1. i am having a little bit of difficulty with him im maxed out have over 150 fragments

    i think i need a good monster synergist but dont know what ones are any good

    any help on defeating this #*$# would be great :D

    User Info: Totti12345

    Totti12345 - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You don't really wanna keep a synergistic up, only when he goes into the barrier. What you want in your pack: a fast ravager like lightning or the cloudburst if you dont have the dlc (keep in mind that feral links with multiple hits like lightning's will continue to do damage even if he goes into the barrier in the middle of their attack); a strong commando twighlight odin or the tonberry (odin's feral link will deal massive damage in the short window you have and the tonberry will inflict good damage and ailments), purple chocobo (perferably with boon, just infuse it with sab monsters till a notification pops and infuse it with vigilga, protectaga, and shellga).

    Now most the time while he's out of the barrier you'll want to keep serah as a sab, Noel as a med, and a rav. Once you inflict deprotect/deshell switch to rav-rav-rav to rack up the chain before he brings up the barrier. When he staggers immediately change to com-com-com to deal some damage with feral links. He will most likely put up a barrier after the assault so heal with serah while Noel and your syn buff the party.

    If you want you can manually inflict poison first but it will take a probably three turns of 6 atbs to stick. Once you get him around 50% or so, he will start using a tech that will remove all debuffs before using his wind shear, this is the only reason to use a syn while he's in barrier to give you a window to deal some damage while he's removing your buffs. As soon as your buffs are gone the animation will start for his wind shear, here switch to sen-sen-com. Twilight Odin has a massive hp so that's why he's good here. Immediately switch to sab-med-com and use potions with serah while Noel heals.

    If you want you can keep the syn out during your assault which will slow him down while he tries to remove buffs; however, he will still use wind shear after about 6 turns of this so be ready to change.

    Yomi is a pain in the a$$!!!! I am completely maxed out and I totally max out on potions and wound potions beforehand, I end up with about 60/99 potions and wound potions that I started with.

    Good luck!

    User Info: Leonguard

    Leonguard - 5 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. Yakshini is a very good monster Synergist, as is the Purple Chocobo. Yakshini is available in the Vile Peaks -10 AF-, and the Purple Chocobo is an uncommon spawn in Bresha Ruins, -300/100 AF-.

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  2. The most important thing about the fight is to try to have him Poisoned for as much of the fight as you possibly can, it will do the most damage, don't focus too much on raising his chain or attacking him. If you manage to get fully buffed and he's poisoned and not invincible, keep a Paradigm around that will allow you to hit him for a little bit. I'd suggest using a Saboteur, Synergist, and Sentinel in your Paradigm pack, and SAB/SAB/SAB and SEN/SEN/SEN are very useful. Be sure to use Tortoise any time you see Whicked Whirl, and possibly even when he is casting Wind Shear towards the end of the fight.

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  3. From Krystal 109's Faq:
    CTRL + F 'Fragment: Yomi Fragment'
    The strategy straight from the Piggyback book.

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  4. My Paradigm Pack:
    Behemoth (L70)
    Lightning (L13)
    Flanitor (L40) (Replaced by Green Chocobo L99 Infused with Flanitor L40)

    My Paradigms (Serah + Noel + Monster)
    1 COM + COM + Behemoth
    2 COM + COM + Lightning
    3 RAV + RAV + Lightning
    4 SAB + SAB + Lightning
    5 SEN + SEN + Flanitor / Green Chocobo
    6 MED + SYN + Flanitor / Green Chocobo

    Pack a LOT of Wound Potions, as this battle can last a while, and this boss does inflict Wound Damage. Start off as P4, to weaken and stagger. The great thing about SABs is they inflict Wound damage, which will be a benefit against this boss as he goes into an Invulnerable + Healing barrier. When he goes for the 'Wicked Whirl' swap to P5, and when he enters the bubble swap to P6. As soon as he is out of the bubble its back to P4. When he staggers drop it into P3 to pound up the % before slipping into P1 to light into him.

    As soon as Behemoth's Feral Link gauge is full, immediately swap into P1 and use Bellow to put up Protect, Shell, and Bravery, before immediately swapping back into P4/P3.

    User Info: 4evergaming

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  5. Theres no need to have a good SYN monster as i dont use one. You only need these paradigms to this fight : SAB SAB RAV , MED MED MED and COM COM COM and RAV RAV RAV. WHen the fight begins use Ravx3 as he uses his shield rather frequently. When he uses his shield go SYN MED MED with Noel SYN ( you control) to get Protectga/Shellga/Vigilance. When it breaks the shield go SAB SAB RAV. Repeats until the boss starts using Whirl Win. Switch to SEN SEN COM to block the worst part from Whirl WInd and then to MED MED MED to quickly heal then SAB SAB RAV if not poisoned or RAV RAV RAV to boost chain. Once stagger go to 500% then switch to COM COM COM to finish. Good luck. This is my formation. If you want I can even upload a video for it.

    User Info: frozenflamesss

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  6. Okay if none of these othe strats work for u i have one but be warned it took me 2 hours to kill him.have a strong medic monster, mine was a green chocobo lv.45 (not max) u can catch them in the massif in 110 af. then i had sarah as a saboutour and noel as a sentinal.this will be your main paradigm for the fight.The trick is to control sarah and have her repeatedly use wound.She was doing about 500 per hit.It may seem like his healing ability is keeping him at full health,well it is. Your not dealing damage your just taking down his max health.when he uses his barrier swich to noel so he wont defend, the boss is immune to provoke while his barrier is up,as soon as the barrier goes down switch back to sarah and keep up the woud thw chocobo shoul be able to keep your health up if he wouds u too much use a wound potion.u can onlu wound him to @ 399999 so after that swich to relentless asult and hit him hard and fast but be ready to heal,without your healer your damage will skyrocket,after he uses his barrier there is no point to relentless asualt so swich to medic for sarah and your monster while noel buffs the party and when the barrier goes down attack again.this is a good way to win but you take a lot of damage from him so u need quick hands,my sarah had an accessory that increased potions if it gets too much quickly switch to a healing strat if he goes to use wicked whirl use tortiose.

    User Info: rpgexpert137

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