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    Milla Maxwell Guide by Dagoldenclip2

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    ´╗┐Tales of Xilla: Milla Character Guide
    TABLE OF CONTENTS              [ToC]
    1: Table of Contents...............[ToC]
    2: Introduction....................[Intro]
       2.1: Contact Information........[Contact]
    3: Version History.................[Version]
    4: Milla FAQ........................[Milla00]
       4.1: Milla basic breakdown.......[Milla01]
       4.2: Milla Arte breakdown........[Milla02]
       4.3: Milla Recommendation........[Milla03]
    5: Legal Mumbo Jumbo...............[Legal]
    6: Conclusion......................[Conc]
    INTRODUCTION                   [Intro]
    Hello, my user-name is dagoldenclip2 but everyone simply calls me Clip.
    I started playing Tales in 2003 with Tales of Symphonia, but 
    I didn't gain higher technical insight until I started getting
    into solo and challenge runs. With many runs and character 
    understanding under my belt over the years I've managed to gain
    a good grasp in terms of how to effectively master the vast amount
    of characters in the series.
    Many fans are average players who simply enjoy the experience and move on.
    However, there is a small fraction of the fan-base who engage in higher level
    Tales game-play. The wide-spread misinformation amongst the fan-base has
    slightly motivated me to correct this with character and mechanic guides
    to explain everything I learned over my development as a Tales player.
    This FAQ is here to specifically detail Milla and all of her capabilities. 
    This FAQ is not here to debate between characters in this game or other 
    characters in the series. It's here to guide new players or old who
    may want to get some understanding of how Milla plays.
    CONTACT INFORMATION         [Contact]
    Considering I'm a human being (I think) there will most likely be mistakes.
    This is all of the information I feel is worthy to note so any
    additions you feel are necessary can be voiced in a PM sent on Youtube.
    If you decide to PM me be clear in what you feel needs to be added
    or questioned. If you take the time to ask irrelevant questions you will be 
    ignored. I ask that you title the PM "Milla Information" or something to
    that effect so I know what you're talking about. Don't hesitate to ask for
    help if you need it.
    My knowledge of ToX is stemming from 2011 for the most part. If you picked up
    a technique or have something of interest to add don't hesitate to say
    In that same breathe the insight I give here is from a solo perspective.
    VERSION HISTORY             [Version]
    Version 1.00: Finished but subject for future updates
    MILLA FAQ                   [Milla00]
    Let's get cracking then. So you decided you wanted to step up your Milla
    or simply wanted to see more in-depth information on Milla. You're 
    at the right place. If you want to see Milla in action I recommend you 
    check out 
    dagoldenclip2's Milla solo
    MILLA BASIC BREAKDOWN       [Milla01]
    Milla plays the role of the magic-knight for the party. While that class has
    blurred the lines over the years since Symphonia she still fits the rough
    qualifications for consideration.
    Milla is unique because her spells also can serve as physical artes. This gives
    her quite a healthy selection of artes to fit just about any play-style. Milla
    is very agile and spends a nice amount of time doing aerial work on enemies.
    Between her physical offense, casting, and speed she makes a very nice physical
    unit or can serve as magical support on the fly. A great unit overall.
    MILLA ARTE BREAKDOWN      [Milla02]
    If you would like to get a visual of Milla's artes I suggest you check out
    This is the Tales of Xillia 2 Arte Exhibition, but outside of her new artes
    you can see what she has in ToX. I never did one for ToX unfortunately. 
    I may use abbreviations of her artes here during the insight portion. They
    shouldn't be hard to figure out. My insight is based on solo usefulness.
    Just about every arte is useful in a party scenario as there are little risk.
    OTG = Off the Ground (Pick-up effect)
    AoE = Area of effect
    Universal Arte Changes
    100 - Crit Occurence +3%
    200 - Power +5%
    400 - Link Gauge increment increase +20%
    1000 - TP consumption is cut to 2/3
    2000 - Power bonus is increased to 20%
    4000 - Arte has 25% of not consuming AC while linked
    9999 - Arte has 50% of not consuming AC while linked
    Shimmer Spin
    -Increased AoE after 100 and 400 uses
    -Speed increase after 200 uses
    Shimmer spin is one of Milla's first versatile artes gained in the game. It has
    great positioning due to the aerial set-up. This arte drags the enemy up with
    Milla towards the air, making it a great arte to follow-up with aerial artes.
    Whirling Assault
    -Speed increase after 200 uses
    This is a great arte for tech-chasing. I personally like how Milla hugs the
    enemy close enough so the chances of dropping a combo are slim. There are cases
    where the enemy may slide to the left or right, but that normally happens if
    the arte is used on an enemy in the corner. 
    Sigil Spear
    -Speed increase after 100 uses
    -Two extra hits after 400 uses
    S.S is an interesting arte. It has a very nice range and serves as a good
    utensil if you feel your combo may drop. The hit-box is rather wide when used
    in the air and has a slight juggle property; so take advantage of this. Best
    used in the air overall. Another note to mention is the long stagger. This is 
    a great arte to use to quickly regain your AC and continue a combo since the 
    enemy will still be staggered by the last hit. This is also the arte I use
    for grinding purposes. If you have a turbo controller Milla can abuse this
    arte for infinites.
    Blade Torrent
    -OTG after 100 uses
    -Speed increases after 200 uses
    A similar feel to S.S in terms of reaching an enemy while in the air. It's a
    safe arte to use for the purpose of hit confirm. I don't use it much, but it
    is a decent option if you find yourself on the tail end of an aerial combo. It
    has practical uses for more advanced combos if you're good at aerial dashing.
    Binding Sphere
    -AoE increases after 100 uses
    -Extra hit after 100 and 200 uses
    B.S is another great arte. It has many hits to hold the enemy down which makes
    it good for AC regeneration. I personally find this arte useful if I hit a
    mental block during combos. Strategically I found it useful on bosses if I 
    wanted to cast spells. Throwing two or three B.S essentially make a wall to
    give me time to cast spells.
    -Speed increases after 200 uses
    The explosion is good for combo purposes. Not much to really say about the
    arte honestly. 
    Death Knell
    -Speed increases after 200 uses
    -AoE increases after 400 uses
    This is one of the few artes in the game that flattens enemies. By flatten I 
    mean the enemy can't recover as they do from some knock-down/back artes. That
    alone makes the arte useful. Best used to bring an aerial combo back to ground
    level. I personally like to drop D.Ks from the air on unsuspecting enemies.
    The OTG effect is great alongside the multiple hits. One of Milla's must-have
    artes when she regains the spirits.
    Another great summon. The last few hits of the arte pushes the enemy rather
    high into the air. Another must-have.
    Again...haha. OTG and the postioning is great. Seriously, her summons are
    Mm...Gnome is an ok summon. Personally, I prefer to use grave as my earth-based
    arte, but Gnome works well for crowd control. The problem I have with Gnome
    is that Milla is vulnerable during the duration of the arte. This one is 
    purely preference. It works in a party setting overall though.
    For the next section I will skip straight to the physical variations of Milla's
    spells. The spells themselves really lack much use from any insight. If the
    spell has anything worth noting I will do it under the physical arte itself.
    Flare Bomb
    Fireball -> Flare Bomb
    Flame Ring -> Flare Bomb
    Sunburst -> Flare Bomb
    Fireball's version is useless. Flame Ring's is the better choice overall for 
    practical purposes. Sunburst's has a knockdown during the last hits which may
    or may not hinder Milla; depending on your taste that is. I personally go for
    flare ring's variation unless I specifically want to cast Sunburst. The knock-
    down can work if you play around with OTG artes. So it's really a coin-flip
    between F.R and S.B. They both serve their uses.
    Wind Blade
    -OTG after 400 uses
    Wind Lance -> Wind Blade
    Arrivederci -> Wind Blade
    Cyclone -> Wind Blade
    W.L is great if you want to OTG while remaining on the ground and serves well
    if used in the air as well. Arrivederci and Cyclone both add multiple hits that
    may or may not hinder Milla. Arrivederci simply adds another hit, but the
    second hit kind of pushes the enemy back. However, the second hit also puts
    Milla in the air so a combo may not be compromised. Cyclone is the better
    choice overall. It has OTG, knockdown and can be cancelled on the final hit.
    (When used on the ground) This way you get the best effects under your control.
    However, Cyclone does put Milla in the air like Arriverderci.
    -Extra hit and range increase after 200 and 400 uses
    Rock Trine -> Grave
    A great arte. The OTG is nice and being able to use it in the air works well
    for follow-ups on the ground. This arte is always best to use alongside
    air dashes. Using it on the ground is slower, but still works after
    a knock-down.
    Aqua Protection
    -AoE increases after 200 uses
    Splash -> Aqua Protection
    Eh, this is overall a useless arte. Splash itself is a ridiculously useful
    spell so this option is always there.
    -Extra hit after 200 and 400 uses
    Bolt Strike -> Lightning
    Thunder Blade -> Lightning
    Personally they are both very similar when used on the ground and the air.
    However, Thunder Blade is the overall better spell so I use that variation.
    The lightning arc is a bit wider with T. blade vs B.S, but I believe B.S has a
    slightly further reach. Considering both have a nice range, I would go with the
    better arc coverage for crowd control.
    Radiant Rondo
    Divine Streak -> Radiant Rondo
    Shining Prism -> Radiant Rondo
    This is purely preference on your play-style. S.P's variation will add an
    addition streak that leaves her the air versus D.S that simply passes through
    the enemy once. Ironically, they both work really well together so I would
    suggest you work both into your arte list. Both are supreme for positioning and
    D.S's works for aerial tech-chasing really well.
    Cloud Pierce
    A great ougi. This arte takes the enemy very high into the air (hence the name
    "Higher than Sky" in JPN) and has a very large damage ratio. Considering this
    also serves as a requirement for Milla's hi ougi I suggest you find a slot for
    it. Outside of that it helps to use if you need to stall in the air or quickly
    escape an enemy. Works well as a positioning arte for aerial casting.
    Either my memory is foggy, but I recall this arte doing immense damage and has
    a rather high guard-breaking property. This also serves as a quick aerial
    tech-chase arte too. 
    -It takes a little bit of practice to get the hang of Milla. She starts off
    rather basic so take the time to grasp her abilities before you gain skills.
    -With Jude she can gain access to pivot step which always help
    -Milla is an aerial character overall. Once you get aerial jump, back-step, and
    dash I suggest you practice getting the timing down. It opens up a wider
    meta-game for Milla. Mixed with aerial capabilities and OTGs she becomes quite
    the force on the battlefield. Also take note to practice with Quick Drop as
    -Aerial spell is great if you want to cast in peace. Use Cloud Pierce to
    position yourself quickly.
    -Jump cancelling is required for advance Milla gameplay. Between that and 
    quick-drop you can reposition yourself quickly while the enemy is staggered.
    -It is difficult to pull off spells if you set her artes to arte-ball
    short-cuts. I recommend you put any magic-shift artes on neutral controls
    or arte-ball neutral controls. The short-cuts should be reserved for her
    regular physical artes. This way you can play Milla to her full extent without
    stress on your hands.
    -Sigil Spear is great for infinite combos if you want to quickly gain levels
    -Sigil Spear and Binding Sphere are excellent artes for A.C regeneration.
    Quickly guard and continue your combo.
    -Use Grave and Death Knell until you're comfortable with Quick-drop. Even if 
    you're good at Q.D they still work well for chasing an enemy that was knocked
    to the ground. Sunburst's F.B and Grave have great synergy. Aerial back-step
    and dash work well with Grave as well.
    -Sylph and Cyclone's Wind Blade have great synergy with Shimmer Spin to get a
    more confident understanding of where the enemy is.
    -Use Radiant Rondo to quickly get behind an enemy. This arte and the other
    variation has great synergy with Sigil Spear and Blade Torrent. 
    -Lightning is always a great arte to use in the air if you feel the enemy
    is slipping from your grasp.
    Overall Milla takes a skilled hand, but with a small amount of time anyone
    can pick her up. For advanced techniques you absolutely have to get a grasp
    of how she moves in the air. Her movement is fluid so there should be little
    trouble getting a hang of it.
    LEGAL MUMBO JUMBO           [Legal]
    All characters and Tales material belong to Namco.
    The links provided in this guide belong to myself.
    The only site allowed to host this is Gamefaqs.
    Use of this guide for profit is plain crazy and just don't do it. Or face
    the wrath of Plantix.
    CONCLUSION                  [Conc]
    Special thanks to...
    Gamefaqs for hosting said guide.
    Aseliawiki for extra arte information.
    Kouli since his guides over the years kept me interested in the series.
    Namco for making said series and bringing this title over here.
    You for reading it.

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