Archylte Steppe Gate seal?

  1. I am in Archylte Steppe and the gate is sealed. When I talk to Mog he says that in order to use the gate I must find the seal and undo it. However, I am having difficulty locating the seal. Any advice?

    User Info: TheDiablix

    TheDiablix - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You gotta find all the Cactuar statues. There's 2 red ones and a green on the right half of the Steppe's(in between a bunch of cacti) and you must beat a Gigantuar when you examine the green ones.

    Change the weather to where its windy and go west from the gate and you should see a whirlwind. Use moogle hunt on it and this statue will port u to the western half. From there, there's 1 statue hidden in the western area for each weather condition. So find one then change the weather and port back. Once you found them all your good to go.

    I THINK you need a wild artefact to use it as well. I don't remember :D

    User Info: TwiztidFlippy

    TwiztidFlippy - 5 years ago 1 0

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