Best Sentinel?

  1. All Sentinel abilities can be infused, so I don't care about that. Also, unless I'm wrong, I don't think that Strength OR Magic stats matter at all in a Sentinel monster. So basically I'm asking which Sentinel has the highest potential HP. I don't plan on using anything other than Vitality Drops/Slivers/etc. but if somebody has found a better setup (i.e. using Potent or even Power materials) with a Sentinel, I'd like to hear it.

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    CallMeBanjo - 5 years ago
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    @wDxBlackBlade I've heard that Bunkerbeast is good, but I'm looking for something definite here.

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    CallMeBanjo - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I haven't used Bunkerbeast much, if at all in playing. But the ones I've used most recently as Sentinels are... (In no particular order)

    Snow is really good, I just got him and maxed him out. You can only get him through purchasing the DLC though.

    Silver Chocobo maxed out (for racing) is also surprisingly decent. Although, before I got/used Snow, and while my Silver Chocobo was running races. I used Xolotl as my primary Sentinel. He's a Woodwraith type, and you can find him in Academia 500AF.

    These are all pretty much near the end of the game. So if you can get the Silver Chocobo, you'll have a bit more time to play with it, and if you follow the Chocobo racing guide that Rikki-chan wrote in the FAQs section, you can build him as a sentinel that can also win you a lot of races! Double-win. lol

    Rikki-chan's guide says that you can find Silver Chocobo with your Improved Mog Throw. In Academia 4XXAF go to the Academy where Hope is. Stand to the left side and in front of the green sphere and Chuck that Mog! They also said it could take a couple of tries before Mog find it. Silver Chocobo seems to be a 1-time get. So make sure you don't release or infuse him into another monster. (He's too good at racing to let him go. lol)

    I hope this helps. If you're at an earlier part of the game, maybe this will be useful info for you when you get farther. I recommend any of these as a permanent Sentinel.

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Other Answers

  1. The best sentinel I have used and I have not even started upgrading it yet is Bukerbeast, its part of the Aramdillan Sentinel group and as far as I am aware he has the largest HP standard out of them all and gets massive gains when uopgraded. The reason I have not upgraded is there is no need to he does fine as standard. However the best sentinel in the game I would have to say is Noel.

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