Looking for the two capsules in Bresha Ruins, where are they?

  1. I know this has been covered, but I'm pretty terrible with directions - I'm much more of visual person.

    All this "go by the stairs by the thing and turn left at the rock and then counter-clockwise by the third ramp until you are up somewhere then look top-wise and turn 107 degrees and proceed backwards" stuff doesn't agree with me. :(

    Can anyone explain where on the map it is by looking at the map - like not directions of how to walk to it? Or better yet is there a quest guide with a map somewhere? I can't seem to find one.

    Thanks! :)

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    AvidGamer360 - 5 years ago

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  1. Where the path splits into a tunnel or open area, the first one is just to the left of that split, near the sealed gate. The 2nd is almost directly below it, to get there, from the previously mentioned gate take the north path(right) at the split and stay on the left wall until you go down a few large steps. You need Moogle Hunt to find at least one of them.

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  1. In the AF005 Bresha Ruins, begin your capsule search in the area with all of the pillars (where Cocolina has set up shop). There is a shiny Time Gate there as well.

    Stand by the Time Gate and look around. In one direction you will see a doorway opening to an underground tunnel. As it happens the path onward splits into two part as it approaches the tunnel. One can go down the tunnel or can go around it on an above ground pathway.

    Go toward the tunnel mouth but take the left fork down the above ground pathway. As you proceed down the path stay to the right and wait for the moogle to "light up" as you near a floating "out of phase" Treasure Sphere (just befoore your reach the grated section of the path). Open it to obtain the first of two capsules..

    Next enter the tunnel and follow it "straight on" until a side pathway appears on the left. Take that path to its end to find a floating Treasure Sphere hovering over a platform. Open the Treasure Sphere the to receive the second of the two capsules.

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