How do I beat the final boss?

  1. It takes an insane amount of strategy to beat this guy. I grinded and leveled for HOURS on end and couldn't find a way to beat this guy. He seems impossible no matter how hard of a strategy I try......

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  1. One thing I tried to do was to switch to sentinel VERY QUICKLY each time the boss fired something powerful. If it were something very very powerful I would switch the sentinel such as on the giga/tera flares, etc to minimize the damage.

    I also went on the full offense to tackle the boss's companions because I know that gigaflare is tough and can wipe my part out without any problems. So I took out the companions quickly. I also had 3 healers so what when the boss casted status effects on me I could clear them with Esuna.

    And of course the basics. COM/COM/COM in the beginning to hold the stagger. Then RAV/RAV/RAV to build the stagger. And once the boss staggered I went back to COM/COM/COM while he was stagger till he died.

    If he had a powerful attack I countered it by quick switching to sentinel on both my mains and then once the attack was over I did. COM/COM/HEALER or HEALER/COM/HEALER until I was in the green. And the pursued to kill him again.

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  2. Here's my stragety that I used to 5 star the boss. It is focused on offense but should work if you have good enough equipment.
    To start off make sure to have the following in your paradigm deck:

    Start off with RAV/RAV/COM. Quickly attack one of the two bahamuts in order to build up the stagger gauge. Once the first attack is done immediately switch to RAV/RAV/RAV. You should have a full ATB gauge after the switch and the next attack should fill up the stagger gauge a fair amount. Wait for the ATB bar to fill up again and attack before switching back to RAV/RAV/COM. The ATB bar should be full again allowing you to attack immediately. Continue doing this until the bahamut staggers then switch to COM/COM/COM. One COM will go off and attack the second bahamut but the other two should do enough damage to kill the staggered bahamut. Repeat the procedure on the second bahamut. If you need to heal switch to RAV/RAV/MED to keep up the stagger gauge or RAV/COM/MED to deal damage. You could use COM/COM/MED but in my experience Serah did more damage as a ravanger.
    When the first two bahamuts are destroyed the third one will attack you. As soon as it comes out it will hit your party with an attack that will inflict some annoying status ailments. Cure your self or not, it wont make a very large difference. Follow the same strategy as with the first to but remember to keep your health in the green. Try to stagger him quickly before going to town on him with COM/COM/COM. During the fight he will occasionly start counting down. Once he gets down to zero he will unleashe gig flare, or tetra flare, depending on if any of the other bahamuts are alive. To counter this switch to SEN/SEN/MED when he reaches one. This should soak up most of the damage and keep you alive but if not you can use SEN/SEN/SEN instead. If you take to long he will revive the first two bahamuts forcing you to fight them again but if you follow my advice it shouldnt be two hard.

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  3. This fight is nor that hard at all. One thing to remain cautious is that the count down for GigaFlare, it will pop up after a while. Quickly kill the 2 bahamuts to reduce the damage, all 3 present can wipe out your party if not for SEN/SEN/SEN. And even SEN not guard can die. SAB does not work so dont bother(at least for me)

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  4. It sounds like you're under leveled. I was most of the way leveled up with my characters and had maxed out monsters. Noel and Serah were maxed in 4/6 roles and at 75% in the other. Level 99 Nekton - Ravager (Only infused with two dinky monster for the fire and aero spell). Level 70 Behemoth - Commando. Level 40 Goblin Chieftain - Sentinel. I used all Potent Materials when leveling them up.

    The Nekton and Behemoth both had just a 1,000 points in Strength and Magic. None of those three have a heavy duty offensive Feral Link ability. But Behemoth and Goblin Chieftain both have a Feral Abilities that buff your party with Bravery, Faith, Vigilance and Veil. This negates the need for a synergist in your party. I ran the following:


    COM/RAV/RAV - Relentless Assault in Cross Formation
    COM/RAV/COM - Aggression in Wide Formation
    COM/MED/RAV -Diversity
    MED/MED/COM - Discretion
    SAB/SAB/SEN - Sabotage
    SEN/SEN/SEN - Tortoise

    This is the set of paradigms i've used pretty much since starting. And i haven't found a reason to change out my monsters because I like the feral links. I always caution people against RAV/RAV/RAV because there isn't a Commando in there to stabilize the Stagger gauge. In RAV/RAV/RAV if you aren't careful you can run up the stagger gauge and get to a point where you can't stabilize it before it resets.

    Started with Relentless Assault and concentrate on one of the dragons up front. Used Goblin Chieftains Spirit Infusion for the buffs. If they started piling on the damage I switched to Diversity, or Discretion if needed. Tortoise is a must for any boss fight. Don't bother with sabotage, it's not worth your time. Once you make it to the final dragon pound away with Relentless Assault until he staggers and gets to about 500%, and switch to Aggression. He'll go down in no time.

    I might have been over-leveled, but I 5 starred him no problem, and was a little disappointed.

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  5. What probably kills you is the flare attack he uses. As long as you watch him in the background you will see a countdown, switch to Sen/Sen/Sen when it reaches 2 or you will likely be killed immediately. Other than watching for that, the boss is not too hard as he and the minions he has do little damage. You may want a MED monster so you don't have to worry about it yourself but that is up to you.

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  6. The first time i played through this game it took me four tries to kill this guy, however the last time i did it I beat him in 1:37, yes thats one minute. I only used three paradigms, note that I have maxed out Noel and Serahs crystarium, the monsters i used were a level 38 Narasimah (commando), a level 40 Flanitor(medic), and a level 36 Cloudburst (ravager). Paradigms are as follows


    I killed the two on the side first with my RAV paradigm until stagger then finished of with COM paradigm, then i used the same strategy when the final boss is by itself, I only needed to heal once, This for me was the easiest of the "boss" battles, and I was generally surprised

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  7. For a final boss, this is ridiculously easy. Assuming you know how to beat the ten million Caiuses before the actual boss, you will need a RAV monster (such as Cloudburst), a COM monster (Proto-Behemoth or another heavy hitter), and a SEN monster (Silver Chocobo if you didn't use it for racing). Create the following paradigms. Make them cross-tuned or normal, but NEVER set them for a wide-tuned.

    Tri-Disaster (RAV/RAV/RAV)
    Cerberus (COM/COM/COM)
    Tortoise (SEN/SEN/SEN)

    Then make whatever paradigms you want, but you will need at least one with Noel as a Synergist and one with a healer. If you have Proto-Behemoth, definitely use him, because he has Bravery Feeder and Armor Breaker.

    Start by using your Synergist paradigm to get Protect/Shell on your party, then switch to Tri-Disaster to drive up Garnet Bahamut's Chain Gauge, then use Cerberus for heavy damage. If he does not fall on the first try, rinse and repeat. Be careful if one of your characters' HP falls below 50%. Then, do the same on Amber Bahamut. Try to dispatch him quickly, because he has a very strong attack called Apparition Ray which can K.O. an unprepared team. If you cannot kill the two Bahamuts quickly, Jet Bahamut will employ Teraflare if all 3 are alive (instant knockout), or Gigaflare if one is alive. If he uses Gigaflare, switch to your healer paradigm to get your characters back to good HP. Once the two supporting Bahamuts are dead, Stagger Jet Bahamut and go buck-wild on him with Cerberus. Be wary of his attack Dying Sun. It can be dangerous and potentially deadly if your characters are not in good health. If you can do it in time, switch to Tortoise to reduce the damage sustained. He will revive his allies. Repeat this strategy, and you should win easily. If you still have trouble, either you are doing something wrong or are underleveled. The latter can be fixed by grinding Managarmrs, Schrodingers, Proto-Behemoth, and Yeoman. Avoid the Bamapamas and Mimis at all costs. You should also use the Odin weapon on whichever character is not the leader. I suggest using Serah as leader, and using a weapon that boosts her ATB rate.
    If you beat him, reverse the New Bodhum gate and wreak havoc on all the wimpy enemies and Gogmagog! 🍴🐲🍴

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