200 uses.
    Clip's Insight: A great finishing move after an aerial combo. It also has good
    potential for setting up an aerial position, but I prefer to use it after as a
    combo ender. Another arte that can inflict burn though. It's worth a slot.
    Radiantroar's Insight: A decent move in Jude's movepool. However, because of 
    its variability on how high it can knock enemies up, it's better used on light
    enemy types for maximum effectiveness. The chance of burn may worth its usage, 
    and serves as an easy air-ground knockdown that Jude can capitalize on when
    he's back onthe ground. That being said, it has a good synergy with
    party link artes.
    Blunt Fang
    -5% chance for instant death increase after 100, 200, and 400 uses.
    Clip's Insight: Eh, it's useless for bosses and I doubt many players would want
    to potentially OHKO an enemy while they are comboing. It makes for a nice 
    finisher if you kill an enemy after a combo. Otherwise, I find it to be one 
    of Jude's useless artes.
    Radiantroar's Insight: As the name implies, bluntly put, do not use this arte
    on bosses. While the chance of terror and Instant Death can be tempting, there
    are far better options to use. With a long cool-down recovery and low 
    instant death chances (even with chance increases), there are few pros 
    this arte can provide. For Scarlet Fang execution, Milla's Sunburst is far more
    reliable to use.
    Clip's Insight: A shame Muset isn't in the party long enough to make this worth
    it. For the time you have it you might well use it. The ailment chances are a
    boon considering the short time you have it.
    Radiantroar's Insight: Jude's tethering partner is only temporary, but 
    she's EXTREMELY powerful. Providing all 4 of the main elements, Muzet knocks
    enemies up while having a high chance of inflicting all 4 elemental ailments
    on the enemy. Use her profusely while you can.
    Savage Roar
    Clip's Insight: A good arcane arte. The knock-down really solidifies the usage
    of this arte for a combo opener or mid-combo finisher. Good damage and speed
    makes this arte worth the usage if you have a slot available.
    Radiantroar's Insight: High damage, fits with Jude's ground game very well.
    Should be used frequently if you want a damage dealer.
    Shattering Demon Fist
    Clip's Insight: Amazing arte. Jude's best in my humble opinion. The damage
    output is immense, it has the ability to bounce enemies multiple times, and the
    range makes this Jude's most reliable arte. Plus that impact sfx lets you know
    business is being handled. An absolute must. Shame it gets toned down in ToX2.
    Radiantroar's Insight: Obtained post game, this arcane is extremely powerful.
    High damage, causes a bounce effect on stricken enemies. Great as a crowd
    control as well.
    2nd artes
    The second artes add simple additions to pre-existing moves. You can look at
    the original arte to get the same insight. They are all useful additions.
    Magic artes
    When linked to Milla Jude gains access to magic artes wind blade, flare bomb,
    aqua protection and grave.
    Unlike Milla's wind blade Jude cannot OTG with his. Grave has OTG on the final
    hit thankfully. Aqua protection and flare bomb have the same properties as
    Milla's so use them accordingly to your combo. I personally don't use them
    since the original artes are better in my opinion.
    -Jude's usage is best suited with abusing knock-down on enemies (especially
    bosses.) However, he is designed generally well for aerial usage as well. 
    He has some great artes though that can really destroy enemies while leaving
    you relatively safe.
    -Become use to playing offensive with Jude. His ability to teleport around 
    enemies really gives you the advantage to mercilessly assault and give enemy
    AI no real abilities to punish. Teleporting + Soaring Vortex makes for an 
    excellent combo opener since it opens enemies. With skills like assault step
    Jude has no issues staying in close combo for the duration of the fight. 
    -Also take the time to get use to his physics. His jumps are high and slow which
    opens up many options whether you want to initiate an aerial combo or simply
    escape with rising falcon. A quick back-step after a rising falcon opens up
    a large space for breathing room or to quickly retreat if you're in trouble.
    His forward step is a large slide forward, but the lack of cool-down makes it
    easy to slide around quickly and manipulate your enemy. Between that and his
    great jumping physics it's almost impossible to get punished when played
    -Get accustomed to a lot of knock-down and OTG. His neutral up, steel, swallow
    dance, etc all have OTG properties. Followed with artes like beast and SDF
    you can find a flow with OTG loops on opponents. 
    -If you're fighting a boss I highly recommend that you use soaring vortex or
    beast to open the enemy up. If you take advantage of enemy recovery you can
    set up many loops. 
    -Shattering Demon Fist has nice bounce physics that can also cause OTG + 
    knock-down loops. You typically have up to 3-4 bounces before tech-down
    -Take the time to level up Palm Strike. The 30% chance to stun happens rather
    frequently when you consider how fast Jude can strike.
    -If an opponent has a weakness, exploit it. With elemental weapons at your 
    command you not only get cool arte colors, but penetrate gets shattered 
    quickly when using the correct element. An elemental demon fist can shatter a 
    bosses's penetrate with one or two hits.
    -You can also beast to destroy penetrate instantly for the most part. Bosses
    typically go 2-3 seconds before it resets so take the opportunity to set up
    your loops.
    -Mirage Blitz is great for dodging attacks if you use it in the air. The
    instant position is a boon if you find yourself afraid to attempt teleporting.
    -Overall, there is nothing truly complicated or deep about Jude. He serves his
    purpose rather well for a melee unit
    -Jude's synergy with the other party members is second to none.
    Glory is a boon with everyone, as it prevents staggering. His
    healing artes also provides a small healing bonus to whoever he's
    linked with, allowing characters to have a survivability boost early
    -True to the game's main focus, Jude's main synergy is with Milla. Having
    a plethora of Linked Artes with her, they provide the most rounded
    duo for most of the game. Glory complements Aerial Armor, which
    provide unparalleled protection on both air and ground. Linking with 
    Milla also allows them access to Tiger Blade Sigma, their duo Mystic
    Arte, wheny you gain access to their secondary arcane artes. But the most
    valuable asset that Jude provides with Milla is his consistent hit stun with
    Palm Strike and Milla's Bind ability. By abusing Palm Strike's high stun rate,
    it allows you to hold an enemy in place ad infinitum, as long as you managed
    to inflict a stun condition as soon as the previous Bind expires. This allows a
    combo hold that is not allowed under normal circumstances.
    -Jude's secondary optimal link characters are Alvin and Leia. 
    In addition to having a good Linked Arte pool with these two, 
    the artes needed to trigger Alvin and Leia's Linked Artes also overlap with
    Milla's, allowing for smooth link transitions in order to benefit the Limiter 
    skills to extend OVL time during a Linked Chain. Linking with Alvin at higher
    levels allow the usage of Critical Keep, which, while OVL, will cause all 
    hits to become critical hits on the opponent.
    Rowen and Elize are less priority link partners simply due to less synergy.
    Rowen's Linked Artes more or less coincides with Milla's with a few exceptions,
    and Alvin would provide better coverage without sacrificing additional arte 
    slots. Elize also doesn't provide good synergy; for most parties, she's more 
    optimized to heal during the OVL duration to offset incoming damage. However, 
    Teepo Enraged is a very good damage dealer if needed. Linking with Rowen/Elize 
    can be utilized to your advantage if you need to quickly get your mage away
    from an enemy; by executing the Linked Arte, you teleport them to your
    side for a quick get away.
    LEGAL MUMBO JUMBO           [Legal]
    All characters and Tales material belong to Namco.
    The links provided in this guide belong to myself, omegaevolution,
    and masablade
    The only site allowed to host this is Gamefaqs.
    Use of this guide for profit is plain crazy and just don't do it. Or face
    the wrath of Plantix.
    CONCLUSION                  [Conc]
    Special thanks to...
    asndarknessdragon (Radiantroar) for contributing his knowledge and helping
    with the guide.
    Masablade for his great Jude run.
    Omegaevolution for providing a great Jude run.
    Gamefaqs for hosting said guide.
    Aseliawiki for extra arte information.
    Kouli since his guides over the years kept me interested in the series.
    Namco for making said series and bringing this title over here.
    You for reading it.

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