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    FAQ/Walkthrough by A Backdated Future / Drache the Dork

    Version: 1.09 | Updated: 12/12/14 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
    2. Starting Up
      1. Controls
      2. Character Selection
    3. Chapter 1
      1. Jude's Beginning
      2. Milla's Beginning
      3. Aladhi Seahaven / Trail
      4. Hamil, Orchard Frontier
      5. Kijara Seafalls
      6. Nia Khera, Sanctum of Maxwell
      7. Nia Khera Spiritway
      8. Sapstrath Highroad and Deepwood
      9. Sharilton, City of Hails and Farewells
      10. Culmar Trail
      11. Bermia Gorge
      12. Talys Highroad (Jude)
      13. Fort Gandala (Jude)
      14. Fort Gandala (Milla)
      15. Sharilton Again
      16. Voltea Woods
      17. Felgana Mine
    4. Chapter 2
      1. Leronde
      2. Lakutam Highroad
      3. Xian Du
      4. Royal Hunting Grounds
      5. Labari Hollow
      6. Xagut Floodmeadow
      7. Old Vicalle Mine
      8. Mon Highlands
      9. Kanbalar
      10. Back in Xian Du
      11. Barnauer Highroad
      12. Fennmont Again
      13. Orda Palace
    5. Chapter 3
      1. Arklund Quag
      2. Fezebel Marsh
      3. Tulea Tundra (Jude)
      4. Kukhar Ice Caverns (Jude)
      5. Sillea Tundra (Milla)
      6. Nala Lava Tubes (Milla)
      7. Xailen Woods
      8. Nala Lava Tubes (Jude)
      9. Kukhar Ice Caverns (Milla)
      10. E.S.S. Zenethra
    6. Chapter 4
      1. Hamil (Jude)
      2. Nia Khera Hallowmont (Jude)
      3. Spirit Realm (Milla)
      4. Nia Khera Hallowmont (Milla)
      5. Trigleph
      6. Torbalan Highroad
      7. Heilioborg Fortress
      8. Rusalle Highroad
      9. Sub Event Roundup
      10. Tatalian Abyss
      11. Temporal Crossroads
    7. Postgame
      1. Magnus Zero
      2. Coliseum
      3. Odds and Ends (Trophy Hunting)
    8. New Game+ / Grade Shop
    9. Bosses
      1. Storyline Bosses
      2. Optional Bosses
    10. Artes
      1. Jude's Artes
    11. Enemy Data
      1. Power
      2. Speed
      3. Guard
      4. Technical
      5. Magic
      6. Strange
      7. Boss
    12. Item Data
      1. Consumables
      2. Dishes
      3. Weapons
      4. Headgear
      5. Armor
      6. Accessories
      7. Fashion
      8. Materials
      9. Valuables
      10. Downloadable Content
    13. Shops
      1. Item Shop
      2. Weapon Shop
      3. Armor Shop
      4. Accessory Shop
      5. Food Vendor
      6. Jet Black Feather Trading Post
    14. Event List
      1. Sub Events
    15. Other Collectibles
      1. Titles
      2. Main Skits
      3. Sub Skits
      4. Etc. Skits
      5. Trophies
    16. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    17. Version History
      1. v1.09
    18. Thanks
    19. Copyright / Disclaimer / Credits
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    • Date Last Updated: December 12, 2014
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    Our goal to you, the reader...
    ...is to make sure that you are able to get a perfect game, meaning that you can find all of the items, explore all of the areas, uncover anything that is hidden, and see all there is to see.

    For this guide, we have decided to create an extensive FAQ/Walkthrough. The walkthrough is the main focus; it walks you through the whole game step-by-step, leading you to the locations of all of the items in the game, strategies for fighting the bosses, and even walking you through the miscellaneous extras thrown your way in the game. It will also be an extensive FAQ, which includes lists of all of the items, equipment, etc., as well as a complete bestiary.


    Starting Up

    Before even starting the game, there are a few things you should probably take a look at, just to be safe.

    Note... (DLC)

    Before starting your game, make sure to stop by the PlayStation Store to pick up a couple of freebies, or even drop some dough to start off comfortably! Make sure to at least get the three freebies to start off with some extra cash, costumes, and materials!

    Oh, and don't forget to activate any DLC you received with the Limited Edition copy! (Not only do they change the costumes, but they change the characters' battle themes to those of their respective games.)

    • Purchased items will be automatically installed upon boot-up of the game.
    • Access the Downloadable Content section (right most header) of the Items Menu to unlock purchase.

    For the gald and Level Up DLC...

    • This can only be utilized once per playthrough, and cannot be reversed upon activation.
    • Excess over the maximum capacity will be discarded upon use.
    • The DLC pack cannot be utilized if player has already reached the maximum amount.

    For the Costume DLC...

    • Scroll down to the Attachments section of the Equipment Menu to equip costumes and attachments.
    • Equipped attachments can be modified by pressing the START button in the Attachments section of the equipment Menu.

    Character Selection

    After setting all of your options and watching the intro movies, you'll need to choose your main character. The story is very much the same for both; there are just small differences between Jude's and Milla's viewpoints at certain points of the story, and you only see the viewpoint of the character you control; if they're separated, you'll see what the other did not. The only other major difference is that a different battle theme plays depending on your character; I believe Jude's is far better.

    A kind, clever medical student who left home to attend school in the capital city. Poised to graduate, Jude is eager to find his purpose in life.

    If you choose Jude, then start following along here: Jude's Beginning

    A mysterious young woman accompanied by four unseen beings. She comes across as calm, collected, and wise beyond her years.

    If you choose Milla, then start following along here: Milla's Beginning


    Chapter 1

    The story starts here in Fennmont! Even though there are two different characters, as stated before, a playthrough will be very similar. Notes will be included throughout the walkthrough to let you know when something character-specific needs to be made known.


    Press R1 (the Navi Button) on the field to view your current objective. You can also check your current objective or read a detailed synopsis of the story from the Event List on the menu.

    Also, keep in mind that you can Quick Save anywhere; you can only store one Quick Save file at a time, so be sure to use Memory Rings regularly when you come across them for multiple saves.


    Fennmont, Spirit-lit Seat of Kings

    Items / Equipment / Treasures
    [_] Orange Gel
    [_] Class Credit Form
    [_] Life Bottle
    [_] 100 gald
    [_] Apple Gel
    Talim Medical School

    From the start here in the Teaching Wing, head west just a bit to find a row of lockers; examine the left side of them to find Orange Gel. Feel free to talk to the NPC's around here (though it is a bit odd not to be able to talk to everyone; just the ones with smileys above their heads; the smileys will have open mouths if you haven't talked to them yet, and close mouths if you have), then make your way east to the Student Services area. Nothing of note in here, so continue outside. You can press SQUARE to see your map and all the places you can go, but for now, you can only head north and enter the Reception area to your west.

    After a quick scene, you'll receive the Class Credit Form. Head southwest into the Outpatient Wing, then move to the end of the hall to Examination Room 5 to advance the story. After the scene, go back into the Examination Room and check the desk for a Life Bottle, then leave the building to be on our way to find Professor Haus. You can explore a bit more now -- but not by much.

    Return to the Student Services building, and you should see a man sitting in a chair just to the east of the entrance. He should have a green (!) above his head; this signifies a Sub Event, so talk to him to unlock your first one: The Cycle of Rieze Maxia. Make sure to check out all Sub Events as you go along for more tidbits to the story, as well as shots at some Titles! From there, continue back to the Teaching Wing where you first started to find another Sub Event: Rumors About Jude. Once you've seen both Sub Events, head back outside to the three-way split to the east and take the southeastern path to the Central Plaza. Note the Memory Rings as you come across them; save often, and in different files, just to be safe.

    First, make your way northwest and into the Hotel Fenntasia - Lobby. Ride the elevators at the end of the hall to the 3F Hallway and check both rooms up here. Room 302 has 100 gald in an urn beside the door, and Room 303 has Apple Gel in the dresser beside the bed. Return to the Plaza and move southwest next, entering the Samsara Trading Post 1F; it is here where you'll find all of the shops in one handy place! (Don't worry about buying anything though; the money will be better used later, and we'll also find/acquire these items soon enough anyway.)

    Head back out to the Plaza and continue south to the Research District. Here, you'll find another Sub Event just to your west: Spiritual Arte Failure. Afterward, continue following along the path to the southwest for a scene with the guards. Start heading back toward the school for another scene, and you'll be inside the Laforte Research Center - Sewer Tunnel 1.


    Even though the next section is titled 'Milla's Beginning', continue reading anyway; if you're playing as Jude, this section will still apply to you, as this is where the two stories merge. From here on out, anything Jude or Milla specific will be pointed out.


    Laforte Research Center

    Items / Equipment / TreasuresMonster / Bestiary Entries
    [_] Cape [_] Chamomile [_] Sol Cat
    [_] Orange Gel x2 [_] 400 gald [_] Fennmont Sentry
    [_] Apple Gel x3 [_] 500 gald [_] Spirit Artes Researcher
    [_] Research Center Key [_] Apple Gel x2 [_] Girl in Red (!)
    [_] Enemy Book (Milla) [_] Orange Gel
    [_] Item Book (Milla) [_] Kresnik Key (Milla)
    [_] Life Bottle

    (!) = BOSS BATTLE #01

    Jude Mathis - Starting Items / EquipmentMilla Maxwell - Starting Items / EquipmentItems both Jude & Milla begin with
    Iron GauntletsRapierApple Gel x3
    Knit CapIron CircletOrange Gel x2
    Leather GuardTrenchcoatLife Bottle
    Normal Hairstyle (Jude)Normal Hairstyle (Milla)Battle Book
    Normal Attire (Jude)Normal Attire (Milla)1000 gald
    Item Book
    Enemy Book
    Sewer Tunnels
    1. As you explore dungeons and towns throughout the game, you will come across sparkling/twinkling points, as well of bags of loot. These things will give you a random item/material/gald/etc., and will also appear somewhat randomly; sometimes they appear, sometimes they do not. Because of the randomness of these items, they will not be covered in the walkthrough; just be sure to keep an eye out for them as you explore.
    2. Obsessed with skits? Don't use any Gels till you get to Xian Du. Recommended for NG+ only.

    In the northernmost part of the "H" hallway you're in is a chest containing Cape, so be sure to grab it before proceeding to Sewer Tunnel 2. In this area, you will find your first battle; you can skip the tutorial if you like, which is a blessing to any Tales veteran; otherwise, pay close attention to learn the basics. After the battle, carry on to the next Sewer Tunnel (3 for Milla, 4 for Jude.) At the end of the area, you'll have another fight and tutorial. Afterward, climb the nearby ladder to Sector 2.

    Sector 2

    Near the door in the easternmost corner is a chest containing Orange Gel x2. From there, climb the stairs to the elevated central corridor and continue northwest; in the octagon-shaped structure up the stairs is a chest full of Apple Gel x3. Use the nearby Memory Ring, then climb the smaller stairs beside the Memory Ring itself. Continue through the northern door for a scene and your first boss battle.


    Girl in Red (LV. 05)

    Part 1: This part is for Jude only, leading to it being a two part battle. This first battle you're meant to lose, so go ahead and let her take you out (unless you want a lengthy, meaningless challenge.) The second part of the battle is fought by both regardless of who you're controlling.

    Part 2: Milla is super overpowered. Unless you're on a harder difficulty, even if Red staggers you a lot, there shouldn't be a problem mopping the floor with her. If you're not already controlling her, just use L1 and her directional button to take control of her, then spam Sylph or Undine using LEFT STICK + UP (or + RIGHT) to wipe her out. Hopefully you're quick enough and Jude wins some EXP as well.

    If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
    Video provided by --- OmegaEvolution --- (videos may contain spoilers!)


    You will get the Research Center Key, as well as the Title Research Center Intruder after the battle.


    For those playing Milla, you will receive the Enemy Book and Item Book as well.


    Leave the room for another tutorial about Lilium Orbs. Feel free to develop the grid however you like, as it's pretty flexible! A Backdated Future pretty much leans toward building the STR and HP to begin with, but stays within the beginning levels of the grid to keep them balanced as he goes. Once he get the first two levels done, he goes outward to the third level, then the fourth and so on. You can also Auto-Level by pressing SELECT; if you don't want to put much thought into it and worry about other aspects of the game, then go ahead and do this. Drache took this lazy approach and she's a happier person for it. :D Do you want to be a happy person?

    When you regain control, open the chest to the south for a Life Bottle. Enter the room Laboratory 06 to claim a Chamomile up the ladder. Leave, head downstairs and toward the door at the northwest end of the room to reach Sector 3.

    Sector 3

    The far western corner near the octagon-shaped platform has a chest containing 400 gald end. Do not enter the nearest door to the east yet; you will miss some items. Instead, go up the stairs to the central corridor, then continue up the smaller set that lead up to the next level to the southeast. Enter Laboratory 12 and climb the ladder inside for a chest containing 500 gald. To the far northeast, open the two chests to the northeast for Apple Gel x2 and Orange Gel. Now, head for the first door you ignored back on the ground floor along the southeastern wall, Laboratory 04 for a scene...

    And finally, the game's opening! Progress! Milla has now been nerfed, but we're sure you figured that out. :) Her skills are also vastly different.


    If you're playing as Milla, you'll acquire the Kresnik Key automatically.

    There's nothing to do here after the battle, so continue to the next screen. The red dots on the map are enemies you can fight, and green ones are people you can talk to, so feel free to fight/chat. When you're ready, you need to go to the Seahaven, so head north to the Talim Medical School. As Jude suggested, head toward the eastern exit to reach Fennmont Seahaven. Watch the series of events, and you'll eventually regain control in the Aladhi Seahaven.


    Aladhi Seahaven / Trail

    Items / Equipment / TreasuresMonster / Bestiary Entries
    [_] Life Bottle [_] Prickle Spider
    [_] Apple Gel [_] Wolf
    [_] 600 gald [_] Goblin
    [_] Saffron [_] Merfish (SE)
    [_] Weird Fragment x4 [_] Crab Man (SE)
    [_] Boots [_] Axe Beak (SE)
    [_] Item Sphere [_] Fleet Mare (SE)
    [_] 2000 gald
    [_] Wood Chunk x10
    [_] Jet Black Feather x5
    [_] Apple Gel x2
    Alvin - Starting Equipment
    Leather Helm
    Hard Mail
    Normal Hairstyle (Alvin)
    Normal Attire (Alvin)

    You are introduced to Sub Events as you arrive; anyone with a green (!) icon will have something for you to do (if you're playing as Jude, you've already done a few.) Right in front of you is one such person; talk to her to proceed the story. (Rather than actually unlocking a Sub Event, this continues the main event.) Feel free to check out the shops while you're here as well, if you'd like to upgrade your equipment.


    To unlock more items in the shops, you need to increase your shop level. This normally rises along with just shopping, but you can also either contribute gald or donate materials to the shops to earn points towards higher levels in a quicker fashion. Some shops will give you a bonus depending on the type of materials you donate to them. The higher the shop level, the better quality goods you can buy, and the cheaper the items will get.

    For donating to increase the level, if you plan to donate materials, then it's probably best to wait until you've completed the Sub Events in the area, just in case you are asked for a material that may not come by very easily. This next area is handled quite easily with your default equipment, so you may want to wait until your return.

    Once you're ready, head northeast to the Aladhi Trail.

    Aladhi Trail - South Region

    You'll be introduced to Linking upon arrival. When you regain control, make your way north and east for a forced skit (There's a Town Around Here). Continue hugging the eastern wall for a chest containing Life Bottle. Since you can't continue in this direction, follow the northern wall back west. By the two trees southwest of there is a chest containing Apple Gel. From there, continue northwest and look for a chest in an alcove to the northeast for 600 gald. Continue northwest to the next area.

    Aladhi Trail - West Branch

    Follow along the northern wall, and you'll reach a chest containing Saffron in the shadow of trees at the western end of this section. Make your way back east, then as the path narrows to the south, look for a chest along the eastern wall next to a tree for Weird Fragment x4. Once you have that, continue along the southern path until you reach a dead-end with the monsters we were looking for. Don't worry; it's just another tutorial battle; this one is for Over Limit.

    Afterward, check the chest directly ahead of you for some Boots; be sure to equip them on someone. When you're ready, head back to the Seahaven.

    Aladhi Seahaven
    1. Now that you can use Auto Items... don't turn them off! It can definitely be annoying to have your Apple Gels get eaten, but there is a trophy attached to 400 auto item uses.
    2. Make sure that your AI allies activate their skills (Jude's Restore, Milla's Bind, Alvin's Breaker) 150 times for a series of trophies. This one can take a while, so make sure to link with everyone from time to time.
    3. As the player, use each character's special skills (Snap Pivot, Spirit Shift, Charge) 150 times for even more trophies.
    4. For pretty much any trophy you can get, there is a title that demands a higher number. There are no trophies attached to getting all titles, so don't feel obligated to, for instance, Snap Pivot 450 times.
    5. Once you can buy food, never fight without it again. You need 800 encounters and you need to consume food 800 times, both for trophies.
    6. Shop levels max out at 100. Yep, that's another trophy.

    Head back and talk to the client for an Item Sphere and 2000 gald. Head to the inn; after the scene, you'll finally be able to buy from the Food Vendor. Food lasts several battles, at least, so you don't need to totally break the bank to buy a bunch (...though you can only have one of each food item). Do increase the shop levels often so you can get more items and discounts.

    Head to the town's exit to get Alvin back. Now it's time for more sub events! Right behind you to the southwest are two clients for the Sub Events The Legendary Flavor and The Monster Lies. A third client, located at the northern tip of the area, is attached to Fruit Seller. Please click the links if you need help with those events. Remember to return to clients after you've killed monsters to reap your rewards. (You have to proceed before getting a Porange, so don't worry about the fruit yet for the last Sub Event.) Just head to the trail.

    Aladhi Trail - South Region

    The path to the northeast is clear now, so unless you want to bash in monster skulls, proceed that way to the next area.

    Aladhi Trail - North Region

    As you come to the split path just to the north, look just to the left of the large rock formation for a chest with Wood Chunk x10. From there, head all the way east for a chest containing Jet Black Feather x5, then continue north along the eastern wall to find another chest, this one with Apple Gel x2. After exploring the rest of the area for fights and extra random treasures, make your way to the far north to arrive in the next town, Hamil.


    Hamil, Orchard Frontier

    HamilGalia Trail
    Items / Equipment / Treasures Items / Equipment / Treasures Monster / Bestiary Entries
    [_] Mysterious Jewel [_] 900 gald [_] Fleet Mare
    [_] Napple [_] Bandage [_] Insect Plant
    [_] Wild Bird Egg x3 [_] Life Bottle [_] Axe Beak
    [_] 300 gald [_] Orange Gel x2 [_] Tortoise
    [_] Apple Gel [_] Pudding Cake (Small)
    [_] Life Bottle [_] Stun Bracelet
    [_] 2000 gald
    [_] Orange Gel

    The random junk you find in drawers and nightstands? Yeah, that counts as a treasure chest by the in-game counter, and thus they count toward a trophy for opening 300 chests.

    Head to the southwest corner of the area for a scene introducing you to Aifread's Treasures, and you get Mysterious Jewel. Henceforth, almost every new area will have two of his treasures for you to find, to a total of 61; 50 of those are needed for a trophy. You can get a Napple and Wild Bird Egg x3 in the nearby residence on the northwestern side of town... Thief. Enter the Mayor's house and check the counter/dresser on the eastern side of the house (near the stairs and under a window) for 300 gald. Head upstairs and check the bed in Room 2 for an Apple Gel, and the nightstand in Room 1 for Life Bottle.

    Now go ahead and talk to the Mayor to rest for the night. Afterward, head to the western side of town and toward the Galia Trail to meet Elize, then hit the trail.

    Galia Trail - East Region

    To the southwest of where you start at the base of a tree is 900 gald. Follow the path through the bottleneck and look at the circle of trees at the southernmost tip of the area. Check the south side of one of the trees for your first Aifread's Treasure, Bandage. Follow the wall west as it goes north to claim a Life Bottle, then head to the northern wall and follow it for Orange Gel x2. Head to the West Region.

    Galia Trail - West Region

    Follow the northern wall to a Pudding Cake (Small), then head to the southeast corner for a Stun Bracelet. From there, head north along the eastern wall and look at the second rock along the way for Aifread's Treasure, 2000 gald. Near the end of the path is an Orange Gel. Continue to the next area.


    Kijara Seafalls

    Items / Equipment / TreasuresMonster / Bestiary Entries
    [_] Meat Sauce Pasta (Small) [_] Pet Dragon [_] Ribbit
    [_] 700 gald [_] Bronze Helm [_] Polwigle
    [_] Jasmine [_] Life Bottle [_] Crab Man
    [_] Melange Gel [_] Guardian Emblem [_] Merfish
    [_] Heal Bangle [_] Coastal Mandragora
    [_] Jet Black Feather x6 [_] Greater Demon (!)

    (!) = BOSS BATTLE #02

    East Beach

    Check out the south side of the body of water for Meat Sauce Pasta (Small), then scale the first cliff to the southwest and head south for 700 gald. Continue up the next cliff and follow the oval all the way around for Jasmine. Now drop into the western area to proceed.

    Central Area

    Head to the southern cave for a Melange Gel, and ignore the cliffs for now. Go through the northwestern mini-tunnel to the other side of the rock wall. Turn around; on the northern end of the rock wall is one of Aifread's Treasures, Pet Dragon. The only other thing in this area is a chest to the west containing a Bronze Helm. Be sure to equip it!

    Now go back to the beginning of the area and climb the cliffs near the cave; there is a chest to the west containing Heal Bangle. Jump down the southeastern cliffs to reach ground level again. From the bottom, turn north to find a chest in the wall's cavity -- it has Jet Black Feather x6. Carry on to the next area... for a nice surprise.


    Greater Demon (LV. 08)

    This boss comes attached to a tutorial about linked artes. You might as well try chaining on this boss, as he isn't particularly difficult at the beginning. His movements start slow enough that you can tell, most of the time, when to guard. He does have two attacks he'll start spamming that both hit a wide circular range; you'd better run if he starts it. He'll thrust his antennas into the ground when he activates either of them; the difference between them is that one attack follows its target (probably you), and the other is short range.

    To deal some decent damage, control Milla and use her Fireball in conjunction with either Alvin's Tiger Blade to land Hell Pyre, or Jude's Soaring Vortex for Aerial Fire. (If you have Jude's Steel and Milla's Flame Ring, then that does even more damage, though it's a bit harder to get Jude to cooperate.) Link with Alvin on occasion when he's needed to break the Demon's guard, and use Jude for normal attacks when Milla's TP runs low and he's not needed for healing. Depending on the difficulty, if you don't like playing healer, it's worth it to take control of Milla, since you'll likely be healing more often than not.

    One of the cute things about ailments in this game is that if your linked partner gets one, you get one too. So watch out for weak. Oh, and don't be a dummy like Drache was. Upgrade your equipment. ;)

    EXPGaldDropped Items
    400800Poison Ward
    If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
    Video provided by --- OmegaEvolution --- (videos may contain spoilers!)


    Carry on up the nearby cliff to the next area.

    West Beach

    Go up the cliff, then drop down the southern side for a Life Bottle. Afterward, turn around and claim Aifread's Treasure to the west, a Guardian Emblem, from the wall. Go up the cliff again, then down the cliffs to the west for a scene.

    The game takes you to the Memory Ring. Instead of progressing, head backward and take the northern trail to find Apple Gel x3. Now, head to the next town.


    Pick up ALL the Mysterious Jewels; they're for a late game sub event. Stuff you find in towns isn't necessarily junk!

    Check out the piggies. They're actually rappigs. :) Secondly, don't go to Xagut Floodmeadow unless you want to die. The enemies are high enough level to hand your ass to you in one hit.

    Near the exit you wind up by is a guy with a request -- Incoming Monster, then go inside the nearby house (Ivar's House) and pilfer 500 gald. The next building, Residence 3, has an Apple Gel. Head across the northern bridge going east to get Temporal Wind Stone at the altar, then take the request, Offerings for Milla, from the person standing next to it. Further east, Residence 2 has a Mysterious Jewel inside.

    The second altar is just south of here, containing Temporal Earth Stone. Next to the item shop is an old guy you can talk to for The Myth of Maxwell sub-event. Near the exit to the east is the request, Something Tasty. You should be able to fulfill this request immediately, assuming you got the Napple in Hamil. Check inside Residence 1 for Sandwich (Small). Check out the squiggly path on the south end of the map; jump down from the bridge to the rocks on the river and check the altar for Temporal Water Stone. Then, west of the bridge, is the final altar and Temporal Fire Stone.

    With that in hand, off to the Nia Khera Spiritway to the west.


    Nia Khera Spiritway

    Items / Equipment / TreasuresMonster / Bestiary Entries
    [_] Panacea Bottle [_] Treant
    [_] Jet Black Feather x5 [_] Chirpee
    [_] 800 gald [_] Butterfly
    [_] Sage [_] Toadstool Goblin
    [_] Leather Cape [_] Sylvan Wolf (SE)
    [_] Mysterious Jewel [_] Basilisk (SE)
    [_] Yakisoba Noodles (Small)
    [_] Framed Glasses

    Remember to get an Insect Husk for Offerings for Milla. You can either find them as loot or get them from the evil Butterflies.

    Follow the north wall to a chest containing Panacea Bottle. On the west wall, near the southern cliff, is Jet Black Feather x5. Up that cliff are the enemies from Incoming Monster. Hidden on the south side of the rock nearby is one of Aifread's Treasures, Framed Glasses. At the central eastern tip of the area is 800 gald. From there, head west to the Southwest Region.

    Southwest Region

    Take the south path; on the first step up and to the north is Yakisoba Noodles (Small). Follow along the central wall; on it, behind a group of three trees, is Aifread's Treasure, Mysterious Jewel. Head up the southwest cliff for Leather Cape, then hug the northernmost wall and head east to find Sage. Now continue to Milla's Shrine for a few scenes. Afterward, return to Nia Khera.

    Nia Khera

    Be sure to return to the two clients, since you should have completed both sub events now. One should be right at the entrance, and the other is by the altar at the north. Go south to the Assembly Hall (where the Inn is) to find the mayor. Now, leave Nia Khera to the east and head back in the direction of Hamil.

    On the way, you get a World Map. Hehe... Instant warping with R3 :D So off to Hamil!


    As Jude... Enter the second area to a scene about Elize, then return to the western area and follow her into the shed and its cellar for another scene.

    As Milla... Go to the mayor's and talk to her for a scene.

    Once you regain control, before leaving Hamil, check the brown crate in the cellar of the shed for a Porange. (Also rest in the bed here, if you need to recover.) Once you have that, make your way back to the Aladhi Seahaven.

    Aladhi Seahaven

    Since you got a Porange, talk to the guy at the north part of town to complete Fruit Seller. There's nothing to do here except try to catch a boat at the port. You'll have to go to Sapstrath Seahaven.

    Sapstrath Seahaven

    Sidequests galore!


    A lot to do here, huh? Anyway, once that's all done, exit to the southwest to the Sapstrath Highroad.


    Sapstrath Highroad and Deepwood

    Items / Equipment / TreasuresMonster / Bestiary Entries
    [_] Soda Rice (Small) [_] Supple Ivy x9 [_] Filifolia
    [_] Jet Black Feather x6 [_] Holy Bottle [_] Arrow Bee
    [_] Orange Gel x2 [_] Orange Gel x2 [_] Bee
    [_] Poison Ward [_] Verbena [_] Boar
    [_] Mabo Curry (Small) [_] Hard Coat [_] Grass Polwigle
    [_] Black Bunny Ears [_] Apple Gel x2 [_] Grass Ribbit
    [_] Mysterious Liquid x6 [_] 1500 gald [_] Hawk
    [_] Leafy Mandragora
    [_] Sylvan Treant
    [_] Sylvan Wolf
    [_] Basilisk
    [_] Spider (SE)
    [_] Floral Cat (SE)
    [_] Jiao (1) (!)

    (!) = BOSS BATTLE #03


    Make note that the first seven enemies above are right here in the Highroad; we'll be encountering them later as well, so feel free to skip them for now.

    Get close to the carts to the west for a scene. That north cliff is going to troll you for a little while, so there's not much you can do there just yet. Time to take the scenic route through Deepwood, so take the southern cliff up to a Soda Rice (Small) and the next area.

    Sapstrath Deepwood - Northeast Region

    Be sure to find a Poison Stinger here for The Femme Fatale. Also, you may find a Bacura here. It's a strong boss type enemy worth a lot of experience, but a bit much for this point. Be careful.

    Crawl through the passage get ambushed... and the cutie finally joins!

    Elize - Starting Equipment
    Green Ribbon
    Silk Cloak
    Normal Hairstyle (Elize)
    Normal Attire (Elize)

    Now that you have four active party members, you can put two of them to work. The titles along the lines of Jude <3 Milla and Milla <3 Elize require 30 minutes of linked time. So set the strategies of all characters to "Link Often", and make sure you're always linked yourself. This isn't worth anything other than a series of titles, so if you aren't a super OCD completionist, you don't have to worry about it.

    Continue up the cliff for two paths. Crawl through the path to the south for 1500 gald in a chest, then continue west to the North Region. There's a small mob as part of The Amazing Bounty Hunter, so take them out, then claim the chest containing Jet Black Feather x6 afterward.

    With that diversion out of the way, head back to the fork at the Northeast Region and drop down the western path. Along the way is Orange Gel x2 and Poison Ward, so grab them before moving on to the North Region.

    North Region

    Jump down for a scene. Avoid those shrooms in the future, as they damage you. Crawl through the passage on the north side and climb the cliffs for Mabo Curry (Small). Climbing the western cliff from here gets you Aifread's treasure, Black Bunny Ears. Jumping back down the next two cliffs to the east lets you reach the place you started at. There are, again, two exits; ignore the ivy that takes you higher and continue south to the South Region.

    South Region

    Cross the river and climb the nearby vines to the south for Orange Gel x2. Grab theVerbena in the eastern section of the area, then climb the nearby vines all the way up for Apple Gel x2, and Hard Coat.

    Head back to the North Region, and take the path you skipped: climb up the vines, grab the Mysterious Liquid x6 to the east, then exit west.

    Southwest Region

    Right next to you is Supple Ivy x9, and at the northern tip of the area is Holy Bottle. Grab those, then continue southeast to another portion of the South Region.

    South Region

    Head down the path toward the Memory Ring for Life Bottle.

    Be sure to save before carrying on. With a strong boss forthcoming, it may be smart to use a food to increase your DEF (like the Yakisoba Noodles) as well. When you're ready, continue to the next area to come across a rather giant blockade.


    Jiao (1) (LV. 13)

    He comes with two small fry. Be sure to get rid of them quickly so the whole party is focused on the big guy. If Jiao is chasing you, by all means ignore them. He hits like a truck. He's just slow enough to guard when he brings his hammer down to blast the area around him. You'll want to keep Elize's TP up so she can heal.

    Definitely control Milla in this fight, as Jude's Soaring Vortex takes too long and keeps you open for damage. Link with him though, as tossing in an extra Final Gale and / or Aerial Fire definitely helps. Do your best to hit him with Milla's wind attacks, as they may actually stagger him. His attacks get heavier as you whittle down his HP, and they tend to either stun or knock you down. He will also summon a Hawk at some point, as well as another Sylvan Wolf or two. At this point, it's best to keep Jiao's attention yourself; otherwise he'll beat up the *rest* of your party.

    In the event you have access to Fairy Circle (Milla/Elize), don't cast it too close to him unless you want to get stunned after casting. Hammer Rain is pretty good, though.

    EXPGaldDropped Items
    450+1000+Wind Cape
    If you need additional help, watch this boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!
    Video provided by --- OmegaEvolution --- (videos may contain spoilers!)

    Sapstrath Highroad - Southwest Region
    Items / Equipment / TreasuresMonster / Bestiary Entries
    [_] Panacea Bottle x2 [_] Boar
    [_] Holy Bottle [_] Arrow Bee
    [_] Melange Gel [_] Grass Ribbit
    [_] 1500 gald [_] Bee
    [_] Orange Gel [_] Filifolia
    [_] Elixir [_] Hawk
    [_] Basil [_] Grass Polwigle
    [_] Jet Black Feather x5
    [_] Mysterious Jewel
    [_] Warrior Emblem

    One level below you, behind a small rock northwest from the entrance is Panacea Bottle x2. Directly south of the next Memory Ring to the northwest is a Holy Bottle. Climb up the vine on the northern cliff, claim a Melange Gel, then take the nearby exit to the north.

    North Branch

    Drop down from the cliff; by the trees to the south is 1500 gald. Climb the nearest eastern vines; to the south is a is a cavity in the wall you can crawl into for an Elixir. A second cavity is located north along the same wall; it contains Orange Gel. Jump down the cliff, now.

    Search along the north wall for another cavity, leading to Basil. Southwest from it, just beneath the northwest cliff, is Jet Black Feather x5. Climb up the vines here; within the trees to the northwest is Aifread's Treasure, Mysterious Jewel, and the cavity to the south holds a Warrior Emblem.

    You're done here. You can now go back to the previous area and go to town, the western exit that we passed earlier. To Sharilton!


    Sharilton, City of Hails and Farewells


    Scene as you enter. Remember to keep a Poison Stinger around if you donate materials to the shops. On the western wall near the shops is the Jet Black Feather Trading Post for the Jet Black Feathers sub event. Talk to the little girl by the item shop for the second part of Anticipated Reunion.

    Item obsessed? The NPC on the cart at the south part of the area sells Ice Pop. You have to use those items to get both a Win Stick and a Lose Stick.

    As you enter the Central Plaza to the southwest, there's another request waiting for you by the entrance, The Sad Salesman, and across from the weapon shop is the first part of The Runaways. Near the northwest exit are a group of three attached to an automatic scene and The Clouds of Battle Begin to Stir. Go to the inn to the south of them and talk to the girl near the fireplace to finish off Special Delivery to the Inn.

    At Lord's Manor Gates to the far south, you'll come to a scene. You'll be allowed to speak to Rowen or Jude/Milla. The western room up the stairs has a book to read, and you can get a Mysterious Jewel by the yellow lamp behind Elize and Driselle. Try to leave after talking to everyone for a scene.

    After you leave, talk to the kid to the north and east for a Lucky Charm and Travel Protection. Then talk to the twins on the other side of the area for Pretty and Pink. Proceed back north to the plaza to find Alvin, that tattlejerk... Rowen is awesome... and he joins.

    Rowen - Starting Equipment
    Fine Hat
    Feather Coat
    Normal Hairstyle (Rowen)
    Normal Attire (Rowen)

    The next boss is a toughie, so you will likely want to stock up on Seal Wards for your active party. It wouldn't hurt to have some Syrup Bottles as well, as status effect are nasty with that one.

    Odds and Ends
    Items / Equipment / TreasuresMonster / Bestiary Entries
    [_] Elixir x2 [_] Angry Tortoise (SE)
    [_] Wind Djinn (SE)

    Before moving on in the story, go back to the Sapstrath Highroad - Southwest Region from Sharilton, then go north and up the vines to the North Branch and climb up the cliff to the northwest to fight a mob as part of The Sad Salesman.

    Now warp to Sapstrath Deepwood - SW Entrance. On the wall just north the entrance is Aifread's Treasure, Elixir x2. Yep, the game is a jerk. You should have 10 of Aifread's Treasures now, to give you the title of Pirate Recruit.

    Next is Sapstrath Seahaven. Talk to the guy right at the entrance to complete The Amazing Bounty Hunter. You should also earn Sub Event Starter for completing 10 sub events. Give the lady at the northern end of town a Poison Stinger to finish The Femme Fatale.

    At Aladhi Seahaven, head south from the entrance to find a guy selling Teepos, as part of Anticipated Reunion. Near the ships is the guy you deliver the Lucky Charm to, ending Travel Protection.

    In Nia Khera, check out the rappigs just to the west of the peddler for... uh, wait, one of them is a piggit? Bunny pink? Pig pink? ;_; Anyway, this is for Rappig, Rappig. Talk to Ivar near the northwest exit for Ivar the Shaman.

    In Hamil, go to the shed's basement where Elize was kept for A Life in Shackles. Then head to the Eastern District for The People of Hamil.

    Finally, return to entrance of the Sharilton - Central Plaza to finish The Sad Salesman. That's it for odds and ends, so shop around if you like, but when you're ready, let's continue the story by exiting Sharilton to the far southwest to go to the Culmar Trail.